A Cure For Insomnia - Part 1 - An Accidental Remedy


Every since I turned ten I had an issue getting to sleep. Dad took me to see various insomnia specialists but nothing they tried seemed to work.

The doctors and Dad felt that sleeping pills or other drugs would have negative long term side effects. They decided that if I was not having problems at school then hopefully I would grow out of it.

Dad and I lived alone as Mom had left us when I was three. I never found out why she left as it was the one thing that Dad would not talk about. I think she broke his heart.

Occasionally he would date but never brought the women home. I do not think his dates made him happy as he always seemed a little depressed the day after. Almost as if they did not live up to his expectations.

It was a habit for me to toss and turn in bed for a couple of hours then go sit on Dad's lap cuddled up where I would eventually fall asleep. Sometimes we would talk but I always fell asleep in Daddy's arms waking up the next morning in my bed.

As I only had one parent and spent almost every night sitting on his lap I would share my inner thoughts with him. He always listened quietly and only gave advise when asked. I joked that he was better than a diary as a diary is not as warm and cuddly. That always made him laugh.

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When I was almost twelve Dad told me the usual birds and bees technical stuff about reproduction. He told me about the dangers of STDs, about the various methods of birth control and to make sure that when I decided to have intercourse to be responsible for myself and not to rely on the boy.

I asked about his early boy-girl experiences he told me what I assume was the truth. I had no reason to disbelieve him as some of what he told me was what I had heard from older girls. He told me about spin-the-bottle games, necking and the first time he touched a girl's breast.

Dad talked to me about the struggle between a girl's own sexual needs, self respect and her reputation. He said never do anything when you feel uncomfortable or if you are being pushed by a boy or your peers. You always need to be responsible for yourself and to make your own decisions.

Sometime after I turned thirteen I had become curious about orgasms. Naturally one night while sitting on Dad's lap waiting to fall asleep I asked him about it. He explained that both girls and boys had them.

Dad said that when he was young he had wet dreams that ended in ejaculation. He said girls have a different experience where they wake up with their vagina's very wet but he did not know if they actually had an orgasm.

Daddy told me that both men and women masturbated to orgasm as it reduced sexual tension when they could not have sex with a partner and because it made them feel good. I asked if Daddy masturbated and he said sometimes.

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Over the next few days I thought about what I had heard and decided to ask Dad to teach me how to masturbate. I figured he would be the safest person to help.

That night I was in Dad's lap in my usual t-short, no bra and bed shorts. I said Daddy I had a request and he said anything angel. Daddy I want you to show me how to masturbate.

The air expelled from his lungs and his heart started to beat faster. I wondered what was going on. After a bit he calmed down, he said sweety it is against the law for a Father to sexually touch his daughter and if anyone found out he would go to prison.

I said Daddy that sounded stupid as you would be helping me to do what men and women did all the time. Daddy explained that the act of family members doing sexual things with each other was called incest and it often left, in this case the daughter, with psychological problems later in life and he would not want to hurt me.

I said it was not like I have a Mom or even an Aunt to talk to so it was silly as all he would be doing was teach me so I could eventually do it by myself. Please Daddy I will never tell anyone its the same as you keeping all of my secrets. I saw him wavering and felt his heart beat fast again. Daddy nodded his head. I told him that he would never regret helping me.

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Daddy said that he needed to get somethings so I got off his lap and he left the room. When he came back he had a towel and some skin oil that I used after shaving my legs.

I had butterflies in my stomach getting excited in anticipation of this new experience. Daddy sat down and put the towel across his lap. I went to sit down and Daddy told me to stand in front of him facing away and slowly pull down my shorts.

As I did what Daddy requested I watched him look at my naked bottom for the first time since I was just little. His breathing had changed enough that I knew he was excited and that made me feel special and sexy. Soon I had my shorts around my ankles and he asked me to hold right there.

Daddy then started to gently touch my tushy which made me excited. I was very turned on being exposed to and touched by someone I loved, that made my pussy tingling. I needed Daddy to pet my kitty.

