Angie, Mom & me


I am a 25 year old sales rep working for an engineering company. My job required leaving early in the mornings and depending were I went too, usually returned early in the afternoons. It was these early returns that got me noticing my opposite neighbors. They were a single mom and her 22 year old daughter, Angie.
Angie was about 5 feet tall, slender athletic build with a mix of blond and black hair. The most striking feature to her appearance was her deep black eyes, which absolutely stood out against her short well rounded nose and viciously voluptuous lips.
We brushed other each other on occasions either at our apartments or at the local grocery store. However it was with one of these meetings that, first our friendship then our love and sex life started taking off. Angie's mom, Joanna worked from nine in the morning to six in the evening, leaving Angie to herself and her studies at the local college.
Our relationship was at first, intellectual conversation, around work, her studies and many a times tutoring her on her engineering study material. We thoroughly enjoyed each others company and looked forward to be with each as often as possible. Angie confided in me that her mom was a very strict and orderly person, a disciplinarian, but with lee ways on occasions. Angie was strictly forbidden from having any boyfriends or mysterious phone calls, but she claimed she had, had her fair share of action when she was at school.
It was on this particular Friday that changed our lives completely. As usual I came home around lunch time and decided to bring Chinese take outs, Angie was already at home and busy with some house chores, after lunch we talked about our day and started fooling around a bit and before we knew it one thing lead to another and we half naked lying on the couch of the living room. Her beautiful supple lips caressing my lips and tongue flailing in my mouth it was just too great for words.

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As we continued to make passionate love it was just then when she stopped me and said,” I was wondering, we never fucked with a condom on before, “as I looked into her quizzical face I said,” what are you trying to get at, babes,” she said “nothing really, I was wondering what the difference would be, with a condom and without a condom. ” “aahh,…. ok if you want to have sex, with me wearing a condom, no problem. I think I have one in my wallet somewhere. ” As I scamper through my jeans, removed my wallet and at long last removed a square, jagged edged foil with Durex spread along the top of the condom, I began to tear away the foil from the rubber on the inside, Angie said,” is it big enough for your cock, honey” I waved the condom in front of her and smilingly said, “Only a XXL, but who cares, this is just for show and tell right”
As I began rolling the condom over my half erect eight inch cock, it was then that I heard in one movement a jingle of keys, the crackle of a door lock and the door swinging wide open and the words, “ Hey, Ang, I am ho………” Just then and there, it was like the showdown at OK corral, me standing frozen stiff with my dick in my hand, Joanna standing in the wide open doorway with one hand on the door knob and the other holding a bag of groceries. Joanna was around 5. 2 feet tall, with full blond hair, sharp nose and almost the same almond shaped eyes as Angie. Unlike Angie, Joanna's distinctive features were definitely her tits. Boy, they stood out like two basket balls fully blown up, especially with her tight, red and white stripped, fitting uniform, they looked delectable.
“What may I ask is going on here?” was Joanna's first response, her voice was somewhat changed at this point in time from the usual ‘Good Morning or ‘Hello smooth silky tone to a rougher more intimidated sound. As panic started overcoming my emotions, I quickly started looking for my clothes and only succeeded in picking up the closest thing near to me ‘Angie's bra. ’ Before I could move again, “don't you dare move another inch mister,” hailed the booming voice, I taught, shit this is it man, now I am fucked, cops, jail, unemployment…. all whizzed through my head in a flash. Before I knew it, Joanna was now standing in front of me, facing Angie who was seated on the couch and yelling out the same question asked before, “What the hell is going on here?” Angie looked up and said “Mom, wait listen I …aahh…. we….

