A Cheerleader Loses Her Bet


I heard the car pull into the driveway, music blaring briefly before the engine was turned off.   My house mates, Gina and Suzie, were back from their cheerleading practise and I knew that for the rest of the afternoon they would plague me with their silly chants.
My name is Kylie, I guess some would call me a geek, I’m 23, have long brown hair, brown eyes and I am 6’ 1” tall, which makes it a little difficult to date.   I can never wear shoes with heels or I really dwarf my partner, so I tend to keep to myself.
I would admit though that I have a great figure, nice waist and hips; I think I am a little heavy on the bust, but I get told by my friends that many would die for my D cup bra size
I came to share a house with two cheerleaders I think due to the fact that I am a graduate and employed full time which offset how I dressed, looked and behaved.   Students are notoriously poor at managing cash and paying bills, so I handled the financial side of running the house.
If someone had said to me a year ago that I would be rooming with these girls, I would have told them they were crazy.   As it is, they test my resolve on a regular basis.   They are messy, noisy and consume enormous quantities of hot water.   I think that the only well balanced meal eat get is when I cook.
Waking me from my thoughts, the girls pranced out onto the patio and slumped into the plastic chairs.
“Steady Kylie, don’t get out in the sun, you’ll blind everyone. ”  Gina quipped with a flick of her long blond hair.   Gina had a slender figure, and like Suzie she leaned more towards the skinny side with the amount of exercise they did in the cheerleading squad.
“Hey, I’m not that white. ”  I complained and lifted up one of my long legs, my flip-flop dangling from my toe.

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    I stroked my lightly tanned skin from the knee to just under my short denim skirt.
“Err, I say, why aren’t the lights working?”  Suzie yelled from the kitchen.   That girl could not speak softly, she was always yelling and if her boyfriend spent the night, I tried to stay at a friend’s house to get some sleep.
“Power’s out. Our house and three others in the street, they are working on it. ”  I replied.   “They said they will have it back on around eight.   We’ll light some candles. ”
“Well the final episode of ‘Sex in Beverly Hills’ is on at six tonight, we can’t miss that.   I suppose we could record it?”
“You can’t record it, the power is off.   The guys next door have electricity; do you want me to ask them?”  I rolled my eyes.
“Would you be a sweetie?  You speak geek. ”  Suzie appeared in the doorway leaning on the frame in a seductive pose.   I did have to say the two of them did look drop dead sexy in those uniforms.   The deep blue and yellow tops contrasted with their hard, flat, tanned tummies.

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    The shorts were so tight they looked like they were painted on.
I was about to make a retort, but bit my lip.   The downside of living with them was the patronizing way they viewed everyone else outside of the squad.   I kept calm and thought through my mantra again.   “I’ll have a high IQ longer than you have your good looks. ”
I put sauntered over to the fence.   I smiled, realizing that Suzie was too short to look over into next door’s yard.   I could see Mark fiddling with the barbeque, hampered by a wrist cast he was wearing after a fracture while skateboarding.
“Hey Mark, how’s the arm?”  I breathed softly making him jump.
“Geez Kylie, you scared the heck out of me.   Oh, the cast is itchy.   What’s up?”
“Our power is out and the girls want to watch the finale of their show at six.   Can they come over?”
“Sure, why not come over now, we have some beer and a nice merlot that has been breathing for a while.  I was also going to cook some chicken to try out a new sauce I have made. ”
Mark is also a working professional like me who likes to hang around students, I think he has a crush on me, but I fear the whole height thing may be putting him off from asking me out.

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I strolled back to the patio looking down at the girls’ expectant faces.
“Their TV’s broken.   Naah just kidding, I’m going over now.   Do you want to come over later?”
“No, we’ll come now. ”  They chorused.   I don’t think they wanted to be seen going over there alone.
We were greeted with some degree of enthusiasm by the guys; I suppose having a couple of blonds dressed in cheerleading outfits come around was almost a fantasy for them.   After the initial round of introductions, Gina started to party a little hard, encouraged by the guys.   Suzie, Mark and I sat on the couch savoring Mark’s wine.
“Who plays pool?”  Gina asked, nodding at the table.
“We all do. ”  Bob said, running his hand through his unfashionably long curly hair.   “Usually we would be playing a match today, but for Matt’s wrist. ”
I saw a smirk flicker across Gina’s face.   I know she fancies herself at pool and I could see her little brain working.

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“What do you play for?”  She asked, putting her weight onto one hip.
“50 bucks a game. ”  Will said.   “Want in?  We need a fourth. ”  Will took a swig of his beer.   He was a cheeky faced red head and stayed out of the sun also.
“I don’t have any money. ”  Gina replied.
“We’ll play with money; you can play for your clothes.   Whatever you lose stays off until your show finishes. ”  Ed quipped from behind the breakfast bar.
“Gina, no. ”  Suzie ordered.   “You’ve had too much to drink. ”
Gina sauntered over and leaned on the back of the sofa.

