This story is based on fact. It spans a period of about 10 years. I have used journalistic licence and embellishment to hopefully make the story more readable and interesting. . A reader can likely work out which is part is fact and which is fiction. Comments welcome.



Our Story. 8 – 10 years of age.


My cousin Lucy and I were about 8 years old when my family moved to live about 30 min by car from her house. My name is James but my family has always called me Jimmy. . Our mothers are sisters. Lucy's mother is about 1 year older than my mother. Lucy and I are only children. We attended different schools. I liked visiting Lucy's house because it had a big backyard with trees to climb, a swimming pool, and room to play ball.

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My mother and I visited, usually twice a week, after school. Lucy and I became quite close. We seemed to like to do the same things. In the warm weather we would swim.


One hot day afternoon, when my mother and I were first visiting, Lucy and I decided to have a swim. Our mothers said they would too.


Since there were lots of bushes around the pool my Aunt said the neighbors could not see the pool area and we did not need any swimmers. Lucy said "I don't like swimmers on anyway. "


Swimming naked


Lucy and I took off our clothes and jumped in.

Our mothers came out of the house naked, but with towels around them, and hopped in with us. Although I had seen my mother naked on many occasions I was fascinated by the fact that my mother and Aunt were very much alike in appearance. I found it hard to take my eyes off the triangles of black curly hair. During the warm weather we all went swimming many times.


After playing outside for the rest of the day my Aunt called us inside and said it was bath time. Lucy grabbed my hand and pulled me behind her to the bathroom.

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   We undressed and as there was water in the bath jumped in.   My Aunt came in and asked had we washed here, washed there. From then on, when visiting, we always bathed together.


10 – 12 1/2 years of age


When I was around 10 and a half, at Lucy's prompting, my Aunt asked if I would like to stay over for a weekend. I was happy to do this. I got on well with my Aunt. She was a lot like my Mum, I thought.


Lucy had a spare bed in her room and I was to sleep there. Lucy liked that idea as she said she would have someone to talk to at night. We frequently visited after school on Friday so I was to bring my things and be picked up on Sunday.


Staying over


The next Friday my mother packed some things for me so I could stay over. The arrangement was that I would stay over every second weekend unless other events prevailed. On some weekends Lucy was to stay with us if her parents were going out. My room had a spare bed for her.


After the evening meal the routine was that Lucy and I went to the bedroom and played board games before getting in to bed.

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   Lucy often decided to read for a bit so left the light on. She did not read girlie books. She liked those that had lots of pictures and explained things about the oceans and the land - books which came from the school library.


Lucy was very inquisitive. She asked her Mum lots of question and wanted to know the ins and outs of everything. I, however, tended to take things as they were.


One day, during our regular bath Lucy asked Aunt why my Willie looked different to her father. Aunt told her it was because I was circumcised. Lucy wanted to know the why and the how. Aunt explained that I had an operation when I was a baby. Lucy picked up my Willie and looked at it closely. Aunt pointed to a reddish mark behind the head and said that was where the foreskin had been. Lucy now had many more questions. Aunt told her to look up the encyclopedia and she would explain anything not understood.


It was about this time that Aunt said we were now to big to get into the bath together and we should start showering.

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Start of our sexual play


Some visits later, when we were in bed Lucy told me she had been talking to Mary, her best classmate at school, and told her that I was staying some weekends. She asked if Lucy was ‘stretching’ my Willie and told her that boys really liked it. Mary told Lucy she had been ‘stretching’  her older brother's Willie since she was about 8 and that it now ‘stuck out’ a lot. Her brother was now 13. Mary explained what she did.

She also said that he made her nice by rubbing her 'pleasure spot' and asked whether Lucy had her pleasure spot rubbed. Lucy replied that she did not know she had a pleasure spot. Mary had put her finger between her own legs and said it was just there - at the top of her slit. She said it was best if Lucy got her cousin to do it for her because it was hard to find, but that it would real good.


Lucy said to me that we could try it all tomorrow.


