Cousin Love


Tammy was the second of four children and the only girl.   Her brothers used to tease her about being “flat-chested” to the point where she became shy around people.   Her self-consciousness made it difficult for her to date.

In a family of nearly thirty first cousins she and I were born within two weeks of each other so we seemed to have a bond.   Not only were Tammy and I were close in age but we also lived within blocks of each other.   Growing up I tended to play with the boys.   We could often be found playing football, baseball, or out riding our bikes after school and all during the summer.   It wasn’t until around the age of fourteen that I started noticing that Tammy was becoming more reserved.   And because I didn’t want her to feel left out, I began paying more attention to her.

At fifteen, Tammy stood 5’3” tall.   She was petit with strawberry blonde hair and pale, almost like cream, skin.   In front were two small mounds that I know she was hoping they would one day sprout.   Tammy’s mother, my father’s sister, was another story.   She had given birth to four kids and breastfed them all.   Her body was round and her tits were respectable but sagging.   I’m sure Tammy wondered whose genes she got since she didn’t seem to have her mother’s “tit” genes.

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On April morning I rode by her house on my bicycle to get her for school.   We both rode our bikes since we lived within a mile from the school.   On this particular day Tammy wasn’t feeling well and didn’t feel like going to school.   I suggested we skipped the day and ride down to the river and hang out there until the school day past so we wouldn’t get caught.   She agreed.   We packed a lunch and off we rode.

When we got to the river we parked our bikes under a tree and hung out.   We talked about the family, the other cousins, kids at school and her brothers.   She told me that she didn’t like the teasing her brothers subjected her to which had been getting worse as they entered puberty and learned of the female form.   She wished they would stop.   In the background you can hear the water trickling as it made its way down the banks.

The sun was overhead and bearing down.   The tree provided shade and a bit cooler temperature, but that water was tempting.   Our conversation had lulled as we watched butterflies dancing in the still air and the water traveled its course.

“I’m going for a dip.

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    Wanna come?”

“I didn’t bring a bathing suit?”

“Neither did I…should be fun. ”

I stood up and peeled off my shirt.   She sat there watching in almost amazement that I was actually going to go swimming.

I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my socks then let my pants drop.

Tammy quickly turned away.

“Michael!  I can’t believe you’re doing this!”

“Doing what?”

“Stripping…in front of me!”

“I’m not naked…look…just underwear.   It’s nothing worse than wearing a bathing suit. ”

She turned to see me standing in my tightie-whities.   I shot her a smile and walked down to the river.

After submerging myself in the cool water, I called for her to join me at the bank.  

“Come on…I promise I won’t pull you in. ”

Reluctantly she walked down to the bank and found a low lying branch to sit under since her sensitive skin was prone to burn.   As she sat there watching me swimming and having fun in the water, we chatted briefly about nothing in particular.   After about twenty minutes I decided to get out and lay out in the sun to warm up and dry off.   Walking out of the river and up the bank, it didn’t occur to me that my wet, white underwear was clinging to me and was somewhat see through.


    Tammy sat watching me as I found a nice patch of grass in the sun to lie on.   Now most guys know about cold water and “shrinkage” so needless to say my package was nothing to brag about, but as I chatted with Tammy, she kept looking at me.   At one point I turned my head and using my hands to shield my eyes from the sun, I could see through the intense sun rays that Tammy was starring at my crotch.   I paid her no mind, but the thought did stir my hormones and a bulge began to appear.

Just as I was getting dry, Tammy asked if I wanted to get back in the water.

“Not really.   Why?”

“No reason.   I thought I might get in with you if you were. ”

“You go ahead.   The water’s nice. ”

“I’m not getting in there by myself. ”

“But you didn’t bring your bathing suit. ”

“Well if it doesn’t bother you and if you don’t stare, I’ll do like you did. ”

I thought what the hell?  “Okay. Come on.

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  ”  That’s when I got the surprise of my life.

