Daddy is Watching Me! Part 1


Jenny lay on top of her bed reading by the light of bedside lamp. It was a warm night, so she was just wearing panties and a light blue vest top and leggings. It was late, gone midnight and the house was quite. Her hand was caressing her left breast through the thin material of her vest top and nipples were hard and pointy. She was just thinking about having a little play when outside her room, the floor boards creaked. Was somebody out on the landing? It was hard to tell, because the house, being quite old, often creaked at night. Despite being warm, a little shiver of went through her body, but not from being cold.
Jenny shifted her position so that she was lying on her side, her back to the door and so she felt it rather than saw it silently open. She continued to look at the book, now only pretending to read it. A tingle ran up a body, part fear, and part excitement, she shivered again. She squeezed her nipple, twisting and teasing it. The nipple began to swell and harden further, and she moved her hand to other breast, squeezing and rubbing her nipple between her thumb and finger. Her lips parted slightly as a burst of pleasure zipped though her young teenage body. A warm damp sensation began between her legs as she continued to caress and squeeze her nipples alternately. She was certain that she could hear a very faint noise, like somebody breathing. She strained her ears, searching for the sound, but again, it as almost a feeling of sound rather than actually hearing anything.

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Suddenly she rolled on to her back, bringing the book around to her front, and allowed one of her legs to bend at the knee, letting it spread to one side, while her other leg remained straight. She adjusted her glasses and continued to look at the book, pretending to be completely engrossed in reading it. After a few minutes she allowed her eyes to flick towards the door for a split second, then back to her book. The door was open, just an inch, perhaps less; between the door and the frame was just blackness. Although she couldn’t see anybody, she felt that somebody was there, watching her. Again she shivered with sexual excitement, tinged with a little fear.
Her hand moved back up over her body and started to caress her nipples again. She knew that because she wasn’t wearing a bra and that the top was tight and thin, her nipples would be clearly visible. After a few minutes, her hand slowly slid down, sliding down over the material of her vest, and then over her bare belly. She paused there, stroking it for a few minutes in a circular motion. The warm damp sensation between legs grew warmer and began to spread. Then, hesitantly at first, she slowly moved her hand down over her belly, while at the same time she shifted her other leg, so that it was slightly open as well.
As the tips of her fingers touched her lace of the panties she stopped for a second. It took all of her self control to stay calm and in control. She could clearly hear the sound of breathing now, and then a slight creak.

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   She quickly glanced towards the door. It had moved open a little more, but still nobody was visible, just the sound of somebody breathing and a sensation of being watched. She took several deep breathes, struggling to remain calm, fighting to keep control and yet, relishing the buzz of excitement and arousal coursing through her young teenage body. She had fantasized about this so many times and now, she had reached a point fulfilment, and it was now or never.
Suddenly, before her fears and doubts about what she was doing could gain control, she moved her hand downwards onto her panties. She glided her fingers lightly over the silky smooth material, and her young body shivered as wave of sexual pleasure burst up from her womb and spread through her, as she continued to brush her hand over her pubic mound. She was certain she had heard a shape intake of breath. She continued to look at the book, as she gentle stoked over her panty clad pussy, and then she move down slightly, and her fingers felt wetness, her juices had soaked the gusset of her panties, and she knew that it would be visible to anybody watching, because they were a pink, and when wet, appeared to be darker. They would know she was excited and wet from arousal.
She pressed down and began to rub; she let out an involuntary gasp, and her eyes closed as a spark of intense pleasure flashed from between her legs. She moved her fingers up and down, pushing the material into her crack. Her figures quickly became wet and slippery as her juices continued to soak through her panties. She closed her eyes and moved her legs out, spreading them wide open. She let the book go, giving up any pretence of reading and the released hand moved towards her breast, stroking and squeezing each one in turn. She heard the door open further, felt the air moving, and knew that the door was wide open and that somebody was standing there, watching, as she play with herself.

