Going all the way pt2


Topic: Chapter II: Questioning one’s moralsAll day Friday my mind was wondering away from school and to what could possibly happen tomorrow. Would it be good or will all my dreams be shot to hell in one found swoop. Sue was also excited as she held my arm all the way to school that morning on the bus and even slapped my ass and said “see you later stud boy” as she walked away to her class. What was going through her mind I wondered, could she have a plan more deviously erotic than mine.
 At lunch sue went to study hall with her friends and Sam and I sat alone talking about school work. I decided to try and get something out of him about Sue’s plans for Saturday, I asked if she had spoken of what we would be doing and he laughed. “Well all I can tell you is we do everything together, have been for a while now and we like to keep it that way because we enjoy each other” he replied.
 Well “that didn’t make any sense” I thought, He must of misunderstood me when I said we were going to be alone? Did he mean that we weren’t having our fun time tomorrow, or is he just screwing with my head?  That night as we got off the bus I whispered to Sue “see you around lunchtime and we can hang out until my parents go out and then when yours go out we will have some real fun”. Sam turned and looked at me with a strange look of happiness, was he happy for me or his sister. I was beginning to think these two were hiding something from me and it made me a little nervous as to what it could be.
 That night after dinner I went to my room and prepared the stage for tomorrows rendezvous with sex. I cleaned my room, which I rarely ever do. Took a jar of Vaseline from the bathroom and put it in the top draw of my night stand with a package of Trojans and the box of tissues, now the stage is set. Sitting on the edge of my bed contemplating how the day would unfold, I found myself getting a little too excited about being with Sue and found myself again jerking off to the thought of her naked in my room.
  Saturday morning finally arrived and I had more butterflies in my stomach than ever before. I went down for breakfast and asked my parents what their agenda was for the day.

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   I guess I needed a little assurance that everything was going as planned. My dad told me that “he and my mom were going to the 1:00 pm movie downtown and then they would walk around and do some shopping at the plaza there and finally go to dinner and be home by 7:00 pm”. “Sounds like a great day out for you two, hope you enjoy yourselves while I labor over my book report” I replied. My dad laughed and then started whistling as he went up to take a shower with mom,  which is usually a Saturday night thing but I guess they wanted to get an early start or something.
        Sam came over about eleven with his football and asked if wanted to toss a few, I looked around him and then with a puzzled look I asked “where’s the other half”. He shook his head and said “she has been fussing about everything all morning and she wasn’t sure you would have fun today because you’re not like us”. “What does that mean” I asked Sam, thinking maybe Ukrainians thought different about how teen sex should be? “Well we will show you later, right now we toss ball until she gets here” he said with his broken English accent.
    Sue walked into the backyard an hour or so later, just about the time my parents were leaving. “Perfect timing” I said as she walked up to me and kissed me with a deep and passionate kiss. Sam smiled and said “slow down you don’t want to rush too fast people. We all laughed and hung out talking about useless things, just passing time until their parents left. After a while their parents   came over and announced that they were off and would be home soon. Sam waited then announced “that the fun should now begin”. As we walked into the house I grabbed Sam aside and asked “if he liked to watch movies downstairs while we were alone or does that make him uncomfortable being in the same house”. Sam turned to her and started talking real fast in Russian and Sue laughed and replied “no it’s a surprise”.