I walked down to the river and waded in.   I turned and offered my encouragement.   Tammy was slowly walking toward me but looked as if she were unsure of herself.

“Come on…you wanted to do this. ”

Tammy slowly peeled off her shirt revealing a nude color bra.   Her little mounds were completely covered by the material.   She then unbuttoned her skort; those shorts that women wear that look like a skirt.   When she slipped them over her hips and slid them down, my cock immediately grew stiff – stiffer than it’s ever been.   Tammy had a sexy and very enticing gap between her inner thighs.   A gap big enough that I could easily slip three fingers in between her upper thighs and not touch flesh.   I could not help starring.

“Stop it!”


“You’re starring at me!  Now turn around…I’m going to take my bra off because I don’t want to get it wet. ”

It didn’t quite register what she was saying because I was intrigued and sexually attracted to my cousin’s gap…a gap I had no idea she had because of the way she dressed – always wearing skirts, skorts, or baggy jeans.

“Turn around!” she yelled at me.

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Complying I turned around in the water but my mind…and cock…were stuck on that fabulous gap between her thighs.

“Okay…you can turn around now” she said to me.

I turned to find her in the water, but squatting so that the water line was covering tits.   I looked at her – in a new way – and didn’t say a word.

“This is nice. ”

I was speechless.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. ”  My mind was between her thighs.

“Are you sure?  You’re being quiet??”

“I’m fine…just enjoying the day. ”

We swam around and chatted.   Tammy was careful to keep her tits underwater.

“Are you about ready to get out and dry off?” I asked.

“Sure…turn around so I can get out. ”

“What’s the big deal, Tammy?  You’ve got tits.   I’ve seen tits.

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    Amy – her best friend who I dated briefly and fooled around with – let me play with her tits all the time.   It’s no big deal. ”

“You’re my cousin…and that…”

“What does that have to do with it?  So you’re my cousin.   It’s not like we’re going to fuck.   They’re just tits. ”  I said cutting her off.

With that she stood up revealing her soft, small, but perfectly shaped mounds to me.   “There…are you happy?  Look how tiny they are?  Go ahead…make fun of me too. ”

I stood in amazement.   They were perfectly round.   Her tiny nipples were positioned on to making them point a little upward; perky.   Her skin was like cream.   And her nipples were a pinkish white mixture.   There was a hint that her areolas existed.   In all, to me her tits were perfect.

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    I said nothing.   I simply smiled at her and turned to walk out of the water.

I returned to my patch of grass with Tammy following me, her arms covering her tits.  

“What are you doing?”

“What do you mean?”

“Why are you covering them?  I’ve already seen them. ”

“I thought…”

“Put your arms down and come over here. ” 

She complied.

Walking toward me and zeroed in on her gap.   Her soaking wet, pink panties clung to her skin and wedged in her crevice.   Strawberry blonde hair poked from the sides.

She was about to lie down next to me when I stopped her.

“Stand there for a moment. ”  She stopped.


“I want to look at you. ”

Embarrassment swept over her but then she noticed my throbbing bulge in my wet underwear.

“You like what you see?”

“How can I not?  Tammy you are HOT.

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    I’ve never noticed until today. ”

She knelt down beside me facing me.

“Do you really like what you see or are you just saying that?”  She studied my face.

“Tammy, you are hot.   I find you body incredibly sexy.   And if you weren’t my cousin…I’d want to fuck you. ”

She offered me a sweet smile and her cheeks betrayed her emotions.

“The boys have teased my as long as I can remember and I…”

“They’re idiots” I interrupted. “They’re typical brothers.   You’re their sister and they’re not looking to fuck you. ”

“Neither are you but you’ve always been nice. ”

“Tammy, I think you’re incredibly sexy.   And that gap between…”

“Oh don’t talk about that…I hate that.   I wish my legs were fatter. ”


“Because…I see this big gap and it looks like I’m advertising.

