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I was home alone for the week and Steve told me to have whatever good times I wanted to while he was gone. I was driving home and as I turned onto my road I saw them working on a road crew as I drove towards my driveway. There 5 state prisoners and an orricer with them in a State Prisoner road crew. I was wearing an airy skirt and low cut blouse and as I saw them I knew I have to have some them all. It was 95 or so degrees out and hot and they were all sweating like crazy. I love a man that is well built and sweating. Not smelly sweat but good manly sweat and these were all so good looking. There were 3 white guys and 2 black guys. One black guy was at least 6'7" and built so good. By the snake down his overall suit he was also well hung and I needed someone to take care of me since Steve had been gone for 4 days.
The officer with them stepped to the car and was looking down my cleavage as I rolled down the window. "Hello officer" I smiled at him. He said "Hi" and continued looking down my clavage as I unbuttoned two more buttons and smiled. "What can I do for you little lady?" he said. "Well, I thought I could do something for you and the guys, my house is just up that drive and it is so hot out. It is almost lnch time and you guys can come to my place and eat in the back yard.

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   There is a lot of shade and I will make some ice tea for you and you can relax and eat. " "Sound good to me. " he said and I drove off up the drive and ran into the house and put on my smallest sting bikini with a very little string bottom. It is not as much as a thong bottom and the string slips between my lips and separates them so that is it nothing at all. I fixed a gallon of tea and there was a knock on the front door. I opened it and the oficer stared at me, "Take everyone around the back, I will be right out. " I told him. My chest was bouncing as I walked out to the back yard wth the cups and tea. There were seats in a circle and I had put a blanket in the middle so that I was the center of attention.
I gave everyone cups and poured the tea making sure to bend over and give everyone a nice view of my bottom. THere was ice and lots of eyes looking at me and so I sat on the blanket and pointed my legs towards them, moving them apart some. They were all laughing and must have known they were in for something hot. I reached over and took some ice from a cup and began saying how hot I was and rubbing it all over my body. "It is so hot isn't it guys. " I moaned and licked my lips.

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  . . the ice was melting and dripping down my body. "It sure is lady, and you are really hot too. " one said. "Well, hand me another ice cube dear. " I said and he gave me one that was large. "Well, one part of me is so hot I have to cool it off really soon before it melts. " I said as I moved it between my legs and over my clit and it made me take in my breath. "Oh yes, that is good. " I said and moved my legs apart. I ran the ice over my clit until it melted and then I asked for another and took it slowly and slipped it slowly into my pussy moaning. "Oh yes, that is good, my cunt needs cooling of. " I had lost my top and was naked in the middle of these hot men and now I sat up and without taking the ice out got two more from one or their cups and slipped them in also.
"Is there anything else that will cool that off lady?" the officer asked, his cock was bulging as were the other men's and the snake had crawled down the tall black man's legs and gotten thicker.

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   "Well, I see all of you have fire hoses and I am on fire, so why not take care of the fire and hose me really good" I said and moved to the oficer and unzipped his pants freeing his cock. "MMmmmm, now that looks good" I said and took him into my throat. I was now putting on a show and made sure that I god his cock nice and shiny wet with my mouth. Soon his hips were moving and I took him all in and he filled my throat with his cum. I soaked the blanket under me with an orgasm. I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw that the men were all naked now, cocks in hands and pre-cum leaking from a couple of them. The officer let my head go and I licked the cum from my lips. "Okay, I need someone on their back on the blanket" I said and one of the white guys laid down his cock in the air. I sat on it slowly making him moan and slipped it into me and began riding it up and down. "Oh yes, put the fire out baby. " I moaned and then I said, "I need another for my mouth guys, who will it be?" and the shorter black guys stepped up his cock at my face slapping it playfully. I grabbed it and took it down, licking it and getting it all sloppy wet. I was riding the man under me suddenly he filled my pussy. I soaked his lap with my orgasm and concentrated on the black cock in my throat. I took time to reach for the hung black man and he got under me.