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      “A surprise for me, I’m not sure this was part of my plan” I thought to myself. “Sam what is up between you two that I should know about” I asked sternly. He looked at me and then put both his hands on my shoulders “do you want to have the best sex anyone could ever imagine” he asked. This caught me off guard coming from him, “of course, who doesn’t” I replied. Sue pushed him aside and grabbed my hand as she pulled me into my room, where she sat me down at the desk and said “I trust you, do you trust us”. I looked into her beautiful eyes and melted into the spineless bowl of jelly I was. “Yes I trust you both, I think” I said as my eyes wondered toward Sam who was now at the edge of my bed getting undressed. “Then sit back and join in when you feel comfortable enough” and with that she stood in front of me and started stripping.
          I felt like the whole room was spinning out of control and reality just hit a new level of weirdness for me. Sam was totally naked at the foot of my bed and his twin sister is stripping three inches from me while dancing like my aunt when she gets drunk at the annual Christmas party and does what she calls the bump and grind. Is this another wet dream or is this what sex is really supposed to be like? Sue was now totally naked in front of me and as she leaned into me I could smell a hint of perfume on her. The curves of her waist and the hard firm nipples which she now brushed across my lips were too much for me and as I started sucking on her left breast she pushed me off and exclaimed “if you want me you must learn to share with Sam, for now you watch and see”.
      She turned away and walked over to the bed where Sam was waiting, to my shock he started in by shoving his face between her legs and licking her pussy and grabbing around her firm muscular butt cheeks.   I have heard of incest between family members in books before, but to see it in my room was really strange.   I didn’t get too freaked out by the site of them having sex together, but by the thought of having to share her with her twin brother.

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   Sam was a nice looking guy muscular blonde hair and no pubic hair. He did have an unusually bent dick though, which I thought rather funny. Watching them go at it really turned me on and I did want to be where he was for sure.
 They obviously have been doing this for a while as they knew just how to please each other. As I watched her push Sam onto the bed then kneel down next to him and position herself so she was facing me and glimpsed over to see if I was enjoying the show. She began to stroke his cock and rub his balls until he arched his back and began to moan. With one quick thrust, she swallowed him deep and then began to slowly move up and down with her mouth and as she did this Sam began to moan louder and after a few minutes he thrust his hips up off the bed and groaned in pleasure, finally collapsing down lifeless onto the bed as she licked off his dick to get every last drop.
    I was just another fixture to them, another inanimate object in the corner sitting still frozen in my chair as I watched the show unfold. Sue stroked his limp dick back to life and then mounted him and started rocking back and forth on his dick as she then turned and held out her hand to me, gesturing me over to her side. I took a deep breath, stood up and walk slowly toward her watching every move she made and how Sam lied there with his eyes closed enjoying every minute of her.
       She reached down and unbuttoned my jeans as we kissed and I could taste Sam’s juices on her lips and it wasn’t as bad as I first thought. As we kissed I took another opportunity to fondle her small breasts between my fingers and feel there firmness under such smooth skin and hard nipples. I felt her hand wrap around my hardened dick and start to jerk me off with one hand and grab my ass with the other. In the moment of passion I didn’t notice that Sam had now been trying to pull my pants totally off as he smiled up at us. “It’s alright no need to be shy around us” he whispered.

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   Looking back up to Sue she smiled and said “I know you want me, so what are you waiting for” and grabbed for my shirt and pulled it over my head as tried to step out of my clothes with Sue pulling my shirt and Sam pulling at my pants. Soon the three of us were naked and I resumed kissing and fondling her while I felt a hand stroking my dick and balls.
      Soon I realized Sue had both hands around my shoulders and was pulling me tight as we kissed, yet my dick was still being massaged. Startled I pulled back and saw Sam look up and apologetically exclaim “I’m sorry does that make you uncomfortable”? I wasn’t sure what to think at this point except that I wanted to step back for a minute and think this over. “I’m not sure how to feel, my best friend is giving me a hand job while I feel up his sister. Not exactly the usual sexual encounter scenario everyone imagines for their first time with their girlfriend”. He started to chuckle and told me “this is the way we like it, we just like to have others join us every now and then for a little extra fun”. I didn’t know what to think now, I stepped back and sat in the chair again staring at the two of them and thinking “this is way over my head and just really kinky”!
     Sue dismounted him seeing that I was overwhelmed by what was going on and knelt in front of me and starting stroking my now limp dick. Sam sat up and exclaimed “We just like to have sex with each other because we feel comfortable enough that we can just get each other off with no strings attached just pure uncommitted sex”. Sue looked up at me and nodded her head in agreement; “he is not wanting you or wants you to have sex with him” she spoke softly. “It’s not that I think Sam’s gay or you two are lovers or anything like that, but I never expected to have sex with another guy joining in. That is a little too off the wall for me to handle” I replied.
     Sue looked up at me and suggested “if you trust me then just let it happen, don’t think about what’s weird or wrong just that it feels great doing it and enjoy yourself. If after today you still don’t agree with me then we will never again speak of today or do it again, we will just be friends like before agreed” I thought for a minute about what she said and then came to the conclusion that I have nothing to lose except getting in bed with this tight hot blonde who really likes me, she just comes with extra baggage and nodded my head in agreement.
 She smiled and pulled me up to her and hugged me, then threw me down on the bed where she began to revive my dick with her magic fingers while caressing my chest and sucking on my balls.