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    I don’t like it. ”

“Tammy…it’s sexy as hell!  Your tits are sexy as hell.   I love your tiny nipples. ”  “Can’t you tell” as I motioned my head toward my groin.   My cock was stretching my soaked underwear.

She blushed.   “That is nice.   I’ve never seen one in person. ”

“A dick?”  I stood and dropped my underwear for her.  

“Michael, what the hell are you doing?”

Too late, my cock bared, bounced out and sprung for the sky.

Tammy’s first reaction was to turn away from the offending move, but she quickly turn back around out of curiosity.

“Look at it.   Touch it if you’d like.   I don’t care. ”

“This is wrong.

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    We should go. ”

“Why?  You’ve never seen a dick.   I have a dick, so…explore it…enjoy it. ”

She knelt there staring at my package.

“Touch it. ”

“I can’t. ”

“Tammy, touch it. ”

Obeying, her hand quickly grabbed my cock.   Her eyes were fixed.   My cock was hard, rigid, and throbbing.   My balls were hanging low in their sack.

“Is it what you thought?”

She looked up at me and gave me a smile.   There I was standing in front of my cousin, naked and she was stroking my cock.

“Take your panties off. ”

She stood without hesitation and obeyed me.


    She slowly slipped her hands into the waistband and while wiggling her hips she slinked out of them letting the fall to the ground.   My eyes were fixed on her strawberry blonde bush.   I knelt down.

Eye level with her pussy all I saw was her bush and that amazing gap…a gap that was inviting me.   I touched her softly.   She let out a soft moan.   I moved my head toward her and buried my nose in her bush and inhaled her essences.   I had to.   The urge was too great.   I slipped my hand into her gap and gently touched her pussy.

“Damn your gap is hot, Tammy. ”

“Do you really like it?”

“God yes!  It’s so fucking sexy. ”

She smiled.   “I’m glad you like it. ”

“I want to taste you.

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“Lay down and spread your leg for me. ”

She hesitated but saw the look in my eyes that told her I would have my way.   She slowly lowered her body to the ground not breaking eye contact with me.   She laid back and rested on her elbows, her knees together.

“Show it to me.   Show me your pussy Tammy. ”

She parted her legs to reveal a single split covered in fur.   I reached to part her lips.   She watched me intently.   I opened her lips to see how brightly pink she was.

“When you shower tonight, I want you to shave your pussy bare for me. ”

“I don’t…”

“When you take your shower tonight, I want you to shave your pussy for me. ”

“Okay. ”

I gave her a smile then moved closer, lowering my head.   My mouth landed on her hairy pussy and my tongue began darting.

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“Oh my god!”

I lapped my cousin’s pussy feverously.

“Michael…oh shit…I’ve never…god that’s good. ”

I sucked her clit between my lips, offered a little pressure as my tongue flicked over it.   Her right hand instinctively shot toward my head and held me down on her pussy.   I licked her faster.

“OH fuck!  You need to…stop…oh shit…”

Grinding my face into her bush, she was getting wetter.   My face was saturated and my tongue was lapping her juice from her pink hole.

I continued licking her pussy until she had orgasm, or at least what she thought was an orgasm.   She begged me to stop and I did.   She laid their spent; panting.   Her legs bent at the knees, her wet, pink pussy staring at me.   I knew two things.   One my cousin was into being ordered.   And two, I would be fucking my cousin soon…but not this day.   As much as I wanted to shove my cock into that gap and fuck her pussy…it needed to wait.


    I had more to do.

I suggested that we get dressed and pack up and head back to the house.

“What about you?”

“What about me?”

“Don’t you need to get off?  I’ve heard that boys have a problem if they don’t get off. ”

“Don’t worry.   I’ll get off another time. ”

“You don’t want to get off with me?”

“I will one day, but not today. ”

“Are you going to go home and jerk off?”

“Maybe I will. ”

Whining she said, “Ohhh, I want to watch. ”

“You want to watch me jerk off?”