Daddy leaned forward and kissed my cheeks then gave them a gentle bite I moaned very loud and Daddy chuckled asking if his princess liked that. I said yes Daddy you are making my feel so good.

He told me to step out of my shorts and sit on his lap. When I was on his lap he took the bottle of skin oil and poured some on his right hand getting the fingers and palm all slicked up.

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   Daddy asked me to look at his face. Then said baby I love you so much are you sure you really want your Daddy to touch you.

I said please Daddy make me have an orgasm. He told me that girls usually called an orgasm "coming", so I said please Daddy make your little girl come.

Daddy said I should put my face against his cheek, wrap my arms around his neck and concentrate on the feelings of his touch. He spread my legs apart. Then he ran his index finger slowly up and down my outer pussy lips.

I jumped and gasped oh Daddy. He said baby girl push your pussy into Daddy's hand so he knows you want him to touch you. I pushed hard and said between pants more please Daddy, more.

He continued to play with my outer pussy lips. Soon they were all covered with oil then his finger pushed between my lips and enter the opening of my vagina.

He wiggled the tip of his finger and asked if I liked what he was doing to my pussy. I groaned Daddy I never want this to stop. Daddy replied good girl you are doing great.

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   I panted Daddy I love you, keep touching me like that.

Still clutching his neck concentrating on the sensations of Daddy's fingers playing with my needy pussy. He moved from my vagina and massaged the inner lips more.

Daddy said his little girl was getting all wet just like she should. He said he was so proud of his princess. My breathing was getting so faster. I felt such pride, my Daddy was happy with my pussy. My body moved on its own, jerking thrusting like a unknown dance to his touch.

Daddy played with my slit and pushed his finger in and out of me and I pushed back. Both of us in a delicious coordinated rhythm. He praised his precious princess for being so sexy. I said Daddy I need this so bad please play with me, my whole body tingles. Daddy replied as long as my baby wants it I will caress her sexy body.

He said I am going to touch your most sensitive spot, your clit. Just then his finger moved higher and my pussy pulsed with pleasure.

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   I whispered oh Daddy just like that. To my surprise Daddy said lets change positions and took his hands off my pussy. The lack of stimulation made me realize just how incredible he could make me feel and how much I needed his touch.

Daddy told my to get up and lie across his legs like I was going to get a spanking. When I looked at him alarmed he said it was just a new position and I could tell him if I liked it or not. I laid myself prone across his the towel on his lap.

Next I felt skin oil being poured on my tushy and the crack in my butt. As it trickled down the wonderful sensations started to return.

Daddy massaged the oil onto my tushy, it felt so good. He said talk to me baby girl I want to always hear sounds coming from my princess so I know she is having fun.

As he started touching me again I let out a moan and oh Daddy I feel so good. My panting and the sensation of his hands made it difficult to talk with any meaning. Daddy said it was OK just to forget myself and lock in on the sensation as long as I made some noise he would know how I felt.

Daddy had moved his hands down low enough that he was contacting my pussy again and I groaned Daddy touch my pussy, I need your finger in me please Daddy, play with me.

To my surprise his hand cupped my whole pussy.

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   I gasped oh Daddy my pussy loves your hand, just like that, touch me, touch me, I want to come for you Daddy, ending in moans and pants as his fingers worked their magic.

He inserted his thumb into me while his fingers spread my pussy lips and rubbed my clit slowly moving in and out. Daddy asked how I liked the new position and I could only moan Daddy your little girl's kitty is in heaven, please do not stop.

Daddy kept the slow in and out all the while the other hand rubbing my tushy and my butt crack. Something huge was building in me I felt like my head and pussy would explode with the wonderful sensations Daddy was stirring in my body.

I heard him ask does my baby girl want to come for her Daddy? I yelled Daddy please let me come. Daddy started to speed up his hand and at the same time wiggle his thumb I was huffed, puffed, oohed and aaahed between repeating "Oh Daddy".

