A Surprise Present!


As James left class and wandered towards the bus stop he couldn't help but feel excited that today was his 18th birthday. Besides being able to drink, buy a house and be able to vote, he was now above all things, a man. James was tall, 6'3 with light Brown hair and an athletic build. He liked to play various sports and go to the gym regularly, and was quite handsome. To some he seemed a ladies man, however James was actually quite shy and had never slept with a woman before. He had once kissed Rachel Kilmer in a 7th grade game of spin the bottle, but that was the highlight of his exploits.  
Once James arrived home, he was greeted by a hearty happy birthday from his family in the foyer of what had to be the biggest house in the neighbourhood, each person essentially had their own wing of the house. His dad George, loaded with more money than he knew what to do with, his mum kahlin a former super model who still kept an unbelievable figure and sweeping long natural blonde hair , his younger sister Jessica who was holding a birthday cake and his younger brother Taylor with an arm full of presents.  
"Happy birthday darling!", said his mum. "Thanks mum! School was way too long today!!", said James. "Come and sit in the living room so you can open your presents!", his mum said as she beckonned him into another room. As the afternoon progressed, James had opened various presents including a new Rolex, a new play station and many others including socks and shirts. After a nice family dinner everyone decided to head to bed early, as James had plans to celebrate with his friends in the city the following night.  
As James entered his room he was greeted by a package sitting on the end of his bed. It was plain and unlabelled. There was a note sitting on top of it that read on the out side of it "open me and follow the instructions".

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   James looked at the note bizarrely and slowly opened it. "Instructions: inside this package there are 3 numbered boxes, open each box only when instructed to by a previous box or note. Open box 1 now. . . ". James looked oddly once again at the note and proceeded to open the package. Inside he found the numbered boxes as mentioned. He opened the first box. Inside was a dvd, labeled only with "Play me". James removed the DVD from its box, walked over to his desk to grab his laptop then sat down on his bed once again. After setting up his laptop, James inserted the DVD. It immediately began to play the enclosed video clip.  
The video clip began with what was obviously just a self recorded video with the camera pointing at a large bed. With in seconds a person walked into view, however all you could see was from the hips down due to the angel of the camera.

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   James was confused but watched on curiously. The person in the video was wearing a robe and was clearly a female by her shapely figure. The person in the video stopped directly in front of the camera, turned to face it and proceeded to drop her robe. To James' surprise and disbelief the lady was wearing nothing but a tiny black lace thong. His heart almost stopped, it was one of the sexiest sights he had ever seen. The lady in the video did a few turns left and right, showing off her body and rubbing the smooth skin on her ass as she went. She then proceeded to sit down on the bed facing the camera and slid backwards using her hands. After a moment she put her feet up on the bed and opened her legs so that the camera got a great view of her most private place delicately covered by sexy black lace. James squirmed on his bed as he felt his pants already tightening over this amazing sight. The lady in the video slowly lowered her hand down her stomach and down to her spread legs. Still unable to see her upper half she began to tenderly rub her self through the sexy black lace she still wore. James began to hear soft moans as she slowly quickened the pace. Even though he could not see the lady in the videos most private parts, just the sheer tease that this video was causing was almost too much for James to handle. The moans grew louder and louder and James could tell she was about to reach orgasm. Once she reached climax she let out a long drawn "Ooooooohhhhhhhaaa.

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  . . " As she bucked her hips slightly and came to rest. The lady in the video then presented her visibly wet fingers to the camera. As they glistened in the light of the room she rose from the bed, grabbed something off the table next to the camera and presented it to the camera. It was a note saying "Open box 2. . . ".  
James was so aroused at this stage that he almost forgot he was following instructions. He came around and looked for the next box. He picked up the box and opened it. Inside he was stunned to find, what appeared to be the used black lace panties from the video he had just watched. He picked them up slowly, admiring them and then held them to his nose. They smelt strange but sweetly erotic.

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   It was not a smell he was used to, but something about it excited him greatly and he continued to smell them. There were slight white stains on the inside. He presumed this had been caused by the lady in the video coming to climax in them. While in his haze of smell and sexual fantasy, James found another note that had been in the same box next to the used panties. He read it "These are for you, happy birthday, I hope you enjoyed show, open box 3".  
James opened box 3. Inside he found once again to his surprise a handful of condoms, what appeared to be a disposable phone number and more instructions. The next instructions read "This is the last part of your present. However, there are some rules. This is an opt in opt out choice, once you make this choice there is no going back so choose wisely. Option 1: discontinue with the present, keep the panties as your gift, but never know who gave them to you. Option 2: text the number provided saying you're in, never tell a sole, and get to fuck the lady who gave you these panties. ". James was in disbelief! He had no idea who this mystery person was, but for them to send him such an unbelievably sexy present and then offer to fuck him was almost too much for him to handle. James bit the bullet, he decided to text the number.

