Crystal clear


My name is Alex and I’m 16. I’m a pretty nice guy to hang out with. I’m good looking, 5‘8, with a 7in. hard dick. I’m pretty wealthy actually, I know there are some kids in the school who want what I already have. I’ve never had a girlfriend, not because I’m gay, but because the girls in the school aren’t pretty. I spend most of my time playing Xbox Live, playing guitar, or masturbating to porn on the internet. Every weekend me and my friend Sean will go to the mall, then later see a movie.

Recently my dad had met a woman, yes my (biological) mom and dad are divorced. The woman he met isn’t too bad looking, she’s a pretty nice-looking MILF. But her daughter Crystal is something else. She’s 16 too and is very beautiful. She’s 5’6, natural brown hair, C sized breasts, and a nice round ass, not too big and not too small. Sean and I both want to fuck her, and we got the chance to.

Crystal and her mom moved in with my dad and I. Crystal walks around the house half naked when our parents aren’t there.

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   She’ll show me glimpses of things to see if I’m interested. One time I was teaching her to play guitar and she got on my bed and spread her legs, she wasn’t wearing panties. I saw her nice shaven, tanned pussy. When my dad married Crystal’s mom, they went on a honeymoon cruise and left Crystal and I home alone with no supervision. I had my friend Sean stay over one night, and things took off from there.

Sean and I were playing Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox Live when we heard a loud thump then the word “shit”. We both jumped up and raced to my parent’s room to find Crystal picking up a dresser drawer that she pulled out too far. On the bed laid a vibrator and anal beads, her mom’s stash I suppose. She was blushing as she tried to hide the evidence. I looked to Sean then back at Crystal.

“We’re not going to say a word, don’t worry Crystal. ” I said.

“You’re not?” she replied.

“Nope. ”

“Ohhh, thank God, my mom would’ve killed me!”

I looked at her and said…

“Do you need help using those?”

“Wha…I mean…well if yo…what?”

Sean said…

“He asked if you needed help using those.

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“If you guys want to, I guess we could have a little party in my room. ” she replied.

With that, all three of us ran to Crystal’s room. Sean and I sat on her bed as she pulled a chair over and started a strip tease. Crystal started by rubbing her body head toe, bending over in front of us letting her ass push through her skin-tight jeans. She grabbed her zipper, pulled it down then back up and then down again. She started unbuttoning her blouse, then took it off. Crystal kicked off her shoes and then grabbed her pants by the belt loop and slowly pulled them down, then back up, and then down again.

She did all this while waving her body around like the porn stars I watch on the internet. Crystal grabbed my hand and pulled me over, sitting me in the chair. She rubbed her ass on my legs, and then bent over, showing me the bright pink tong running between her ass cheeks. I grabbed her ass, smacked it, Crystal screamed…

“Yes!! Smack my naughty ass, smack it Alex!”

I did, again and again. I took hold of her ass again, kissed her ass cheeks, then licked from her asshole down to her pussy, making her thong wet. She turned around and put a finger on my lips, rubbing my face. She sat on my lap facing me (in other words she was sitting in the chair backwards).

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   She started kissing me, pushing her tongue into my mouth, our tongues met in the middle of a passionate kiss, I started sucking her neck then picked her up off of me saying…

“It’s Sean’s turn now!”

“Okay as you wish!” she replied.

She grabbed Sean’s hand and did her routine over again, letting Sean do the things I had done. When Sean’s lap dance was done, Crystal helped me and Sean undress. She pushed us back on her bed, and then got on her knees. Crystal took our flaccid dicks and began to kiss them, and eventually this led to her sucking our huge shafts. Sean and I closed our eyes and laid back, we both sighed as Crystal choked on our beef. While she was sucking my dick she would fondle Sean’s balls and vise/versa.

She positioned Sean at the foot of the bed, with me laying on the bed still. If you looked from the side, our dicks were at a right angle. Crystal laid on me in the 69 position with mine and Sean’s dicks in her face, and her ass and pussy in my face. While she went to work on Sean’s dick, I grabbed her thong lace, and pulled it to the side revealing her still tanned and shaven pussy. I took both of my index fingers and peeked in her vagina, I could see her hymen, this was going to be fun.

I rubbed her labia a little and her pussy lips opened for me, like something you’d see in a sci-fi horror movie. I began kissing her lips, and then I found her clit, I licked it once, Crystal moaned and quivered. I licked it a second time, and she did the same thing.

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   I shoved my tongue into her pussy as far as it would reach, and she pushed her ass down harder on my face covering my eyes, I couldn’t see. All sounds were muffled. I licked all over her pussy, sucking and biting the lips.

Crystal was on the verge of her climax, so I intensified and picked up my speed, pushing farther and farther into her pussy. The smell was wonderful, ass sweat, pussy juice and the sweet smell of sexy perfumed the room. Crystal’s pussy tensed up, tightened on my tongue, she screamed out loud…

“Ohhhhhhh, ffffffuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!”