Just when I could take no more Daddy slapped my ass and said come for Daddy horny girl and I saw stars. I was squirming, jerking, body shutters on his lap. Every nerve ending was in orgasmic shock.

My pussy clutched his thumb and I swear my pussy walls rippled in contractions. I felt liquid leaking down my inner thighs. I heard a scream of pleasure and an echo Daddy you made me come for you so loud I thought it was from someone else.

If the lights were off I was sure my body would have glowed. I was certain that no one can feel this amount of physical energy without it being visible.

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Daddy picked me up and held me tight on his lap. I was barely conscious but I heard Daddy say I was an amazing young women and he was proud of me for coming so hard. He told me I had given him a loving gift by coming for my Daddy.

He spread my legs and cupped my whole pussy saying how special my kitty was. I looked up at him with tears of joy and said thank you Daddy I love you. Then cuddled into his arms while he kept lightly massaging my special place and I went right to sleep.

The next morning I awoke feeling more rested than I had since having insomnia. I thought about what Daddy and I did last night and it made me so happy that we had shared my first orgasm. My pussy started to tingle so I slid my hand to my pussy.

I tried to do what Daddy did but it was not nearly as good or as exciting. After a while I stopped as it was a disappointment. I decided that I needed Daddy to teach me some more.

The day went just like any other except as bed time neared I became more and more excited. When I changed I noticed my panties were wet and it had not even been a hot day.

When Daddy came to my room to tuck me in, I said that why don't we just go down stairs and let me sit on your lap straight off as in a couple of hours I would end up there anyways.

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   I said I would be down in a minute and he left.

After peeing I got the skin oil and a towel. Dad did not look up when I came in so did not notice what I had brought until I spread the towel on his lap. Before he could say anything I said that in the morning I had tried to masturbate myself and it did not work so I needed his magic fingers and another lesson.

I promptly took off my shorts and sat on his lap saying I wanted to talk before he helped me. Daddy started stroking my stomach and my outer thigh and I purred that I just loved his caresses.

First I told Daddy that other than the wondrous feeling of an orgasm I also had my best sleep in years. He asked me to tell him if masturbation before bed always had that effect. I then asked him if there was more than one way to orgasm outside of using fingers and intercourse.

Daddy said there were many but a few main ones. If I was interested he would show of them to me. I smiled and excitedly said yes please. I said but not today as I wanted him to use his hands and fingers again so I could repeat the first lesson on my own.

He told me that this time I would try another new position so he could show me how flexible masturbation could be. Daddy cleared the coffee table off and pulled it close to the sofa.


   He then said I might as well take off my top.

I was shy as my breasts were so small. Daddy said nonsense everything about you is beautiful and I needed to give my body time to finish growing. I shrugged and pulled my top off, Daddy also pulled off his shirt.

I was covering up my little breasts and Daddy asked if they were sensitive and caused me to be aroused when touched. I said I did not know. He asked if I wanted to find out and I said yes. Daddy licked one while squeezing the other.

I gasped oh Daddy do that again and he kept working both my breasts and nipples then with one finger stroked my pussy slit. He brought the finger up showing me that I was wet.

Then he surprised me by licking his finger and told me I tasted as sweet as I looked. Daddy seemed to be able to make my body feel so good I wanted his special touch all the time.

Daddy asked me to get on all fours on the coffee table with my tushy facing him. I did as asked. He put skin oil on his hands then reached around and started oiling up my breasts and massaging my nipples.


   I really liked this and moaned Daddy please do more of that, pinch my nipples harder.

All of a sudden I felt Daddy kiss my butt cheek and I gasped. He kept massaging, kissing, licking and the occasional nip that made me squeal. I was so wet I started to feel little dribbles down my thighs.

Daddy moved one hand from my breasts and started to rub my outer pussy in an oval around and around working slowly to the slit. He removed the other hand from my breasts and told me to keep my butt up but put my head on my hands.

Now with both hands he started massaging my inner pussy lips and inserted a twisting and wiggling finger into my vagina. It must be instinct because I started to push back and forth forcing his finger deeper into me. I loved that back and forth motion massaging my hole and a bit of my pussy walls.