“YES!  I’ve never seen a boy cum. ”  Then she confessed, “I’ve watched my brothers play with their dicks before.   But I’ve never seen them cum. ”

I thought about it then stood.

“Okay I’ll jerk off for you” and began stroking my cock.

Tammy laid there with her legs slightly spread, teasing me with her freshly eaten, wet pussy glistening in the sunlight.

“Stand up.

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“Stand up and show me your gap. ”

She got up and stood before me her legs a foot apart.   She pushed her ass back which magnified her gap.  

“Do you like it Michael?  Do you like looking at the access to my pussy?”

Stroking my cock for her, “I do.   Put your hand on your mound. ”  She complied.

There she was my first cousin, standing naked, her tiny nipples pointing to get me attention, her petit body ripe to be fucked, and an amazing gap that needed to be filled soon by me, her cousin; her lover.

I stroked my cock faster for her.   Her fingers played in her hair.

“I’m going to cum for you Tammy.   Watch me. ”

“Shoot it Michael. ”

I released and shot a stream nearly two feet toward her, barely missing her.   It was quickly followed by a second, third and fourth…all losing their distance but an impressive load none the less.

“Wow!  That’s amazing!”

My cock throbbed and slowly made its way down.

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    We dressed, packed up and boarded our bikes for the ride back home.   When we arrived home, her mother was there.   After some small talk I excused myself.   Tammy walked me to the door.

“Remember what I said. ”

“I’m going to shave it tonight.   Thank you.   I’ll see you tomorrow. ”

I rode home and later that night jerked off again thinking about my cousin and her enticing gap.   I had to fuck her.   I was going to fuck her.

That night brought dream after dream of Tammy’s tiny nipples, her pink pussy, and that amazing gap.   My dreams had me fucking my cousin, my cousin sucking my cock, and her wanting it.   Each dream was more intense that the one before.   My cock was hard and I would wake myself to prevent a wet dream from happening.

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    The next time I came, it would be for her.

The next morning I was up early, dressed and grabbing a quick glass of juice before mounting my bike and heading to Tammy’s house.

“You’re up early”, mom noticed.

“Just looking forward to today.   I think it’s going to be a good day. ”

“I hope so son.   Your father and I have a dinner date with the Martins.   Do you want me to have dinner ready for you before we leave or do you want to get something out?”

“I’ll see if Aunt Sue has anything when I drop Tammy off.   If not, I’ll find something.   Don’t worry.   Have a good time. ”  And out the door I went.

The ride was a couple of block which I made in no time.   When I got there, Danny and Tim, my cousins were headed out the door.  

“What’s up?”

“Not much.

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    Tammy ready?”

“I don’t know, probably not.   Go on in and see.   We’ll see you at school. ”


Entering the house I called out, “Tammy”

“Back here” came from the back of the house.

I walked to her room and found the door closed.

“Are you ready?” calling through the door.

“Almost.   Come on in. ”

I twisted the door knob and pushed the door to.   There she was…naked.

“For you”

Her pussy was bare!  Gone was her bright red hair replaces with a tiny slit.   And her gap more pronounced.   My dick swelled immediately.

She stepped back and sat on the bed and moved herself deeper in.   Pulling her heals up to the edge of the bed and spreading her knees to give me a full view of her pink goodness.

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“Do you like it?” as she began rubbing her pussy.

I was speechless.   I stared at her.   “Keep going”, encouraging her to continue rubbing her pussy for me.

“Show me how much you like it. ”

Pulling my dick out, it sprang upward.

“Nice…but we need to go to school today since we missed yesterday” as she hopped off of the bed and quickly moved toward her clothes.   “Maybe after school you can show me more. ”

Disappointed I relented.   But I knew I was going to have my cousin this afternoon.  After she dressed we boarded our bicycles and took off for school.

All day long I kept visualizing Tammy on her bed, her legs spread, and her fingers stroking her bright pink pussy.