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  . . ”
”I don't want to hear it,” boomed Joanna.
As my eyes moved from the bra hanging over my now limp cock, to Joanna's Green Cross shoes, up her popping blue veined legs, past her frilly white apron, onto those two delectable watermelon boobs and finally on her slightly quivering lips and slightly wrinkled deep set eyes, it was then that I taught I was going mad, because it was at that exact moment she broke out into a shallow smile, as I could feel her eyes giving me a thorough examination from head to toe. “O! God, lucky it's only you;” she said, looking directly into my now confused eyes “I could not make out your face from the doorway. ” I quickly looked over at Angie who was also completely and utterly startled. Angie quickly said “What do you mean it's only you? Mom” Now looking at me Joanna said “you are Jonathan from 3A, right” In an almost inaudible voice I said “yes, ma'am”
Joanna now looking at my bra covered cock said “the guy with the……” she hesitated for a second then continued “ …. eight or nine inch cock, right” Now I was downright shocked to the core, how did she know of my huge cock. As startled as I was Angie stood up next to me, looked me directly in the eye with disbelief and turned to her mom and said; “how do you know Jonathan has a big dick?”
Joanna started explaining “you for one should know by now how many men I have been with, I think the last time I seen any form of manhood was about ten years back. So sometimes I sneak a look over at your apartment…. ” Joanna looking at me “…and I knew that a single guy, living on his own would definitely walk around naked now and then after a shower, so sneaking a peek every now and then with a vibrator up my pussy is sure to bring pleasure to any women. Man; how I longed for your cock; many a times I just wanted to breakdown your door and fuck the living hell out of you, till now, I cannot understand how avoided doing that. “
Angie now in total disbelief and shock sat back on the couch and tried to absorb all of this information. After a few moments of silence Angie spoke “I am sorry mom; I did not know you were in such pain. I just took everything for granted not knowing you had needs as well.

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  ” I looked at Angie who looked like she was about to cry and then at Joanna whose face was also beginning to change into tear jerking mode and it was then that I realized I had to say something and what come out of my mouth next, to this day I cannot comprehend why I said what I said; maybe it was to try and stop both of them crying; and what I said was “Oh, Mrs. Baker, I am really sorry for misleading you like that, maybe I can make it to you by fulfilling your fantasy. ” Stunned by the absolute silence and hardcore stares from both mother and daughter, I replayed the sentence in my head again and screamed out loudly in my head ‘what the fuck did I just say, aagghh’ before I could even try and babble out a word, Joanna turn slowly towards me and said “that sounds like a great idea” Angie started to protest when Joanna looked at her and quickly said, “wait, honey; think about it, you and John over here were probably screwing each other for a while know, right. ” Angie had to nod her head in approval and so did I “so look at it this way,” as Joanna continued “I have reached orgasm God knows how many times looking at this hunk of a man, so it is like I was also screwing him, so my point is, it is like we both had sex with him, so what will be the difference now?” Angie was about to start with her argument when I quickly seated myself besides her and held her trembling hands, I lifted her face so as to look straight into her eyes and said, “I know this sounds ridiculous, but your mom is kind of right in a way, for all I care my cock could be her vibrator for all eternity in her mind, that would be no different than me screwing her. Come to think of it, the only thing both you and your mom should be interested in is in my cock. Our feeling for each will never change, I love you and always will, you really make me happy, baby. ”
There was complete silence for what seems like an eternity and then Angie, with a wry smile on her face said “this will be awkward, but I'm willing to give it a try. ” With that said, Joanna stood up and said “ OK, I am going to freshen up a little, at which time you two can get started and by the time I join you two again then hopefully everybody will be a little more relaxed. ” As Joanna left the room I turned to Angie and said, “Are you OK with this, if not I can leave by the time your mom comes back. ” Angie looked at me and said “No, let's do this, besides mom's right it is as if though she was fucking you already. ” Hearing those words took me by surprise and a little bell inside my head began to ring, indicating to me that what I was about to do was completely wrong, however part of me wanted this more than ever.
Angie and I started off by kissing each other, first lightly on the lips, then I moved around her chic then her right earlobe and towards the back of her nape, under her jaw around the front of her neck to the left earlobe and nape area and back to her tender voluptuous lips. At this point in time our tongues were going wild in each other's mouth and I could feel the intensity of Angie starting to build up as she threw both of her hands around my neck, so as to lock my head into position. My right hand instinctively moved from the back of her head and rested firmly onto her exposed left boob, as I started massaging her tits her nipple stood up as erect as possible. As we continued to exchange saliva in an intense way, my hand again slowly made its way down south.

