Exposing Sister in the Library - Part II


I need to stop forgetting my passwords for this site. . . this is MaxXan02, submitting part II.


For the next few weeks, Jennifer and I were nearly inseparable. I’m glad my mother’s work picked up, and that my father was still out of town, or someone surely would have noticed how much our relationship had changed, and how whenever we were alone, we would look flushed and even a little sweaty when someone came to find us. My older siblings were off to college, which meant that for most of the time when we were not at school or sports practice, I had Jennifer all to myself. It was like the first time had unleashed a torrent through a barrier we hadn’t even realized existed, and now each and every waking moment was spent waiting, waiting for Jennifer to wake up, to shower, to get home from her weekend sports practices… I spent every second thinking about the next time I could be close to her, the next time I could lean her over the sink, slip her already-soaking shorts to the side, and glide right into her. Every time I felt the thrill of how forbidden it was to do what we were doing, and every time I felt the same fluttering feeling in my stomach as I pushed into her, my sister, and felt her exhale and she would lean back into my invasion.


At home, Jennifer gave up on panties altogether. She did put them on when we were expecting our mom to be home for a long period of time, not that it mattered very much in the end.


   Twice as she lay on the floor, and as our mom worked from home on her computer in the other room, I reached into her shorts to find her panties and quickly separated them from her body with my fingers. I would pull out my pocket-knife, and being careful not to cut her, sliced a neat line straight down the crotch of the soft material, the perfect size. I was never bold enough to try anything like full sex with our mother so close, but I would spend a good deal of time slipping my fingers into her shorts, through the new hole in her panties, and massaging her soft folds and the delicate mound that held her treasures. I would tease her, punish her with light brushes over her clitoris, and then plunge my fingers directly into her. She would grunt, sometimes even twitch at the sudden invasion… but if I ever had any doubt that she didn’t like what I was doing, it melted away when she began cutting neat little openings in her underwear herself.


Oddly, up until this night Jennifer had never instigated contact with me. I had always begun to touch her, kiss her, or squeeze her hand as I began to kiss her neck… but she never once declined my advances, and even though it had only been a few short weeks since our first experience together, I felt to some degree that my sister had the same shyness. For her, maybe it still felt like it was wrong, or dirty, or maybe it was just so exciting to feel like I was the aggressor. However it worked out, she had never touched me first, though we had gone directly into mutually agreed penetration, but all that would soon change, too.


At some point our living room exposures escalated to me dipping items inside of her when other people were home. Perhaps it had been the night that Jennifer bared her body in full orgasm to Allison that started the trend, but whenever my young sister would feel my hands begin to explore her when the house wasn’t empty, she grew wetter and more pliable than she would normally, and she would grind back against my fingers.

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   It wasn’t long before my fingers became the TV remote, or the D-cell battery I’d had in my pocket from an old stereo I was trying to fix. It seemed only natural that, while it may not be safe to climb on top of my little sister and thrust each other to orgasm while our siblings or parents were home, she deserved the pleasure in a more discreet way, and I was always thinking of new ways to give it to her.


It was quite a sight the first time I had the idea to try something that became progressively bigger. Jennifer maybe didn’t even know that I had kept the small, rubber novelty baseball bat that our dad had gotten me one time after we all went to a baseball game… but when I was cleaning out my room one day and came across it, I couldn’t help but notice how phallic it looked, and how it was about as big as a regular male at one end, and became aggressively thicker in only a few short inches. That night, I brought it downstairs under the guise of finding an old toy, and sat with Jennifer on the floor after dinner. Like always, mom retired to the computer in the den, and it was only a few moments before the bat was in one hand, and Jennifer’s slickening mound in the other.


To my knowledge, Jennifer had never achieved orgasm from our little games on the living room floor. It was fun for me to watch as a battery would push her panties and soft folds inward, and then, as the tension would build, watch her lips snap tight against the invading object, her panties doing very little now that the holes we cut had been stretched wide. It was fun for her to feel invaded, publically displayed, and to know that she was safe with me, even in the middle of something so wrong, so … risky. I would hear soft moans from her from time to time, and she would rub her body against the floor, stimulating miniature waves of pleasure as I explored her with the foreign objects, but never did she have the powerful orgasms that our lovemaking sessions would bring on.


