Am I Causing Harm To My Son? Part 2: Dream Continues


Sheila was concerned about her forbidden incest lust and was fighting desperately to overcome her guilty feelings that she might be causing harm to her son. _____________________Part 2: Dream continuesSheila was afraid of facing Anton. A mixture of guilt, shame and weakness overpowered her. She decided to get some fresh air outside before Anton woke up. She took a quick bath especially to clean her private parts and went out. She remained outside for quite some time. She walked a long way far from her house, sat on a park bench reminiscing the dream with her son and wondered how it had engulfed her thoughts, misted her reasoning and maybe influenced the well being of both. She loathed she was reduced to a whore, even worse – a slut longing for sex from her own son!Her mother’s instinct was telling her that she should return home without wasting more time. Anton must be hungry wondering about his mother’s disappearance for the first time at such an odd hour. She had no other choice than meeting her son unless, of course, she could vanish into thin air and never appear again. Sheila started to walk towards home, her heart pounding between the cleavage of her beautiful tight breasts. She went straight to her room. She had already removed the soggy bedspread from her cum before going out. The room looked normal now and she prepared herself to meet her son. When she was about to get up Anton called from the kitchen,“Mom, are you back? Where did you go? I am hungry. ” Anton sounded impatient.

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  “I am coming, Anton”, Sheila retorted. She wondered for not using the word ‘son’. Would she ever be able to call him ‘son’ again? She was sad for losing something so precious and cursed herself. When she went to the kitchen Anton was spreading jam on a piece of bread. “He must be very hungry”, she thought. Anton looked at his mother and asked, “Where had you been so early in the morning? I was looking for you all over. Are you starting morning walk? Why didn’t you wake me up to give you company? I had been thinking of doing it myself for quite a while. ”“Too many questions and too many inquiries. Did he suspect something about her dream?”, Sheila was apprehensive but she put her thoughts away as impossible. She had difficulty looking at her son straight into his eyes. When she managed she found an innocent face staring at her and she comforted herself as if nothing had happened. “That’s a good idea. I’ll call you the next time I go for a morning stroll”, Sheila was brief without giving any further explanation. “Aren’t you going regularly?”, Anton frowned. Sheila corrected herself and told that she’d call him half an hour before starting morning walk the next day.

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  After Anton had gone to school, Sheila relaxed a little but had somewhat strange feeling about her son. She went to his room and started looking for something without knowing exactly what. His room had a typical look of that of a teenager’s. Books were scattered – some on the table and the rest on his bed. Unknowingly she took the books from the bed to arrange them at the right place when she noticed that one was an adult magazine with pictures of nude women. She would not have given any serious consideration about a teenager interested in porn but at that moment her thoughts were racing wildly and she wondered about the image in her mind - Anton watching nude pictures of women. Suddenly her dream came alive in her mind and she felt uneasiness for the sensation. Her pussy started singing. It was a very familiar feeling because after Robert had gone she always felt it in her dreams. She decided to calm her down with a cool and long shower. Though she took half bath that early morning more to clean her body than her soul, she needed another shower more complete to help subside her erotic feelings. She went to clean her soul. While taking shower she soaped her pussy and found that it was still all slippery from the last night’s secretion. The feeling of guilt, the shower, the loneliness and her desire to have orgasm began to betray her against her will to masturbate. With her forefinger she touched the mounds of her swollen pussy covered with silky long and curly pubic hair.

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   She bent down to look at her love slit between the protruding large pussy lips. She could see her slit opening and the transparent pre-cum twinkling at the tip of her parrot-beak-like protruded clit. Her last resistance against masturbation was totally dissipated. With left hand she firmly held her right breast and tickled the large stiff nipple between thumb and index finger. Then she squeezed and rolled the already erect nipple while her right hand slowly massaged her flat smooth belly, gradually going down the crease below the navel and just above her most private triangle covered with silky long pubic hair. Suddenly Sheila visioned that the hands caressing her were those of Anton’s and she shuddered in forbidden excitement. She could not resist any more. She gave in - closed her eyes and let the hands work their magic. The left hand was between her two breasts; caressing, pinching and fingering the nipples in succession while the right hand was busy with her pussy now steaming with desire. She started moaning. The thumb and the middle finger parted the thick and hanging vagina walls, while the middle finger went deep inside her love hole and took out some warm slippery juice that was oozing out in abundance. She bent further. The thumb now slippery with her own juice again disappeared inside the pussy while the middle finger, lubricated with her pre-cum, was pressed against the tight pink hole of her anus. She shrieked in anticipation. She heard her murmuring, “Anton, now insert that finger into your mother’s tight asshole.