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“I can take them, I could use that money.
Matt joined in.   “Gina, as much as I would love to see that cute little body of yours naked, those guys are way too good. ”
“You’re not wearing that many items either.   You’d be a lamb to the slaughter. ”  I warned.
“I’m in. ”  She announced facing the guys.   I covered my face.
I had a feeling they were teasing her with the first game, not wanting to put up an early warning flag, but eventually Bob sunk the black, turned to Gina and raised an eyebrow.
“I just need to get in the swing of things. ”  With that she turned her back on the guys and slowly wiggled out of her shorts, exposing her hot pink thong.   As she bent over to get them over her feet, she gave them a perfect view of her thinly clad pussy.   The guys made appreciative comments.
“You can stop if you want Gina.

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  ”  Matt and I called out, but she went back to the pool table.
The game with Will lasted a lot longer and was a lot more hard fought, but Gina lost again.
“Oh I have been looking forward to this. ”  Will said as Gina crossed her arms and pulled her top off over her head.   I was expecting a bra, not realizing the top had support built in.   The guys whistled as her B cup breasts were exposed, her pink nipples mounted like cherries on the un-tanned skin that was normally covered from the sun by her bikini top.
“You can quit now, don’t feel pressured. ”  Suzie warned, but Gina was determined and she made the break with a hard shot scattering balls around the table.
Ed was evidently distracted by her firm little ass and the way her arms moved her breasts around as she took her shots.   She also seemed to have settled down and although the game got down to just the black ball, Ed won.  
Gina didn’t beg, but meekly hooked her fingers into the sides of her panties and slid them over her hips and down onto the floor.   Her lips pouted a little.   There were no whistles this time; the guys seemed almost a little embarrassed about her final striptease.   It did not stop them from taking a good look at her trimmed blond triangle of curly hair.
“Yes I’m a natural blond, who’s going to get me a beer?”  With that she sat on a barstool and crossed her legs.

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I walked over to her.   Although I am not bi-sexual I couldn’t help admiring those cute little breasts, the way they perked upwards away from her chest.   I could feel a little tingle down in my tummy.
“You okay?”  I asked.
“I thought I had that last game.   Shit.   I would have won the next one. ”
"Don’t even think about it.   In three more hours the TV show starts and after that we can be out of here. ”  I sipped my wine and sat back on the sofa between Suzie and Matt.   Everyone was getting a little buzzed.
Gina took a long pull on her beer.   I knew she was thinking again.   “Don’t even think about it. ”  I muttered.

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“Want another game?”  She asked the guys.
Ed laughed.   “You don’t have anything else to play for Gina. ”  He observed.
Gina got off the barstool and stood in front of them, her hands on her hips flaunting her naked body.
“$200 each for each game I win.   Only, and only if all three of you beat me, you can fuck me. ”
“Gina, no!”  I said, but the negotiations had already begun.   They settled on no rough sex, no blow jobs, no anal, unlimited times with the three guys, only ending only when the TV show started.
The air was now highly charged and Will opened with the first break pocketing three balls.   The prize spurred the guys on, I had never seen women over at their house before and I guessed they didn’t get much female action.
All too soon the games were over.   Guys three, Gina zero.   I could see her eyes were watering.
“You don’t have to go through with this Gina, no one’s forcing you.

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  ”  Matt said.
“I always honor my bets Matt. ”  Gina said and lay down on the sofa, her legs apart.   “Who’s first?”
Will knelt on the floor between her thighs and buried his head into her beautiful golden blond triangle, licking her fast and hard.   Ed and Bob took a breast each and started to massage and suck those gorgeous nipples.   Gina lay there with her eyes closed and I wondered if she was enjoying such intense stimulation.
Will got off his knees, took out his cock from his shorts and positioned himself at the entrance of her pink vagina.   He hesitated for a moment before gently thrusting into her, backwards and forwards.
“Oh God she’s so wet, so tight, ohhh this feels unbelievably good. ”
“Hey don’t come inside of her, I don’t want sloppy seconds. ”  Ed warned.
Will cupped her ass and pulled her towards him.   “I’ve always wanted to screw you Gina, especially seeing you in that cheerleading uniform. ”
Being able to act out his fantasy was too much for Will and within a few minutes, pulled out, stood over Gina’s face and with a guttural cry shot his load over her.   I don’t think she was expecting it and some of his cum went into her mouth before she quickly closed it.

