A mother delighted by her son - part three


In the next moment, exciting by my having an orgasm, Rick ejaculated. He groaned as his semen gushed out, doing so with his erection fully inserted into my vagina. Later I found out that he had not intended to let this happen, just that it had. Thankfully I've been fixed, so there was no worry about his fertilizing me. But he stood there, tensing, and ejaculating in me. I loved how it felt, to have him making it complete. I was so moved to feel his organ doing that in me.
We stood there and he quickly began to loose his erection and slipped out. He appeared devastated and told me that he was sorry for having lost control like that. Obviously, he was so afraid that he had just gotten me pregnant. I laughed and assured him that it was OK, that he didn't have to worry. He looked so relieved. He apologized again, but admitted how good it had felt. I told him how good it had felt for me, too. Obviously!We were both all shy smiles, but we felt proud for having been so completely open with one another. It was an absolutely wonderful experience that neither of us had ever dreamed of having.


After that? Well, we poured some hot coffee and we didn't bother to get dressed. That would have seemed like a silly thing to do. We talked a little bit, and admitted that we probably should have been a little more restrained . . . as mother and son. We admitted, though, that we both had enjoyed it. We were both glad that I had been fixed . . . considering. We laughed about our personal indulgence and had no regrets. Then we got dressed and we went out and enjoying having lunch together.
The next week when we got together, we were both shy smiles over the indulgent moment we had shared, and cautious wondered if we wanted to do that again. Needless to say, we were both quite agreeable to the idea.

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   We spent several hours, this time in the comfort of me bedroom, and that day we ended up enjoying having an extremely satisfying get together . . . doing it twice for good measure!.