Caring for Dad pt 2


After catching my wife “caring” for her sick father I decided that I had to take advantage of this situation for my own gain. Teresa was ready to do anything to keep me from leaving her. First I made it clear that she was now going to be my fuck toy and she was not to refuse any request. I guess I wanted to punish her as well as serve my perverted sexual fantasies. Tom didn’t know I knew about their affair. I made Teresa return to his house the following Friday under guise of checking to see if he was ok…. I rode in the backseat of her SUV and when we arrived I hid under a blanket while she parked in the garage and unloaded her bags for the weekend. I reminded her that she was to do anything I instructed her to do by text message. She agreed. I gave her an alarm clock that doubled as a covert camera and told her to place it on the window sill where I watched them fuck the first time. It was a wireless camera and I could record everything on a laptop I had with me. I stayed in the garage until I knew they were settled in the living room then I snuck into the kitchen and down to the basement to setup shop. Until I had everything setup I had no idea what was going on between Teresa and her Dad. I could hear them talking but nothing sounded sexual. After getting my command center ready I texted her to take Tom out for dinner.   Within 5 minutes I heard them walking out to the garage and leave in her SUV.

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  Now with free run of the house I put my plan into action. I installed cameras in every room of the house including the sun porch where the hot tub is. I made sure I was able to pan and zoom and cover almost every inch of each room. An hour and a half passed and I heard the garage door open so I made my way back to the basement. I gave them a few minutes to get settled and then I grabbed my cell phone and texted Teresa it was time to begin. I saw her read her phone and in moments she got up from her chair and walked over and sat next to her dad on the sofa. She snuggled next to him and he was more than willing to cuddle her. His left arm was hugging her and her right hand was rubbing the top of his left leg while they watched TV. Tom got the message and soon leaned down and lifted her chin up so he could plant a kiss on her full red lips. Here’s a kiss that lasted a long time. I zoomed in and could tell they were French kissing like a couple of teenagers on a Sat night. They were now in a full embrace and Tom made his move like a real Romeo…His right hand slid up her side til he was cupping her right tit.   I saw Teresa react to his touch and knew this could be another good session.  In no time Tom had her top and bra open as he began to nurse on each nipple and had his other hand slip beneath her waistband. I could see his hand rubbing her pussy and she was almost in a dream state.

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  Suddenly she sat up and pushed him back on the sofa and like a woman possessed she went for his zipper and let Tom’s cock free. She lowered her head and started sucking his dick like a vacuum cleaner. She licked and sucked and kissed every inch of his 73 year old cock and balls. The same cock that made Teresa. Tom’s breathing was getting shallow and labored and he arched his back and unloaded in to Teresa’s mouth a generous load. She slurped up everything then they kissed again. Teresa told him they should turn in for the night and Tom looked disappointed. Teresa went to the bathroom and started a shower. Tom on the other hand turned in and crawled into his bed. Teresa put her t-shirt and panties and crawled into bed (in the spare bedroom). I had a boner from hell and decided to take matters into my own hand and fell asleep after watching the video…. with a load all over my hand. Sat morning arrived and Tom was up early, made coffee and took a cup into Teresa. He sat on the side of the bed and kissed her awake. Teresa took the coffee and sipped it.

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   Tom told her he wanted to take her shopping so she should get up and dressed. While she was getting dressed she texted me that she was going to let him buy her some new clothes. I told her she had to be back by 2pm. I had plans for them. After they left I opened a small case I had brought and inside was an assortment of adult toys. I had planned to get Tom to fuck Teresa in every way possible when they got home. I heard the garage door open; I looked at the clock, 2pm …. She was doing just want I wanted her to do.   Back in the basement I watched as they brought their packages into the living room. I grabbed my cell and texted Teresa, “Get your Dad in the spare bedroom! There are vibrators and analeze on the nightstand. Get him to use them on you and let him fuck you in all 3 holes…INCLUDING YOUR ASS. ”Teresa was an ass virgin and I knew that if she wanted to stay in this marriage she would even give that up. I could see the look on her face. It was pure panic and I loved it. Teresa put her phone down and turned to her Dad.