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   She groaned out loudly. Fuck, not even in her wildest fantasies had the feeling and sensation been this intense and powerful.
With a quick deft movement, she slip her hand inside panties and slid it down inside, she gasp again as her fingers touched her rosebud. She rubbed and caressed it, causing Jenny to arch her back as intense pleasure burst through her body. She paused for a few seconds and moved her hand away, and circled around her clitoris and then over her pussy. Using the flat of her hand she began to slowly rub, in a circular motion. She was so wet that the motion made little squelching sounds. After a few minutes she slip a finger between her pussy lips and began to rub it up and down, pausing briefly over her rosebud and the slipping it back down, each time pushing It a little deeper into her tight little cunny. She started to groan and whimper as she continued to finger fuck herself, her other hand slip under her vest and squeezed and caressed her hard little nipples.
A sound brought Jenny back to present, there was somebody standing by the bed, close to her, breathing loudly, and another noise, a sort of slapping. She kept her eyes closed and pushed the finger into herself, fucking it into her tight wet cunt. Again she arched her back, as she pumped it back and forth. God, she needed to take her panties off, they were in the way and so she finally opened her eyes.
And there was Tom, her step-father, standing over her, naked, wanking his cock, his eyes glazed and twisted with lust. For a second, he froze, and briefly fear appeared.

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   But Jenny had already brought her legs together and quickly lifting them as she pulled her panties off and then spread her thighs again, exposing her bare naked and smooth pussy to Tom. He let out a loud groan, and started wanking his cock harder, his eyes fixed on Jenny.
Jenny slowly ran her hands down over her body, her eyes watching Tom’s hand pumping back and forth along his big think cock. She slipped them back between her thighs and moved them to her soaking wet pussy. She used her fingers to pull her lips apart, spreading her love petals and exposing sweet little cunt to Tom’s gaze. Tom let out a groan again, as Jenny slipped a finger between her pussy lip and pumped it into herself. After a few seconds, she removed her hand and lifted it to her mouth and Tom’s eyes followed. She her parted her lips and slid it slowly into her mouth and sucked upon it. She pumped it back and forth a few times and then it went back to her pussy.
While one hand returned to finger fucking her cunt, the other started rubbing her rosebud, slowly at first, and then harder and faster. She slipped another finger into herself; her breathing was faster and harder. All the while she continued to watch Tom pump his hand up and down his cock. He was now resting his knees up against the bed, his body shaking and swaying, his breathing and groans harsh and desperate. His hand movements became faster and more urgent. Suddenly he let out a loud “Ohhh God uuggghhhahhhhh god yes.

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  . . . ” Something hit jenny in the face, then more, hot and thick. Again the hot spunk hit Jenny in the face, and then more as Tom continued to wank himself
Realisation dawned on Jenny that her step-father was cumming on her and her own orgasm burst upon her. Her groans built up into one continuous wail as her body shook and she continued to fuck herself for as long as possible. She lost all sense of what was going on around her, as she floated on a cloud of sexual ecstasy that seemed to go on and on. Slowly she became calm as she came down from her sexual high, oh god, she thought that was intense. Suddenly she remembered that she wasn’t alone, and opened her eyes. Her step-father was slumped against the bed. Suddenly he lifted his head, their eyes met for a few seconds, and then he jumped up onto his feet. He looked down upon Jenny, his step-daughter, half naked, and his spunk all over her face. He began to shake his head, and whispered “Ohhh God, what I have done. . .

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  Oh god I am so sorry. . . ” He quickly turned and fled from the room.
Jenny wanted to call him back, but she just lay there, unable to speak for the moment. She lay there for a while unthinking, until the sensation of the cooling spunk brought her out of her stupor. She lifter hand to face and touch the slightly gooey spunk and getting some onto her finger she looked at it. Then she the she touch her finger with the tip of her tongue. Hmmm salty, a bit like egg white, I wonder what it taste like when its fresh, and she chucked to herself.
Jenny got up off her bed, and walked out of room to the landing, as she reached the bathroom, she looked toward her parent’s door, which as closed. She would need to talk to Tom, but then she thought, there would be time to talk, or perhaps time to play first. Entering the bathroom, she turned the shower on and while she waited for it to warm up she glanced in the mirror. Her face, neck, hair and top where covered in spunk, fuck what a slut she thought as she smiled at herself. In the shower, as the warm water washed over her naked body she pictured her step fathers cock in her mind, and thought how lucky mummy was to have a cock like that. Jenny allowed her imagination to wonder, as her soapy hands slipped down her body.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this story, I am currently working on a sequel to this story, and hope to finish by next week. You can find more of my erotic fiction on my homepage: http://www. asstr. org/~shyblueeyes1968/
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