a night in with my son


hi i need to talk about this to someone so i thought i would put my story on here
since that night i have been ashamed of myself and it has been eating me away
for so long inside so i needed to get it off my chest my son was 19 i was 44

anyway getting to the point one day last year i was having a really hard day at home with my husband all we did was row and then he hit me and told me i was nothing i just sat in my room for a couple of hours then he went out to work as he does nights i had a shower after he went to work i then got out of the shower i put on my dressing gown and went down stairs into the kitchen and poored myself a glass of wine i then heard the TV on in the sitting room so i went in to see who was there and i see my son Ricky sitting there so i asked him what he was watching and he said just some old film mom i said do you mind if i watch it with you and he said no you can watch so i went and watch the film with him i asked him if he wanted something to eat and he said ya i could do with some food so i back into the kitchen and made some dinner we then sat watching the film eating dinner and we then finished dinner and i took the plates out and washed up then Ricky come into the kitchen and got a drink and said as he got a drink you do know you can talk to me mom about what happened i said i thought you where out with friends I'm sorry you had to hear that son he said don't worry mom come and watch the film we went back and wacthed the film he was then telling me jokes to cheer me up and he made me smile for the first time that day i then had another glass of wine he was making me smile so much as he is a careering son. i then thought i have had to much wine and he then for some reason Ricky turned to me and said you are pretty mum i then got i funny feeling in my head and i just looked at him and said that's so nice honey i then give him a hug and as i give him a hug i put my hand on his chin and pulled his face round to mine and kissed him on the lips i pulled away realize what i had just done i was shocked at what i just did but at the same time it felt nice i told him i was going to bed i then went into the kitchen and got the bottle of wine and the went to bed and just before i did Ricky said to me don't listen to dad i hate him anyway and you are something i felt flattered i then went to bed thinking about what Ricky said i layed down on my bed and i thought just if i could have someone like Ricky and then i thought i heard him come to bed so i went into his bedroom and i see he did not come to bed but i see a pictures near his pillow so i thought i will put them away i then picked them up and see they where some pictures of me naked that my husband had taken i sat there till he come up and he walked into his and see me with them in my hand and i asked him why he had them and he told me he had them to get off when he wanted to have a wank as his dad would not let him have any porn he started to shake i said oh son don't mater as least you told me and not lie about it he told me that he was a virgin and i give him a hugwe sat on his bed talking i see that he had a hard on i don't know what came over me but i layed him down and said so you think i have a nice body and he told me you have a great body i felt really nice then my mind went really funny i then pulled his jeans off and his pennis was just so hard i then grabbed it and Ricky said mom do you know what you are doing i told to relax i started to suck his pennis i sucked it for about five minutes i then felt him cumming i pulled it out and as i did he cum over my chesthe was shocked i asked him does he want me to have sex with him and he told me as long as i was OK with i don't know what happened to me i then layed on my back and told him to fuck me and he did and i had a great orgasm when fell asleep i woke up in the morning have realized what i had done and i felt so dirty but i just had to talk about it