A night of fun


The day started out just like anyother same old shit. Wake up, get the kids ready for school etc. . . . . . . .
It was all going the same until the phone rang around midday, it was my husband Todd. .
"Hey honey hows ur day going", yeah not too bad, was my reply. why r u ringing me this time i day i ask
"Well u know how we have been talking about getting another couple to join us at home?"
yyyeah. . . .

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   i say in a kind of weird voice
"Well i have found a couple, Troy and Sandie, you remember them from my work christmas party?' how could i not Troy had tried to find out what kind of panties i had on after afew too many drinks, and his wife was gorgeous.
"Yeah i remember them, Sandie is sooooo fucking hot!"
"Yeah well i talked to Todd today and was telling him about how we want to find a couple but wasnt really sure where to start looking, then he told me that he and Sandie were after a girl to join them for ages but never really did anything about it. He suggested that we all get together for dinner and see what happens"
"That sounds like a great idea," i say feeling my pussy juices start to flow to my g-string "Why dont you tell them to meet us at that new resturant down town, at 7. 30 for dinner,they have a band on at nine, we can see what happens. "
"Ok well i'll let him know, make sure ur ready when i get home ok, i dont want to fight u for the bathroom. . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . oh and honey make sure u wear that red number that i bought for u last week"
"What that thing bearly overs my ass cheecks, u want me to go out in public in that thing?"
"Youll be the hottest chick there" was his reply and then he hung up on me
So the first thing i did after getting off the phone with Troy was ring my mother to see if she would look after the boys at her place for the night, although it was a stupid question of course she would have them.
Once that was taken care of i decided to have a long hot soak in the tub before i had to get ready. So up i went to our ensuite to run my bath adding rose sents to the water. After being in there for 15mins i start to feel all tingly in my pussy, just thinking about all the things i could get upto tonight, i cant help myself and start to rub my pussy sticking two fingers into my hole and fucking it like that for afew minutes until i cant take it anymore and start rubbing my clit with ernest and frantic strokes. I start moaning as i get closer to climax, then while still frigging myself i jam three fingers in my lurv hole and fuck the shit out of my pussy. Now im moaning out loud so much that my neighbours next door can probably hear me. With a sudden flash my whole body starts to shudder and convulse in a HUGE orgasm.
Totally spent now i start washing my body all over and once that was done i sat on the edge of the tub and shaved my pussy til it was smooth as a babies bottom. i rinse and then get out of the tub patting myself dry then putting oil on my pussy to stop rasor burn.
Then dressed in only a terry bathrobe i make my way downstairs where i prepare dinner for the children for when they get home, this is where they found me at four when walking through the door from school. Once homework and everything is done they are sent upstairs to bathe and get ready to leave when their father gets home.
This now gives me a chance to head to my room to change into my slinky red dress. It has a very low plunging v that shows off my c cup boobs, just covering the nipples.

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   It then hugs my curves til it finishes and inch below me ass checks, just coving my red g-string I to the ensenble a pair of boots that come up mid thigh and heavy makeup.
I am just putting the finishing touches to my makeup when Todd enters the bedroom he has a cheeky grin on his face.
"R u ready?" he asks me
"Yes darling just touching up my makeup" i reply
"Good, oh one more thing" he says as i head out the bedroom door, "Take off ur panties"
"What!!!!!! I cant go out with no panties on, what if someone sees?" I say in an outraged tone
"Do as ur told, take them off NOW!"
I do as he asks and chuck them at him on my way out the door. I hear the shower start and shut off as i am making sure the children are ready to go when their father is.
At seven we leave to drop the kids off at my mothers, I have put on a long overcoat as to hide my assets from my mothers and passersby prying eyes.
We arrive at the resturant on the dot of seven thirty, we walk in to find Troy and Sandie already seated at the bar nursing drinks and chatting quietly. We make our greetings getting reaquainted with the couple. They are pleasant in their response. Troys' wife Sandie is also dressed to impress she is wearing a short black dress (although it still hides more than my own dress) with black heels to match. I sit down taking off my coat as i do. I look up to see Sandies' eyes bulging out of her head, i try and hide my knowing smile.
Over dinner we make small talk about no interest stuff, once done Sandie and i make our way to to powder room to freshen up before our night of dancing and passion.
When inside the plushly decorated powder room Sandie grabs me and pushes me inside the closest stall, she sits on the toilet and pushes my dress up in one fluid motion.
"My my my whos a naughty girl then?" she asks as she comes face to face with my pantiless muff. All i could do is groan as she shoves her face in and starts attacking my clit with the force of a freight train.

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   It didnt take long til i was writhing in exctacy begging her to make me cum. She then sticks three whole fingers in my snatch and thats all it takes to send me skyrocketing over the edge in a fit of moans and body shuddering, my legs then collaps and i stumble to her lap. I kiss her fully on the lips and taste myself there, this makes me wild and we pash more vigorously. We then fix our makeup and straighten our dresses and head back to our husbands with devious grins on our faces, we know we r going to get lucky tonight.
After a while the band starts up and we take our spots on dancefloor we have decided to swap partners so i start gyrating with Troy while Sandie is doing the same with Todd my husband. We have started to attract curious stares from the other paitrons with our outrageously flirtatious dance moves. I can feel Troys' cock starting to rise as i wriggle my arse over his crotch, he holds onto my hips as i do this so as to really make contact with my behind. All the while Sandie and Todd have their arms wrapped around eachother grinding their lips and hips in time to the pumping music. Its not long before we are all so hot that we know its time to take this to the next level so well all pile into our car and head for our house probably breaking every speed limit on the way.
Once inside it turns into one big fuck fest. I takle Sandie and immediatly impatiently tear off her G and attack her pussy with my tongue. Gawd it tastes so good all her juices are dripping down my face as i flick and bit her clit. She i can tell is bent over sucking on my husbands cock, he is moaning really loud and his is hands on her head jamming his hips up with every stroke, i can tell she is kinda gaging but making a really big effort to take all 9in in her lush lips. Sandie is really starting to hump my face now and groaning around Troys cock. With Sandies luv juice in my mouth i suddenly feel something poking at my own luv hole, its Todd licking me out with a VERY talented tongue i start to quiver immediatly with anticipation.

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It isnt very long and we are all writhing with ecstacy, Troy all of a sudden pulls Sandie in a sitting position ramming his cock straight up her luv tunnell impailling her on his massive cock she gasps as the air is knocked out of her. As i watch then go at it hell for leather i suddenly find myself jammed on a not so small magic stick from behind, Todd is soooo ready that i can feel all the veins that snake their way up his cock, they totally stimulate my raging flesh and its not long before we are all moaning and groaning to the night.
Sandie decides that she wants to turn around so she can watch too, when she does i immediately guide my tongue over her clit and eat her out this sends her into a frensy of sensations she is bucking wildly on Troys cock then suddenly cums HARD all over my face and husbands balls this sends Troy over the edge and he cums straight up into her womb.
Todd is now hammering me hard and fast has we both are close to climax, in his exited state he accidently pulls out too far and when he pushes back in he jams his cock straight up my poo shoot, i scream in pleasure pain as my ass tries to stretch to fit this mammoth cock, see her opportunity Sandie positions herself under me and proceeds to munch down hard on my mini cock (clit) with this plus the stimulation that my husband is now paying my swaying boobs and Todd who is now ramming my ass i give up and scream my completion to the world. With my ass and pussy muscles contracting around him Todd moans out loud as i feel his baby juice fill my ass.
Totally spent we all fall into one exhausted heap on the floor. . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . To be continued
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