Topic: TWO IN ONE (Updated) Update now complete.
 My plan for wifeys double fucking.
 I now apply the next part of my enjoying watching my mate Dave and my wife secretly - as they believed - screwing over the last few weeks, my ultimate desire to get my wife on the end of two cocks at the same time was still in the planning stage.
 Of course my cock is one of the two in the plan as I really want to be close up as Jackie is cumming off on another man's cock. Although I've seen her being fucked,its always been at some distance so that the bloke was not aware of our conspiracy. Further to that, my wife has never indicated she'd go for two men at the same time, to which I know the one to one is what gives her a buss.
 So in our pillow talk I have raised this subject in this manner. Jack' my instincts tell me some guy would like to get his cock in you. If you went for it I wouldn't be pissed off if I wasn't there to watch,but if I came in on the both of you,how would your reactions be if I tried to join in? "You're joking,his dick would probably go down like a burst balloon for a start,then what would you do?" It might not if you had him really worked up,you know! about to shoot his load up you. Like me he wouldn't be able to stop until he came.
 "Where's this latest theory of yours come up from?" Nowhere really,just something Dave said - I lied - "Oh yeah,what was that then?" - Her neck and face reddened - Well remember when I said Dave's gasping to get in your knickers, "Oh that" - neck now blazing - He came out with a beaut the last time I saw him,having had a few drinks,I think it was the booze talking, he said, "What would you think or do Rich' if you found me knocking off your Jackie"
 Promptly the table lamp was switched off by Jackie,More to hide her face I suspect than her being embarrassed. "He'd never have said that to you,I don't believe you" Yeah,he did! "Never" You sound as though he's been there, - silence - Well has he? - still silence - I bet you'll love my reaction that sat him back on his ass, "Will I! go on you bastard,you're going to tell me anyway" I told him,I'd join in and finish what he'd started. When he'd thought a bit,he said, "No for real,you'd kick the shit out of me I know"
 Boldly now, "Ok smart-ass, unlikely as it may be,if you caught him with me,just how would you react?" I would join in like I said,you're such a goer I know no one man can last long enough to satisfy your every need at one session. "I don't know if that's a backhanded compliment or a criticism" Compliment I assure you. By now the pillow talk had started juicing wifey up I could feel.
 Cuddly and quietly my wife opened up.

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   "Rich' I've got to tell you something that's been making me feel oh! so guilty. You were right a couple of weeks ago, Dave did get me like you said he would and I gave in. I did resist him mind,but he won and he's been coming back for more as well. Now I've said it,what happens?" Go on I know you,there's a bit more to come. "Yeah,you're right,talking here has let me juggle with that two men thing,do you think Dave would? you know want to?" - Probably we could trick him into it on what he said, - my lying bit bouncing right back at me - "How?" Well when he gets to you this week and you're cumming with him,gasp,Dave now let Rich' do me then you again.
 "How will that do it? you won't be there" No but for the next time I'd have sowed the seeds in Dave's mind that will get me into your action. "How?" Leave that to me. So it was,when I seen Dave after he'd had another session with my wife I let him into - as he thought - a secret yearning my wife has. Namely she'd like to do it with two men together but worried that it might get out after she had done it. She just wondered who would be trustworthy enough to oblige and keep his mouth shut.
 Likewise I was up for it and needed a male partner that could perform on my wife in front of me. Dave took this all in without any visible reaction as he thought,but I did notice an increase to his bulge while I talked. As the evening wore on,Dave drank a bit more than usual,then he risked coming out with it, "You know what's happening don't you? You know about me and Jackie? Sorry mate,I just had to try her after you kept saying how hot she is with you all the time"
 Still running at the mouth, "That what you were saying earlier,I know you aught to bin me as a mate for what I've just told you I've been at with her" - I interjected, - I knew about it and that you forced her at first,then found she liked what you were giving her and helped yourself to some more,I haven't a problem with it. "Well do you think I could fit,the two up roll I mean?" Well! could you? do you reckon? It would have to appear to be a casual thing,not anything arranged mind. "Yeah! Yeah! I understand" Hardly able to contain himself, "How soon,when would you be able to arrange it?" Sooner the better,how about this Saturday? "Yeah! Yeah!" Dave's hardon said it all,if I'd have said now,he'd have got to my house before me.

