Brother & Sister: Part 1


"Oh my god Trisha! You look wonderful!"Scott ran over to his older sister and hugged her. He hasn't seen her in over 2 years ever since she moved to Montreal to finish studying for her master's degree in Business. "Scott you little moron I missed you!"Scott took a step back and turned around to give his sister a view of his now well toned body, dressed in denim jeans and a tight body shirt. Scott was a jock in school, and even though jocks were considered show-offs, he was proud of his title because of all the perks that came with it: namely girls and popularity. Scott was not the BEST looking jock, but he still had attractive features. His eyes were a hazel, honey-like color. His black hair wasn't too short or too long, and it was styled in a messy way. Scott was 18 years old, and would soon graduate from school and move to Montreal to stay with Trisha. "Well? What do you think? Have I grown or have I grown?" he said with a smile. "Wow! You've changed so much! Gotten all big and muscular. Who're you trying to impress, huh?""Haha, no one. . . I just decided to get in shape that's all. "She didn't look half bad either. She was wearing a short red dress that did a wonderful job of outlining her hot body and her sexy curves.

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   He checked her out over and over before saying: "You've been doing a great job keeping yourself in shape too Trish! Looking sexier than ever!""Hey now, don't get all perverted on me!" she said, starting to slightly blush. He loved his relationship with his sister, how they would talk about anything and everything, and how they've never been ashamed of each other. "Come on, mom and dad are waiting. " He picked up her bags and they walked out of the airport doors. They got home, and after all the kissing, hugging and greeting was done and over with, Trisha went up to her room to unpack and shower. Scott stood in the doorway as she unpacked, talking to her about his ex-girlfriends, about how his senior year of highschool has been pretty dull till now, the football team, and other things going on in his life. As he talked and she unpacked, he couldn't stop looking at her ass. "Stop it you pervert, she's your fucking sister," he thought to himself. But he couldn't help it. At 24, Trisha was probably what most guys' wet dreams were all about. 5'7", long black hair that she liked to tie back in a bun, which helped emphasize her gorgeous green eyes, and the most wonderful pair of 36-C's known to man, all mounted on a perfectly shaped, curvaceous body. His friends had always cracked jokes at the fact that if Trisha was their sister, they'd be fucking her day and night. And the only reason Scott always cussed them out and also laughed along instead of getting pissed was that deep down, he wished for the very thing they were joking about. He couldn't take it anymore. He moved closer to his sister, a look of lust completely taking over his face.

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   She looked at him, puzzled. "Scott what's wrong? Are you okay?"He said nothing. He just looked at her. He wanted her, and he wanted her NOW. He grabbed her and pushed her onto the bed. "Scott what're you-" but she barely had time to utter those words before Scott was on top of her, pinning her down. Being 6'2" and simply a mass of muscle, there was no way she could get away from him. She squirmed and squirmed, then she just stopped and looked at him with a look of fear in her eyes. Then, she figured out what he wanted. "Scott. . . you're my brother. . .

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   we can't-""Shhh. It's okay. . . " He moved closer and closer to her lips. . . "Scott! Having another wet dream?" Scott snapped back to reality. She smiled at him. He didn't quite get what she meant until he looked down and saw what she was talking about. "Oh! Shit. . . I'm sorry. .


  . " He was beyond embarassed; his 8 inch cock stood straight and hard through his jeans. Trisha started laughing, gave him and wink and said:"Well don't just stand there you freak! Go do something about that! I don't want that in my face all day!"He breathed a sigh of relief. He was glad she was taking this as a joke. He managed a smile and went to his room. He closed the door, shut his eyes and tried to erase that dream about him and Trisha from his **************"Trisha will you PLEASE hurry up?" Scott was getting very impatient waiting for his sister to finish getting dressed so they could head down to the gym together. Finally Trisha came downstairs, and Scott's eyes bulged out of their sockets. "What're you looking at dork?" she asked as she playfully shoved him aside and went out the door. She was halfway across the lawn when she turned around. "Well? Today?""Oh! Yeah. . . coming. . .

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  " Scott could barely talk. His sister simply took his breath away. She was wearing the tightest shorts and top, and he could clearly see hard hard nipples sticking out through the plain red top she was wearing. He got into the car and fumbled with the keys trying to put them in the socket to start the engine. Suddenly Trisha put her hand on his hand and guided it to place the key properly. Their eyes locked for a second, and she asked: "Scott sweety, are you ok?""I. . . yeah, I'm cool," he started the engine and drove to the **************"Hey kids! How'd the workout go?" Trisha and Scott's parents sat cuddling on the couch watching TV. "It was cool, had a pretty decent work out, which doesn't really go for this little wimp here. " She put her arm around Scott. "Scott sweety what's the matter?" asked his mom. "It's nothing, I'm just exhausted, I couldn't focus on working out today. I'm just gonna go shower and get some rest. " Trisha pushed her brother aside and ran upstairs yelling: "Not if I'm there before ya!""Great.

