Daughter's First Car


My daughter had an angry, stunned look on her face as she jumped up and exclaimed, 'Daddy, how could you even think of such a disgusting thing. I'm you're daughter for God Sake!'. I told her to sit down and talk about this reasonably. If she wouldn't agree to my proposal, she wouldn't be getting a car until she was older and had a job and resources of her own. Sarah continued to ignore me and sobbed, 'what until mom hears about this, you'll be in lots of trouble!' I reminded her that she'd been caught lying a lot recently, and her mother would never believe this story if she told it, especially since I would deny the whole thing, and point out that she was only making it up to get us to buy her the car she wanted anyway. Sarah knew I was right - she had lost all trust her mother had in her recently!She continued to sit in stunned silence as I told her that I would give her 24 hrs. to accept or reject my deal. She quietly left the room with her head down and eyes full of tears as she went to make the toughest decision of her young life. Then next evening, she came to me after dinner and quietly asked for more details of the offer, specifically; how many times were we to have sex? What type of sex was expected? Where were these encounters to take place? I told her that I would require 3 sexual encounters before any car was purchased - if the car was under $20K, we only needed to have sex 5 times, $20K to $25K would be 7 times, and $25K to $30K would be 10 times - I couldn't afford a car of more than $30K! Also, the sex would be vaginal only if she desired; however, if she began to like the encounters, I would be happy to have oral and anal sex as well. Finally, since her and I would be buying the car together, we would have plenty of time to check into motels and consummate our deal!Sarah took in all of my answers very carefully and finally whimpered 'Okay Daddy, I'll do it!' Music to my 42-year-old ears. I told her mother that we would be spending a lot of time over the next several weeks at car lots; therefore, don't expect us home most nights until late. Of course, my wife never questioned this in the least. I picked my daughter up at school the next day at 3:15 PM sharp. She quietly sat in the passenger seat with her head down as I drove her to a motel on the edge of our city. As we parked the car, she meekly asked again if I could please not go through with this. I ignored her question as I told her that we were going to add a little twist to this game by checking in together as man and wife - the guy working the desk wouldn't know she was my daughter; however, I wanted to see the look on his face as this 40-something year old man checked in with is young, attractive wife on his arm.

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   Sarah was actually shaking as I led her by the hand to the check-in counter and told the guy my 'wife' and I were checking in for a few hours. The guy, probably in his mid 50's, slowly eyed up my beautiful young daughter, then, almost knowingly, he winked at me as I paid him the cash for the room. I led my daughter to the room quickly, and once in the room, she broke down again. 'Please Daddy, don't make me do this! I'm a virgin, and this is just plain wrong!'. The tears started to flow in earnest as I firmly told my daughter, 'honey, no one is making you do anything. You can say no right now; however, you won't be getting the car you want!' She slowly slumped to the bed as I told her to get undressed while I used the bathroom for a moment - I knew she was terrified about all of this, and a few moments alone might help her to prepare herself. I stripped in the bathroom and neatly hung my clothes on the hanger provided by the motel to keep my suit fresh and clean looking. Once back in the main suite, I was greeted by my daughters' clothes in a crumpled pile, and her huddled under the covers on the bed. I lightened up the mood a little by picking up her clothes and folding them neatly on the desk in the room, expaining 'honey, we need to keep our clothes from getting wrinkled - don't need your mom wondering what we've been doing, right'. With that, I climbed in on the other side of the bed. Once on the bed beside the object of my lust - my own, teenage daughter - I pulled the covers aside to get a better look at her now naked body. Perfect proportions as I was well aware of before, and a small patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair above her tight, virgin pussy, a tight, flat tummy - topped by two, firm breast with puffy brown nipples. I was in heaven. I ran my hands up her body slowly taking in the curves and smoothness of her toned body. Once satisfied by my visual inspection, I gently pulled her legs apart and rolled on top of her to begin my first 'payment' session.

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   I leaned down to kiss her on the lips; however, she turned her face away in definite fear and disgust as I began to slowly rub my hard cock across her virgin pussy lips. I slowly worked back and forth for several moments before I tried to stick the head of my cock in her virgin tunnel. At this point, Sarah, sadly looked into my eyes and said, 'Daddy, I'm really scared since this is my first time, please be gentle'. I smiled at her gently and kissed her on the lips lightly saying 'don't worry honey, it will only hurt for the first few moments, and then you'll feel wonderful!'. With that, I pushed firmly into her tight pussy and felt her hymen rip away as she gritted her teeth and let out a small cry of pain. The pain obviously subsided quickly as she began to involuntarily moisten up and respond to my thrusts. After only a few short moments, I could feel a load building in my balls; however, my daughter tensed up and nervously told me that I couldn't cum in her since this should be her most fertile time of the month. Of course, I'd forgotten that precaution; however, hearing her warn me not to get her pregnant really turned me on even more - could I really make my beautiful, teenage daughter pregnant the first time? I couldn't control it as I continued to pump away at her tight, fertile pussy. I was just about ready to cum when Sarah began to try pushing me out of her - I grabbed both her arms and held them tightly above her head as my balls tightened and shot their potent contents into my own daughters pussy. No orgasm I've ever had or will ever have could possibly compare to that experience! As my orgasm passed, I slowly collapsed on top of my beautiful daughter, still holding her down with all my strength. She frantically begged me to get off of her so she could wash my sperm out of her pussy quickly. I continued my position until I could quietly explain the new terms of our agreement - I wanted her pregnant with my child! She was to get pregnant by me, and she would eventually have to tell her mom that she's a little slut who's been with too many boys/men to know who the father is. Of course, her mother will want to disown her for this activity; however, I'll stand by her and explain that she's just young and didn't realize how irresponsible her behavior was. Her mother would gradually accept her condition, and she would agree to adopt our grand child (my child - ha, ha) as our own. If it were another daughter, who knows, maybe I'd be reliving this fun with her in 17 years!My daughter began to sob again, and she told me how much I was ruining her life.

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   I reminded her that this wasn't my choice - it was hers to make. Was a car really worth all of this? My little girl realized that the path was now set - there was no turning back now. She reluctantly kept her side of the agreement as I did mine. She ended up with a really nice, new Grand Prix with all the features. I ended up with a wife and daughter to fuck whenever I wanted (wife still doesn't know about the daughter part), and I have a beautiful 3 year old grand daughter who'll be wanting a car in about 13 years. That'll be another story!!!Hope you enjoyed this story - it's my first piece of work! RPKMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.