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   He was thick and really long, longer than any I had ever seen. I began slipping my pussy onto him and he lifted me up, "No baby, I want to other hole. " he said and moved me so that it pushed against my ass. I stopped sucking and moved over him and tried to let him in but he would not go with me tensing my muscles to sit over him.
I moved and cried out, "Oh fuck, rape my ass. " and he grabbed my hips and shoved himself up and he popped in. I cried out and he did not stop but pulled me down onto his cock and I felt myself ripping open. "Take it bitch. " he growled. "Take it all, that ass will never be the same. " "Oh stop, it is ripping me open, stop. " I moaned. "Too bad slut, too bad. YOu said rape it and I am going to. " He was pounding into me deep and I felt him bottom his cock in me.

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   He moved me onto my stomach with the help of two men and now was over me and was pounding hard into me pushing my face into the blanket. "Oh please, it hurts, please stop. " I was begging. "Someone shut her up. " the officer said and another man got in front of me and pushed his cock into my mouth. I gagged trying to breathe with the pain in my ass. I don't know how long it was but finally he filled my ass with his cum and he stayed there, not really getting soft. "Oh please take it out now. " I begged again after the cock in my mouth filled it with cum. "Shut the bitch up again, I have more for her ass. " the man in me said again and another man was in front of me. Again he began pumping my ass and someone said, "Look man, she is bleeding, he ripped her ass open, she is bleeding. " "Told me to rape you lady, yu think a rape is fun, no bitch, you bleed and we stop when we want to not when you say. "
The pain was almost better now but I had in my mind that the man had said I was bleeding from my ass and I felt like I had been torn open Again he filed my ass and then he pulled out. "Turn the bithc around, let her clean my cock.

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  " he said and I was lifted as cum dripped from my ass and pussy. He had sat in a chair and I was thrown in front of him on my knees. His cock was covered with cum, some of my shit and, and yes, blood. He had torn my ass apart. He grabbed my hair and pushed my face towards his cock that was still really big. I smelled my shit on him and cum and blood, "Clean it bitch. " he commanded. He pushed it into my mouth and I gagged and threw up on the ground on front of his chair. "I said clean it up" he said and now it was in my mouth and deep into my throat. He was moving my throat up and down on his cock and I guess I swallowed the blood, cum and all from it. He made sure I took it all the way down my throat and it slowly made me feel good again. MY pussy was beginning to respond to the pleasure in my throat. He would push it all in and it was beyond the back of the throat and down into it, beyond anywhere one had ever been. He was pushing it in then holding it until I moved against him to breathe and he let me up and let me have a breathe then back down on him. He did this for a long time until he finally plunged down my throat and moaned, "Take a deep breathe lady, here it comes.

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  " and he filled my stomach since it went past my mouth and throat.
He pushed me off him and down onto my back. "Next" he laughed. "When I get hard again I will take her again. " I now did not remember who took me next but he filled my pussy and then another did the same. It seemed there were lots of men there but it was just the 6 and they all had me over and over. "I am ready again" said the black guy and he was between my legs plunging into my pussy. He was rough and was hitting my insides making them mush, hitting my womb and ramming me harder every time he went into me. "Oh please spot, please, it hurts, it hurts. " I moaned. "Rape hurts lady, it is not a game. " the oficer said laughing. I felt the night air on me and woke up. No one was there and I was laying on the blanket, cum al in me and over me. I was sore, really sore and managed to get inside and in the tub.

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   My ass was ripped open and sore as was everything all over my body. I had blod on my tits and my nipples had bites all over. Blood was dried on my bottom and I looked with a mirror and saw that I could not take larger things unless it healed smaller. I took some pills and slept and woke the next day to the phone ringing.
"Thanks for taking care of us yesterday. " the voice said. "I will have another crew out next week and we will be by again. Hope you can handle it. " he said and laughed. "Well, I will try. " I moaned. "Good, I will have ten men this time they will al need a good fucking or do you want to be raped again. " he said. I hesitated and heard myself say, "Raped will be good, make sure it is rape. " "Rape it is lady" he said and hung up.

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The next week was even worse than the first time. But I loved it all. OVer and over again, all 10 of them.