Usually after an hour or so of this teasing, she would get up and pronounce she had homework to do, and ask for my help. I would follow her to her room, and immediately we would be at it again just like always. She would lie on her bed, or simply lift one leg onto a chair, and I would unzip my pants and let my painfully hard erection free. With so much buildup, neither of us would last very long, and sometimes I would enter her only slightly, feeling the soft folds of her fleshy mount envelop just the very tip of my member before she would begin to shake, her warm walls quivering. It would always send me over the edge, and if it weren’t for both of us doing the same, you might have even called it premature, but it was bliss for both of us, and even after we came I would pump into her until she moved away. Our foreplay had been public, but our finish was always private, just for the two of us, something to share. That is, of course, until the night I brought the bat into the living room.


That night I had begun to touch her instantly when I knew our mom had started typing. I could feel her juices flowing, and from time to time I would take my fingers and lubricate the smaller end of the rubber bat. For all the intent of the toymakers, I’m not sure these things are used for much more than sexual aids these days… I never had as much fun with it as Jennifer did from this night going forward. It was springy, and yet hard. It would squish in your hand, yet had a resilient center that was the perfect hardness, like someone had planned it this way… as it spread my sister’s panties, I had no choice but to admit that it looked pretty much like an erect penis must as it moved through the slit in the fabric and began pushing against the slit in my sister.

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Jennifer hadn’t seen the bat yet that night, and glanced back at me when I slid just the tip of it against her, slightly into her. There was very little comparison between the heat of the bat, and myself, so I don’t think she was wondering if I was pushing myself into her suddenly on the living room floor, but I think she sensed immediately that something was different about tonight, and she looked at me for reassurance. I smiled at her and slipped the bat back out, watching as her lips pulled along the part that had entered her, almost begging for me to stop removing it. Maybe it was bigger than I had thought, but as I pushed it back in again, the bat sunk another inch into her soft entrance, and I watched as her folds pushed inward, then slipped back again as lubrication overcame friction, and she accepted more of the object into her body.


I could only wonder at Jennifer’s expression when she stopped looking back and again started looking at the television as I slipped the bat in and out again, but she spread her legs even further, and I could immediately tell by the extra bit that slid into her that she was pushing back, and in her new position, even the slightest pressure would slip more into her. She was opening herself wide, and I could hear her now, too. Small gasps escaped her lips on the inward strokes of the bat, and all the while I watched as the girth got wider, and her lips spread tighter and tighter.


It didn’t take long before I could easily see a trail of wetness leading from her stretched tightness to the floor. It wasn’t soaked through or anything like that, but it was so much more than normal that Jennifer’s shorts and panties were quite beyond saving.

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   If anyone were to walk in right now, we would both have absolutely no excuse for the scene we were creating together. Jennifer was covered in sweat, I could see the sheen off her shoulders as she moved her hands to brace herself against the floor, now willing more and more of the bat into her awaiting mound. Her panties were soaked through, her shorts hanging heavily on her body as her ministrations brought out even further sweat, and wetness, and the lips of her sex were stretched thin and tight against her rubber invader. I was suffering from something of the same, and could see a dark, wet spot on my jeans where my erection was pressing hard, enclosed, begging to be let loose.


I couldn’t believe that just weeks ago, I would have never considered something like this would ever happen, let alone that Jennifer would be the one pushing back with her palms, gasping just slightly as she met my inward thrusts with the phallic plastic object. My innocent little sister… or perhaps maybe I had just always assumed she had been innocent, and yet with the help of a mistaken discovery that she was, in fact, sexual… here I was… here she was… and I went over the oddity of it all in my head as Jennifer sat forward, almost like a cat stretching out, and the bat slid free from her stretched slit. Jennifer turned around, still on all fours, and climbed into my lap.


Some men would know what to do in this situation, I’m almost sure of it, but I was not one of those men. I could tell Jen was still extremely aroused, she leaned in close to me, so close that I could see the flecks that made her eyes hazel, and then I felt her hand on my zipper.


“Here?” I whispered, half afraid, half excited, and completely and utterly already in agreement.


“Please,” she whispered back, and as her lips met mine, and her eyes pulled even closer, then closed, I felt as I was removed from one tight enclosure, and placed immediately into another. She was velvety-soft, and so very… very warm. I could feel it already, her whole body was quivering with the tremors of release. She plunged herself upon me, up and down, up and down… and I could feel the heat beginning to spread form her body into mine as her actions became quick, her motions almost desperate.


Somewhere on the ground near us, I imagined the child’s toy must feel a little neglected as Jennifer’s orgasm triggered like an explosion. If you have heard that you can feel a woman orgasm, but you’ve never felt it happen, you’ve never really provided the pleasure than Jennifer and I found time and again.


