My Second Year of College Pt. 4


A couple weeks went by and Jan and Lynn were still friendly but they did not ask me over and did not meet me to study. I saw Lynn and she came to me and gave me a not to call a number so I found a phone and called. It was a reseptionist. She asked who I was and I told her and she said, "Oh yes, Mr. Li has been waiting for your call, hold on please. " I waited a couple seconds and he came on the phone, "Teresa, I am glad you called. How are you?" he asked me. "Very well, thank you, and how are you?" I asked him. "I am very well and would wonder if you could come by the office later this afternoon?" "Well, my classes are over at 3:30, would that be okay?" I asked him. "Oh yes, very good, I will have a car for you next to the dorm hall at 3:45?" "Okay, that would be fine. " I said and he said goodbye. I did not have time to dress up but had on a nice pants outfit anyway so I thought I would be ready. There was a white blouse under and jacket and pants and low heals. I wore my usually favorite black thong and bra and so I thought I would ready for almost anything. I did not really expect to have to wear anything at all.
The car drove up just at 3:45 and a driver got out and opened the door and let me in the backseat.

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   We drove about 20 min. to the other side of town and up a nice driveway. We stopped and the driver let me out again and there was a nice house in front of me and the doors opened and a lovely (I presume) Japanese woman in a nice dress stood there. She welcomed me in and asked me to wait in a nice sort of living room. I did and she offered me a drink and I said sure whatever is right for my visit. She smiled and brought me back a drink that was clear with ice. I do not know what it was but it stung going down and made me a little giddy and warm all over. "Wow. " I said and the woman brought me another and I drank it too and again I felt even more warm so I turned down a third. They were no more than a shot glass but strong.
Soon Mr. Li came in with several men, all middle aged adults and all of some Asian extraction. He introduced me to them and I stood as each came to me and bowed and some shook my hand and two kissed my right hand. I stood next to the host and said nothing as he spoke to them. Finally he said to me, "These gentlemen are all very curious about you.

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   I have told them of the evening we spent in the room and there is something they would all like to find out about you. " he said. I looked at them and said, "Well, anything at all you need to know I am sure I can answer your questions. " He told them and they all laughed politely. Two women had roled out a kind of low bed to the middle of the room and one of the men had a case that he left closed. He looked at me, "Teresa, will you please undress for these men?" Mr. Li asked me. I smiled and said, "Slowly or just undress?" and he laughed. "Slowly would be good for that is part of the reason I asked you here. " I slowly removed my jacket and blouse and pants so that I had only the black bra and panties and they all seemd to be impressed with my 42EEE tits and huge nipples that were now very hard. I removed the bra and panties also and walked to Mr. Li and got on my knees in front of him and removed his cock and gave him a nice long sucking at the end he filled my throat with his cum making me squirt on the edge of the low bed. I stod up and said, "I always know to take care of my host the best and always first. " and they all laughed.
Now they all had drinks in their hands and there were two that looked like lab assistants.

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   They brought the case to the edge of the bed and asked me to lay on it. Mr. Li said, "Now we have a new toy for marketing we want to test. Will you let us? At the least it will not give you orgasms and at the most it will make you very very happy. " I said sure and he told them to go ahead. I moved my legs apart wide for them and they took out a very long skinny kind of probe. I was already wet and so they did not have to lube me and they all laughed from that info. At every touch I was stirred amd got hotter even though it was not supposed to be turning me on. The skinny probe was slipped inside me and then I felt it go into my cervix, and to the top of it. It was all the way in. Then they spoke and it seemed to expand and fill up my womb. That in place they attached something to the it that slipped inside my pussy and then it too filled me up so that my whole pussy was filled. My arms and legs were secured but not uncomfortabley and moved apart then some kind of electrodes put on my nipples and clit.
Mr. Li came to me and kissed me, "Are you ready Teresa?" he said.


   I was already getting excited just from the attention and said "Yes. " He motioned to the men and they began turning dials and stuff and my pussy got warmer and warmer and then something inside began moving all around making sure to stimulate it all inside. It built slowly and soon my hips were moving in time with some rythum I did not know that had started. My nipples felt a small tingle through them and they too began getting warm until they had heat coming from them and then my pussy shuttered and soaked the probe in it as my first orgasm sprayed all over. I felt the restraints on my legs and arms get tighter and then the probe grew in size until I felt like it was going to rip me open. A shock went through my body and again and again electrical currents passed through my nipples and seemd to go to my pussy and all in me and each time it made me cum, harder than the first time. My hips convulsed and jerked uncontrollably with sexual energy and I seemed to not be able to stop having orgasms. Then it stopped and I was untied and the lab tech over me was the first person I grabbed and began kissing and doing all I could to get his clothes off him. Finally he had his cock out and I sucked it into my throat and could not get enough. He filled my throat quickly and I heard myself beg for more and there were men on me all over now. I finished one cock and grabbed another and another.
I did not know how many or how long this went on but I woke and the skylight told me it was dark outside and I was filled with cum and had a lot on me too. Several men that had not been there before were laying aroundme naked and spent and Mr. Li came to me. "I will have you cleaned up and taken home Teresa.

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   You exceeded our hopes and the equipment will have to be upgraded for better controls. We did not expect to see you so entertained. We had to ask for more to help with it. You were ravonous. Here is something for your help. " he said and gave me another check, $5000. 00?" I said. "Yes dear, you have earned it. "
Two women came in and helped me to a bath and got in with me, cleaned me up and dressed me and took me home. Mr. Li will call you again for more help. They told me and left.