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    Will’s cum was all over her face and hair.
Bob quickly replaced him; he had completely stripped off, his cock rock hard with anticipation.   He plunged his rod deep inside of her and slowly started to fuck her.
“I’m going to savor this.   Man you’re one hot chick. ”
Suzie shifted in her seat and I felt her hot breath in my ear.
“I didn’t think this would be so erotic watching her get gang banged. ”  She whispered.   “Is it turning you on as well?”
I nodded and she placed her hand on the inside of my thigh; just below the hem of my denim skirt.   She left her head resting on my shoulder.
“Matt’s so hard, his shorts are going to rip open soon. ”  I glanced over to see that he was indeed extremely turned on.
“Poor guy.   He didn’t play pool so he isn’t going to get a piece of Gina.   Give him a hand job before he dies of frustration.


    Go on, no one will care. ”
I reached over with my right hand, unzipped his shorts and slid my hand inside.   I grasped his cock and released it from the restraints of his clothing.   It was burning with heat and I marveled at its weight in my hand.   Within seconds he was totally rigid, precum already oozing from its tip.
“What the heck am I doing?”  I thought.   At that moment Bob pulled out and came noisily over Gina’s tits.   Ed ushered him away from Gina and cupping her sticky breasts entered her also.
Matt, Suzie and I watched in awe as Gina took her third guy in less than 15 minutes.
“Don’t worry about her, she has done this before, she can be such a slut. ”  Suzie breathed into my ear, sliding her hand up my thigh until she reached my panties.   She took my left hand and placed it on her bare tummy, pushed her shorts and panties down over her hips and guided my hand downwards between her thighs.   She was so wet, two of my fingers slipped straight inside of her and I heard her gasp.
As I ground my fingers into her hot pussy, I milked Matt’s hard cock with my other hand.   Hearing his breathing was becoming more ragged; I slowed down, wanting him to savor this moment.

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Matt’s left hand joined Suzie’s under my skirt and I eased my hips up so they could tug off my skirt and light blue panties.   It was my turn to breath hard as their fingers probed, rubbed and caressed my inner flesh.   First one finger penetrated me, then a second, then a third.   A fourth was trying to get in, stretching my flesh wide open.
I felt Matt’s right hand squeeze my breast before he pulled up my top to expose my matching blue bra.   Taking advantage that it was front fastening, he opened it up and my large D cup boobs split out.   Eagerly they pulled off my top and bra, leaving me naked.
Suzie and Matt each took a nipple in their mouth causing me to start to orgasm.   As the intensity built I pumped Matt’s cock faster and faster until it stiffened and the tip swelled in size.   He sat back suddenly as my feverous stroking caused him to cum, coating my arm in his thick, hot, fluid.
The sensation made me climax like I have never climaxed before, shots of electricity surged through my body and I froze as wave after wave of pleasure overpowered my nervous system.  
Eventually the feeling subsided and I slumped back on the sofa.   When I opened my eyes, Ed had his cock between Gina’s titties and was in the final throes of his orgasm.
“Oh yes, oh yes baby, this feels so good, oh these are such nice titties, aggghhhhhhh. ”
I watched through half open eyes as he let loose strings of cum over her face and neck.

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Will had fully recovered and was waiting patiently for Ed to finish, stroking his erection.  
To my surprise Suzie got up off the couch and stripped naked, her clothes left discarded on the floor.  I hadn’t noticed in my passion that she was completely shaved.
Ed stood up and stared as his cock softened.   Will moved to mount Gina again, but Suzie knelt on all fours in front of Gina and presented her ass to Will.
“I’ll take one for the team Gina.   Fancy doggie style Will?”
Will needed no further encouragement, pulled her ass cheeks apart and entered her with three long strokes.
“Oh that’s it, go deeper, deeper, that’s good.   Cum inside of me. ”  She begged.   “Harder, faster, oh, oh, ohh. ”
Gina slid down the sofa so that Suzie’s head was between her thighs.   Suzie moved forward and started to flick her tongue on and around Gina’s clit driving her wild.   She grabbed Suzie’s head and pulled her closer, both girls moaning louder until Will could stand it no more and gasped out, his thrusting gradually slowing.   Totally spent he pulled out and lay on the sofa.

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    Later I watched as Bob, Ed and Matt all took turns fucking Suzie until she lay on the floor exhausted, cum leaking out between her legs.   We never did get to see the TV show.
That day changed everything.   We never went over to their house again; Gina said that trying to recreate an event ruined its spontaneity. My relationship with Gina and Suzie though blossomed over the next couple of weeks and it was rare that I didn’t share a bed with one or both of them.   Suzie said her boyfriend was coming back soon and then things would get really interesting, but that may be another story.
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