Auntie Babs farm part 3


     Abigail's eyes fluttered, she woke up, and looked at the clock, it was a half hour later. She got dressed with a smile on her face, still feeling the pleasure of her orgasmic explosion. She eased open her bedroom door, and heard her Auntie Babs downstairs, working on preparing the evening meal. She crept downstairs, using the back staircase that led to the other exit. She didn't want her Auntie to know that she'd been upstairs, without her knowing. She walked around to the front door, and walked in.

     "Hi Auntie Babs!" she called out cheerfully.

     Her Auntie turned to face her, and Abby felt her pussy pulse with a zing of heat. She immediately saw Barbara as she had been, mentally undressing her, seeing her naked body on her bed, thighs spread wide, fucking herself with that buzzing pole of pleasure. She saw her large breasts bouncing around, her hips thrusting up at that vibrator, and Auntie's shrieks and howls of pleasure as she came like crazy.

     Smiling, Barbara replied, "Hello Abigail my dear. "

     Abby was thinking about giving her Auntie another passionate smooch, but the sound of Richard's boots on the outside porch put that idea on hold. Richard came in, and announced that the siding job on the barn needed another hour or so, and after dinner, he would finish it up.

     Barbara was grateful, Richard was certainly proving how invaluable his youth and strength could be.

     At the dinner table, Abby said she'd go out after dinner, and clean out the stalls.

     Barbara had roasted a big pork loin late last night, when the evening coolness had broken the heat of the day, and she was serving up big, tasty slices of cold pork, with homemade potato salad and her green bean casserole.

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   Richard packed away a generous helping, and he was soon out the door, heading back to the barn. Abby followed soon after, heading for the stalls.  

     Barbara let out a sigh or relief, the dinner had gone normally, both her niece and nephew seemed to be on less nervous, friendlier terms with her again. Perhaps it was just a lapse in judgement for Richard, what happened the other day.

     Almost as if it had been waiting for just that thing, her mind conjured up the image. She saw it as if she were outside the action, watching him dry humping at her ass, watching him splatter his load all over the seat of her shorts. She tried to shake it off, but she couldn't stop it, her point of view was suddenly back in her body, the feel of his cock staying rock hard and eager, his hands cupping her breasts, fingers tugging and tweaking at her nipples in the way that really got her motor running. The feel of her shorts loosening as he lowered her zipper, sliding down her legs, pooling around her ankles. Even as her mind had been yelling at her to stop, stop it now, her body had betrayed her. She had stepped out of her shorts, so she could spread her legs wider, and her own fingers had reached down and pulled aside the soaked panty crotch, her voice urging him on to fuck her, fuck her NOW. Oh god, it was so wrong, her body nothing more than a lust fueled furnace, but just the feel of his cock driving inside her, the feel of her aching pussy being split open, made her feel like she was alive again, she couldn't stop herself, she had thrust her hips back at him, getting every last bit of his cock inside her, and her pussy had shown no such hesitation, her warm wet muscles had eagerly milked his cock of every drop. Oh fuck, she was soaked again. She had her hand inside her shorts, teasing at the outline of her pussy, too lost in a haze of lust to realize that Richard had come back in.

     Richard saw it, knew it was his chance, his dick rose up like a crane on speed. He crossed the distance, wrapped his arms around her, and Barbara's eyes opened wide.

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   She saw her nephew's face, and she didn't give a damn anymore. She grabbed his head, and pulled his lips tightly against her. She felt his tongue licking at her lips, she eagerly let him in, and the feel of his tongue probing her mouth just threw more gasoline on the fire of lust that was raging inside her. He broke the tongue swirls of passion, and picked her up. She felt like Scarlett O'Hara, as Richard carried her up the stairs just like Rhett Butler had done.

     In her bedroom, Richard slowly stripped her, his eyes wide, his cock bulging as she was now totally naked in front of him. She felt a blush of heat as his eyes drank in the sight, her shoulder length red hair, jade green eyes, big, succulent melons, a real redheaded muff, a nice curve to her hips, and very sexy legs.

     Barbara eagerly stripped him down, and growled with need at the sight of his 8 inches of steel hard cock, seeing that hard, stiff rod so ready to plunder her. And all she wanted at this very moment was to be plundered. She was gushing, she needed to be fucked, NOW. She jumped on her back, spreading her thighs wide for him.

     "Fuck, fuck, I need it, fuck me my darling nephew, give me your cock NOW!"

     "Oh yeah, you are so sexy, baby, I'm gonna give my Auntie Babs the filling you need!"
     Hearing him call her Auntie Babs just about drove her insane.