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 Bit more of the picture here. Dave called up to our house about 8 on Saturdays to go with us for a drink his wife being a bit reclusive never accompanied him so I enticed my wife to give him some nipple and leg display which always appeared to be accidental. He loved it,judging by his pants,she loved it judging by her wetness which I checked with a crafty feel before departing to our local hostelry and my hardon spoke for itself.
 Knowing at this juncture that my wife's last session with Dave had gone off as agreed. She said when she'd indicated about two having her,he'd pumped so hard at her he'd made her pelvic bone ache and had cum off three times as though she'd had three different fucks,leaving her pussy lips sore. Clearly he had this dream of mine as well.
 My wife was still a bit apprehensive in as much as she feared she wouldn't deliver her usual multi orgasms as she may feel selfconscious with two men together. A couple of drinks eased this effect. What I purposely didn't tell my wife was how I planned to get my casual plan actioned. I'd pre-arranged with Dave to be ten minutes late so Jackie would think he'd chickened out and I in the meantime would just start playing around with her allowing him to catch us at it and just go from there.
 As 8 o'clock got nearer Jackie had prepared nicely,she had a loose woolly sweater allowing easy top and bottom access to her tits, an elasticated waist band on her loosely flowing knee length skirt, french knickers allowing ample leg/hand access to her goodies before being possibly ripped off her body. Fishnet stockings and black patent high heeled slingbacks finished them off. The knickers were flesh coloured that had an effect of not being there if her legs were girating when wrestling around.
 By eight she Jackie was sure it was a none starter. Lounged back on the settee she started to look dejected.

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   Coaxing her,come on we'll go on without him,flipping my hand away as I gropped for her tits, "I built myself up for this,now what? I knew I shouldn't have,Dave's a bastard,all talk and no spunk" There's plenty here I joke,grabbing my crotch. "Fuck off,you know what I mean,I've been thinking about it all day and now its not going to happen"
 I start to kiss her and run my hand up her thigh,then I nuzzle into her tits before my head darts up under her woollen top and sucks a nipple in. Grabbing my head through the garment, "Stop that you swine,its not funny" her one hand then trying to hold her skirt down as I fumble at her knickers. Head back out now, I go for a lip lock making sure my head is between Jackie's face and the outside as I've sensed a movement beyond our french windows.
 I'd expected Dave to come straight in but he was there I knew,obviously watching. So with this knowledge I,while keeping my wife's face in a liplock was pulling her top up to reveal one of her tits and as I could feel a very hard nipple so hard in fact that her oreole felt like minuture mountain ranges. With this tit exposed I eased her skirt up her thigh rubbing up and down,up and down,gradually getting nearer and nearer her pussy. Her fishnet leaving her white fleshy thigh showing above had my hardon rampant. Slightly moving her mouth "Let me get my leg open a bit" I eased my weight to allow this,then before I managed to plunge my hand through the knicker hole I sensed Dave on the carpet and his hand went straight to my wife's pussy lips through the leg hole of her knickers.
 Jerking,Jackie gasped,"Fuck,why's your hand so cold? followed by the realization that my hands were not in fact cold,pushing my face out of the way and glancing to her belly, while grabbing and pulling a cushion over her eyes, "OMG. its Dave's hand,fuck that's cold" Now I felt her trying to open her other thigh some more. I moved off her at this stage and now by the side of her I settled into watching Dave play with my wife's cunt as her thighs opened like a pair of lockgates. Disregarding my presence he undone the buttons of her knickers gusset and using two hands while I flobbed her tits he started to work her up,tickling her clit then smoothing around her pussies lips followed by plunging for her cunt juice and repeating his actions.
 Get your mouth on to her pussy I heard myself saying, Jackie's voice, "He hasn't licked me before" followed by a sudden jerk as my mates tongue hit its mark. the sloshing sucking noise started to have effect on my knob,oozing love juice I got up and stripped.

