Sarah and Steve 5


Topic: Sarah and Steve 5I don't know why, but I slept in late.   In fact I was woke up with Steve knocking on my door and calling my name.   I told him he didn't have to knock, just come right in.   When he did, he was fully dressed and I was disappointed and told him so.   He reminded me that he had six lawns to mow and trim this week already scheduled, he makes money during the summer mowing.   I asked if I could come with, but he said I better stay home and get caught up on housecleaning so things don't get too bad.    I reminded him to take sunscreen and drink lots of water and he told me I sounded like mother.
After he left I got up and fixed something to eat.   I told mom that I'd do a really good house cleaning, before they left, so I figured I'd better get started.   Besides, I like cleaning in the nude.   I figured I'd start upstairs and slowly work my way down over the next couple of days.   This was like spring cleaning, walls, floors, windows, etc.   A pretty big task for a 14 year old.
The doorbell rang and before I could grab anything to put on I heard a girls voice calling my name.    It was my very best friend, since kindergarten, Wendy.   I just yelled at her to come upstairs.

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    We've kept no big secrets from each other and she already knows that when I'm home by myself I like to go around naked, even though she's never seen me this way, there's always a first time.
As she came up the stairs she started to turn pink, then red from blushing, then she said I can't believ it, I thought you were just kidding about being naked.    Then she looked paniced, and asked where Steve was and I told her.   We stood at the top of the stairs talking for a little bit and she kept looking down towards my pussy.    After about five minutes I asked her what she was looking at, she started to blush again.   Then she said that she can't believe I shaved my pussy.    It wasn't that many years ago we couldn't wait to have hair.   I asked her if she liked it and she hesitated a little, then said "yes, it's sexy. "
Wendy is quite a bit bigger than me, she's 5' 4" weighs about 120 pounds, has 36B breasts and a nice ass.    Her hair is a dark brownish red and curly.    Ever since I've known her, it's been curly.   Her skin is very white and clear with just a couple of freckles under her eyes.   She really cute too, all the boys at school stare at her when she walks by.
I asked her if she didn't mind visiting while I kept working, so that's what we did.   She told me that she was on her way to meet our other best friend, Lisa, and wanted to know if I wanted to go to the mall with them and look at boys and stuff.

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    I had to tell her I promised mom and dad I'd stay away from the mall while they were gone and pretty much stay home or go to a friends house.   She said she understood.   After about 30 more minutes of visiting she got really quiet and she was looking at my pussy again.   I asked her if she was going lesbian on me.   Again with the blushing, her skin is so white it really shows up fast when she starts.
She hesitated and then asked what it felt like, to be shaved, that is.   I told her I liked it.   She asked why I did it.   I didn't want to tell the truth, so I kind of fibbed and told her I was giving myself a bikini area trim and started to wonder what it would be like and I trimmed and shaved and the next thing I knew it, I was like this.   I added, I hope the boys will like it.   She gasped and asked why I said that.   I told her because I plan on keeping it this way for a long time.
We talked about other stuff for a while then she asked me if I'd shave her.   That took me back a bit and I asked if she was serious.    She hesitated and said yes.

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    I told her we could trim the hair short to start with and if she wanted to go we would.    We went into my bedroom and I put a towel on the bed to catch the hair and have her my electric razor and told her to start trimming, she looked up at me and said she was afraid she'd cut herself and she wanted me to do it.   I agreed and trimmed her pubes pretty short all over.    She felt it with her hand and said to take it all off.   I said all of it?  Then she said, no but do it like yours only leave the hair wider and not as far up, more like a square.
 I got the shaving supplies and started in.   When I put my fingers on top of her clit and labia, so I wouldn't nick her, she was really wet.   When I was done, I cleaned off the shaving cream and handed her some of my body lotion and told her to use it so she wouldn't get chafed.   She got up and looked in my mirror while smoothing on the lotion and she started to grin.   She started to say, over and over again, "I like it, I really like, this is so hot. "  Then she said she really needed to get going to meet Lisa.
Around noon, Steve came home for lunch.   He said he already had two lawns done and was going to try to get two more done this afternoon.   I told him Wendy stopped by, mom and dad called, and I really kind of missed seeing his cock bouncing around.   He grinned and said he loved seeing me enjoy myself.

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     Too bad we can't go naked when mom and dad are home.    I told him I didn't even want to go there.    Besides the risk is a big part of the fun.
Steve went back to work and so did I.   It's really nice being naked but I really found out that I like being naked when someone can see me, even more than just being naked.   By the time Steve got home in the late afternoon, he was pretty dirty and tired and said he was going to take a shower.   I had quit earlier and was watching television.   I had gone all day without putting on clothes at all, this was just so cool.   After Steve took his shower he came downstairs and now he only had on a T shirt, his cock was bobbing along in front of him and he asked if I missed him.
I told him that I hadn't missed him, but I had missed his cock and wanted him to bring over to me right away.   He obediently walked over to stand in front of me and I stroked his cock, slowly, while we talked.   Once he was hard, I asked if he'd like to watch me masturbate while he does too.   He started grinning and asked if he could kneel in front of me so he could see better.   Once he was on his knees, I asked him to come in closer and I put my legs on his shoulders.   He let out a gasp and started to pull on his cock like crazy.

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     I told him to slow down, I want to get his cum and I don't want it until I climax.
After that he slowed down and I spread my pussy open with my fingers and started running my fingers in and out to get them really wet with my juices, I sucked my fingers clean like this a couple of times, then I started to rub my clit.   Precum was starting to drip from Steve's cock but I didn't want to stop to get it.   I started thinking of Wendy's pussy and that got me even wetter.   It took about four minutes and I was climaxing like crazy, through my own moans I could hear Steve say he couldn't wait and he stood up in front of me.   The first gush of cum hit my lips as I opened them and then I had his cock in my mouth.   His cum was thicker tonight, at least it felt that way, it still tasted really good.
We both fixed some supper and cleaned up then we watched some more television.   I told Steve I had to go upstairs and pee and he said he wanted to watch.    Steve followed me up the stairs and into the bathroom.   I told him he wouldn't see much and I didn't know why he wanted to watch.    He told me he'd see a lot if I did it the way he wants me too and he started to blush and smile.    I asked what he wanted me to do and he walked over to the shower and said he wanted me to stand over him so he could see where it came from.    I told him he'd get wet and he smiled even more and took of his T shirt.
Well, we'd come this far in three days, what the heck, it wouldn't hurt me to pee on him.

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    So I got in the shower and spread my legs, Steve sat on the floor in front of me and put his face wher he could see everything.   I spread my pussy open with my fingers and started to pee, it just came gushing out, I'd been holding it for quite a while.   It hit Steve right in the face and he just kept watching.   After I was done, he stood up and said he was going to wash himself off.   We both rinsed off in the shower and rinsed the floor down.
His cock was hard as a rock the whole time.   He said that was probably the biggest turn on for him since he saw me naked.   He asked if we could do that more often and I told him I'd think about it.   After we dried off, I told him I thought we should get to bed, that way he could get the last couple of lawns done early, he agreed.
After we were in bed about 30 minutes or so, Steve called out to me and asked if I was still awake.   I said "yes, I heard you didn't I?"  He said I just wanted you to know that I think you're a really great sister and I think you are my best friend.    Then he added, don't let mom and dad know because I'll deny it.    I laughed and told him he's the best too, then I said good night.

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