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   She kept saying how much she appreciated him taking her shopping. He hugged her and gave her a light kiss on the lips. He looked her in the eyes and said, “Show me how much you appreciate it. ” And started pushing her shoulders down indicating he wanted a blowjob. Teresa unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. It was already hard. She licked the shaft using her tongue like an expert. She rubbed the head against her lips and slowly let it slip into her mouth. She worked his cock over for a good 10 minutes. I was surprised Tom lasted so long. I saw his head fall back and knew it wouldn’t be long now. She had to stop or she wouldn’t get that dick in her ass until much later. Tom didn’t want to blow his load either I guess because he pulled her up and gave her a real deep kiss. He grabbed her hand and led her into the bedroom. Whew saved by this perverts desire for his daughter’s pussy.

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  I had to shake my head. Here was a man who worked for the church as a Deacon for over 50 years and now was going the fuck his own daughter. I pulled up the bedroom camera and there they were standing next to the bed making out and undressing at the same time. He removed her shirt and massaged her tits thru her bra while she was stroking his dick. Tom removed her bra and kissed her nipples while he unbuttoned her pants and started sliding them down her shapely legs. He let them go and they dropped to her ankles.   He is kissing his way down her body and hooked his fingers into the waistband of her bikini panties. He took his time sliding them down and kept kissing everything that was exposed. Now he is licking and kissing Teresa’s pussy lips. Tom moved her backwards till she is against the bed and falls back. Tom finished removing her pants and panties. He started taking his clothes off as fast has he could. There stood Teresa’s father naked and sporting a nice big boner! From what I could tell he was a good 9” and thick. I couldn’t wait to see him sink that rod up her ass. Teresa was lying on the bed waiting for her Dad to fuck her silly.


   Tom crawled up on the king size bed and started kissing and licking every inch of my wife’s body. He moved down to her pussy and licked her slowly from her taint to her clit and sucked her clit into his mouth and worked it with his tongue while sliding 2 fingers into her soaked pussy and rubbed her g spot while eating her pussy, She came hard in no time. It must have been a big one because Teresa almost passed out. He climbed on top of her and slid into her in one smooth motion. Teresa’s pussy opened up like the gates to Disney. As he fucked her I heard her say, “fuck me harder daddy. ” He pounded her little body as hard as he could. Her tits were bouncing all over the place and she looked like she was in heaven. Tom continued to pound her pussy she moaned and held him as close as she could. Her legs wrapped around her father’s back. He was pumping like a jackhammer. Teresa had another orgasm and was twisting her body all around. I guess Teresa remembered my text because I saw her whisper in his ear. Tom stopped fucking and pulled out. Teresa turned over and reached for the analeze I had placed on the night stand.

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   She gave it to him. He asked if she was sure about this…She looked over her back and said, “I’ve always wanted you to take my cherry and since that’s the only one left it’s all yours. ”
Tom looked like a kid at Christmas. He lubed up her ass and slowly placed the big purple head of his dick at the entrance of his daughter’s sweet little asshole. I was watching as my wife was about to take her father’s dick up her ass. The first dick to ever fuck that hole. I had the biggest boner but didn’t want to blow my load yet. He took his time and slowly eased the head into her. Teresa had grabbed a vibrator and was buzzing her clit. Inch by inch Tom was sinking deeper into Teresa. I could see her nipples had gotten so hard they looked like they could burst. Finally Tom was balls deep in her ass and was smiling from ear to ear. He started pumping slowly to let her get used to having him in her butt. It didn’t take long for him to get up to speed. He was hammering her ass while reaching around and twisting her eraser size nipples.

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   Teresa was screaming thru another orgasm and Tom was dumping a huge load in her ass.
I decided it was time to take this to the next level. I climbed the stairs from the basement  2 at a time and quietly opened the door to the bedroom. The sight was priceless. Here was my wife, Tom’s daughter, on her hands and knees panting heavily and with her Dad behind her, his dick still buried in her ass with his cum leaking out between his dick and her ass. I decided to break the mood and said, “So what’s going on in here?”Tom was stunned and his dick fell out of her ass and shriveled up like a deflated balloon. Tom started stuttering and stammering about how sorry he was and this had never happened before and yada yada yada…Tom was crying and begging forgiveness when Teresa turned around and hugged him. I told him there was going to be a price to pay for his perversion when all of a sudden I heard a car drive up. I looked out the window and saw it was one of Teresa’s cousins. Let me describe her cousin Suzie. 5’3 100 lbs and an amazing rack for her body size. They had to be C ups, blonde and an angelic looking face. Suzie had just turned 20 and was in college. I have always wanted her since she started growing tits. The whole time I am looking out the window I can hear Tom whining about how he will do anything if we could keep this quiet all the while Teresa is trying to console him in all her naked glory.