Next morning, we woke early. Lucy came over to my bed - "shift over she said" and hopped into bed with me. I liked it when she leant over kissed me on the cheek and then proceeded to cuddle in to me and said we could now try what she had explained to me.


She left the bedroom and returned with a small bottle in her hand which was about 1/2 full. I could see on the label it said Baby Oil.

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   She put a little on her hand and took my Willie which was hanging down all limp and rubbed it between her fingers. After a little while she asked whether it was starting to feel nice. I said it was. Then she said "oh that's better". My Willie stretched and she was able to get her right around it. She proceeded to gently rub backwards and forwards.


When she took her hand away Lucy said "it's sticking straight out a lot. " It felt quite good but it looked a bit skinny. Lucy was amazed at how it came from hanging down and little, to ‘sticking out. ’


Next, Lucy told me to rub her ‘pleasure spot’ which was at the top of her slit. I felt around but she kept saying she did not feel any different. I said that if she opened her legs wide it might work. I tried again and then she indicated I was on the ‘spot’ and to keeping rubbing gently. After a little while I stopped, but she said to keep going as it was now feeling really, really good.

Then she said “that was nice – maybe you can do it for me again tonight.

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She also asked me what the spot looked like. I told her there was only a small pink bump which got bigger when I rubbed it and it had a little cover on it. Many times Lucy tried to see it but could not.


Over the next couple of months we followed much the same daily routine on my weekend visits.


 Lucy’s mum finds out


Then, on one weekend, Lucy failed to return the baby oil bottle the bathroom cabinet. She left it on her bedside table. When doing the beds her mother found the bottle and asked Lucy what she had been doing with it. Lucy, always very open with her mother, said how it was ‘stretching’ my Willie. Her mother asked her to show just how this was happening. Lucy brought me into the bedroom and showed her mother what she did. With her mother watching I became hard and ‘stuck out’, as Lucy called it, even quicker than usual. Her mother asked whether anything came out of my Willie since this had started. Lucy stated that she had not seen anything.


I get measured


Aunt was silent for a bit, then asked Lucy to get her school ruler and pen from her school bag. She sat the ruler on top of my Willie, pushed one end on to my body put a mark with then pen on the ruler. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   She looked at the ruler and said "4 inches".


And added "I think you are going to be big like your Dad when you grow up. "


Looking at me sticking out Lucy said "well, how big is Jimmy's dad?" Aunt said in reply that it was 8 inches. Lucy then asked when she had measured it. Aunt she had not measured it and that my Mum had told her. Then she asked how big was her Dad and Aunt replied "6 inches". Lucy picked up the ruler and put a pen mark on the 6 and the 8.


Nothing more was said. We continued our play activities as usual.




Later the weather had warmed up and we started swimming again. On one occasion we were swimming when Aunt came out to the pool and hopped in with us.

When we got out of the pool Aunt laid on the pool lounge and said she would just dry off. Lucy saw me eyeing off Aunt's pussy hair.




Then she asked her Mum whether she had a pleasure spot. Aunt answered that all females did.

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   Lucy then said "I cannot see what mine looks like, show me yours. " I could not believe what came out of Lucy sometimes.


Aunt hesitated, looked at me, then back to Lucy and  said "oh ok  come here then" She laid back on the lounge, opened her legs wide and placed her finger and said "just there" Lucy bent over and put her finger on the spot, rubbed around and asked whether that was right. Mother indicated it was. Lucy said she could see it clearly now and that it was sticking up quite a bit. Aunt moved to get up when Lucy said "don't get up yet, let Jimmy have a look" and before her Mum could say anything, pulled me over to look. I had been looking closely anyway. Aunt looked a lot different to Lucy. Lucy was real smooth and hard to see. Aunt was not smooth but extra bits and pieces around the sides and her spot was a lot bigger. Lucy then said "put your finger on Mum's spot and rub it like you do on me. "


When I started to rub it I could feel my Willie start to stick out, which I wanted it to stop, but it wouldn’t. Lucy watched me closely and then said "does that feel good Mum". Aunt nodded, then put her hand around my finger and guided it up and down then around and around pushing it down firmer on the spot.