School seemed to drag on forever.   Finally the final bell!  I walked briskly to my bike, unchained it and waited for Tammy.   Unfortunately…or maybe fortunately…her brothers were riding their bikes home with us.

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    They arrived around the same time and we all departed the school grounds.

On the ride, Tammy asked me in front of her brothers if I had plans when I got home.

“No…just going to hang out.   Why?”

“I need some help with geometry and I know you’re good with shapes.   Can you give me a hand?” 

I smiled and peddled.

We arrived at their house.   The boys immediately dropped their books and took off on their bikes to play in the neighborhood.   Tammy, on the other hand, went to her room and got naked for me.

The afternoon sunlight was shinning through her bedroom window backlighting her.   Her figure was a silhouette with a ray of light shinning between her legs.

“We don’t have much time…mom will be home in about an hour. ”

She climbed on her bed and spread her legs and began stroking her pussy for me.   I stripped for her and walked over to her.   She fingered her clit and never took her eyes off of mine.   I took her tiny nipple into my mouth and sucked and my tongue flicked it.

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A gasp escaped.

My fingers found her wet box and she let out a moan.   I released her nipple from my mouth and lowered my body.   I had to see my cousin’s newly shaven pussy up close.

It was bare, little, and very pink.   I put my mouth over her wet gash and she arched her back…

“Oh god!”

She wrapped her legs around me holding me into her.   I lapped at her bare young pussy to the chorus of moans and groans.   Seeing the light reflecting off her pale skin, her tiny nipples as erect as they could be, and me trapped by her legs, forced to eat her pussy.

I looked up at her, my face coated in her wetness.

“I want to fuck you, Tammy. ”

“You can’t!  You’re my cousin. ”


“So…you can’t.   You can jerk your cock off again. ”

“Tammy, I want to fuck you. ”

She looked at me, not sure what to do.


    I stood. My dick raging.   I walked over to my pants and pulled out a rubber and put it on.   She sat there watching, her legs spread and that pussy inviting me in.

I walked back to her, she watching me the whole time.   I stepped in between her legs.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to fuck your pussy. ”

“Oh you are?” she said a bit coyly.

Her hole was tiny and disappeared when I placed the head of my dick against it.

“I’ve got to have this pussy, Tammy. ”

“But you’re my cousin. ”

“And your cousin is about to fuck you. ”

I pressed in slowly.

She let out a grunt then relaxed.

Her hole was tight and I pushed in slowly taking more and more.

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Finally when I was all the way in, she relaxed fully, wrapped her legs around me and locked her ankles at the small of my back.

“Do you like my pussy?”

“I love your pussy, Tammy. ”

“Show me, Michael.   Fuck me.   Fuck your cousin. ”

I began fucking her faster and harder.   I wish I could tell you that we fucked as though we were in a marathon.   Truth was her pussy was tight, I was horny as hell, and couldn’t control myself.   After a couple of minutes of steady pounding, I shot my load into the rubber sheath surrounding my cock.   I was disappointed that I hadn’t performed likeone of those studs in the porn movies but she didn’t seem to mind.   I pulled out and we got cleaned up.

I was about to leave when Aunt Sue arrived.   After some family chatting, Tammy asked her mother if I could stay for dinner and help her with her homework.   Aunt Sue gave me permission and we worked on her homework while Aunt Sue cooked.   When Uncle Don arrived, we all sat down for dinner.

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    There was family discussion and talk about school.   The boys were excited about finishing dinner so they could get back to their friend’s house to finish a game.   Tammy and I returned to her room and continued working.

We heard the television on in the living room and Tammy reached over and touched me.  

“Did you like it?”

“Oh my god, did I!”

“Do you want more?”

“Tammy, your parents are home. ”

“Dad’s sleeping in his chair and mom is watching her show.   Let me suck your cock. ”

That’s all I needed to hear.   I pulled my dick out and fed it to her.