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  Brainstorm…. . Time to take this to the next level. I think seeing Teresa and Suz in a 69 would be great! Plus getting into Suzie’s pants…Glad I saved my load. I turned to Tom and told him that if he did as he was told he would survive this horrible episode in his life. He kept saying “I’ll do anything”. That’s all I wanted to hear. I told Teresa to go in and shower but not dress. She went in to the bathroom and closed the door. I told Tom it was time to pay for his sins. “Sit on the bed. Do not get dressed and wait till I come back. ” I zipped up my jeans and went to the front door and let Suzie in. I told her Teresa and I came up to spend the weekend with Dad and make sure he was feeling better. She asked how he was and I said, “He’s doing great.

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  ”Suz asked where he was and I said, “follow me. ”I grabbed her hand and led her into the bedroom and closed the door. Suzie stood there shocked and Tom was trying to cover up. I got them calmed down and explained to Suzie that I had caught her uncle in bed with Teresa. That he had seduced her and I was going to make sure his church knew what a pervert they had for a Deacon. Suzie loved her only uncle very much and I was hoping she loved him enough so that I could take advantage of this situation. Tom was crying saying I had promised not to tell. I said, “That’s before Suzie showed up. ”They both looked at me and asked what I meant by that. I calmly explained that since I had to endure the idea of an incestuous relationship between my wife and her Dad that I should get something out of it. Suzie, through trembling lips, asked what I wanted. “It’s simple, I think an old fashioned orgy starring Tom, you Suz and Teresa and I would be the price of silence. ”Suzie objected in the most serious tones and Tom was still crying. I told Suzie unless she drops her clothes and does as she is told her uncle would be ruined and I would make sure of it and her dad, Tom’s brother would likely kill him. I stood there waiting for some response and the room was quiet except for Tom sniffling.


   Without a word Suzie started taking off her top. I was as hard as blue steel. Just as she got her bra off the bathroom door opened and Teresa steps in to the bedroom. “What the hell is going on here?” I turned to her and reminded her about our deal…she kept on with, “you never said it involved Suzie, she’s just a kid. ”I told her kid or not she’s legal and she is going to help pay for her uncle’s actions too. By now Suzie had her clothes off lying on the floor. I scoped out this young vision and I was speechless. Her tits were perfect. Hard long nipples and they pointed up. She had breasts to die for. Her waist was very small and her pussy was framed in a thin layer of light blonde pubes. I could see a nicely pronounced set of lips and could swear I saw her clit peeking out of them. I told Teresa to kiss Suzie. She moved toward Suzie all the while Suzie is protesting that she’s not gay. I told her to shut up and do what I say or else.

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  Teresa gave me a dirty look and walked up to Suzie and gave her a sweet light peck on the lips. I chided her and told her that I want to see a deep lovers kiss. Teresa leaned in and planted a soul kiss and I saw her tongue darting in and out of Suzie’s mouth. Suzie responded with her tongue too. Suzie reached up and cupped Teresa’s left tit. Teresa ran her hands across Suzie’s shoulders and down to her incredible breasts. Her hands slowly moved around Suzie’s breasts and she lightly rubbed her fingers across her nipples. I saw Suzie’s skin burst into goose bumps that ran across her arms. Her nipples rose to a good inch long and bright red. I looked over at Tom and sure enough the old man hard the boner from hell. I told Teresa to make her way down Suzie’s slender belly and as Teresa reached Suzie’s mound I blurted out, "I see we haven't shaved in a while?" Suzie said, “I don’t shave…I like it natural. ”Teresa looked up at me as if needing instructions "Well, what are you waiting for? Kiss it and use your tongue!”She started kissing Suzie’s mound and Suzie started moaning. I love a moaner.  “Ladies, it’s time for bed. ” I said.