After what seemed a long time Aunt opened her eyes, noticed my hard Willie, then said that she needed go back inside.

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   I liked the way her breasts bounced as she walked. Before going back to the house, she told us that if we had visitors we would always need to wear our swimmers.





On another day after swimming Lucy was lying on the pool lounge with her legs wide apart. She called me to come over and to rub her spot. While doing this, in the bright sunlight, I told her I could see a lot of short black hairs on her triangle area. She looked down excitedly, looked at me and saw I had none, then said that she was starting to look like her mother! A vision of her mother’s triangle popped in to my head.

 I suddenly went hard. Lucy smiled and pointed to my Willie sticking out.



Although getting older, we were still very close and did most activities together. We never disagreed. When we were a bit over 11 ½ years we started to watch videos on my stay-over weekend. If I liked a video, usually action, she would watch it too. If she liked a “girlie” video I would watch it with her. We just liked being together.




During our sexual play I had sometimes started to squirt.

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   Lucy was fascinated when it happened, and if it did not, she would say “nothing’s happening” as if she had failed. Occasional Lucy would say to me “you can’t do me now…. . I growing up!” I came to understand that this was a regular thing that happened to females, although I did not understood what it was.




Sometime later Lucy told me her mother had had a long talk with her after the baby oil incident. Her mother explained why she was not to put my Willie into her, that hormone-charged boys lacked control and could not stop themselves from squirting if they put their Willie in. Lucy

understood what pregnancy was, and agreed. It was on this basis that I was allowed to continue sleeping in the same room as we got older.


Our activities changed as we were older. Due to Lucy’s interest in athletics her father made up some adjustable height hurdles for practice in the backyard. And later, a long jump pit with sand. We also spent more time on after-school work. We still swam a lot when the weather was right. Lucy was still very inquisitive and often came home with school library books explaining how things worked.


My mother and I continued our usual visits and I stayed over mostly every second weekend.


   Sometimes our usual routine was changed by our sporting activities. I was learning tennis and Lucy was involved with athletics.




On one visit, Aunt told my mother and I that Lucy’s Dad had taken a new job overseas and they would be leaving in 6 weeks.


While there, Lucy would be attending a private girls’ school, which was not far from where they would be living. Their own house would be rented out until they returned from overseas. However, they would be returning here on their holidays at least once a year.

Lucy initially cried when she knew she would not be seeing us for some time, but felt better when she knew we could keep contact regularly by email and phone.


With Lucy gone my mother convinced me to become more involved in tennis. This meant an extra afternoon, after school, joining the junior practice squad and also play on Saturday.




About a year later Lucy and her parents returned for a holiday. They stayed with Lucy’s paternal Grandparents about 1 ½ hrs from us. Lucy was always excited when we came to visit, which we did a number of times.

I noticed changes in Lucy over the year. She looked a lot taller and her breasts were now quite noticeable, especially in the t-shirt she was wearing.

On one visit we wandered off by ourselves.

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   Lucy put her arm around me, gave me a big kiss on the cheek, then took my hand and rubbed it lightly over her breasts. I went weak at the knees; my heart started to race; all I could do was mumble “I wish you did not have to go back”.

She replied “we will be back for another holiday and a short while after we will be returning to our house. ”

We would also meet downtown. Our mothers would do some shopping then the four of us would go to the movies. Lucy and I always sat together. She never let go of my hand until the movie finished.


With frequent contact via email, we had been able to keep each other up to date on our individual activities. Being with Lucy, now, made me feel like she had never been away.




6 months later, Lucy and my Aunt returned for a short visit because our maternal grandmother had been ill. We saw them several times. We were now older but I felt the same connection we always had.




After a further 6 months or so she returned with her parents for on another holiday. Again they stayed with the grandparents.

On our first visit with them Lucy ran up to me, threw her arms around me neck, gave me a big kiss, grabbed my hand and dragged me outside the house saying “I’ve got some good news….

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  . on the plane Dad told me that we would be returning home in less than another 6 months……. . I can barely wait!”

I was ecstatic. Looking at Lucy, I thought she was prettier than ever.




