Brothers Love and Protection Part 1


After a few minutes she once again pulled away and smiling she turned from him and went to get her bag and car keys. “Here let me carry that. ” He took the bag from her hands and carried it to her car. “I’ll see you in a week darling. I love you Anthony never forget that”“I love you too Kelly. I’ll miss you. ”Kelly reached out and touched his hand and then reversed out of the driveway and out onto the road towards the highway. “Stupid school!” Anthony said as he walked back inside his apartment, he loved his sister, he knew it was wrong but he didn’t care, they had moved from their country town to the city so that they could start a new life together where no one knew them or their history. Their parents had almost had mental breakdowns when they had found out about what two of their children had been up to. It had gotten to the point where their father had banned him from coming to the house or even being around his own sister. It hadn’t worked though, he had managed to get a letter to her saying that if she still wanted him to sneak out of the house one night and meet him at his friend Jack’s house, another person their parents didn’t approve of. From there they would be able to move away and be together with no one interfering. He sat down on the couch and turned on the T. V. nothing on. Just what he needed when he wanted his mind to wander and not focus on the fact that his sister wasn’t going to be with him for a week.

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   He desperately tried not to think of all the guys that would be hitting on her during the next week but it wasn’t working, nothing he did was working, Kelly was the only thing that he could think of. Kelly reached the front door of her school apartment and slowly opened it. It was just as she remembered it, before all the unpleasantness of her parents had come and spoiled the school side of things for her. There was a pile of letters on the floor beside the door and she picked them up. As she flicked through them she went into her room and opened the curtains and the window to give the room a good airing out before she moved back to her place in the city with her brother for good. There was a yellow envelope behind a bill and she opened it suspiciously. Who would be sending her romantic letters? Anthony wouldn’t. He had no need to. Glancing at it quickly she scanned to the bottom to see who the author was. “CRAIG!” she cried out! Why was this guy still pestering her? She had dumped him ages ago yet he still wouldn’t leave her alone. She hadn’t told Anthony about this as she knew he would get jealous and do the whole, “but your mine!” thing. She re-read the letter, properly this time, to find out if he had taken the hint that she didn’t want to be with her anymore. The phone rang and Anthony hurried over to answer it, after all Kelly may have been calling, “Hello?”“Hello Anthony, I don’t exactly know why I’m calling you in the first place considering that I swore I would never speak to you again. Is Kelly there?”“No mom she isn’t she’s gone back to school for a week to get the rest of her stuff. ”“Are you still going out with her? Or have you tired of her and got some other piece of trash?”“MOM! How can you speak about your own daughter like that? I know you don’t like what Kelly and me are doing but we love each other, you can’t stop us! Clearly you failed to do that when you locked her in her room.

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  ”“Anthony, don’t speak to me like that! I am still your mother whether you like it or not! I should have known better than to call, I should have known that you wouldn’t have grown up!”“Mom, just stop, okay? Listen to yourself? Yes maybe what Kelly and I are doing is morally wrong, but it’s not like we are trying to do it behind your backs, you at least know. Now do you actually have anything that you wanted to say to me? Or were you just calling me to insult me?”“Oh I’ve had enough Anthony, Goodbye!” She hung up. “I can’t believe she’s still this angry! It was months ago that she found out. ” Anthony went upstairs to the bedroom and tried to get some rest, he knew that it was a pointless idea, considering that the bed would smell of Kelly but he still had to try. By midnight Kelly had managed to pack most of stuff. She was proud of herself, usually this would have taken her days but she wanted to get back to Anthony, she missed him more than she had expected to. There was a knock on the door, she got up and answered it, it was Craig. “What do you want?”“I told you in my letter Kelly, I want to be with you. I can’t stand being without you, you say that you’ve got some other guy, but I bet he isn’t as good as I was, I want you back Kelly. ”“I told you no, Craig. With good reason too. You hit me! The guy I’m with would never do that, he’s ten times the guy you will ever be. ” The conversation was turning nasty and Kelly didn’t want to have a fight with Craig face to face. It could get violent she knew what his temper was like. “Okay, fair enough.

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   I know I hurt you Kelly but I wont do it again. I love you! You have to believe me. ”“I’m sorry Craig. I’ve fallen for that before and I came out of it the worse, I wont go back to that, no matter how hard you try to convince me. ”Craig pushed past her and into the hallway; he knew that if he was inside then she wouldn’t be able to push him out as easily. He wanted her back and didn’t care what he had to do to get her. Kelly walked away from him and into the bedroom; she continued to pack the rest of her clothes and belongings into the boxes and suitcases she had brought with her, all the while trying to ignore Craig and his pleadings to go back to him. Before she could react Craig had wrapped his arms around her waist and was forcing her to look at him. “CRAIG! GET OFF OF ME!” Kelly screamed at him, she could see the glint in his eye and knew what it meant, she was terrified, for nearly a year she had been free of him and now she was on the verge of being hurt, once again by him. “No. Kelly. I’m not letting go this time. I know you want me I just have to prove it too you. ”The whole scenario was useless; there was no way that Kelly could get away from him. He was way too strong, originally that had been one of the turn on's and the reasons for her going out with him, now it was different.