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   His phone buzzed, he had a reply, all it said was "good decision".  
James was sweating. He didn't know what to do, did he have to wait for further instruction on where to go or who to meet? Had he missed something in the box? Who was this mystery person? He shuffled through the box again a few more times over the next hour or so, then all of a sudden there was a knock at his bedroom door. Kahlin entered. "How has your birthday been James? Did you enjoy your dinner and presents?" She said as she approached the end of his bed wearing her night robe. "Yeah it has been amazing!" James said. "Thats good sweet heard! But you actually have one left!" Said kahlin as all of a sudden James realised that his mum was wearing the exact same robe as the lady in the video. 'Holy shit! is this really happening' James thought to himself. "Do I?" He replied. "You sure do!" She said.
Kahlin undid her robe and dropped it to the ground. She stood with her amazingly long blonde hair draping down across her pink Victoria secrets bra, matching pink lace thong and white high heels with a cheeky smirk across her face. "Holy shit mum, was that you in the video?!?" James asked still shocked. "It sure was darling! Did you like it?!?" She replied. "Uh umm yeah but you're my mum!! Isn't it wrong ?!?" James said as his mum climbed on the bed and started crawling towards him.

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   "Only if some one finds out dear. " she said slightly with a smile across her face. Holy shit was this really happening, he thought. James was still in shock, but his arousal over his mother was starting to take control. She was so amazingly hot, she had perfectly shaped natural D sized breasts, a body most athletes would kill for, and hair like a goddess. Her ass looked amazing in her pink lacy thong, James was having a hard time controlling himself. "And as long as no one finds out, I can give you the rest of your present!" She said as she reached his head with hers, straddling over his body looking irresistible. "Umm ok I guess, but what is the rest of my present mum?" James said. "Just relax and you will find out baby!" She said as she leaned down and gave him a long seductive kiss on the lips. James almost fainted.  
She released him from her tender lip lock and slid back down the bed further to about his knees. She reached for his jeans zipper and pulled it down slowly. She yanked his pants down with ease and started to rub his cock through his boxer shorts. "Are you ready for your present baby?" She asked. "I.

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  . I think so" James muttered, almost hyperventilating. She then grasped the sides of his boxer shorts and yanked them down as well. "Oh wow, you have a big Dick baby, this is going to be fun!" She said once again with that seductive smirk on her face. She started to rub his cock gently with one hand and slowly leaned in. She gently licked around the top of his now fully erect member and tongued at the knob. James was going insane. This was so so wrong, but so amazing at the same time. He never dreamed something like this would ever happen. She put her lips to his knob and slowly inserted him into her sexy warm mouth. Sliding him all the way in, she ground his knob against her tonsils and throat as her lips reached the base of his shaft. James was in absolute heaven. She stayed there a moment, still licking and sucking hard on his throbbing cock, then slowly brought him back out with so much suction that there was a loud sloppy 'pop' as his cock was released from her mouth. "Holy shit mum, oh my god, that feels so amazing" said James. "I'm glad you are enjoying it baby!" She said with a smile.

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   She put his hard wet cock back in her gorgeous mouth and began to bob her head up and down. James didn't know how much of this he could take, it was absolutely amazing and felt incredible. The fact that it was his own mother made it, for some reason, even more erotic and amazing.  
While still sucking and teasing James knob, Kahlin put her hand down between her legs and began to rub her pussy through her panties. James watched on amazed as his cock appeared and disappeared beneath his own mothers head, her amazing blonde hair flapping side to side. Kahlin moved the hand beneath her legs up her body slightly, and then back down but this time beneath her sexy pink panties and continued to play with her pussy. Kahlin slowly withdrew James cock from her mouth and sitting up slightly, she removed her hand from her panties and stuck 2 of her fingers in James mouth. "Do you like how mummy tastes baby?" She said. James licked her fingers clean, she tasted amazing. He nodded in silent agreement. Kahlin reached over to where James had left the boxes. She grabbed one of the condoms and tore it open. She removed it and slowly started to unroll it on James large erect member. "Now for some real fun baby, you are going to remember this present for a long long time" she said with a smile so sly, it could turn the devil on.  
She stood up above James, slowly reached to each side of her wonderfully sexy and now dripping wet, pink lace thong, and pulled it right down to her ankles as she stepped out of it.