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   They climbed on the bed behind Tom and were lying next to each other. I told Tom it was time to use his tongue for more than ordering us all around. “Get to eating some pussy. ”He had a look of mixed emotion and was a little confused so I said, “ok start eating Suzie and Teresa will take care of Suzie’s tits. ” Teresa gave up as planned and gave Suz a lip lock and massaged Suzie’s tits. Tom kissed his way up Suzie’s left leg making his way to a previously unseen secret garden. As he got to the y between her legs she spread them wide and he began feasting on this beautiful girls charms. Suzie’s body was writhing head moving from side to side and Teresa was sucking her tits. I decided I wasn’t about to be left out so I moved to Suzie’s head and fed her my blue steel shaft. I was face fucking her as deep as I could. Occasionally gagging her and felt the head of my dick slid down her throat. What an amazing feeling to fuck her throat. Tom was still eating her pussy so I told him not to forget to ream her asshole with his tongue. He made short work of her ass and went back to suck her clit. As he sucked on her throbbing clit, she arched her back and grabbed his head trying to get him to never stop.

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   At one point I noticed her clit. It was huge. Almost looked like a miniature penis. It was at this point I had to take care of Suzie myself. What a sight…I was so happy that I had placed 2 camera’s in this room so I had to different angles of the action. I tapped Tom on the shoulder and said, “I’m cutting in. ”He sat up and moved over as I crawled up between my cousin in laws legs and started eating the pussy I have dreamed about for years. I told Tom he could take care of Teresa while I make sure Suzie’s pays her share.  Teresa stopped her nursing and sat up in front of dad. They embraced and he laid her back on the bed next to Suzie. Suzie was in the throes of another orgasm and I wanted to feel her from the inside. I kissed my way up her frame and while I was kissing those sweet young lips and squeezing her perfect tits I moved the head of my dick to her super wet cunt! Suddenly she stopped me and whispered in my ear that she can’t do this because she’s a virgin. I froze but just for a second. I whispered back not to worry, I’ll be gentle.  I moved forward and started to sink my dick in when I hit the wall.

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   She wasn’t lying, she was a virgin. I desperately wanted this cherry but was getting a bit of conscience thinking maybe I shouldn’t when Suzie grabbed me and said, “Please don’t stop now. ”. I pushed hard and popped her open. She screamed and arched her back against me. When she had a few seconds to get used to me inside her I started stroking in and out. Suzie wrapped her arms around my back while I took her legs and folded her in half. I was pounding away at the tightest pussy I have ever had. She was huffing and puffing and moaning very loudly. While I had her on the end of my dick I looked over and ole Dad was balls deep in his youngest child.
I couldn’t hold much longer after everything I had seen and done it was time to cum. I power thrusted into her and buried in deep and sprayed her innocent womb with a huge load. We held each other tight and kissed like lovers. Just then I heard Tom grunting and Teresa give a scream of passion then they were still. Tom had given Teresa another load.

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  What a sight! He sat up his dick was pointing straight up and starting to deflate. He grabbed Teresa’s hand and pulled her up. He didn’t have to say a word  Teresa leaned over and cleaned his cock and balls while he rubbed her back. I sat up and looked down at Suzie and her fresh fucked body. I had to burn that image in my mind. I turned to Tom and said, “Make her suck you back to life. You still have to service Suzie. ”Suzie was still basking in the glow of her first fuck. Once he was hard again I moved off the bed and Tom took my place between Suzie’s legs. She suddenly realized what was coming next and started to panic.  He grabbed her legs and spread them wide as he gave Suzie the second fuck of her life. In no time he had her yelling, “Fuck me uncle Tom, please fuck me harder. ” I looked at Teresa and pointed to my semi and she bent over and cleaned my dick off and continued till I filled her mouth with my last load of the day. I watched as Suzie got the fuck her uncle had wanted to give her since she was 12 he later confessed. He jammed her till he came so hard he got dizzy and fell over on his back trying to catch his breath.


   Tom’s dick was covered in her juices and both my cum and his. I told both girls, “I think he needs a cleaning. ”Teresa and Suzie crawled over to him and they double teamed him. Here were his daughter and only neice licking and sucking the dick that made Teresa.  When they were thru I told them there was only one thing they had left to do. Without anything more from me they grabbed each other and gave Tom and I the best lesbo show possible. Teresa was sucking Suzie’s giant clit like it was a dick and Suzie was giving Teresa a tongue lashing in both holes. I could see them lapping up the cum flowing from both of them and enjoying the cream pies that contained both my cum and their Tom’s.  Tom looked at me and asked if I was satisfied……I told him I’d let him know.  .

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