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   He pinned her down on the bed and ripped her skirt and panties off her in one go. Kelly had gone numb; she couldn’t believe what was happening to her, she didn’t want to believe it. How could Craig do this to her? Craig ignored her screams and her futile attempts to push him off her. He separated her legs with ease and pushed roughly into her. Her scream was blood curdling. He was ripping her flesh as he continued to push into her. She would calm down soon and begin to enjoy it, he knew she would. She was crying and the tears were rolling down her cheeks in waves, she could feel her flesh being torn apart the further he went into her. It seemed like ages but he eventually finished and pulled out of her allowing a stream of blood, sweat and sperm to spill out of her and onto her body and the bed. She lay there not moving. She had closed her eyes so she wouldn’t have to look at him or at what he had done to her. Craig wiped himself off on her hair and left. Anthony was lying in bed and watching T. V. some lame movie was on and his mind was slipping out of focus on what he watching.

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   He wondered how Kelly was. She would probably be asleep right now. He wished that she was there with him. He would be able to snuggle up against her and cuddle him to her. He would be asleep for one thing. He sighed, turned of the T. V. and settled himself down for a sleepless night. An hour later the phone rang, he answered it on the second dial. “Hello?”“Anthony?” it was Kelly, she sounded upset and she was obviously crying. “Baby what’s wrong?”“Can you come and get me?”“Kelly tell me what’s going on?”“Please Anthony just come get me, please?” she was crying more than ever now and the pain between her legs was taking it’s toll. “I’ll be there as soon as I can Kelly, just try to relax. ” Anthony hung up the phone, pulled on his jeans and grabbed his car keys. He’d only been on the road an hour and noticed that he needed petrol. He pulled into a petrol station and filled up.

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   He went inside to pay and as he reached the desk he saw that they had teddy bears for sale. By the sounds of Kelly she needed a teddy bear. He bought a cream one with a blue bow and rushed back to his car. He had to get there soon, what could have made her so upset? Kelly was strong. If she was missing him she would have just said so. Something awful must have happened; this wasn’t the Kelly he knew. He reached her apartment after a further two hours of driving. The door was open and he could hear her crying from the outside hallway. He ran in and saw the bedroom light on. He could guess at what had happened almost instantly. There was blood on the sheets and Kelly herself had blood all over her legs and hands. She had curled herself up in a corner and was hugging her knees and crying. Anthony walked towards her slowly and sunk to the ground beside her. “Kelly sweetheart?” she didn’t respond she just kept on crying. Anthony reached out a hand slowly and ever so gently placed it onto her bruised arm.

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   She flinched and he withdrew it immediately. “Kelly, who did this?” Kelly slowly raised her head and looked into her brother’s face. She could see the anguish in his face and a fresh wave of tears began to spill down her face. Anthony gently leaned over and pulled her to him. This time there was no resistance and she fell heavily into his arms. “Come on Kelly. Let’s get you cleaned up. ” Anthony bent down and carefully manoeuvred her so that he was able to carry her without causing her pain. He lowered her gently into the bathtub and filled it with lukewarm water. He grabbed a soft hand towel and began to wash her down. He wiped her face and then moved down to her neck and chest. The water was turning pink as the wash cloth brushed the blood and fluids off her body and into the water. He paused when he reached her stomach, he didn’t want to touch her if she didn’t want him to. “Kelly I have to wash the blood off your legs and then further up. Do you want me to do it? Or do you want to do it yourself?”“You can Anth, I know you wont hurt me.

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  ”“Okay, but if it hurts in anyway tell me to stop, I will. ”He started at her feet and then slowly moved upwards, making sure to only lightly brush the mess off her and not scrub it away. He finally finished cleaning her and drained the water away. He threw the hand towel away and pulled out a soft, fluffy towel to dry her off with. She slowly stood up, wincing with pain. Anthony helped her out of the bath and let her stand on the soft bathmat on the floor. He placed the towel softly on her shoulders and then gently rubbed the water away. He left the towel on the floor and lead her slowly into her bedroom. He got some clean clothes out of a suitcase and helped her to get dressed. He then sat her down on the chair in front of the dressing table and began to finish off the packing she had started. It was 7 a. m. by the time he had finished. It had been a long night and both of them needed sleep, yet he knew that Kelly wouldn’t be able to in this apartment after what had happened to her that night. “Come on Kelly, let’s go home.

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  ” Anthony picked up a suitcase and carried it down the stairs to his car. When he had finished packing up the car he went back into the apartment to get Kelly. She was standing at the window and was looking down at the football field. Anthony came up behind her to see what was so fascinating. There was guy kicking a ball around. He was tall and had dark, brown hair that was being swept back and forth by the wind. He looked strong and his muscles rippled under his tight shirt. Anthony looked at Kelly and saw that there were tears threatening to run down her cheeks again. “Kel is this the guy who did it?” Kelly didn’t answer, it was all the proof he needed. He knew that if it hadn’t been she would have been able to answer him. “Kelly I’ll be right back okay? Stay here. ”“No, Anthony don’t go and talk to him please! I don’t want him to know!”“Kelly scum like this can’t get away with raping people; they have to be told that it’s not right. ”“But he’ll hurt you, Anthony I don’t want anything to happen to you. ”“I’ll be fine Kel, I promise. ” He bent down and kissed her on the cheek and then he turned and went down to the football field.

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