A Brother And A Sister Loose Their Virginity


I had just gotten out of the shower and dried myself off with a towel. Afterwards, I put the towel back on the hanger and walked into my and my sister"s room and, after locking the door, I pulled out an issue of Playboy and began to masturbate on my sister"s bed since mine had a large stain on it from some spilled wine. It wasn"t long before I was hard.
I"m not sure how long I was in there for my sister walked in on me. We both stopped and stared. I tried to cover myself up, but I knew it was too late. Embarrassed, I dropped the magazine and covered my erect cock with my hands.
My sister is a few years older than me - I"m twenty one and she"s twenty-five - and she was giving me an odd look which I didn"t understand. We were both virgins. Finally, after several minutes of awkward silence, she said, "Let me see it. "
I wasn"t sure if I heard her right and asked her to repeat, which she did. I considered the possibilities. She could tell my mother (our parents were divorced) that she had caught me masturbating and I would have to try desperately to cover it up, or I could just go with the flow. I decided on the latter and removed my hand. "Good size," she commented. "Just right for someone your size.

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  " "So you"re not going to tell Mom?" "Why? Everyone hear is pretty open about sexuality. Do you want a drink?" "If there"s any Merlot," I replied. She left and came back later with a bottle and two glasses . . . and no clothes.
Her tits were fully erect and her pussy was a full brush. I hated shaved pussies and was glad that her"s wasn"t. We began to drink and in no time, we were a little drunk. We stopped and looked at each other. "I remember when I first menstruated on my bed," my sister said, dreamily. "I thought I had cut myself, before I remembered my sexual education. " "And I remember ejaculating on mine. I thought I had pissed in my bed before I remembered my sexual education. " "Do you want to fuck?" "Where?" "Here silly.

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   Where else? Get a condom. " "Are you on the Pill?"
She nodded and had laid down on her bed when I had gotten out the condom. Then I laid down on top of her. After requesting help, she put my prick into her cunt and we started fucking. She moaned in pleasure and so did I. Eventually, she told me to go slower for it was hurting her. I obeyed and we rolled over to my bed with her on top. We were tenderly stroking each other"s intimate body parts and hair as best we could. When we fell off the bed we laughed. "Now that was interesting," I said. "Perhaps we shall do it again sometime," she replied. We climbed back onto my bed and spent the night in each other"s arms.