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Well, I saw these people all standing around and soon they were almost all naked and the men were hard and the women were playing with them and some of the women playing with other women. They were all so much older than me and it made me hotter knowing I was turning them on. The dog was laying near by licking himself and I had reached out for more men or anyone that was wanting to play. One guy got in me and was riding me hard the way I love it and he was realy doing a good job on my pussy when he suddenly pulled out and left me on the way to an orgasm. I squirmed and opened my eyes and said, "What happened, where is the cock?" and they all were laughing. Now people got together with each other and left me out. I was hot and now geting pissed. No one paid attention to me as I laid there massaging myself and squirted all over the grass. Men were in women and gils together and one male couple doing a 69 and I sat up and everyone acted like I was not there. I went to Henry who had his cock in a black lady and said, "What is going on?" "Teresa, this is an adult party, go find some fun for yourself. " "I can out fuck any adult here. " I said. "Yes we know you can dear but that is not the point, tonight you got the party going, now go and find someone to play with. " He tossed me keys to the car and I put on a string bikini and wrap skirt and left. I drove a little till I came to a small group of buildings and pulled to one of them that was a club or bar. I got out and went inside and the lights were low and a woman was on a small stage stripping and men and women were watching her.

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   She got down to nothing and walked off stage and then the music stopped. A man there said, "We need another to put on a show for us, anyone at all?" and he looked right at me. I walked over and got on the platform and said, "Now, I expect to be rewarded for my show, so after I get naked, I will need to be taken care of. " Several laughed and then the music came on. I grabbed a drink and took it down and got warm all over. I began slowly taking off the top and got cheers to the tits that had hard nipples and then my skirt and thong. I danced naked for a little and made sure everyone was watching and took a tall bottle and put it under me on the stage and slowly sat on it till it was almost al inside pussy. I moved up and down until I squirted and mostly in the bottle. They all clapped and I laid down and said, "Now, anyone got the real thing for me?" I had hands on me and was lifted and taken into a back room and laid on a bed next to a woman that was getting fucked. "Go another one here for you. " one woman said and she let and the men in the room got all over me, kissing, fingering and then a cock slipped inside my mouth and I sucked it. It quickly filled my throat with cum and I swallowed it and asked for more. I sat up and said, "I really like to be filled in all my holes at one time. " and several men came to me, lifted me up and slipped me onto a cock in my ass, then in pussy and then two stood over me and I alternated them in my mouth. I was frantic now and waned to have cum in me till I was full.

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   More men came in a door and said, "A bitch sucking cock in here?" and I cried out, "Bring them over here. " and now there were men all around me, waiting to be sucked. Some got under me and filed pussy and ass but most waitied to be sucked off. I was sucking them and taking more in. After a while I was moved onto all 4 and was being fucked in the ass and pussy as they wanted to but always had a cock in front of me sucking it dry. Over and over again I sucked cocks and they had more for me. I was drinking drinks all along and was really getting high. ONe of the men said, "What else will she do?" and I remember saying, "anything that has a cockc I will fuck. " They laughed and I was picked up and carried outside. There was a horse in a fenced in area and I saw it thru blurred eyes. It had just pissed and his cock was half out still. "Do him baby. " they saidand I staggered to the fence and opened the gate and went inside and got on my knes next to him and he moved some. "Hold him still. " I said and men came in and took him to keep him stil.

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   I moved under him amd massaged his huge cock and it began to grow. A bale of hay was tossed in and put under him and I laid over it after licking his horse cock. He was moved to me and somehow the cock was at my pussy and I moved to it and it hurt but began to go in. The horse moved just right to get it in me deeper and I moved so that I had it going deeper and deeper until I was full and he was moving into me. I don't know how long it was but I felt my inside feel like they would burst and he was pumping me full. I was having orgasms that were out of control and fell to the ground after he was done. I reached up and licked his cock and rubbed it all over me and asked someone to help me up. As they did cum gushed out of me and went down my legs. I was helped to the bar and laid on the bed again and slept. I remember waking up with someone fucking me and then getting off and that happened several times. Finally someone was saying, "Teresa, you are a fucking mess, get up, come one, get up. " and Dana was over me and I was asleep in the car on the side of the oad naked and covered in dirt and cum. "What the hell have you been doing?" she said. "Finding something for me to do, left you fucking adults to have your adult fun. " and she drove me back to the hotel.

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