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   Be gentle and don’t take your thumb out of my pussy. Rub my clit, press and rub. It should not hurt now that it’s lubricated with pre-cum. ”, as if she comforted herself. Her body went mellow with the forbidden sensation that her son was playing with her hungry private holes. The middle finger started entering her slowly but steadily and she twitched her body in agony and a muffled but delicious pain. Her smooth and round buttocks were in fire and so were her swollen pussy flesh and her boobs. The left hand was kneading her tight breasts wildly. With both the fingers deep inside, she was feeling in heaven. Then the tips of the fingers started wiggling inside. Sheila writhed, her body rocking as she luxuriated under the touch deep inside her private parts. She wished she could eat her own pussy. “Press the wall between your fingers, pinch it, smolder it, feel your mother’s membrane between her pussy and asshole. ” The fingers obeyed. Sheila felt her membrane massaged, rubbed, pinched and stretched by the thumb in her pussy and the middle finger inside her asshole.

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   Though the fingers could not delve much deeper she had nothing to complain. Her athletic and flexible body made it possible to finger fuck her pussy and asshole at the same time. When both the fingers started up and down movements in a fucking piston like movements inside her pussy and asshole holding the membrane firmly between them, Sheila went into delirium; a height of excitement she had never reached before. “Harder, deeper, faster, hurt your mom, if you can. I am in heaven. Make me cum! Make me cum!” she cried. She was feverish with excitement, her body radiating heat. Her hips buckled and swayed in the air. She started sobbing in pleasure, her face wet with tears. She felt as if she would die. Two fingers moved harder and faster in and out of her two holes now well drained and lubricated with pre-cum. “Don’t stop, I am cumming!!” Her body arched and twisted and a wave of fluid surged from her throbbing pussy. She gasped for air and came – very strongly – with pulsating vibration of the inner walls of her pussy and anus. – cum dripped from her love canal though silky pubic hair, down her thumb and reached the floor in a long and thin transparent string making small bids at its end. She licked the juice from her thumb.

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   The aroma of her healthy cum filled the heavy and moist air of her bathroom – the smell of dry soil after the first rain. Sheila sighed. She was satisfied so much so that she was even feeling good against her taboos. The guilt feeling was fading. She realized that she had gone too far into her forbidden fantasies and that a very little she could do now to return. She wondered if she was doing any harm to her son. “Not yet”, she comforted herself in vain. “But how long can I satisfy myself with the thought of my son giving me orgasm without really going for it”, she wondered. That night when Anton was asleep, Sheila again almost sleepwalked into his room, still not sure of what to find there. She was kind of hypnotized. Anton could not sleep in complete dark. A blue bulb glowed dimly attributing an inviting atmosphere inside. At first she could not see properly but soon her eyes were accustomed with the semi-darkness of the room. She saw Anton sleeping deeply on his back – his chest heaving slowly from light breathing. He looked so handsome and innocent in his sleep that Sheila stared at her son in admiration.

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   Anton stirred. Sheila suddenly became aware of her nocturnal presence and stepped backward. Anton was still asleep. Sheila noticed that his pupils were quivering and lips moving without making anything legible. Anton was dreaming. Suddenly Sheila’s eyes were caught on her son’s crotch. Slowly it was making a growing bulge under his sleeping pajama. “It must be an erotic dream”, Sheila apprehended. She did not see Anton naked since first pubic hair became visible around his private parts. In fact, Anton was careful not to be seen naked in front of his mother. Sheila did not think much about it then but now she was tempted to see her son’s erection. Against her expectation Anton’s hand did not reach his hard-on to masturbate, instead, his hips started a slow up and down swinging motion. Sheila knew her son was fucking in his dream. Sheila wished the room were profoundly illuminated so she could watch her son making love in his dream, especially his throbbing dick. Then she remembered the pencil flashlight she didn’t use for quite sometime and went out for it.