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  . . just what I need," he thought. He went up to his room and switched his PC on. He hadn't masturbated in quite a while since he never really needed to; his past girlfriends were always "there for him at times of need. " But now he needed to blow his load, because Trisha was driving him crazy. He opened his hidden file where he kept all his porn. After browsing for a few seconds, he played a movie of a sister riding her younger brother's cock. "You lucky son of a bitch," he said to the brother on the screen, taking his cock out of his gym shorts. The brother now grabbed his sister, turned her around, and started fucking her ass. "Oh Jason! You're so fucking big!!"Jason continued to ram his sister, but Scott wasn't paying attention anymore. His thoughts drifted off to the sounds of the shower, where Trisha was probably soaping her body up while he sat there jerking off to a movie he had memorized by heart. Scott closed his eyes, and he was standing naked in the shower with Trisha. She had her back to him, and soap covered her entire body. Scott almost came just at the site of the mixture of soap and water running down her shoulders, down her lower back, and then down her beautiful curves and the sexiest butt cheeks ever.

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   He couldn't move, he was paralyzed at how sexy and gorgeous she was. Her ass, her tits, her legs, her pussy, he wanted it all, and yet his desire couldn't even get him to budge. She turned towards him, giving him the sexiest "come-fuck-me" look. She handed him a loofa and said: "Here, u can do my back. " She gave him her back again, and he slowly started to scrub her back gently with the loofa. As he did that, she started letting out moaning sounds. Scott kept on scrubbing Trisha's back, and Trisha's moans of ecstacy continued. She suddenly turned around, and Scott had a full view of her body. . . She had beautiful tits, and her pussy was shaved, which was the one thing that turned him on more than anything. He spent a good 30 seconds admiring her body, and then he locked eyes with her. She was giving him a look with her gorgeous green eyes; a look that he had never seen before. It was a look controlled by an animal's instinct. It was a look of pure lust.

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   They stood there for a while, just looking into each other's eyes. Trisha then finally spoke:"Scott. . . I want you. . . "Hearing that was more than enough for Scott. As if the words physically touched his cock, he instantly climaxed and shot his load. . . Scott returned to reality and opened his eyes at the site of stream after stream of hot cum shooting up in the air. He was making a mess, but at that glorious moment, at the height of one's sexual fantasy, he simply didn't care (nor would any guy in that situation!). He rolled his eyes into the back of his head and simply enjoyed it, letting out a rough grunt between every stream that shot out of his cock. As he came down from his climax, he looked around.

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  "Fuck. . . " he said to himself, realizing that he had gotten cum all over his shorts, and over the computer table. Some of the cum that landed on the edge of the table was now slipping over the edge and was falling into the floor in sticky streams. "Shit, what a mess. . . " he thought to himself. But he wasn't going to move yet, he was still resting from his explosive climax. Suddenly he heard Trisha. In his moment of pleasure he hadn't noticed that the sound of the shower was gone, signalling the end of Trisha's shower. "Scott," she said as she opened the door and entered the room. "I just wanted to ask, do you want to go with me and a few friends to Hank's-" she froze in her tracks. .

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  . "-pub. . . " She saw it all. Scott, with his cock still in his hands all covered in cum, with some streams of cum on the computer table and over his shorts. Scott was too stunned to even attempt to look for something to cover himself with. Scott started talking to himself: "Shit. . . shit. . . shit. .


  . this is bad, this is REALLY fucking bad, okay. . . okay just calm down, make a joke out of it. . . wait no that's stupid. . . " But he didn't have to say anything, Trisha spoke first, finally breaking the awkward silence between them:"Umm. . . wow, this is obviously a bad time. Sorry.

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  . . " But for some reason, she just stood there, looking. Scott noticed that she had a towel wrapped tightly around her body, tight enough to make it seem that her breasts were about to explode out of the towel. Her wet hair fell over her shoulders and down to her upper back. She was absolutely stunning. Then Scott thought to himself: "This is stupid, I just got caught with my pants down, literally, and here I am thinking about how hot my sister is. . . " He finally willed his clean hand to move and grab his gym towel, and he used it to cover himself up. Then he decided to break the awkward silence:"Trisha, you know you can leave now, and fucking KNOCK before you come in next time!""I'm sorry," she replied, "I'm so, so sorry. . . " She quickly left and shut the door. Scott slumped in his chair: "Jesus.

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  . . " He recovered from what had just happened, and he started cleaning himself up. One question kept repeating itself: "Why did she just stand there in the beginning? Normally a person would have left right away. . . "As Scott cleaned up, he realised that Jason was still fucking his sister on his computer screen. "Oh Jason!!! I'm gonna cum!!!"He closed the media player, and then a thought hit him:"This was still playing when Trisha came in, what if she saw it?" But he quickly dismissed that though thinking that even if she had seen it, she probably was too shocked to realise that this was an incest movie, she probably thought it was some regular porn movie. Considering the fact that she just caught him masturbating, it was no big deal. He finished cleaning up, grabbed a towel and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Trisha was now in her room, still soaking wet from her shower. She stood with her back to the door, looking down at the floor, obviously involved in some deep thought. She knew what she had just seen. She was sure of it. There was absolutely no mistake: Scott had just finished masturbating, and she caught him in the act.

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   But that wasn't what was on her mind; two other things were on her mind. The first was that Scott was definately checking her out. The second thing was that as Scott checked her out, she stole a glance and saw something else. And there was no mistake about what she had seen. She knew what she had seen on the computer screen, and she was also sure of the sounds that came out of the speakers, and what was being said: "Fuck me bro! Fuck me!" That one sentence was all she could hear during the entire awkward moment, but it was enough. The sentence played over and over in Trisha's head. Yes, she was sure. After a few seconds, a soft smile made its way accross her lips. (end of part 1)alrighty then!!! based on demand and based on suggestions, part 2 might be cumming soon ;).