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   Sam stood up and started jerking off over us while watching his sister give me the best blow job I have ever gotten even to this day. I came with such force she almost starting choking, but then swallowed deep and finished up by shoving one finger in my ass and massaging my prostate until I came a second time. I never thought I could feel such relief and ecstasy with just a blow job.
        As I laid there trying to catch my breath, Sue mounted me and started to get me hard real quick. I stopped her and reached into my nightstand and pulled out a condom. Sue laughed and said “you don’t need that, I am on the pill and those don’t let you feel the full potential of true raw sex”. This coming from a girl whose parents are so strict, “wow this keeps getting weirder by the minute”. I just smiled and tossed them back into the draw and laid back and prepared for the night of my life. Sue didn’t take long to get me hard and she began rocking and humping me with all her might.   Sam reached over and pulled her head toward his dick and as she fucked me, I watched her suck on his cock and moan.
    After a few minutes she let go of Sam and began to thrust harder and squeal as she began to orgasm, her body was rising and twitching with every wave of pleasure that rolled across her. She slumped over on to me and tried to regroup herself; Sam moved around and knelt behind her then stuck his fingers into her throbbing pussy where my still hardened dick was and scooped out her juices. I watched as he rubbed it all over his dick, then he licked his fingers and smiled. “This ought to finish you up Johnny” he said as he stuck his dick slowly into her ass.
 I could feel him enter her and as he did Sue gripped the pillow on both sides of my head and lifted her ass to meet him.

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   I felt her tighten up around my dick and then Sam pushed her down on to me, I almost came again but relaxed and concentrated on the feeling of his dick rubbing against mine and Sue was panting heavy in my ear as she nibbled it gently. Soon Sam was thrusting her down so hard into me and felt so good that I found myself groaning with pleasure.
      He was pounding her so hard I thought he would rip her ass apart, but instead she began to yell in pleasure and demanded he go faster, soon I felt her have another orgasm and this time I too blew my load deep inside her as I let out a loud sigh of relief. Sam soon let out a cry too as he blew his cum into her ass and then rolled off and laid down next to me in exhaustion. Sue just laid her wait on top of me and I could feel her still convulsing and breathing heavy. We lay in bed for a few minutes just relaxing and staring at each other.
   Sam was the first to get up and go into the kitchen for a drink, and I soon followed him. We sat naked in the kitchen on the barstools not saying anything just drinking and relaxing. Sue came in grabbed a soda from the fridge, kissed me and then smiled as she walked away back down the hall. Sam looked at me smiled and asked “so what do you think, ready to go for round two”.   I looked at him and asked “do I need to ask what’s next?” He shook his head and said “there is no man or woman in our sex, just body against body. One person giving sex and another one receiving the pleasure without regards to the sex of that person”.
  I sat there in shock of that insinuation, Was he actually saying he wanted me to do him or he wanted to do me. “I’m so confused with this whole unconditional sex thing” I replied as I looked down in his direction and noticed he was actually ready for round two. Sam leaned over and told me about how they used to have sex with his old girlfriend back in their old town, he would do Sue while she did his girlfriend and the three of them would have sex with each other all the time.