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   She was relieved to see that it was still functional. When she tiptoed again into Anton’s room and focused the flashlight on his crotch she was disappointed at the sight of his languishing dick. He had already ejaculated in his dream. Sheila could see the wet mark of cum on his pajama and wanted to smell it. She hardly remembered the strong odor of cum she used to adore. Anton stirred again. Sheila was now courageous being almost certain of not awaking her son. Anton changed position to his side his back facing his mother. The tiny streak from the flashlight spotted wet satin at his back too. “He must have ejaculated a lot of semen”, thought Sheila. She brought her nose close to her son’s back and took a deep breath. The smell made her shiver in excitement. Her hairy treasure between the shapely well-built legs began to get wet. She wanted to taste it so badly that she bent over and touched the wet spot by the tip of her tongue. The fresh and warm cum tasted delicious.

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   She felt hungry and wanted more but controlled herself with a great effort and left the room almost running. That night Sheila could not sleep well. There were too many thoughts jamming up her mind one after another. Mostly she was trying to find some justifications for her recent abnormal lust. Before her first erotic dream with Anton she never thought much about incest neither did she have any interest in it. She remembered that during childhood her parents never allowed her two elder brothers to sleep in the same room where she slept. She was brought up in a family atmosphere where incest was considered as sickness and a grave sin. Though Sheila heard many real sex scandals in a few known families around she never knew any incest case. “What’s going to happen if I seduce Anton?” thought Sheila, “Will he have repentance and guilt feelings later in his life to the extent that he’d want to commit suicide?” The thought made her shiver in distress and fear. “No, I can’t do anything to harm my son, I should die before that”, she fought desperately against her desires. The other part of her was asking if Anton liked to make his mother happy and be happy at the same time, is there any harm in it? What can go wrong? As Sheila grew older Anton would fall in love with a younger woman and be happy as anybody else, why not? His relation with his mother would be forgotten and forgiven in course of time. Time heals up everything, doesn’t it? At some point she was so tired to fight with her contradicting feelings that she fell asleep without even knowing it. Sheila was awoken by Anton. He was ready to go for morning walk as it was planned the other day. Sheila hurriedly freshened herself with cold water, wore a light jogging suit and went out with him.

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   The brisk walk did good to her. On their way home they walked a little slower and Sheila watched her son’s muscular and light body as if floating in natural motion. He looked so much more matured now in the natural environment outside than at home a while ago. It’s amazing! Now he appeared to be a full-grown man, about ready to go and do anything on his own – a free bird out of its cage and without the protection of its captor. “As his mother am I protecting him?” Sheila dwindled between two thoughts – one telling her to stay away from her son and the other was inviting her to seduce him for her carnal satisfaction. During the next few days Sheila was able to put aside her sexual fantasies with her son. In fact, she was overworking at the bookstore just to keep herself too busy to give room to her forbidden desires until one day she was too horny to hold herself anymore. She asked Anton to see her after dinner regarding the video game he was mentioning the other day. They would browse the internet together for a good deal. She didn’t forget to mention that she’d take a shower after dinner. Instead of taking shower Sheila used the time to go to bed in her nightgown and lay on her back lifting the nightgown just below her pussy to expose only a streak of her reddish brown pubic hair and feigned to sleep. She didn’t forget to turn on the table lamp that would make her well-built legs and hairless and shapely thighs visible. When Anton entered the room in spite of her all preparations she almost fell asleep. Anton’s “Are you sleeping, mom?” brought her back from there but she remained silent. She was afraid to even open her eyes partly because Anton might sense that she is awake and her plan would be ruined.


