5 boys and 2 girls - Summer holidays


Summer 20075 boys and 2 girls were going on holidays to the hot south europe: beach, sun, alcohol and unexpectedly. . . sex. One of the girls, had an house in the south that was owned by her parents so she invited us all to spend the summer there. We were supposed to be more people, but some couldn't go. Lets start with the introductions:- The house owner, named Jessie, she was 17 by the time, she is 5'57ft, has long brown hair, a great round ass and medium size but well built tits. - Jennifer, is Jessie's best friend, 18 years old, 5'44ft, long blonde hair, she is a bit overweight, not a bad ass though and her tits are huge! A little saggy, but its a damn nice set of tits. - Aaron, 17 years old, he his half-african, curly hair, a very well-built 5'83ft body, very shy and still a virgin, to his dispair!- John, 18 years old, he is the intelectual of the group, 6'03ft, he has a little gay-way-of-acting and talking, stil a virgin too, a little overweight and a masturbation addict. - Matt, 20 years old, he is the clown of the group, he's the one everyone mocks at, a little retarded he was still in high school, lost his virginity at 20 to a much younger girl, he had a long blonde hair and was 5'37ft and skinny. - Frank, 18 years old, he was Jessie's ex-boyfriend, 6'16ft and a little overweight, always praising that he had a huge cock. - And me, Mike, 18 years old, 6'06ft, a nice muscular body, a party boy and the one that all girls looked at first. And there we were, alone with no adults to annoy us, the city had a great night activity, lots of bars and discos. In the first days, we spent the afternoons on the beach, playing soccer and watching hot girls. At night, we went to the dsicos to dance and drink. The house chores were divided by all, well not all, the girls did more than we did lol.

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  But one day, something different happened. We were comming back home from the discos, all drunk. . . We got home and everyone fell on the floor, we were all singing loud, and dancing on the floor, really drunk!It was really hot in the house (or maybe it was because we were drunk), some of the boys took their shirts off. Jennifer took her shirt off and was now only with her bra on, and those tits bouncing around in it, damn! I was getting hard just by looking at them, and I was not the only one. John crawled next to her and started tickling her, and touch her tits in the act. Jennifer: Hey don't take advantage on me! You know alot for a virgin ahaha!John: I'm not virgin for free will, if you want to take care of that just let me know. Jennifer: LOL you wish!I was horny by the sight of those tits and because of that conversation that I decided to act. I got next to her. Me: Jen I would be careful with those beautys there, they're almost popping out! (Pointing at her tits and I pulled her bra up like trying to cover them)Jennifer: Oh who told you I would mind if they did?Damn bitch she wanted it!Me: Then why do you keep them there with this heat?And saying that I pulled her bra up, and massaged one tit. Me: See? Isn't it much better now?I bent down and pinched one niple and licked the other. They were getting hard, the bitch was horny. I started sucking hard and she started to moan. Jennifer: Oooh shit thats good!Then John started kissing her and licking the other tit.

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  Meanwhile Frank and Jessie started making out, he was already sucking one of her niples. Frank: Damn I missed these tits!Matt started taking Jessie's pants off, she was just wearing a thong now. He started licking her ass cheeks. Aaron was sitting on the couch, not knowing what to do. I was already with my fingers inside Jennifer's hot pussy. I was dripping wet!Me: You horny bitch you like this don't you? You're soaking!Jennifer: Oh yeah don't stop oooh shit its sooo good! Damn I want some cock! Everybody get on the couch! I wanna see your cocks!Aaron was already there, John sit next to him, then Matt, Frank and I got my fingers out of Jen's pussy and sat next to Frank. The girls kneel in front of us and Jen took the lead. Jennifer: Ok now, you're gonna show us your cocks. John you first, let us see that virgin cock!He pulled his shorts and boxers down and his 5 1/2 dick popped out already dripping pre-cum. Jennifer: Uuuh I can see you are ready for the party eheheh, hold it there you nasty boy! Next Matt!The short man of the group pulled his pants down, and a 6inch cock with hairless balls came in sight. Jessie: Well at least you're not that short on cock. Jennifer: Lets see that big cock you so much talk about Frank. Frank: Right away you bitch!And he uncovered his almost 8inch and veiny big but thin cock. Jennifer: Damn it's big indeed, slim but big!Jessie: I told you so!Jennifer: Yeah! Now Aaron, let me see that black cock of yours!The shy man pulled his 9inch black and hairless cock out. Jennifer: Holy shit! How can that cock still be a virgin? Jessie: You're last Mike! Let see what you have baby!I got up and pulled my pants down showing my 10inch fat, big headed shaved monster.