She had never sucked a dick before and I could tell.   I gave her pointers and encouragement.   My dick began to swell in her mouth, something that she was amazed at.

As she sucked my cock, I was torn by the sensation and listening for someone to come in the room.   My dick was straining as her pale face bobbed up and down in a perfect rhythm.   You pulled off of my cock and whispered…

“Do you want to fuck me again?”

“I do, but I don’t have another rubber.



She shot me a frown.

“Think you can fuck me and not cum inside me?”

My smile told her I could and she climbed on the bed.

“I want you to fuck me from behind. ”

She turned around and assumed a position on her hands and knees.   Her ass was up in the air and her tiny pussy glistened below.   She parted her knees just enough to accentuate her gap.

I put my hands on her hips and angled my cock head at her hole.   Pulling her to me and thrusting, I found the mark and my cock burst her lips apart and I shoved deep into her.

“God!” she yelled accidently.

“Tammy, you okay?” came from her mother in the living room.

“Yes mom!  Just a mistake.   Sorry. ”

Looking back at me, “Now fuck me before she comes in here” she whispered.

I immediately began pounding her pink cunt.   She met my thrusts and her pale, round ass bounced off of my stomach with each thrust.

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    Our bodies slapping, I tried to keep the noise to a minimum while still getting her pussy hard, fast and deep.   My cousin was looking back at me watching me fuck her.   It was hot!  Two teenagers exploring one another, learning about sex, and related.

I felt my cum building as my cock pushed in and out of her tight hole.  

“I’m going to cum. ”

She reached for her panties.   “Here…cum in them. ”

I took them from her and put them on her ass.

“What are you doing?”

I pulled my dick out just in time.   I stroked it a couple of time and shot my load.   It came screaming out my wet head and sprayed her back, ass and her panties.   I used her panties to wipe the excess.

My cousin became my lover that that day.   Over the next twenty years or so, Tammy and I have maintained our incestuous relationship.   Both of us are married and we have our own families.

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    We still live near each other and we cheat on our spouses with each other a couple of times each month.   Her body still entices me.   Her pale skin is as clear as it was that beautiful day down by the river.   Her nipples still pink and tiny.   Her pussy a rosy, pink with a tight little hole that still begs for my dick.   And that gap!!! 

With Tammy it’s more than just sex, its family and that is something not many people have or understand.

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Batumi, Georgia, a charming city on the Black Sea, is a fascinating mix of ancient traditions and cutting-edge development. The charming Batumi escort females who provide their companionship services to well-heeled clients are one of the city's lesser-known draws.

As fascinating as Batumi itself is, so too are its escort females. These ladies are the embodiment of the city's position as a crossroads between Europe and Asia; they are a synthesis of the two cultures. They are more than simply physically appealing because of the depth of character, intelligence, and charisma they exude.

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The escort females in Batumi are well educated, intelligent, and culturally savvy. They are well-versed in numerous languages and at home in a wide range of social situations, making them ideal companions for both professional and personal outings. They want their customers to have a great time, thus they prioritise their needs and wants at all times.
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Intimacy with a Batumi escort girl goes beyond the realm of the physical and into the realm of the senses. These ladies are experts at making their male partners feel wanted and loved. They know that a satisfying sexual encounter can only be achieved via closeness, trust, and appreciation between partners.

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The nightlife in Batumi is as dynamic and varied as the city's populace. Everyone may find their ideal night out, from lively nightclubs and hip bars to fine dining and quiet cafés. Batumi's escort ladies are the best travel partners for experiencing the city's vibrant nightlife, since they provide both local insight and friendship.

Batumi, a popular tourist destination, has a lot to offer visitors. Ancient fortifications, mediaeval cathedrals, and contemporary skyscrapers all contribute to the city's unique architectural style. Sun-seekers go there because of the pleasant subtropical temperature and stunning beaches. The city also has a thriving cultural scene, with events like concerts and art shows happening often throughout the year.
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