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I joined an IT company in Mumbai after completing my Engineering, the work was hectic and being a fresher i had to spend few extra hours to learn the technology, in addition hectic lifestyle of bombay was taking a toll, it was almost a month since i had no close contact with opposite sex. The life was hectic, i need to catch the 8:10 AM fast local train, by the time i reach my office it is 9:45. I return to home by  8:30 PM local and enter my home at around 10 PM. completely exhausted i didn't even had the time or motivation to self satisfy my desires, earning peanuts ensured that i share my room with another colleague and that left little room for sexual adventure, so far my mind had not shown any tendency for other men, i like girls and my dick gets ready when i see a sexy girl, but this was about to change. It was a friday and i was ready to leave my office around 9PM, my office was at the busy south bombay business district and i usually walk from my office to churchgate station every day. just like every other day i walked past Mumbai University campus and approached the oval ground on my way to churchgate, it was dark  and in the path i could see a number of prostitutes covered with heavy makeup, most of them middle aged and plump, there were couple of pimps also strolling around, somehow they looked disgusting even with such desperate desires , i ignored the gathering and moved past them, i wondered how they are able to operate with such immunity at a stone's throw from the seat of power.  I was at the middle of the oval ground when i heard. "Hi"I turned my face towards the voice and found a man of short height fair complexion and a plumpy physique smiling and walking besides me, as a courtsey i returned the greeting with a short hello without saying any further. "You are very smart" This unexpected comment surprised me coming from a middle aged man in the middle of nowhere, i wasn't sure what this is about.  I said "Thanks" and kept goingby the time the executive removed his wallet and handed over his card to me and then quickened his pace and disappeared very fast. I kept the card in my wallet, took the train, we had a friday nght usual party that night where five of us drank till morning and then slept the rest of the day. I forgot all about the card till about a week and then next wednesday i opened my wallet to clean it up when everything came back to me, i was kind of amused about the incident and tossed it around in my mind for a while then decided to give Rajeev a call . Rajeev as the card described was owner or a senior executive of some small design company, as the card looked quite creative. When i called and introduced myself to Rajeev he remembered it at once and invited me to his office which was a few minutes walk from "Kala Ghoda" circle. I told him that i will come there at around 7 PM.  I started having butterflies in my stomach i disconnected the phone and rest of the day i was unable to concentrate and was eagerly waiting to see what was in store.

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   I reached the office at 7:15 , it was a very nicely designed 100 sqft office inside a dilapidated building of old times, Rajeev was alone with his peon and shaked hand with me and offered me a seat.  Within a few minutes we were sitting in a bar sipping bear, Rajeev was showering me with compliments and i having a shy nature was blushing a bit, we chatted and drank two pitchers and when i could take no more we called it a day and decided to go home, Rajeev mentioned his house is in Bandra near the railway station and i can sip a coffee before continuing to Boriwali, i  was already anticipating this by now and agreed to the plan immediately. Rajeev's rented house in Bandra was the smallest two bedroom i have ever seen, it had the feeling of a railway compartment but it was a prime property due to the proximity with the railway station, Rajeev offered me to use the bathroom if i want to take a quick shower before cofee, i accepted the proposal and requested a towel, he gave me a long ladies wraparound towel with a mischievous grin, I asked. " You use this large towel for taking bath"He replied, "No ! it's my girl friends who left me a month back leaving me with some of her belongings, i thought you will enjoy using a beautiful girls towel" "Ofcourse, could smell her in this" I replied and turned towards the bathroom. The bathroom was so small that only one person can get in at a time and there was no space to move around, seeing my dilemma Rajeev said. "First remove all your clothes and then get inside"I did that and consciously avoiding Rajeev's gaze as i was sure he was watching me undress very intently. I removed my franchee and my cock which is still dormant came out of view, i turned towards rajeev and he looked at me and said"Go ahead , there is a surprise waiting for you after the shower""It better be good" I replied with a smile. A cold shower in bombay heat is a bliss, i took close to 10 mins, stepped out of the bathroom and started wiping dripping water from my naked body. then i came to the tiny drawing room and set on the sofa cum bed waiting for Rajeev to turn up. In a minute a soft voice greeted me from the other side, there was a girl wearing a sexy transparent black nighty which was clearly showing a two piece which is black with embroidery on it, the nightie was just about covering the thong. i looked at the face of this sexy girl and found it strikingly similar to Rajeev. and then it hit me, it was rajeev wearing a wig and in a sexy outfit, I looked again at rajeev and her hemline was very nicely visible below the nightgown and flimsy transparent bra, her tummy was not flat but was smooth, there were no hairs anywhere to be scene and legs were smooth, it wasn't a hourglass body but it looked a woman's body for sure. "Surprised"  "I sure Am, what the heck is this, are you a woman Rajeev?"He came closer and sat near me resting his hand on my thighs. "I am a man outside but inside i always felt like a woman, Every inch of my body craves for another man, my girlfriend left me when she caught me dressed up in her clothes. i don't feel aroused by woman" though i surely can satisfy them.