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  Jessie: Oooh fuck! You're mine!And she got up and grabbed my cock with both hands, and slowly oppened her mouth and swallowed my cock. She started sucking deeper and deeper, damn I was in heaven. Me: Oh shit! Suck it babe, suck it harder!And she sucked, and started playing with my balls while she did. Jennifer: And I want that fucking black cock!Aaron was having the moment of his life, a virgin and being sucked but that big titted bitch. Jennifer: You like that don't you? You will love this!And she put his cock between those tits and started titfucking him. Aaron: Ooh shit! Arrrgg I'm cumming!Jennifer: Yeah cum in my mouth I'll swallow it!And she put her mouth on the head of his cock and swallowed all his cum. Meanwhile we had a revelation! Tired of beating off John started rubbing Matt's legs. John: Let's have fun while we wait. And he bent down and started sucking Matt's 6incher. Matt: Damn man what the fuck?Me: You fucking faggot! I always suspected! Keep sucking Jess!John: I'm just . . Matt: Shut up and keep sucking fag!Jennifer: Lets take care of Frank's big toy now!Me: Oh nice sucking Jess! Lets swap now. And I layed her down on the couch and ripped her thong off revealing her little, pink wet pussy. I kneeled down and slowly started fingering her tight pussy, then when I touched it with my tongue she started shivering. Jessie: Oh shit Mike!And I started licking it, I covered that beautiful pussy with my mouth and licked it so hard she couldn't stop screaming.

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  Jessie: Oh my God that feels so good! John! Matt! Bring those cocks over here!And they did, she started sucking on their cocks while I licked the hell out of her pussy. Meanwhile Jennifer layed on her back and spread her legs. Jennifer: Aaron, bring that black cock over here and fuck me!He run to her, and placed the head of his cock in the entrance of her pussy, and started pushing in. Aaron: Fuck its so tight!She grabbed his ass and pull him deep into her. Jennifer: Oooooh damn! Its so fucking huge! Fuck me!And he started pushing in and out of her cunt while Frank put his cock back in her mouth. Jessie: Oh Mike I need that big cock! I need it in me!I got up, grabbed my rocking hard dick and started rubbing it on her pussy, teasing her. Jessie: Fuck put it in!I then pushed it all in at once. Jessie: Fuuuuuuckkkkk! You're splitting me in two!I fucked her hard like a jackhammer, she screamed like hell, I had her juices running down my balls and legs. Matt started face fucking her hard too and John moved on next to Jennifer. Aaron had already pulled his dick out of her pussy beofre he would cum again, and now it was Frank fucking her pussy while Aaron had his cock sucked by Jen. John: Make room for one more!And saying that he bent down and started sucking Aaron's black cock too. Jennifer: Damn JOhn don't you wanna fuck a pusy instead? Come here stuff that dick in my pussy. He let go of Aaron's cocks, and put his 5incher on Jen's pussy. Jennifer: there you go! Keep fucking me you cock sucker!He kept fucking her hard and hard while she gagged on Aaron and Fank's huge cocks. John: Shit I'm cumming!Jennifer: In my mouth! I wanna eat it!Jessie: I'm cumming aaaaaaaah!By now I had lifted Jessie in the air and I was impaling her! She had a river running out of her pussy to the floor.

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  JEssie: I'm cumming so hard oh God! And she started shaking, her eyes went white, she was cumming. I layed her down on the couch and kept fucking her slowly and deep, she was in exctasy! Then she came back to herself. Jessie: That that was great baby!Jennifer was riding Frank pole by now, her tits were bouncing around and I saw and open hole, her asshole was calling out for me! I got behind her and spit on my hand, then rubbed it on her asshole and then on my cock. I slowly placed the head on the entrance of her asshole. Jennifer: Go slowly! That hole is not used to big sizes. I went slowly, she moaned in pain, I went deeper, she kept moaning but after a while she was not in pain. She had two huge cocks inside her, one pumping her pussy and another one stretching her asshole. I grabbed those huge tits from behind while I started fucking her hard. She was loving it and I slapped her ass and the damn bitch told me to keep on doing it. Matt took my place on top of Jessie and JOhn got on his fours next to Jessie and called for Aaron black monster in his ass! Aaron was fucking the fag's ass while he made out with Jessie. Jennifer was being brutalized by me and Frank and now I wanted to stuff my dick in sweet Jessie's holes again. Me: Fuck out Matt. He got off Jessie and took my place on Jen's ass. Me: I wanna do you doggy baby!Jessie got on her fours and showed that pink asshole for me! I went crazy but I was going for her pussy first. While I was at her pussy, I was rubbing her asshole, getting it ready, I stick one finger in it, I spit on it and slowly massage it.

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  Me: Are you ready baby?Jessie: Yes, but slowly, you're my first there. Me: What an honour ehehe!I tried to push in, but it was too tight, I spit a little more on it, and fingered it a little to strech it out, and then tried again. The head was in! Shit it was tight, I almost cummed right there! I pushed deeper and slowly, ooh that was great. Jessie: Its hurting argh!Me: It will get better just wait!And it did, she started to moan in pleasure and it went harder on her. Jessie: OH yes harder! You're going so deep! Slam those balls against my pussy yes!Aaron: Damn I want a piece of that pussy!Aaron took his cock out of JOhn's ass and crawled under Jessie, and she sat down on the black 9incher. Jessie: Oooh shiitt!!! Get your cock in here John! I wanna suck it!She was being drilled by two monsters and was still sucking on his cock!Matt: Shit I'm cumming!Jennifer: Yeah fill my ass with that hot cum!Frank: I'm cumming too!Jennifer: Cum in my pussy! John! Aaron! Cum in my face and tits!They went and soaked the bith in cum. Me and Jess were still going at it and now she was riding me with her pussy. Jessie: Fill me baby! Fill my pussy with your cum!Me: Arggggh I'm cumming! YEes!I felt my cock pulsing inside her pussy, spurting cum into her, filling her. And we all fell a sleep like that. In the next days, we didnt go out as often as before that night!.