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   Then he asked “if I was a girl would you have a problem doing the two of us at once”. I pondered for a minute then answered “no, but I also am not attracted to having sex with another guy”. He looked at me and said “I don’t do gay things with other guys unless Sue is joined in, does this make me bisexual”? “I’m afraid so Sam” I replied.   We sat and talked for a little while more and then went back to the room where Sue was laying out on the bed with her legs wide open and she was fingering herself.
       I looked over and Sam was up and ready, but this time she was mine and I jumped onto the bed and mounted her. She was wet and easy to penetrate, so I starting fucking her slow and steady feeling her warm pussy and  kissing her while pushing harder, when I felt Sam reach down and start to massage my balls again. I wasn’t letting him get me distracted from getting my load off this time, as I felt his hand around my balls it was so good that I slowed down and enjoyed every second of it. I was really enjoying having my balls fondled as I fucked her and I could feel my load getting ready to explode into her. I shot out quick and as I did I felt Sam’s hand stroking my dick now and rubbing juices all over my balls and dick. I collapsed on top of her and Sue reached down and started squeezing my ass and pulling me down onto her.
   Sam climbed on top of us and started rocking like he was fucking me when I explained “I’m not comfortable with this” and then Sue pulled my cheeks apart and Sam tried to put two fingers in my ass. I was in so much pain that I threw him off and told him “I have never done that before and it hurts”. He agreed and got up on the bed on all fours and said “I will go first if you want, but we have to do this if you want to go any further”. I really wanted to go more with Sue, so maybe I will just get this over with and move on to doing her. I walked over to my night stand and pulled out a condom and some Vaseline and said “alright but we do it my way”.

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     Sue had this really big smile on her face as I rubbed lube all over my dick, then they positioned themselves in a 69 position with Sam still ass in air. Moving around behind Sam and slowly pushing my dick into his ass, I took a deep breath and started to push harder when Sue grabbed my dick and slowly guided it into him and it went in rather easy. I pushed all the way in until I felt my balls touch his ass. “Doesn’t that hurt” I asked Sam, “a little at first” he answered back. I slowly moved in and out as if I was fucking Sue and I could see Sam squinting in pain. “Would you like me to stop” I asked, “it’s alright the pain is going away” he grunted out.
  Sue was enjoying herself by pulling and tugging on my balls until she drove me into a heat of passion and I started to fuck Sam faster and harder not even looking to see if I was hurting him. All I could think of is that his ass was the tightest thing I’ve ever felt around my dick and I was going crazy with lust as she tugged on my ball sack with her teeth. Then she reached up and pushed two fingers into my ass and it caused me to shoot out immediately into his. I pushed down as far as I could go and so did her fingers until I could feel her rubbing the underside of my dick while her fingers still pushed deep and hard into my ass.
 I rolled off and sat up next to Sam who was now rubbing his ass and smiling, “now that wasn’t so bad was it” he gestured.   “You tell me, it’s your ass that got fucked not mine” I laughed. “It hurt at first, but then I relaxed and almost came when you did” he exclaimed as he sat up beside me. Sue grabbed my shoulders and laid me face down on the bed and told Sam “now you feel what he felt this time” she commanded as she grabbed my Vaseline and started to rub it all over Sam’s dick.
 I braced myself for his dick and told him to just get it over with quickly.

