Doing the Dishes


Author’s Note: Let’s see if I can bust one out off the top of my head, no pun intended. It had all happened way too quickly and spontaneously for either party to have any control over it. One minute, they were as platonic as could be and the next…they had disgraced their morality in favour of lust. The siblings were deemed responsible enough to leave in the house whilst the parents went away for the weekend. As the older generation enjoyed each other’s company privately, little did they know or even imagine that their offspring would wind up in as similar situation. Samantha was strutting around in tight tanker top and undeniably short shorts at home, exposing much of her young fit body in the sanctity of her own home. She was your typically attractive teenage girl; a 19 year old ripe and toned body reading for the taking. Mark was a strong lad; he had to be as he was vying for a place in the school’s football team. He was the baby of the family although he far from resembled it at the age of 16 and a ¾ months, as he liked to remind others of the latter determinant of his age. The first day passed innocently; it was the night that brought about their dark desires. As they sat down together to eat some prepared food that their mother so graciously left for them, she flippantly commented. “This is almost like a date. ” A brief silence followed before they smiled at each other knowingly as if sharing some sort of secret joke. They continued their dinner amicably until the washing up had to be done. Between themselves, they decided to that Samantha would wash the dishes whilst Mark would dry them and put them in the cupboard. It began with clinical efficiency; Samantha washed a plate and handed it to her right where Mark received it with a towel swiping the surfaces dry before slipping it in the cupboard.

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   However, as time went on, the efficiency dropped as the prospect of washing dishes reminded them of why it was such a chore. As Samantha’s concentration dropped, she passed a bowl hastily before stopping suddenly; unfortunately, she had forgotten to empty the water from it and instead it swung towards Mark, splashing onto his top. “Hey!” He yelped as he felt the water sink through and come into contact with his lower chest. “Oh shit Mark, I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention,” she automatically replied as they both stared at the new stain. Then, an evil grin surfaced on his face. “Mark…” she trailed off before his hand reached out. In response, she raised her hands defensively to shield herself but he was not her intended target. Instead, he had grabbed an unwashed glass and grinned wildly. His hand jerked as he splashed the water onto her and she screamed, turning away, but it was too late. The water had hit its mark top, soaking it rapidly. She stood there with her back turned towards him, anticipating a second attack. He did not disappoint. Seeing her cowering, it only opened up another opportunity. She could hear him refill the glass under the running tap. “Mark, stop!” she pleaded but it was to no avail as she felt her shorts dampen under his assault.

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   She jumped up in surprise before turning around again, only to receive the rest of the glass on her face and eyes. After she wiped away what was impeding her vision, she gave him a pout. In return, he broke out in raucous laughter. “Oh, this is priceless!” He roared victoriously as he replaced the glass in the sink. As he threw his head back in amusement, he couldn’t help but think that this wet look had given her a certain appeal that he’d never witnessed before. It was helped by the fact that her top was becoming translucent. While he was distracted by his own thoughts, she decided to turn the tables. Heaving the large pot filled to the brim with water, she lifted the thing to his head height. As he realised, he tried to grapple with foreboding fate with some success; the drenching was shared amongst siblings although he took the brunt of it. As he recovered from the heavy assault, he opened his eyes to see his sister looking smug, with her arms crossed over her chest. “Why you…!” His arms reached out and her cockiness disappeared in place of fear as she turned to escape. But the water on the floor made a mockery of her attempt as she slipped back into her brother’s clutches; something he was ill prepared for. As they fumbled and stumbled, they would up stabilising themselves in quite a compromising situation, one that would alter their relationship for ever. As it resulted, she was again standing in front of the sink, but he was pressed up behind her. Her hands were held by his rather intimately but it did not stop there.

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   Against the wet fabric of her shorts, she could feel his manhood press against her ample behind. And it was fast being brought out of its slumberous state. They stood there together with only the faint sound of their breathing to accompany them as they both waited until he was at full mast, pointing in the direction of the cause. As it prodded her through the wetness in her shorts, she felt a sudden urge to do something, anything to change the situation. She twirled around as quickly as she could to face her brother, who was a good few inches taller than her. Their eyes locked sharply before he placed his hands on her shoulders and dipped down to kiss her on the lips. It was a gentle kiss, but one intrinsically lacking the innocence of childhood. He pulled away slowly, catching his sister’s eyes again. “I…shit Samantha, I’m so-” but she cut him off by placing a finger on his lips. Then she tipped up on her toes and returned the sentiment. In effect, this broke the ice. As soon as she pulled away, their inhibitions went down the drain. He charged in for another kiss, but this time, it was a long deep one, their lips pressed firmly against each other and their tongues pushing into each other’s mouths. He pulled the straps down for her top, and as it turned out, she had not been wearing a bra as her boobs popped out. His hands continued down her sides to her waist where he hoisted her up and into the sink, letting her bottom sink into its depths, despite the running water.

