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My wife and I decided to take in the bar scene one night to see what we might find. The first place we stopped in was very dimly lit and didn't have but a few guys in it sitting around drinking and talking. Joy had dressed in a very sexy outfit so when we walked in all eyes turned to her. There was a juke box in the corner so I went over and played a few tunes and took Joy on the floor to dance a little but mostly so she could show her body. It wasn't long until the guys started coming over to ask her to dance and she was happy to oblige. She would come back and whisper to me how they had started feeling her up on the dance floor. My dick was getting hard just knowing that they were all wanting to fuck her, so when she return from the next dance I told her she should let them know that I said they could use her to fill with their cum. The bartender's name was Jack and I told him that my wife wanted to fuck everyone in the bar. He smiled and said that was fine but he was going first. He went to the door and locked it and the took Joy over to the bar and started removing her clothes. I was rock hard watching the guys looking at her naked body. Jack had her leaning against the bar and moved behind her and probed her ass with his cock. She reached back and took hold of it, jacking him. Jack turned her around so that she leaned against the bar and then placed his cock at the entrance to her cunt; or at least he tried to but he couldn’t get it in. He was beginning to lose his erection in frustration. It was getting tense.

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   She said,” You’re rushing me, I’m still a bit dry; darling, come and help me out, get down and lick me so that Jack can fuck me. ” I was conscious of all eyes on me as I got down in front of her and then began to lick my wife’s cunt. Jack was still pushing at her and his cock was nudging my face; Joy began to feel moist and squirmed on my tongue, Jack kept probing away and his bell end moved to my lips, I licked the end of it. He pushed forward, into my mouth; I gagged and pulled away. Jack was rock hard again and I held his cock and guided him into my wife’s cunt. He immediately went in to the balls and I was there, right there, as his cock slid in and out of her against my face. Joy held my head against her pussy and I could feel Jacks cock inside her. I felt her adjust position, she was leaning on my shoulders so that she could bend forward more and when I looked up I saw that another guy, Roger, was sitting on a bar stool behind me and pushing his cock into her mouth. Jack continued fucking her hard and fast. At last Joy had an orgasm, panting in pleasure as she reached her climax. Jack wasn’t far behind her and he grunted as he came. Joy held my head and said,” stay there my baby and lick my pussy. ” She went back to sucking Rogers’s cock. Another guy, Simon, then took over and positioned her on the floor with some cushions under her head. He pushed his cock into her pussy while Roger, Mike and Andy knelt on the floor next to her face jacking off and pushing their cocks in turn into her mouth.

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  I watched Simon’s muscular buttocks as he thrust his cock in and out of Joy; she put her legs over his shoulders and grunted with the force of his fucking and she had her second orgasm of the night. The three men around her face were masturbating furiously as they sought their climax and their wish to see my wife’s face covered with their cum. It all began to happen at once; Simon quickened his pace as he reached his climax, slamming into her as he pumped his cum into her pussy. He collapsed onto her but then at the shouted warnings of the other three he got out of the way.

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