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   She picked it up and dropped it on James face, "Another present for you baby" she said as she giggled. James inhaled the sweet sweet scent of his mothers pussy as he looked up to see her completely shaven and amazingly sext cunt staring down at his throbbing dick. She got down on her knees above him, straddling him once again, and slowly lowered her hips until her pussy lips gently caressed his hard cock. She rubbed his dick up and down her pussy lips a few times, teasing him, but at the same time making her wetter than she had ever been before. "You really are a big boy now baby, your cock is so much bigger than your fathers, it might take me a while to get used to you" Kahlin said.  
James was not the only one receiving a present this day, Kahlins thoughts of what she was doing with her own son were swirling around in her head. She was so excited at this point and her nipples so erect, that they were physically pushing her bra from her chest. Still teasing his cock by slowly rocking backwards and forwards along the top of his shaft, she reached up behind her back and unfastened her bra, letting it fall off her massively wonderful breasts and onto the bed besides james. James looked up at this glorious sight and if it was even possible at this stage, got even harder.  
Now it was finally the moment, Kahlin reached down and grasped James' hard erection and slowly guided it into her warm wet and willing cunt. His knob splayed her lips open like a mouth preparing to suck, and he slowly sank into her warm pouch inch by inch until her sexy toned ass was sitting on his balls. "Oh baby, you really are big, I've never been so full in my life. My beautiful handsome boy is filling his mother completely. " Kahlin said. James was so immersed in what was going on and the fact that his cock was now deep with in his mothers cunt that he couldn't even find words to reply.

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   "Baby you feel so good inside me, Ive been waiting to give you this present for years. " Kahlin said as she slowly started to rock her hips backwards and forwards.  
Kahlin gently quickened her pace as James cock was coated with more of her natural lubricant and her pussy walls stretched to accommodate his huge size. She began to softly moan. James could not believe this was happening. His own mother, now completely naked, was riding him, fucking him, his hard cock buried deep within her amazing pussy walls, where he had only ever been once before, 18 years ago. "Uuunnnnghh…" she moaned, as she began to bounce slowly on his lap. She road him gently for about 5 minutes as her facial expressions changed from one of smirk to that of a wild incestuous pleasure. James began to meet her bounces with a rhythmic thrust of his hips and his balls began to slap on her ass. "Oh baby you feel so amazing, tell your mummy how you like your present" she said. "Ohh… Ohh my god mum, you feel so amazing, I still can't believe this is happening. " James said between thrusts. "I would do anything to make my birthday boy feel special! And I couldn't think of anything more special than helping my baby lose his virginity!" she said as she smiled down at James while pinching her nipples. "This has got to be the best present I have ever had mum!" said James. "I'm glad baby! How would you like your mummy to cum on your huge cock baby?" said Kahlin.


   "Oh. . My god mum, that would be amazing…" said James. Kahlin began to increase her pace, bouncing wildly on James lap.  
Moaning loud now she was approaching climax. Kahlin knew she didn't have to worry about being loud, everyone else in the house was asleep, and because it was such a large house, none of the rooms were situated close to each other at all. "Oooooh…ooooh yes baby…fuck your mother…. You are going to make your mummy come with that big hard cock of yours…. Oooohh, uuuughh… uuughh…. ooohh…. uuughhh…. yesss… yes baby just like that…. Fuck your mother hard and make her cum…. " she said as she road closer and closer to orgasm. A few moments later, bouncing harder and harder with James thrusting below her and while pinching her nipples, she let out a slight scream followed by a huge moan as she climaxed, " AHHHHh… Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhuuughhhh….

