Daddy discipline


"Close the door behind you. " he instructs in a stern tone of voice that causes her to falter nervously. She starts to speak but a sharp glance silences her stammering.
"Do you know why I have called you in here?" he demands, his mean eyes looking her up and down in distaste.
She shakes her head, fear creeping in on her, acutely aware of his intense glare. She shifts from foot to foot, her eyes rooted to the floor infront of her.
"Look at me when I'm speaking to you!" His voice bellows and she flinches.
Cautiously she raises her head briefly, catching her breath as she sees the barely controlled rage in his eyes.
"Your behaviour of late absolutely disgusts me. " he begins, walking purposefully from behind his mahogany desk. She wrings her hands, fearful of his over-bearing presence in the room. Tiny beads of sweat form on her top lip and she feels moisture sliding down her back.
"You think I don't know what you've been up to?" he laughs caustically.
"I. . .

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  don't understand. . . " she manages to stammer, knowing she is in for it big time.
"You can drop the butter wouldn't melt act! It won't wash with me I'm afraid. " he spat, marching up to her.
"I know all about you sneaking around at all hours, bringing different young men into the house and getting up to all kinds of obscene behaviour up in your room. I have to hand it to you, you're an accomplished liar and an even better actress my girl. "
His hand strokes her arm and she shivers at his letcherous touch.
Sensing her discomfort he sneers, "What's the matter? You never complain when you prostitute yourself to all and sundry. You seem happy to spread your legs for whichever young man takes your fancy. . . "
Her cheeks flush and her pulse speeds up as she realises he knows everything.
"Don't come all coy now my girl, no point in blushing.

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  " he adds, grasping her arm and pulling her with him as he returns to his high backed leather chair.
"But. . . but!. . " she cries, alarmed at his force. "Stop, you're hurting me!. . . "
"Nonsense! I've seen the way you like to be treated roughly and with force! You complain so bitterly now but I know you crave such brutality!"
She is shaking uncontrolably, aghast at his cruelty. She squirms, trying to escape his grip but he is too strong.
"Struggling won't get you anywhere except into even deeper trouble young lady. " He stares at her, his eyes cold and metalic, as if he has no soul. "Besides, I never saw you so much as play hard to get with those boys! I'm highly offended that you should protest so furiously.

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   It is just as I thought, you my girl need to be punished!"
She whimpers, her legs feel so weak that she doubts they will support her for much longer.
"Take down your panties. " He instructs her and she stares at him in shock.
"Don't just stand there! Do it! Now. " He sits down in his chair, openly mocking her confusion as she stands before him, dithering.
"Do you need me to spell it out to you?" he says in a low menacing voice, "Take down your panties now. "
"Please. . . I'm sorry. . . " she pleads with him, eyes wide with fear at what he has planned next.
He pulls furiously at the hem of her cotton summer dress, yanking it up over her hips.
"Such insolence!" he roars, both of his hands now at her hips.


   He swiftly pulls her panties down off her hips and she struggles, pressing her thighs together to prevent him from pulling them any further.
"Do not resist, the more you struggle the worse the punishment my girl. " His eyes seem to glaze over such is his intent.
Still she tries to squirm away from him. Tired of her fighting her forcibly drags her to him, throwing her over his lap. By now she is crying tears of anger and fear but her tears seem to spur him on.
With one swift action he tears her panties away from her to reveal peachy naked skin, perfectly rounded buttocks for his eyes to feast upon.
"Stop your crying, I thought you were a big girl now? You're grown up enough to fuck about aren't you? Yet you snivel and weep like an infant!"
With his rough hands he positions her properly across his knees, drinking in the sight of her lying over his lap.
"I've had just about enough of watching you fucking all those different boys my girl! So brazenly letting them stick their cocks in your every hole. . . " he mutters, his voice menacing, causing her to shiver and shake in her prone position.
"I thought it about time you had a real man. . .

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  But first you need to be punished. . . "
His words have barely left his lips when he brings his flat hand down sharply onto her quivering buttocks. Caught totally by suprise she cries out in pain, the fierce slap stinging her skin.
"Please!. . . I'm. . . sorry!" she pleads once again only to be met with another swift smack directly onto her burning skin.
"It's for your own good you naughty, disgraceful girl. " comes his voice, almost robotic now as his palm makes contact with her burning cheeks for a third time. She yelps helplessly, despising him and his cruelty.

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   Yet with each strike of his hand upon her skin comes another alien sensation altogether.
For despite the intense heat and sting she feels at his hand she realises there is another heat building. . .
Now with every slap he delivers her cries are muted and rather than struggling against him she bites her lip and takes her punishment, now acutely aware that she is feeling a peverse arousal. . . She realises that it is not sweat that coats her inner thighs but the slick of sticky pussy juices instead.
Noticing that she is no longer fighting him, he stops. He becomes aware of his cock straining against his trousers, digging into her belly. He too is wet, pre-cum oozing from him and soaking through his clothes.
Her breathing is fast, short gasps interspersed with soft moans.
"You learn quickly. . .

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  " he mutters, his voice now thick with lust. "Maybe you've had enough punishment for now. . . "
She nods slightly, daring to lift her head to look up at him briefly. He strokes the reddened skin of her arse thoughtfully for a moment before his thick fingers delve between her sticky thighs. It is his turn to catch his breath as her wetness coats his fingertips.
"Are you ready to let a real man fuck you?" he asks her, his eyes boring into her.
"Yes Daddy. . . . I think I am. . .

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  . "

To be continued. . . . .

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