I was making sounds from grunts, groans, ughs, please Daddy more, just like that Daddy and play with your princess until she comes. For a second he removed his finger but then pushed two into me stretching my love hole oh so sweet.

The extra tightness felt so good and I said Daddy my kitty likes to be filled. An orgasm was building but Daddy kept bringing me to the edge and easing up then back to the edge again. This was driving me wild I could not take much more and loudly said Daddy please let me come!

Daddy took his thumb and index finger and gently stroked my sheathed clit to expose the nub then he did a slow lick from my vagina to the underside of the nub ending with a quick tongue flick. He did this over and over again teasing my body until I exploded with a screaming I am cccccccoooooommmmmiiiiiinnnnngggggg!

My pussy clamped down on Daddy's fingers.

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   His lips pursed my sheathed clit and he hummed. I came again without warning shaking and convulsing, surprising myself and screamed Daddy you are sending your baby girl to come heaven.

He pulled me from the table to his lap and I nuzzled into his chest. I looked at Daddy in awe. Why had he hidden what he could do to my body? It was a crime not to have him make me feel this good.

I looked into his eyes and said that was the best and kissed him on the lips with a little tongue. He kissed me back and we tickled each others tongues in a long loving kiss.

I cuddled and said that was magical Daddy. He chuckled and said he was just getting to know his little girls's body it will get better. I giggled, Daddy needs to keep me after school so he can learn everything about my body as I love to come for you.

It was still earlier than when I usually fell asleep so I asked if Daddy would masturbate for me as I was curious on how it differed from girls. Daddy seemed to hesitate so I said he should make me come again to help deal with my insomnia and he could show me how to do the same for him.

His heart started to beat faster and I reached down rubbing the bulge in his pants. It did not take long before he unfastened his pants.

I got off his lap and pulled the pants and his underwear off.

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   Then I straddled his knees facing him. Daddy spread his knees open which gave me full access to his cock and my pussy to him.

Daddy poured oil in my hand and placed it on his dick moving my hand up and down showing me the stroke he liked. My hand could not wrap around the whole thing but his breathing and smile told me he liked what I was doing.

Soon Daddy had one hand on my tits teasing my nipples and his other hand's middle two fingers hooked into my pussy while his palm rubbed my clit, pumping slowly up and down. In a bit my pussy was on fire and my cock strokes started to falter.

I could not focus any more, leaned forward putting my face beside his cheek and wrapped my arms around Daddy's neck panting Daddy over and over. He started breathing faster and I realized the hand that could no longer reach my breasts was stroking his cock.

Daddy's pussy hand was stroking faster and faster just like his cock hand. In an urgent voice Daddy said lean back baby girl and we will come together. I leaned back and looked down at Daddy's hands pleasuring both of us, when he yelled come for Daddy princess, his first spurt shot all the way up to land on the tip of my nose with the rest splash all down my body. Seeing that made me come hard shaking like a leaf with my pussy gripping his fingers.

Daddy spurted more cum on me until the last dribbles were just on his hands. This was the most erotic experience of my life and incredible that I shared it with the one I loved the most. I smiled at him and said wow so cool.

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   He scooped up the cum that was hanging on my nose and put the his finger into my mouth.

I sucked the cum off his finger. It tasted different but not bad. It was good because it was Daddy's cum that he had made special while playing with his baby girl's body.

I scooped the rest off myself, licking my fingers clean. I saw Daddy smile and called me his sexy angel, thank you precious Daddy needed to cum so bad, it has been far too long. I like when Daddy and I can help each other.

Daddy took the discarded towel and wiped us both off. I snuggled up and was asleep almost right away. The next morning I awoke naked in my bed.

Being Sunday I had time to practice masturbating but decided to do that after Daddy had shown me the other ways I could come.

Dad knocked on my door and asked if I was awake. He peaked his head in and said to shower while he made breakfast. He told me orgasms must be at least a partial remedy for my insomnia as I had just slept the longest since I was an infant. .

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