  Anton wondered about his mom’s direction a while ago to look for the video game and thought she must be very tired. While turning back to exit the room she heard her mom murmuring, “Make love to me, Dick! I miss you so much. ” He looked back and noticed the scanty dress of his mom. She was lying still as if in deep sleep and Anton gathered courage to look at her more closely. His gaze from his mother’s apparently sleeping face rested on her breasts hidden under the semi-transparent nightgown. Through dim light of the room he could see her shapely tight breasts and large already hardened nipples. Handful of soft flesh was heaving slowly with breathing and looked so lively and mind blowing that Anton wanted to feel them with his hands. Until that time he had seen his mom as a person to take care of him with motherly love and affection. He never saw her in such scanty dress before. His little mind was dwindling between two thoughts. One of them was making him feel guilty while the other was exciting him. His eyes caught the sight of his mother’s flat stomach. He was marveled by the lack of cellulite and any fat there. She looked like a teenager in her sleep. Further down his eyes were stuck on the most private part of his mother.

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   He choked. The reddish blond pubic hair made the love mound look even larger and more swollen under the satin. He could clearly see for the first time the pubic hair of his mother. Sheila was trying her best not to open her eyes but was dying in curiosity to see the reactions on Anton’s face in revealing his mothers secret places. She didn’t want to scare him away and prayed for Anton to have the courage to advance. Anton looked at his mom’s face to make sure that she was still asleep and stooped to have a closer view of his mother’s pussy. He was first hesitant to touch anything but his excitation took the better of him. He stretched his hand to pull up her skirt to reveal a full view of her triangular treasure. He felt his hand shaking in fear mixed with the feeling of doing something heinous. But his male instinct gave him the courage. He lifted slightly and pulled it back just to see his mother’s entire pussy. Forbidden things attract much more than anything stereotypes. That may be the reason why incest and raping stories are more popular among the readers who do not have anything to do with incest or raping in their lives. It’s kind of things that they do not do due to either taboos or lack of courage. They only love to read about them and let their imagination run without bound.

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  Anton was feeling the kind of excitement that he never had with any girl, not even in his erotic dreams. His erection under his boxer was complete and he was feeling the pressure to release it but he wanted to go further to get there. Now that his mother’s hidden treasure was fully exposed in front of him, he noticed her swollen large pussy lips hidden in the jungle of her pubic hair. He could see the triangular red beak peeping out from the thin slit. “That’s her clit!” Anton never saw such huge thing before, not even in porn magazines. His mouth fell open in amazement and he bent over for a closer look. He could get the musky smell of his mother’s pussy and wondered if that was its natural odor or that of her pre-cum. He bent a little further to confirm it. Sheila could feel her son’s warm breath on her pussy steaming with desire. She stayed like a statue nevertheless, afraid of even breathing. She could feel wetness between her legs and wished her son discover it. Anton brought his face to her pussy touching his mom’s pubic hair. The smell of her wetness overwhelmed him and he very carefully touched her pubic hair to expose the hairline partition between two large pussy lips. With his both hands he parted hair and saw her slit. His eyes popped up in surprise to see a strip of transparent fluid at the opening of the slit spread all over its length.

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   He wanted to spread the lips to see deeper inside his mom’s pussy but was too afraid to wake her up and be caught in the act. He shivered at the thought. Instead, he lightly lapped the slit with the tip of his tongue from below until his tongue touched his mother’s clit. He never tasted any woman’s pre-cum before and was marveled at its taste and odor. He felt strongly that he’d love to be a cunnilinctus. Sheila wanted to shout by her son’s name begging him to lick and slurp her pussy steaming with desire. Instead, she feigned dreaming and uttered very softly, “Dick, I’m feeling so good! Eat me to your heart’s content, my dear. ”The mention of his father’s nickname startled him the second time. He was afraid of being caught in the act if his mother would wake up. He got up from between her legs and hurried out. Sheila cursed herself at her stupidity but felt in her guts that that was just the beginning. Like a carnivorous animal having once the taste of blood, Anton would come back to his prey now that he had had the taste of his mother’s flesh. Now she should have patience and let the ordeal go on as a dream. She would feign that she was dreaming with her ex-husband. ________________…I am with the intention of writing its third part, if you are interested, that is.

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