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   Baby oh my god… oh my god that was so amazing" she said as her warm pussy juices ran down his cock and onto his lap. "Baby that was so fucking amazing" she said again as she continued to slowly grind her hips into his lap. James was absolutely loving this, this was the most amazing experience of his life, he was fucking his own mother and it was out of this world. Kahlin came to a slow, and pulled off James rock hard and now insanely wet erection.  
She got off him to the side and commanded him to his knees. "I want you to really rail me now baby, I want you to fuck me as hard as you can, and I want you to blow your sweet hot cum deep inside me. " Kahlin said. She shifted to the front of James bed on her hands and knees, put her hands on the back board of his bed, spread her legs wide, and beckoned James in behind her whilst presenting her amazing ass.  
James moved in behind his mother, staring intently at her ass and amazing pussy lips, so wet with her own juices. "Feel free to have a taste baby" she said, once again with that smirk of a smile on her face. James leaned down cautiously to her sopping wet cunt and the smell was amazing. It was almost too much for him. He leant in further and licked around her now puffy lips. Her juices not only smelled amazing, but also tasted amazing. He began to flick his tongue back and forth, teasing her, nibbling gently on her lips, teasing her clit ever so slightly and licking his own lips to savour the taste.

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   "Ok baby, thats enough teasing, you are driving me wild! I want you to rail me baby, rail me hard!!" Kahlin said with almost an evil demeanour.  
James rose, and positioned his hips behind her presenting ass. For the second time this night, and in his life, he moved his throbbing cock to the entrance of her wet cunt and slowly inserted it all the way to the base. "Ooouuughh…" she moaned. James began to thrust in and out, slowly at first, but gradually picking up speed until he was slamming her so hard she was almost hitting her head on the wall. Her large breasts were jiggling backwards and forwards. James was in another world of pleasure, this was amazing, he was fucking his own mother doggy style, on his own bed, on his own birthday. "Fuck baby…. yesss…. give it to me…. Ooohhhh…. Ughhh…. Oooouuhhh…. . yesssss….

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   ooh my fucking god…. your dick is so amazing in me baby…. happy birthday baby…. Ooohhhh…. . Ughhh…. . " she moaned loudly. She herself, in all her years, had never been fucked so hard by such a big hard dick. She was loving every second of it, and because it was her own son, she felt like a massive slut, which turned her on even more just thinking about all the dirty and erotic and wrong things that she was doing this moment. "Fuck mum…. your cunt is so amazing… I can't believe this is happening… you are so fucking sexy mum…. fuuuck…. ughh…. " James panted as hit thrusted harder and harder.

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   "Baby you are so big inside me…. Ive never had a dick this big…. I want you baby…. I want you to blow your load deep inside me…. I want you to fill me completely…. Cum for your mummy baby… Cum for me…" she said as she began to scream with wild and wicked pleasure. "Ahhh…. oooh baby…. AHHHH…. OOOhhhh…. . ughhh…. AHHHHHHhhh FUCK… Baby give me your hot steamy cum…. AHHH…. HARDER….

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   fuck me HARDER baby…" Kahlin screamed.  
James couldn't stand this much longer, this was the most intensely hot act he had ever whitenesed or been a part of in his life. He felt his balls swelling, he knew that soon he would pump load after load of spunk inside his own mothers cunt. These thoughts along with the rapid pounding he was giving his mothers pussy was too much for him. Kahlin knew he was on the edge, and started to tense her pussy walls along his dick, milking him, wanting his cum. Seconds later James shouted "Fuck mum… Im cummmingg…. Im cummminng in your wonderful fucking cunt!". Kahlin screamed and orgasmed violently as James blew load after load of hot cum deep inside her body "AHHHHHHHHhhhh…. FUCK… BABY OH MY GOD…. YOU ARE MAKING ME CUM AGAIN…. FUCK… AHHHH… OOHHH MH GOD…. FUUUCKK…Baaabyy…. Fill your mother…". Kahlin screamed and bucked wildly as they both road the most intense orgasms of their lives.  
Cum dripped from his mothers cunt as james began to slow his thrusts, still riding the waves of his orgasm.

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   Kahlins head and hands now down on James pillow as she could not hold herself up any longer. James pulled out of his mother and flopped down on the bed beside her as she rolled over onto her back to rest. "Oh. . my… god… mum…" he panted. "That was the most amazing thing ever…" he said as he wiped sweat from his brow. Kahlin lent over and gave him another long tantalising kiss on the lips, as she said "Happy birthday baby, I hope you enjoyed your present!" with a sinful smile of pleasure.  
Kahlin rose from the bed, found her robe, put it around herself and tied it up. "So what happens now?" James asked. "Well baby, after that performance, you may have just earned yourself a few more presents from time to time!" she said with a wink. "Goodnight beautiful boy, happy birthday" she said as she walked to the door, opened it, and left for the night. James lay there, happy, still slightly confused, but now wanting more. . . .

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