Daddy catches me making out with my boyfriend and teaches me a lesson


Well it all started when I was 15, I was seeing this guy from college who was 22. . he came to my house one night while my dad was out on a date and my 16 year old brother Mark was out with friends. We Bobby my boyfriend came to my house to hang out we have only been seeing each other for about a week, we havent had sex yet well in fact I am still a virgin. when he got there we got a couple of beer from the fridge and sat on the couch and turned on the tv, we started talking and before I knew it Bobbys hand was rubbing my leg this turned me on I was so ready to have sex by now all my friends have already done it and this was the guy the guy who I wanted to be my first. . we started kissing and I was getting so turned on my panties were so wet with my pussy juices, and I know this turned Bobby on by the look of the bulge in his pants. I desided to take this to my room as we got to my room we went to my bed where we lay down and he kissed me on the lips and started moving down my neck. . he srated to unbutton my shirt and removed my bra to reveal my C cup tits my nipples were so hard he started sucking them and moving his hand to my wet panties and rubbing my pussy. . he then removed his shirt, pants and boxers and moved towards removing my shirt and panties. With all this excitment we didnt hear anyone come home until it was to late Daddy and Mark were standing in my doorway. . Bobby jumped up and got dressed. Daddy what are you doing home I asked.

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  . Ill ask the questons he said, he was so mad. . Bobby left Daddy and Mark just stood there at my door with a look of anger on their face. What do you think your doing he said, you where going to give it all up for that guy? but daddy everyone else already had sex I just wanted to know what it was like. With that Daddy walked towards me and sat on the bed where I was still half naked holding my shirt over my breast. . Mark Daddy said come here. Mark walked over to my bed and sat down on the other side of me. Daddy turned to me and said hunny this is your lucky night we will take care of you. with that Mark pulled the shirt from my hands to reveal my breast I tried to cover them up with my arm but Daddy took my arm in his hand and lowered it so he could see my tits. . wow he said very nice, arent they nice titties your little sister has there. . yes dad they are mark said.

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   would u like to touch them son? yes dad I sure would said mark. . I tried to get up from the bed, even tho I was totally turned on Daddy grabbed me, where you think your going? umm I didnt know what to say so I sat back down. . Mark ran his hands all over my tits as daddy watched, then he moved in and started sucking on my hard nipples and I could see by the bump in daddys jeans he liked that very much. They laid me back on the bed as Mark continued to suck my tits, Daddys hand found its way to my now soaked pussy. . he pulled my panties off and my skirt I was now completely naked in bed with my Daddy and my Brother. . Daddy knowest Marks hard on and told him to take off his clothes, when he pulled of his jeans and boxers his cock popped out it was hugh, well it was the first one that I saw but it must have been about 9 inches. . suck that you little slut daddy told me. Mark lowered his cock to my lips and I took it like a good little girl. I socked Marks cock over and over again the taste of his precum drove me insane. .

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   Daddy could see how excited I was so he got between my legs and ate my pussy while I took Marks cock completely into my more then willing mouth. Daddy could tell that I was about to cum so he stopped. . not yet baby girl he said the night is only young. Mark begin to moan and I knew he was ready to cum. . Cum in her mouth Daddy said and he did load after loadof my borthers spunk squirt into my mount I swallowed ever drop. . good girl you nasty whore Mark said as he pulled out of me. It was the first time that I ever tasted the sweet taste of cum and I loved ever last drop. Daddy then took of his clothes and got back onto the bed next to me. Do you want to play with Daddys cock now he said. Yes daddy please let me play with you cock. Daddys cock was big as well it was alittle smaller then Marks but his wasnt completely hard yet. .


   Can I suck it daddy I want to taste you Daddy. ok baby you can suck daddys cock until its good and hard so daddy can pop his beautiful girls cherry. I started to suck daddy when he grabbed me and turned me around into a 69 I sucked him while he ate me. . Oh daddy Im soon going to cum. . . . Not yet baby its not time. . Daddy pulled me off of him his cock now hard as a rock and layed me on my belly. are you ready for this baby girl? yes daddy Im ready get on your hands and knees Mark sit on the bed in front of your sister so she can suck u while I fuck her. . Mark sat down and his cock was as hard as before. .


   on your knees baby Daddy said. . I got on all fours as I could feel daddys hard cock push against my opening. Daddy began to enter me slowly and it hurt alot but I wanted it more then anything. . he puched harder inside of me until he was completely in. . how does that feel baby? It hurts daddy but I want it. Daddy started pushing in and out at first slowly It wasnt hurting as much anymore it started feeling really good he started moving in and out harder and faster I was moaning for pain and joy all at the same time. . now baby suck off you brother while I fuck you. . we sucked and fucked for what seemed to be an hour then daddy pulled out and turned me over on my back. . OHH baby girl your making daddy cum, with that he squirt load after load of hot cum over my tits, I rubbed it in with my fingers and sucking the cum off daddys spunk tasted dufferent then Marks but it was still good.

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  . Daddy looked up at Mark with his hard cock in his hand and said can you handle one more? he didnt have to ask twice I jumped over on my hands and knees and told Mark to fuck his baby sister. Mark wasnt long jumping on the bed and entering his big hard cock into my dripping wet little pussy as he pushed in and out of me over and over again it was getting faster and faster and then he pulled out and came all over my ass. . we all laid there on my bed and fell asleep. . I had a feeling that wasnt going to be the last time we were going to all together. .

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