It was so wrong, so perverted, so fucking nasty, and so fucking HOT, to let her Sister's son fuck her, but she was beyond the idea of it being taboo, if anything, it spurred her on. She felt the nudge of his cock against her, with a growling moan of desire, Barbara thrust her hips up hard, eager to get it inside her, and felt the stretch as Richard's 8 inches slid smoothly into her. Oh yeah, he was in, deep inside, she growled with pleasure as she felt her walls being parted by Richard's thick cock, her pussy was bubbling with juices.

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   Richard slid in balls deep easily, the heat and her juices surrounding his cock was superb, and he let out a grunt of pleasure, fuck, his Auntie Babs felt insanely good.   She wrapped her legs around his waist, tilting her hips up, eager to get every last bit of his cock stuffed up between her needy, aching pink walls. He pulled back and buried his hardness into her wet, hot pussy again, starting the rhythm going.

     Barbara felt the pumping in and out, my god, she had needed it so much. Her fingers and her dildo just couldn't come close to the feel of having a real, living cock deep inside her, a horny, well hung young man pumping her pussy, eager to fill her with his load. Her pussy was so soaked, she could hear the wet squelching sound as Richard's cock pumped her creaming center over and over, pounding her towards orgasm. Barbara's squeals of pleasure filled the room as he drove balls deep over and over, she could feel his cock get even harder, swelling with a massive urgency, she felt his cock pierce her cervix, and that did it. She plunged over the edge, her voice rose to a shrieking wail of pleasure as her overheated pussy got the release it needed, her orgasm slamming into her, body shaking and shuddering, her inner muscles gripping at Richard's cock.

     Richard could felt the tight clamp, his cock wrapped in the tight, wet, clutching heat, her warm wet muscles gripping and milking greedily at his manhood. That took him over the edge, he felt the load streak up his shaft, Richard let out a roar, and his hips hunched wildly at his Auntie, and he was cumming too, his cock spewed crazily, thick ribbons gushing, pouring his sperm directly into her womb.

     Barbara could feel the throbbing pulses, the explosion and the feel of his jetting streams of hot cum, gushing like a fountain into her very depths. It just kept her orgasm going, my god, she felt like she'd shake apart.

     Richard grunted, growled, as his cock continued to spew wildly, his seed pouring hotly in Auntie Babs' superb heat. His cock gushed out the last few dribbles, Auntie Babs' superb tightness milking out every drop, as he flopped down, his cock milked better than any of the teen pussies he'd had. When he was 15, he'd fucked his girlfriend Allison Lowman, they'd both been virgins, and it was not a memorable experience.

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   His next girlfriend, 16 year old Carole Barker, had been more experienced, and they'd done it several times, it was enjoyable, but nothing like his Auntie. The tight grip that sucked wildly at his cock, the hungry milking spasms, so fucking hot and enjoyable, it was like nothing he'd ever felt before.
    He looked over at his Auntie, she was spread out on her back, a look of joy on her face. Seeing her body stretched out like that got his cock going again. His eyes latched on to her red headed muff, god, so fucking sexy, he wanted to lick her tight, red beaver.

     Barbara was floating giddily on her post orgasmic wave, when she felt her legs being parted. She looked between the spread of her thighs, saw Richard's face, preparing to get up close and personal with her pussy.  

     "Oh yes, my sweet nephew, lick me right there!"

     Richard could smell the musty heat, and her pink lips beckoned him. He slid his tongue up and down, teasing at her pinkness, hearing his Auntie Babs making soft cries of pleasure. It spurred him on, knowing he was making her feel so good. He gently pulled her lips apart, and slid his tongue between her pink seam, digging deep, swirling his tongue around, drawing his tongue back, and digging deep again. The taste of their combined passions mingled, and he eagerly tasted it, relishing the combination, and wanting more. He realized he was actually tasting his own cum. He was startled for just a second, then realized it didn't make him weird. Hell, his own girlfriends had not only sucked him off, all of them had eagerly swallowed as much as he could pump into their hot, eager mouths.

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   If they can taste my load, so can I.

     Barbara looked between her legs with passion glazed eyes, saw the head bobbing between the spread V of her thighs. Richard's hot panting breath, and the liquid touch of his tongue and lips against her were electrifying. She felt his mouth moving up, getting closer to that twitching ache, and then she felt is, as he positioned his mouth directly over her pink, hard clit. She felt his tongue snake out, and slide gently over her, she let out a gasp of pleasure as she felt the hot, wet caress of his tongue sliding over her clit, she felt it eagerly straining for more.

     "Yes, oh yes my sweet nephew, there, oh god, lick me right there, make my cum" she cooed.