On arriving home from school one day my mother told me that she had just been talking to my Aunt on the phone.

Lucy was returning about 2 months ahead of her parents so as to start school. She would be going to a private girl’s school and start in a week. She would stay with us and go by bus to her new school. As we were now over 15 years old, my mother asked if Lucy would like a separate room. Mum had offered to set up the study as a separate bedroom but Lucy said she would be happy to sleep in my room for the 2-3 months. I said it was fine by me.


The day Lucy was arriving home was a school day. My mother said that I should be back from school before they arrived home after picking up Lucy from the airport. I was excited that she was going to stay with us.

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   I still felt she had really not been away.




I heard the car arrive home. Looking out the window I glimpsed a tall shapely figure disappear under the portico. I thought – this is not the figure of the Lucy I saw last visit. The front door opened and in rushed this vision, dressed in a tight fitting T-shirt and short shorts.

Before I could say a word she raced over, flung her arms around my neck and gave me a big kiss. A weak feeling came over me as I felt her firm boobs press into my chest. My dick went up like a rocket. Luckily, I was wearing loose boxer shorts, and a very long Hawaiian shirt Aunt had sent me when on their travels.


Seeing us together, my mother said that we were a similar height when we were around 10. Now, Lucy was quite tall but I was a lot taller.   We all chatted for a while, then my mother said it was time she started preparing evening meal. Lucy said she would help and they went off to the kitchen.




After the meal Lucy and I went to my bedroom.

I was glad my bedroom was somewhat isolated, being an extension to the original house.

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We chatted non stop while Lucy unpacked her things. My mother’s voice sang out that it was late and bedtime. I was lying on my side in bed just watching her put her clothes away. A dull bed lamp was on and I was sort of dozing on and off.

I was awakened by a voice “Jimmy”. I half opened my eyes and level with my face was a triangle of dark curly hair.


I thought I had died and gone to heaven.




 I looked up and in the dull light could see Lucy, completely naked. She said “due you think I have changed much?………move over I want to get in with you”.

As her warm body slid into the bed her nipples were jutting out and came within inches of my face as she settled down. She cuddled up to me with firm bare breasts pressed into my chest.

My heart started to pound. Within the blink of an eye my dick was as hard as a rock. Lucy could feel it and pulled closer.


Suddenly that feeling started, previously always a planned event, and I knew I was going to squirt.

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   I had absolutely no control over it. I grabbed my dick around the base and squeezed to delay it and said to Lucy “tissue…quick” and rolled on my back. Lucy held the tissue but did not give it to me. She whispered “just let it come!” placing her hand lightly around my dick. Come it did. Lucy watched as it landed on my chest and tummy. Never had I gone for so long. Then she handed the tissue to me and said “was that good?” I nodded and she said “me too!” and gave me a big kiss. We just lay there recovering. I was falling asleep as Lucy slipped on a little nightdress and returned to her bed.




Next morning I woke early. I felt so relaxed after the events of yesterday. Then I started thinking about the fact that I had not been able to stop the orgasm. I had become one of those hormone- charged boys that Lucy’s mother referred to.

Had my body changed? Was this going to be permanent? If I am at the shopping centre and I see a gorgeous girl is this going to happen? How do I prepare? I cannot keep within 20 seconds of the Men’s Room all the time! Do I need to wear tight underpants? Do I need to see the doctor?

Will this happen again if I see Lucy in the morning wearing that ‘barely there’ nightdress especially as she did not have any pants on with it and her triangle was clearly visible?


It was all too much.

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   I dozed off again.  


When I awoke Lucy was up and dressed. She was wearing a baggy top and jeans so I did not have to face one challenge.   She came and sat on my bed, leant over and gave me a kiss. I felt we were closer than ever.


Next she took my hand and slid it up under her baggy top. She rubbed it lightly over one breast. I could feel the nipple firm and sticking out. I could feel my dick getting hard. Letting my hand go she whispered “can you manage without help?” I was a fast learner. I did the same on the other breast then moved gently from one to the other. Then she asked was I hard. I nodded.

