A Massage to Remember ( The First Cousin Encounter)


-----Day 1---- "Help him Bring his stuff in!" my uncle snapped. all i heard was my cousin Amy saying , "Ok, Ok!"She walked up to me and smiled and winked"Hey Rob , So you and that Bitch finally broke up. ""Yea , Yea I know you hate her , but I loved her. Besides when are you gonna break up with Dick you've been seeing. " I replied She bent over to pick up my stuff and her thong stuck out a bit. (everyone knows i have a weakness for thongs). My cock twitched a bit. "Its okay sweetie you can do better!' she replied kissing me on the nose. "Well are you coming?" she replied . with that I followed her. In a few hours I had all my clothes put away my nintendo hooked up and i was playing some super mario bros. amy walked in my room. "knock knock. " she came in and smiled. "No Ps2?" she remarked. "No i sold it to get Heather her promise ring .

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   " was all i could reply. I looked over, Amy was sexy. She was short with Light brown hair . She wore a low cut shirt the revealed the top of her tanned breasts, Im guessing she is a c cup . and she had on short shorts. she was lieing on my bed watching me play when i notice her legs open and i saw her pussy. It was bald i thought to myself "Her pussy is bald!!! I love bald pussy!!!" Than i got snapped Back to reality by her shouting at me. "Oh my god Rob you suck. You died 5 times on world 3. " she yelled at me. "Give me that paddle. " she Hopped up to snatch it from me we wrestled laughing and giggling . I totally forgot I had a hard on from looking at her bare pussy. she landed her ass on top of it. "Ooh someone needs to get laid.

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  " she remarked. "Well than get ready Amy. "I replied. "Eww gross this isn't Alabama Rob. " she replied. "Oh crap i got to make supper. "with that she jumped up and kissed me on the nose again and ran off. "Why do you always do that?!" I shouted. "Just showing my Favorite Cousin I love him!" she shouted back. The rest of the night was uneventful. ----Day 2-----My uncle Left early for work and Amy was at school Home alone I thought. I woke up with a boner for the first time in 3 weeks. I let it calm down playing some Zelda than I procceded to go upstairs and get some breakfast. when I got to the top of the stairs I heard yelling, it was Amy. "Yeah well Fuck you too!!!!"She was arguing with her boyfriend over the phone.

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   than i heard a smash. I went up stairs to see what happend. She threw the phone and was crying. "Hey , Hey what happend?" I put my arm around her. "Adam doesn't want me working out. He Says a gym instructor may want to fuck me. "she replied. "What a retard. "I said. she laughed and i got up and kissed her on the nose. "What was that for?" she asked. "Just showing my favorite cousin how much i love her. " i replied"Well show me you by giving me a massage. " she replied rolling over. "Im all tight from my workout.

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  "So I got on top of her back and rubbed her shoulders and went down the small of her back. after a bit i told her to roll over and i would do her front she did so and drapped her legs over my lap. She lifted up her shirt covering her breats with her hands. "Aww your no fun. " i saidshe stuck her tounge out and replied "Make me feel good bitch. "So i worked her sides her hips and side of her breasts than i went down to her feet and rubbed them and worked my way up her sweat massaging her legs. i got close to her pussy while working the thigh i could feel heat rising than she moved her foot across my cock. "Ooh Rob is getting a boner. " she said. "Am i turning you on, Rob?" she rubbed her foot slowly along my cock. "Your getting horny too!" i replied still massaging her thigh. "No I'm not!"She replied. with that i reached over and stuck my finger in her wet pussy. she gasped. I pulled my finger out of her pants and stuck it by her face.

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  "Whats this?" i said . "My pussy Juice . " She replied licking it off of my finger. than i pulled down her pants and i went back to fingering her 17 year old pussy. she started moaning. "ooh dont sttopp. " was all she could muster to say. I had two finger in her wet pussy and was working the clitoris with my tounge. "Ooooohhhh Imm cumming !!!! "I heard her scream. she exploded her body spasming. i lapped up all her pussy juice. Than she got up and pulled donw my sweats . "I knew you had a nice one when I sat down on it. "she said to me. with that she got on her knees and took off her shirt revealing her firm tan breats and put my cock into the warm valley of her mouth.

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  "Oh dam girl you really know how to give head. "She bobbed her head up and down for awhile each bob bringing me closer and closer to an orgasm. I made her back off. I laid her down on the couch and got on top of her i rubbed my cock along the outside of her pussy lips. I couldnt believe I was here naked with my cousin i bet any of my friends would kill to be me right now. course i could never tell anyone about it. Smiling I eased my cock inside of Amy"s tight vagina. I started pumping in and out . we were both breathing ruggedly. She started maoning . Oh her pussy felt so good I thought to myself. OOOhhhhhh Robbbb . OOhhh Harder. Harder . Im coming.

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  . . . . Ohhhhhh goddddd!!!!!!!!! her pussy muscles tightened tto vice grip tight and she came hard and with that i knew i couldnt hold out much longer so i pulled out and had her suck me off. and i came her mouth we both collapsed in each others arm's. I now knew their was no longer a reason to be depressed about losing my girlfriend. .

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