     Richard eagerly obliged, he had discovered that he loved to eat pussy when he was 14. His first girlfriend, Jess Bolton, had more than hinted about how she'd heard that eating pussy was fantastic, and could he please do that for her? She'd batted her eyelashes at him, and in less than a minute, she'd been flat on her back, naked, with Richard eagerly lapping at her. Jess knew what felt good, it may have been his first time at oral sex, but Jess wasn't afraid to take his head gently in her hands, and she guided Richard to the right spot, and it didn't take long before Jess was crying out, her body wracked with orgasmic spasms, as Richard's tongue brought her off, hard.

She was happy to give back, and Richard growled with pleasure as she slid her mouth down his hard cock, giving him his first blow job. Though it was her first time at oral sex too, she knew what she was doing, and Richard felt like his head was going to blow off as she very soon had him exploding, his streams jetting into her mouth, which she eagerly swallowed. Every time after that, they gave each other the oral pleasure, and Richard had become a pussy licker par excellence. He brought his skills to bear, and soon, he had his sexy Auntie Babs thrashing, growling and squealing with pleasure as she exploded, her juices gushing, giving him lots of her tasty juices to swallow.

    Barbara was in a lust frenzy, she saw his cock, rock hard and ready for more, and she wanted it. She urged him to lie back, his cock pointing skyward, and she squatted above him, lining up her slick entrance with his eager cock, nudging the head against her.

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   With a smile of desire, Barbara mounted, she pushed down hard, impaling herself, feeling the hard thickness parting her pink walls as she took him in. Their shared sounds of pleasure filled the bedroom as Barbara slid down his pole of pleasure, taking him in balls deep. God, the feeling of having a stiff, rock hard cock stretching her pink walls open was just beyond compare. She started to rock herself on his cock, giving it to him slow and teasingly.

     Richard could feel her hot, moist sheath engulfing his shaft, wrapped around his cock like a tight velvet lined glove. Auntie Babs rode him, giving his a ride unlike any other. Her desire mounted, and she couldn't keep the slow motion going. She started to ride Richard harder and faster, her hips pumping up and down.

     Richard could feel his cock quickly reaching that point, the feel of his Auntie Babs wrapped tightly around him, stroking at him again and again in that pleasure grip, seeing her big, succulent melons bouncing up and down in time with her thrusting motions, and watching the joy and delight play across her face as she rode him, was all coming together, and he worked hard on delaying his explosion, he wanted her to cum, and cum hard.

     It took just a few more seconds before his Auntie Babs did just that, her body started to shake, and she let out wordless cries of pleasure as she felt her orgasm engulfing her again, filling her with that giant burst of pleasure. She felt the spasming tightness of her inner warm wet muscles gripping and milking greedily at Richard's cock, and that took him over. With a loud growl of pleasure, he bucked up hard into her, pulling her hips tightly against him, and she felt the heat as his big balls exploded, squirting a fresh load of thick, hot cream upwards into her depths.

     As Barbara felt her orgasm start to ebb, she leaned down, and Richard pulled her close, his cock still rock hard. Barbara loved the feel of his thick, hard manhood, still keeping her walls spread apart. She could feel his cum begin draining from her still pulsing pussy and onto his balls.

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     They suddenly heard the downstairs door open and close, and Abby's voice.

     "Auntie Babs. . Richard. . are you home?"

     That broke the spell, and they virtually flew up off the bed.

     Barbara said, "I'm up here Abigail, I'll be right down. Richard's taking a shower!"

     Richard grabbed his clothes, gave her a hard kiss on the lips, and quickly scurried off to his bedroom. He dumped his clothes on the bed, dashed into the bathroom, and cranked on the shower. Under the hot spray of water, her soaped up, his mind rerunning that fantastic fuck. Fuck, his Auntie Babs, such a total hot fuck, man, he wanted her, a lot more than just once, she'd worked over his cock in a way like no other. Just the remembrance of spewing his balls into her tight, milking depths made his cock rock hard. He was thinking that later tonight, after Abby was in bed and asleep, he'd have to go back to her room, and see if she was up for more hot sex.

     Downstairs, Abby was talking to her Auntie Babs, she was listening with only half her attention, her mind kept envisioning her nephew's body on top of hers, his hard cock pumping deep inside her, and the sizzling hot load he'd unleashed. She was over the naughty incest angle, she was a vibrant 45, her sex drive had gone into overdrive, Clint had kept her well serviced, and she needed it more and more.

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   She thought about Clint, oh Clint, where are you, my god, please come back, wherever you are. Until that time, if he returned, her nephew had what she needed, and she hoped he would be interested in more.


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