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   Sam climbed on top of me and tried to push in but I was too tight and couldn’t relax. Sue came around and put her pussy right at my face and I started to go down on her when I felt his dick push down into me. He was right it only hurt until I relaxed, it really didn’t feel that uncomfortable once you got used to it being in you.   I got up on all fours and let Sue slide under me so we were in a 69 position, then I stuffed my face right into her crotch.
    She tasted so great that I forgot I had a dick in my ass until she started tugging on his balls and he started pounding me hard. My ass went so numb with pain at first then it started getting me really hard and excited. Sue must have seen this and immediately started swallowing my dick, which drove me wild beyond belief. I could feel Sam‘s hard cock deep in me and as I licked the flowing juices out of sue, he blew his load deep in my ass with no condom on.
  His cum was warm and I could feel it shooting deep and hard into me to the point that I blew my load deep into Sue’s throat and she started gagging on me so I had to pull out. Sam rolled off and went into the bathroom to clean up while I still had my tongue into sue and was bringing her to another orgasm, and then she grabbed my hair and pushed me down hard into her. I shoved my fingers into her pussy as I licked and tugged at her until she started arching her back and convulsing wildly. She pushed me off and screamed “holy shit that was great “and let out a big sigh of relief.
     We lay side by side for a few minutes until I caught breath and came down from the high of a great orgasm. As I went to get up and go into the bathroom, I noticed something wet flowing out of my ass and down my leg, it was Sam’s juices. Sue just laughed and commented “welcome to my world girly man”, this just wasn’t something I expected and went into the shower to wash off.

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        As I walked into the bathroom Sam looked at me and shook his head, “sorry but it was so tight and felt so good I just blew a big load into you” he chuckled. I turned the water on and stepped into the shower, as I washed off Sam shouted “I will be downstairs getting something to eat if you don’t mind”. I quickly pulled the shower curtain aside and asked “do you mean I actually get to be alone with Sue”? Sam smiled and replied “you have about 2 hours before we have to go home, so I guess you can owe me later and don’t let her wear you down too much”. I Jumped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me and scurried back to my room, where I found Sue sitting at my desk waiting patiently. “Where is my brother the limp dick” she asked jokingly, then stood up and walked to me bouncing her little tits. Immediately my dick came to attention and as she peered down at my erection and smiled commenting “boy someone is definitely not like my brother”. I took her into my arms and we walked back to the bathroom where I beckoned her into the shower for a little more fun.  
         As I soaped her up all over, she wrapped her hands around my pulsating dick and started massaging slowly and softly. I almost came in her hand instantly as she had the softest touch I ever felt and definitely knew how to please a man the way he wanted. As I soaped up her breasts and shoulders, I could see it was getting really turned on by the way her nipples began to get really hard and she leaned her head back and started moaning.
      We lathered each other up for a while and as I turned her around to rinse off her back, she bent over so slightly and reached between her legs and guided me into her wet and warm velvet pussy. I grabbed her waist and started to slowly rock my hips until I felt my dick pop right into her. She pushed back with one hard push of her ass and told me “to give her every inch that I could”. With that I grabbed her shoulders and guided her into a more bent over position as I started thrusting harder and deeper. Sue’s squeals became so loud that I thought the neighbors would hear us.


    As I started almost give up in exhaustion, she let out a loud “yeeeeess” and almost collapsed into the tub. I pulled out still waiting for my satisfaction and as Sue turned, she looked down and laughed “now that’s a first, I’ve never left a man wanting more before. We will just have to put this dick to rest won’t we”? Sitting on the edge of the tub she pulled over in front of her and started lathering my dick and stroking me. I braced myself against the shower wall and as she rinsed my dick off, she grabbed my leg and put it up on the tub edge next to her. Spreading my legs wider for her she shoved my member into her mouth and began playing with my balls.
    I wasn’t sure how much of this I could actual stand for before shot my load, but I sure was going to try and make this feeling last as long as I could. I think it was only about 3 minutes before I gave in and as I shot my load she pulled me deeper into her mouth and squeezed my balls until I was seeing stars. After I came down from that high we cleaned up and went downstairs to join Sam in the kitchen.
  As we entered the room, Sam was sitting at the counter eating what was left of my dad’s birthday cake from the day before. Sue shook her head and said “you look like a starving person eating his first meal in a month. “I have to keep up my energy with you around”, he replied while shoveling more cake into his mouth. I sat down next to him and began picking from his plate and told him “We need to work out how we are going to get you a real girl; I think I’m going to be able to satisfy Sue just fine by myself”. He turned to Sue and said “isn’t that what the last boyfriend you had said before he ran away”. We laughed and sat in the kitchen eating and talking that night until my parents came back from there day out. .

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