“Good she said…. . moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

  stand up. ”




She moved to her bedside and returned with the old school ruler and pen. Whereas before, when younger, my dick just stood straight out, it now had a slight upward tilt. Lucy pushed it down so it was level, placed the ruler on it and said 6 ½ inches, and put a mark on the ruler. Holding her hand up and fingers apart about 1 ½ inches she said

“it’s a lot fatter but you’ve still got that far to go”.


Next she put her hand around my dick, held it lightly and asked me whether I remembered what the old rules were. I told her I did. Then she took both my hands in hers. She looked me straight in the eye. Then she said that they still applied, she was too young for babies. I indicated that I understood completely.


Returning the ruler to her drawer, she took my hand and said “time for breakfast……come on, let’s see what’s on”.


Lucy had started to play tennis about a year earlier. My Aunt had asked my mother to arrange for her to join our club. Mum had arranged for Lucy to go with me, after school.

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The coach would assess her and then slot her into the appropriate squad.

I suspected that Lucy would be quite good, knowing her athletic ability. When we were young I always thought she had good ball skills for a girl.


When I arrived home Lucy was all ready dressed to go. She had on the tight t-shirt and very short shorts. She looked absolutely fantastic. The fullness of her breasts was very obvious and her nipples stood out a mile. With every little move she made they just floated up and down. I would not be able to keep my eye on the ball if I was on the opposite side of the net to her. Neither would the coach. In addition, I would have difficulty keeping the vultures, I mean guys, away from her.


I asked her did she have on a bra. She told me no. I asked could she please put one on. Not that she needed to hold anything up; they held themselves up perfectly.

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She was reluctant, so I said I would ask Mum what she thought.

She said “Ok then” and just peeled off her top. “Gosh Lucy” I said “do you have to do that in front of me just before we go out………do you have a looser top you can wear?” She went to the drawer and put on a much looser t-shirt over the bra. She said she did not have any longer shorts with her.


The coach was very pleased and allocated her to the junior advanced squad.

Due to the amount of tennis practice I had had over the years, I had advanced to the senior squad. Coach suggested that after squad I should hit up with Lucy. He thought she would improve a lot, and quickly, with extra work.




On the Saturday, Lucy was again coming to tennis. Mum told her that on Saturdays the girls usually wore dresses. She said she had a dress. As Lucy went to get dressed I mouthed the words to her “wear a bra please. ”

When I went in she was dressed. “How do I look?” Lucy asked.

Now I realised what Bras were really for.

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   They pressed the breasts together so that there was what I heard my Mum call ‘cleavage’.

Lucy sure had cleavage in the bra she had on………. and plenty of it.


The trouble was the dress she wore covered none of it. With every little movement she made her breasts just wobbled on the top because there was so much showing.

And we are going to be running around with a lot of bending!


I asked whether she had another dress. She said she brought only one. It wasn’t that I did not like the dress. She looked stunning in it. It was the vultures I was worried about.


My mother dropped us at tennis and said they might be a little late. I said not to worry I would arrange a lift home.


As it turned out everything was ok. When not playing Lucy became occupied with the other girls

wanting to know about her experiences overseas. The vultures did not get a chance.




When we got home Lucy said she would have a shower. She peeled off her clothes so that she was completely naked. I said she could not go wandering up the hall like that, it was still not dark and my parents could come home at anytime. She was not at all worried.


The females in our families seemed to have no inhibitions about nakedness. Sometimes, I would still see my mother naked on the way to the bathroom. And, if she was putting towels in the bathroom and I was showering she would just come in any way.


The next day Mum took Lucy to the shops to get some ‘more suitable’ clothes for tennis. Lucy wore the same outfit she had on when she arrived. I tagged along to keep an eye on her.

As we walked along the shopping centre concourse I could see all the guy’s eyes sizing her up and down as we approached. Some would turn as we passed to get a rear view.

I could not blame them really. I could not take my eyes off her either, in that outfit.


I learnt one thing that day.

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   I should never let her go to the Centre by herself. There were far too many vultures around.


For around 3 months our routine of school and tennis remained much the same.





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