An ocean of pussy juices flowed over my face and into my mouth, as the adrenaline from her orgasm wore off. It tasted so good. I pulled her ass off of my face, and I heard Sean moaning. I grabbed each thigh with one hand and lifted up, I was holding up her legs in a Y position, and I could just see over her ass cheeks, I was eye level with Sean’s chest. I heard him say faintly in pleasure…

“I’m gonn…I’m…. I’m gonna’ cum!!!”

“Mmmhmmm…” Crystal mumbled with Sean’s dick in her mouth.

Sean’s eyes rolled in the back of his head, Crystal pulled his dick out and a huge load of fresh cum exploded on her face, she licked the head of his dick, sucking the rest of the cum out of his shaft. Crystal turned around to me, and kissed me, our tongues met again, and the warm salty taste of Sean’s cum transferred from her mouth, down my throat and into my stomach. Crystal’s eyes met with mine as we kissed, she pulled away and said…

“C’mon big boy! I wanna’ see what your cum tastes like!”

Me and Sean switched positions, he instantly started lapping at Crystal’s pussy. Crystal grabbed my dick with one hand and slowly licked up and down the meaty rod.

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   She looked at me again and said…

“How can someone you love so much taste so good?”

She smiled and went back to sucking my dick. She tickled my balls and took turns sucking each one. As she was sucking and licking my cock, she would fondle my balls to prolong the blowjob, and increase pleasure. Well, all good things must come to an end, and without warning or hesitation, I shot my whopping loads of hot fresh cum down her throat, she didn’t have time to react, she was choking on my seeds. One by one, I pumped 4 loads of cum into her mouth, and watched as she swallowed every one.

Eventually she managed to talk again, but her words were over come by another orgasm from Sean’s tongue. Crystal looked at me and said…

“You could’ve told me you were gonna’ cum, I could’ve drowned!”

“Well you didn’t, I just wanted to see you swallow my cum. I’m sorry. ” I replied.

“Well sorry isn’t good enough, now I’m gonna’ make you hold the vibrator while Sean feeds the beads into my asshole!” she said demandingly.

Crystal laid on the bed, legs in the air.

“Don’t put anything into my pussy, I want your cocks to pop my cherry not some toys!” she said.

Neither Sean or I spoke a word, we just began playing with Crystal. I turned on the vibrator as Sean fed the beads into her ass. Crystal was moaning and sighing with pleasure.

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   I reached up and grabbed one of her tits, and began to suck on it. It was plum and perky, very firm. I looked down at her pussy and began to lick it. I took the vibrator and rubbed Crystal’s lips with it, she sucked her pussy juices from it and pushed it back down. Another 10 minutes went by, and she finally came a third time.

“I can’t take it anymore!” she screamed.

Crystal grabbed me and pulled me on top of her.

“Fuck me hard!!” she said. So I did.

I took my dick and slowly penetrated her pussy, her juices providing lubrication. Once all 7 inches were in her, I pulled back and thrusted in again, popping her hymen, or her “cherry”, blood slowly trickled out of her pussy, over my dick, and dripped off of my balls. She was no longer a virgin, and neither was I. I caught a rhythm and kept up the pace, ever so slowly increasing speed and pressure. Sooner or later I was thrusting as hard as I could while Crystal was screaming.

“I’m gonna’ cum!” I said

“Now you tell me.

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   But don’t, wait for me Alex!”

“Aahhhhh, I can’t hold it any longer!” I screamed.

“C’mon baby, a couple more seconds, hold on!!! C’mon Alex fuck me!!! Ohhhh shit, I’m cumming!!!” she screamed back.

We both came at the same time, and I collapsed on top of her. We sat and laid there for about 3 minutes, holding each other and kissing. I pulled out and looked at Sean, his eyes were wide, amazed at what he just witnessed. I said to him…

“Dude…it’s your turn now. ”

He looked at Crystal who smiled at him and licked her lips. Sean didn’t get to be on top, Crystal wanted to ride him, I wasn’t jealous, this gave me the perfect chance to try anal sex. I spit on my fingers and her asshole, then stuck my fingers into her ass to lubricate it. Without hesitation I shoved my dick into her asshole and started fucking her. It felt so good. I kept the same pattern from when I was fucking her pussy. I was about to climax when she came on Sean, I pushed farther into her asshole and shot cum into her rectum.

Sean pulled out and she sucked his dick. We all laid there in the bed and dozed off.

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   We woke up the next morning and Crystal was as sore as ever, she could hardly walk. We all showered together, and chilled out on the couch. Sean had to go home which left me and Crystal all alone. She was to sore to get up, so I carried her up to my room, because her bed spreading’s were being washed. I laid down with her and we started kissing passionately, tongue to tongue, nothing like last night.

We were rubbing each other all over moaning and sighing. Crystal looked up at me as I held her in my arms.

“I love you Alex. ” she said.

“I love you too Crystal. ” I replied.

We started kissing again, and we fell asleep. She was sore the rest of the week after that, but it wore off before our parent’s came home. Whenever we get the chance we’ll either kiss or make love. We haven’t been caught yet, but have come close.

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   Me and Crystal ARE and will ALWAYS be lovers…

Wait for Part 2


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