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   Dave taking this as a sign grasped my wifes skirt and dragged it off her following this with pulling her knickers down and off. Strangely Jackie with her head still buried in the cushion put both hand to her pubes and attempted to cover her nakedness. But her hands quickly whipped up to her tits as between us me and Dave dragged her tits out of her jersey top.
 Her nipples now as hard as hell, "Both do my cunt" he one side and me on the other our hands started to wrestle with my wife's pussy lips and clit while Jackie was now bobbing her belly all over the place and gasping continually. All the while her legs were flouting around making her cunt contort in all direction in a very sexually arousing manner.  There must be a manly reaction because I found we both seemed to plunge our fingers up her hole always at the same time. With both our fingers inside my wife my minds eye was measuring if she was big enough to get both our cocks in together. It crossed my mind that Dave may also have had the same thought.
 Dave now knelt away from Jackie and me and in a couple of seconds was naked. Coming back into the fray with his cock hard as iron he landed on my wife making her gasp as his knob pranced between her legs seeking out her pussy while I studying it continued to play with her clit. I knew she was near to cumming and noted that his helmet was now half out of his foreskin and soaked in precum. Hooking my longest finger up I pulled his knob down in line with her hole and before he could thrust I rolled his foreskin off his cocks helmet while veeing my fingers at her clit to hold her pussy lips apart
 His cock hit her cunt running - I couldn't believe I'd just helped guide another mans cock up my wife, - In he thumped and with just one pull back showing me how dripping they both were he hit bottom as my wife grunted with his force. They were off and fucking like rabbits while I still rubbed Jackie's clitoris making her first orgasm instant on receiving his cock. As she wriggled under Dave with her powerful orgasm I took the opportunity to see how much room was left for another knob to go into her pussy. It was debateable,having pressed three of my fingers in her quim alongside Dave's cock,I Was getting trouble with adding my thumb which I'd concluded would equal the thickness of another cock.

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 Dave seemed unaware of my activities as he pumped his cock even harder into my wife but from what I was feeling with my finger alongside Dave's cock,he was starting to shoot his cum up my wifes cunt. As Jackie asked Dave to push harder,I eased back a bit to watch his asshole and thighs strain even harder to force his cock even farther up her. Gasping "Shoot! Shoot it" Jackie clamped her legs around Dave and I seen his cock's tube pulse as shot after shot of his jism pumped up into her squelching cunt till their juices started to froth from their action as it squelched back past his cock shaft and dribbled down her ass crack to her puckered hole.
 Both gasping for breath, "Keep pumping me,ram it into my womb you horny bastard,I want more" I'm no gay but I was, tempted to shove a finger up Dave's asshole I was so worked up. The thought of feeling his muscles twitch as his final shots of spunk went up her cunt was most powerful. Not missing a stroke Dave made to start off again and as my wife started to respond I got their juices on my fingers and started to search out Jackie's crinkly bum hole. On feeling this she steadied Dave and told him to turn her over.
 He stopped and pulled out,then on being turned over she told him to get under her. This he did and putting it back in they were soon stroking at each other again. I in turn went back to getting in close to Dave's knob pumping in and out of my wife again studying whether there was a possibility of getting two up her one hole. At this point I became fascinated as my wife's membrane between her cunt and asshole stretched hither and thither as my mates cock pushed and pulled in it. The sight of this skin appearing to cling around his cock on the outward strokes as though the pussy was fearful of being left empty. Feeling an orgasm building in my own cock I decided it was time to join them.
 Climbing on to my wife's back I covered her ass crack with precum liberally putting plenty on her crinkly asshole by pushing my cock to enter it. Because of their frantic movements it was making it difficult.