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   The second I passed my fingers over her shaved pussy, Angie started groaning and moaning. My fingers started doing the walking, as it gently moved up and down the length of her hole. As we continued groping each other mercilessly, I felt Angie's hand leave the back of my neck and reappeared above my cock. She threw the bra away from my now emerging snake and with her fingers grasped my cock from the base and started moving her hands up and down the length of my cock.
Angie must have stroked me about five or sick times when all of a sudden I felt another pair of hands unwrapping Angie's hands and before I knew it, a pair of lips were encircling my half erect cock and the same motion of up, down, up, down, started; only this time it was a lot more wetter then the hands. ‘Shit! That felt awesome, this woman knows what she's doing was the thought at the back of my mind and all the while Angie was now getting more intensity in her kissing. At that point all I could do was leave my legs and mouth open, as wide as possible and the only movement came from brain telling my cock to lock and load as the firing squad has started its rounds. Slowly but surely I could feel Joanna starting to move her mouth further and further down my almost erect shaft, every now and again her lips would touch the base of my cock and with that I could feel her doing something with her tongue on my cock which started sending little shudders down the back of my spine, all I can say it was fucking awesome.
As I could not move much with both mother and daughter groping the hell out of me, Angie wanted her pussy to be waxed by my salivating mouth. So I moved a little down, Angie positioned herself above my face with both legs on either side of my head with her pussy directly in my mouth I wrapped my hands around the underside of her legs so as to give her support from not falling backwards, I immediately started sucking and licking her juicy pussy. As I swallowed her juices, my tongue started exploring her pleasure hole with fervent excitement; the more I explored the louder the moaning from Angie. At the other end of my quivering body, Joanna was literally sucking my, now fully erect cock, dry; I could feel her intensity also building up, as she continued to blow me with greater ferocity. After some time mother and daughter exchanged positions and this was the first time I not only got to see but groped at Joanna's melon ball tits, they were a site to behold and I made sure I held onto them as well. Her nipples were not as pronounced as Angie's but they were still spread neatly in the center of each tit. Before taking her position where Angie was with her pussy in my mouth, Joanna leaned over and gave me the gentlest of kisses on my lips and delicately did the thing with her tongue when she was blowing me, Jeez it was mind blowing.

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   As Joanna climbed into position for her blow job, her pussy was larger than Angie's with longer pussy lips and more pinkish in color, her semi-shaven pussy smelled like rose essence. The minute I touched my tongue on her pussy, Joanna jumped with absolute squeamishness, almost falling over, it was just then I realized how sensitive both these women were and I loved it to bits.
By this time Angie was really milking the shit out of me, although she could not fit my whole cock into her mouth, she masterfully used her hands to cover the base up to where her mouth reached and this really tinkle my fancy. Meanwhile Joanna was still jumping about with me exploring her fuck hole, her pussy juices with more thicker and more plentiful than Angie's, I sucked it all up and continued enjoying making her jump from side to side. After what could have been anything between 10 to 15 minutes, Angie stopped sucking on my dick, I could feel her climbing over my waist with her back towards me, she pushed my legs slightly closer to each other and then felt her wet pussy slide slowly onto my hardened cock and she slowly started moving up and down on my elongated shaft. From this again I felt a tremendous shudder coming from Angie's body and filter onto my cock and dissipating onto my waist and legs. Meanwhile Joanna on top of me started moaning and groaning with heightened intensity, as I tongued her pussy hole she moved her body in and out of my mouth and before long she started screaming out “Oh! God yes fuck me…yes…yes…Oh! God yes …. oh. . oh…I'm coming yes…yes …I'm coming…. I'm coming…” and with this loud outburst, she squirted and extra load of thick, whitish fluid from her pussy and she completely fell to my left hand side directly on the couch and just laid there motionless and panting heavily.
Angie was still riding me like horse, totally oblivious of what just happened, this was the first time I could feel her wet pussy bouncing on my cock and I could also feel the tightness of her as she came down, just reflecting on it almost made me come, but I managed to hold it off. Joanna by this was breathing normally and she now turned around and planted her face into my mouth and so began the deep throat kissing.
After changing positions with Angie now facing me directly and still riding my shaft like a rodeo horse, another 5 minutes of hard riding it was the turn of Angie to start screaming and before long she climaxed with an almost ear piercing scream, as Angie dismounted me Joanna jumped right in and continued where Angie left off. With every up and down motion Joanna's basket ball tits bounced equally violently, this was a dream come true.

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   As she bounced on me, I could not help but try and grab hold of those bouncing balls. Shit it was awesome. It was not long before Joanna reached her second screaming orgasm and I almost blew up there and then. Angie peeled over me and started sucking on me again and bang like a pressurized hose pipe, hot white cum squirted from the tip of my cock and landed onto Angie's face and Joanna joined in with cum landing in her mouth. That was the best fuck I ever got.
After this encounter, we were so overjoyed with emotion that we had a second round that same evening and it was just as great as the first time. In the coming months we did it a couple of more times but it was mostly Angie and myself. I had the pleasure of doing Joanna on two separate occasions without Angie and boy were those sweating sessions.
Just for interest sake I eventually married Angie and we have three beautiful kids.