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  Rajeev Continued. "First time when i saw you i wanted you to make love with me, will you please spend tonight with me, i will do it the way you want it" "But do you have a penis ? " "Yes, I do " Rajeev replied and lowered her panty a little to show the tiny dick which looked hardly of any use to me.  "Call me sally, if you don't mind while making love" and this request turned Rajeev to Sally and i was ready for this new adventure. Sally holded my hand and kept it on her heart, i could feel the heart beat and surprisingly a soft but well developed breast which was for real. Technically Rajeev was a male because he has a functional penis and no vagina, but if you cover it, rest of her body looks like a woman, nobody can guess in this instant that she is actually a he. This was becoming a very interesting night and i decided to have the best of it, i pressed the boobs hard with a press of my palm and sally reacted with a moan i encircled it a few times and piched the nipple between my fingers, they were upwards of 32 and felt very soft under my hand, i rotated my hand above towards her neck and below ears , in her hair and then moved my fingers near her temple, nose and mouth. with other hand i glided her towards me and made her lie down facing downwardsI shifted myself on top of her keeping both of my hand on her breasts, my hands are constantly pushing and pinching her from her flimsy nght dress.  As sally was lying face down i had the view of her back, it was the leg of a woman that arouse a man more than anything and sally had the best legs i have seen in a long time, her body was spotless from top to bottom and did not had any blackspot or marks.  i kissed her feet and than started travelling upwards towards her knees, kissing her thighs and when i reached the buttock she moaned, i turned her facing me and kissed her near her private zones, i could now spot that her penis has hardened and clearly visible below her thong. in one instant i removed the thong bringing it out.  though i have never sucked a cock it was a fantasy i always cherished and as the destiny ordered i bent my head taking the full four inches in my mouth, sally was moaning with pleasure at this point of time i sucked her a little and then moved upwards towards her breast. i removed the bra and two beautiful bulbs shown their light on me, i was surprised to see such well developed breasts in a woman's body. "Are they Real? or you got them through a surgery""They are real, i always had a mixed body""They are surely beautiful", i said while devouring the taste of those sweet balls. i kissed sally and rolled my tongue deep inside her. as this was a special case scenario i decided to keep it special.

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   i sucked the sally's dick a little more and when i thought she is coming made her cum through throbbing her penis through my hand.  Now it was my time to get the bliss but i am not a fan of back door entry and this created a practical problem, i don't like sucking and taking the cum in my mouth so i can't expect sally to do that either.  She sensed my dilemma and solved it by saying that she loves to suck and actually loves the taste of it. she dropped me on the couch and started licking me, her technique was great as she first sucked my balls then moved down further next to balls, there is a sensitive area where a kiss feels very good. Then she took my six inches in the mouth, pouring tons of saliva and biting softly through her teeth. she was sucking expertly taking in as much she can in one shot and kept moving in and out slowly. my hand was moving on her back and her breasts touching and fondling.  The pumping continued and my sensitive zone started filling up with the seman. the liquid flew a little out. sally stopped for a while and then rolled her tongue to taste it. she loved the taste and licked it all. next time i exploded and she didn't let a drop come out of her mouth.   i had a great time and i closed my eyes. i felt sally moving up and lied beside me, keeping her head on my shoulder. she whisperd"Did you like it ""Yeah, but if you get a cunt, it will be a greater fun""I am shifting to US, next month and getting myself operated for sex change, next time your wish will be fulfilled"and then I dreamed of sally's deep hole and my dick going for a journey of lifetime.

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