Working for the Family


My name is Brian and have worked for the Brand's for 3 years after leaving school at 16. My family has worked for them for the last 20 years. Mr Brand who owns an textile company employed my dad as a chaffeur when my mum was pregnant and let him move into the guest house at the end of his large garden. After i was in school my mum also started working for him out of gratitude, she works as the maid. So when i was 16 Mr Brand offered me the job as Head gardener when Joe, the previous gardener, died and that has been my job for the last three years. The Brand's had five children with most of them moving on the only one left living there was Jimmy who had been my friend forever but became even more four years ago as we realised we were both gay. Everyone but Mr. Brand knew about it and everyone had accepted it even my dad. This story however doesn't involve Jimmy. It was a Thursday and I had been working on the far end of the garden closest to the guest house and had decided to take a break when I heard Mr. Brand's car which meant he was home early. Not to let him see me relaxing  i started to rip weeds out of the flowerbed when I heard the phone in the house ring. I rushed to answer it and found Mr. Brand on the other end "Excuse me Brian, but i would like a word with you if its no trouble,""no not at all Mr. Brand,"i replied and i set off for the house. I entered the house and removed my shoes so as not to bring any mud in.

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   I knocked on the door and he asked me to enter on entering i found him sat on a leather sofa and he beckoned me to sit next to him. This was unusual as he mainly sat behind his desk when speaking to me in his office. "Are you enjoying working for me Brian,"he enquired,"Yes sir,"i replied not wanting to upset him. "Is that so then why have i been informed by my p. a that you have been embracing my son and involving yourself in homosexual antics with him,""EXPLAIN YOURSELF,"he roared. "I'm so sorry sir we have been together for a while as we both realised were gay i meant no disrespect by it,"i tried to explain. But i noticed him staring at my chest as i had forgot to put my shirt on. "Sorry sir," i said as i put my shirt over my head,"No dont boy i was only admiring your physique,"he spoke with a rather soft tone. We sat there for the next 5 minutes in awkward silence as he stared out the window. "I have come to the conclusion,"he said interupting the silence that you must be punished for this". "I understand sir taking my wages away is completely understandable," i said as he rose. "Oh no," he said,"I have something far more useful as a punishment,remove your clothes or lose your job," he demanded and finally understanding i realised there was nothing else for it. I stripped down and stood there with my semi erect cock released. "Bend over boy,"he asked as he removed a large silver dildo from his draw immediately bringin me to a full hard on. He thaen dropped his pants presenting his fully erect penis to my lips which i licked before enveloping in my mouth.

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  "Thats it take it you bastard child i will punish you for disobeying me," he moaned. He then forced the full length of the dildo in me forcing me to gag on his cock. Are motion intertwined my sucking with his smooth thrusting action. I soon brought him to climax as he came in my mouth and on chin as i removed his cock. His thrusting stopped as he bent over the sofa allowing me to enter his 58-year old ass. Pounding away in his ass his moaning increased as i felt his ass clenched around my cock. My banging his ass gave me a sense of power over him as i found myself enjoying the pleasures of his ass. Not before long my cock tightened but before i could cum he pulled away from me. He sat down and asked me to sit on his knee. He wrapped his arms around me and stroked me cock to climax as he kissed my neck. I squirted cum all over my chest which i allowed him to lick of and before i knew it had pulled his pants up and sat behind his desk. "You may leave now boy expect more of this," he explained and over the last year it has continued but i've grown to enjoy our thursday breaks.