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   With her closest hands, she turned the tap off although it did a good job soaking her side. His mouth moved down the corner of her mouth and chin, coating it with his saliva as he progressed over her neck. Meanwhile, his hands climbed back up her body cupping her exposed tits with vigour, giving each one a good squeeze and pinch. He pushed one nipple up into his eager mouth and began sucking away while she arched her back, pushing her bosom into her brother’s face while pressing his head in towards it. He switched to her other nipple soon enough and gave it a similar dose of treatment before his hands subconsciously slipped down to her shorts. Taking the hint, she aided him in unbuttoning her shorts and raising her legs up as he slid them off her legs. Now she sat there, naked and wet, in the sink. “Fuck me Samantha…” he marvelled at his sister in all her naked glory. “Gladly!” She quipped. She reached her hand out and he took it, pulling her up and out of the sink. Standing tall in front of him, she pushed his back against the sink and got down to her knees, unzipping his trousers and finally releasing what started this sordid affair whilst he threw away his top. Taking his dick in one hand, she rubbed the shaft up and down a few times, circling around it as she did so. Giving one last look up at her brother for approval, for which he gladly gave, she descended upon his cock, placing it into her oral cavity. He exhaled in response as if a great burden had been lifted off his shoulder. Rolling her tongue around the circumference of his member in an explorative manner, she then wasted no time in sucking him off.

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   Her head bobbed up and down while he gently kneaded her hair. With a free hand, she cupped and tickled his balls teasingly. “Oh Sam…” He moaned appreciatively at his sister’s actions. But the feeling was not mutual. It had only been a minute before she slowed down and then stopped entirely, letting his throbbing member fall out of his mouth. “Why did you stop?” He enquired, with a puzzled look plaguing his visage. She stood back up, turned around and began walking away but he grabbed her arm. “Answer me!” He hissed at her now. The monster known as lust had possessed him momentarily. However, the venom was well reciprocated. “I don’t want to suck you off. I want you to fuck me. ” She shot back. A maniacal grin spread across her younger sibling’s face then, as a new, wilder beast became of him. He pushed her along to the table they had just dined on, and bent her over, compressing her boobs on the table top.

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   “You want me to what?” He asked again menacingly. “I told you! I want you to fuck me!” She lashed back with her head slightly turned towards him. He slapped her bottom lightly with his dick before placing it against the slit. Rubbing it slightly against her, he felt her entire body shudder with anticipation. Just one more time, he wanted to hear it. “Can you say that one more time?” He could barely contain himself if not for what was to come. “For fuck’s sake, just do it! Just fuck me!” She barked at him. That was more than he needed; in one fell stroke, he pushed into his sister’s canal, not stopping until he was completely inside her. The final barrier of sanctity had been breached, no; it had been annihilated by that stroke. Seized by a powerfully incestuous spirit, Mark began to plough away his sister. He could feel her resist his motions with her own, backing into him, but that only caused him to drive his dick in harder, in sync with her intention. He fucked her hard and fast but for her, it wasn’t enough. “Fuck me harder, Mark!” He grabbed her hips and shoved his cock deep inside her, continually pressing against her butt cheeks before pulling out again and ramming it back in again. But she complained again. “Is that the best you can do?” She growled at him.

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   “I said, fuck me harder, asshole!” She demanded. “Shut up bitch!” He snapped back. But she had given him a devil of an idea. He drove into her a few more times before pulling out completely. She turned her head toward him, in disdain. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” The maniacal grin had taken residence on his lips again. Their eyes met and silently, she got the message. She opened her mouth to utter resistance but it was too late. He parted her cheeks and smashed through her sphincter as his dick tore through her anal canal. “Urgh!!!” Her head snapped forward as she groaned painfully. His cock was a lot tighter in there than it had been in previous places. He began hitting a slower tempo as a result, but she wasn’t complaining anymore. All he could hear were her low groans at every stroke as they went at a more relaxed pace. He let his hands wonder from her hips to her lower back as he gently massaged it. Then, they made their way higher and higher before running around the sides, rubbing against her tits.

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   He leaned forward, pressing his body against her back. “Oh Mark…this is so wrong,” She uttered but made no more attempt to stop. Instead her hands were placed over his, holding them over her bosom. He licked at her ear and kissed her neck sensually. “Oh man, I’m gonna blow soon,” he warned her softly in her ear as he moved his body rhythmically in and out of hers. After a few strained breaths, she replied. “Don’t…do it there, please. I want to taste it. ” He responded quickly. Resuming an upright position, he placed his hands on her hips and contrary to how he entered, he gently withdrew his raging hard on from her ass. “There,” he simply stated. Samantha tried to get up but found herself unstable on her feet, though Mark was helpfully there to steady her. Again, their gazes were fixed on each other, knowing this next moment would seal their fates. Slowly, she began her descent, never breaking eye contact until she was at the level of his crotch. His hands were placed on her head now, ensuring that there would be no escape this time, not that she was going to.

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   She lifted the head of his penis with her mouth, swerving her tongue around it, tasting the precum. Without warning though, Mark plunged the remainder of dick into her mouth, causing her to gag momentarily. He failed to warn her again as he began thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth, effectively fucking her again. But she would get what she wanted as he was on the verge of climaxing as he desperately drove his dick into her the last few times before his first load launched. He could hear a muffled, but positive moan as his eruption continued. Much to his surprise, she managed to swallow a lot of his juice in before it began to leak out the corners of her lips. She attempted to clean it up with her tongue but it only served her downfall as she could not receive the next shot and very quickly, he was spurting it all over her face, and chest. “Just like in the pornos, right sis?”“Shut up!” She retorted, before rubbing some cum into her mouth. As she finished off lapping up his spilled juices, silence shrouded them. “Let’s finish washing the dishes,” Samantha meekly muttered. “Yeah. ”Author’s note: My first brother/sister story. .

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