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   Slow down a bit to give me a chance to get it in you,they did and in fact stopped altogether. Holding my foreskin right over the helmet of my knob,I held it against Jackie's asshole and started to let the spongy head come out its foreskin and enter her puckered sphincter.
 As I caught one of my wife's ass hairs she jerked and my cock popped out and found its own way down and against Dave's cock. This sensation made him draw his cock back partly out of my wife and in turn rubbing against the most sensitive part of my cock just under the back of my helmet. Splat! A large orgasmic tingle shot my spunk out against Dave and Jackie's coupling and in turn made me jab at her vulva and pussy lips. "You wont get in there;I'm to tight,I'm just not big enough,you dope" Dave chipped in, "Try! Go on try to force it up her with mine in her"
 "You shut up,its alright for you,its not you that will split open,if you say it again I'll stop you fucking me any more and in the future" "Alright! Alright! I hear you,I'm sorry" "Well then,don't be so fucking stupid Dave,you'll split me in two" I say - Calm down,calm down,we won't do anything to hurt you.  Lets steady up a bit and see what we can get in where.
 Through this dialogue I had hold of my dick and trying all ways it just wouldn't start in her. Lets all hold perfectly still for awhile. That aught to let me and Dave soften up a bit then we can try again. I could feel my knob softening and barely touching Dave's penis so as not to re-ignite his fervour I put a finger up my wife confirming he had started to go soft as well.
 Easing away I brought my hardon back up just enough to be able to try another push up her. Right,both stay as you are and I'll try again. Relax now Jackie,I promise it wont hurt going in. "How do you know?" Dave's soft now and as its more jelly like my knob will roll along side it before he can harden up again.

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   As I was saying this my cock touched Dave's and I could feel his cock softly accomodating my harder knob. "Jackie its past your tight part I can feel Rich's knob part against mine" "Yeah,so can I but fuck its so tight,just hold still and let my poor little pussy get used to being overfilled. We did but by now I could feel Dave's heart beat through his knob and I knew he was pulsing harder.
 Then Dave said "I can feel Richards heart beat against my knob" "So can I,I can feel both his and yours,they're beating like fuck you dirty bastards,can you feel my heart beat as well?" Yeah Jack' but its where the ring of your quim is so tight around us. "Yeah,I can feel that I think its my arteries are trying to pump blood to my pussy lips and your cocks are making it hard. I became conscious of Dave starting gently to fuck again,then as I too pushed more man meat up my wife she said, "Its all to tight at the top" As I push up you pull downwards Dave then only one of us will be right up her at any one time.
 We started to get into a rythym. "That's more comfortable,but its making my pussy go numb" was my wife's response. Hold on Dave,keep them up her but lets turn her on to her side then her leg will be able to be held straight up making her crotch wider that aught to be more comfortable for you Jack'. It did and we got into a rythym which Jackie picked up on,pushing at me on my inward stroke and likewise towards Dave as he pushed in. The more slippery we all got the better it became. By now our two cocks rubbing back to back were giving us both an amazing sensation.
 I could feel Dave's foreskin stretching as the strokes got longer and deeper into my wife's quim. Like my own we could feel our cock tubes throbbing as our ass nerves rose to a crescendo in a mighty triple orgasm. My wife was yelping in excitment as we both grunted and gasped with the effort and excitement and although her cunt muscles were stretched farther than ever before they clamped our cocks like a vice,especially as we both thrust to the top of her together with our first blast of her first double spunking.

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 Both of us stopped and felt our cocks being fucked frantically by the to and fro thrusting of Jackie drawing every last shot of spunk from our aching throbbing knobs. We all led still now enjoying the afterglow of one total orgasm. "What if we've made you pregnant?" Whispered Dave. "Who cares about that" My wife and I utter in unison. "It would hardly show,you're both fair,about the same build,even your cocks are similar and feel the same when you done me separately and anyway,no condoms here I like to feel the sperm going up me"
 "Besides I find it very exciting,same as the other!" We all gathered ourselves  and showered,then sitting naked drinking a coffee,Dave had placed himself opposite my wife and was glazey eyed. "Will it happen again sometime do you think?" "You enjoyed that then" chipped my wife,while still tomenting him by opening and closing her thighs "I don't see why not!" Broadly grinning while still enthrolled with looking at my wife's cunt and tits.
 "I better get going,You've still got our sperm seeping out of you" "Have I" as Jackie pulled two fingers through her slit collecting a good glob of sperm, "So I have,give us a kiss then" As Dave complied and broke off their lips she placed the spunky fingers across his lips. "Just something to suck as you walk down home" she giggled. As I walked him to the door after dressing he quietly said,"What was that about enjoying their other spunk?" I tapped my nose with two fingers and smiled.


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