I could feel as her soft lips went suddenly tight, then quivered, and then spasmed. I could feel her juices intensify, and most of all, I could feel the intensity as she began to buck her entire body against me.

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   I ran my hands inside her loose jersey-style shirt, and squeezed her tight against me, my arms against her skin, and her whole body shook. Her hips bucked, almost on their own, and she pulled me close as well, squeezing me with her arms and forcing herself down onto my member. I pushed up hard, trying to meet her thrust and push inside of her as much as I could. Jennifer gasped, and kissed my neck as wave after wave forced us harder and harder into each other. At that moment, I wouldn’t have cared if the whole world could have seen us, bucking like crazy buried to the hilt in one another and our shared pleasure, but luckily for us I could hear that mom was still typing away on the computer as my sister came down from her release, and slowly slid off of my still-hard member.


It was just like before, and she looked deep into my eyes as she kissed me again, and then slid completely off my lap, and slowly got to her feet. She wasn’t quite “bowlegged” when she walked away, but I could tell that she was still not quite fully recovered, she walked at almost an ambling pace, almost like she had been dreaming and had just woken up. When she made it to the stairs, she called out a soft “goodnight” to the house before heading up the stairs. For a while I thought about following her, and how still fully-aroused I was, and how much I wanted to wrap her in my arms again and pull her close… but tomorrow was a school day, and it was already pretty late. By now, she was probably fast asleep. I smiled, and enjoyed for just a moment the idea of the pleasure I had provided my young sister that night, then grabbed the still-slick bat, called out my own goodnight, and headed up to bed.





I would have even gone to bed… except that with everything that had happened that night, I couldn’t. I lay awake, listening to the sounds outside my window, and watching the light play on the wall. Over and over again I pictured Jennifer’s stretching lips, how tight against the bat they had been, and how crazy she had been driven. I couldn’t stop the small voice inside my head that kept exclaiming that my sister and I had just had passionate, full penetration sex in our living room, with our mother behind nothing more than a half-room wall. Every time I closed my eyes I would see her climb on top of me again… the look in her eyes, the heat between her legs… I could still feel the walls of her tunnel closing tight around me, and how completely and utterly wrong it was to love my preteen sister sexually, intimately, and with every chance I had. I wondered if Jennifer was having the same thoughts, and if her body was just as full of memories tonight as mine was. Almost in answer to my question, I heard the door to my room creak open, and there she was, in her usual shorts and, oddly, her softball uniform top.


“Are you awake?” she whispered, and I smiled as she stood, almost mouse-like, at my door.


“Yeah,” I whispered back, “I can’t sleep. ”


“I want to show you something”, I heard her say softly, “put on some clothes and come on!”


I was left facing the empty doorway, begrudgingly swung my legs out of bed, and threw on my jeans. I had been hoping for something different, but again I should not have been disappointed so easily… I walked into the hallway and saw my younger sister beginning down the stairs… with absolutely nothing but her jersey on.


I couldn’t decide, for the very brief moment that I thought about it, where she put her shorts. Maybe she threw them into the bathroom, or her room, on the way to the stairs, but she was definitely nude underneath her short jersey. I could just barely see the mounds of her beautiful bottom as she bounced down the stairs, and I followed, curious and excited.


By the time she reached the front door, I had imagined all sorts of situations.

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   Perhaps she just wanted to repeat what had happened earlier, maybe she wanted to climb on the kitchen table and be taken there like a bowl of fruit… there were so many options, and my teenage mind was going through all of them, but never had I imagined she would keep going, through the living room, through the kitchen, and throw open the front door. I watched as her silhouetted form disappeared into the night, and I followed without a second’s hesitation.


It didn’t take me very long to adjust to the darkness of the outdoors. I was always a night person, and would take walks in the woods that surrounded our house from time to time. In part, I suppose, that may have been why I didn’t worry too much about being out late at night. First, in the mountains, there weren’t really neighbors to worry about, and second… when you’re following a girl, any girl, who has told you she has a surprise, and then removes her underwear… well… I’d be lying if I said I was thinking rationally at that point at all. I could just make out Jennifer’s outline as she headed down the driveway, and it took me only a moment more to see the Jeep parked on the street. I watched as Jennifer bounded towards it, unabashed by her nakedness as she hopped into the rear passenger side of the car.


It only took me a moment to realize who the car belonged to… it was Allison’s older brother’s. Her brother had saved a good deal of money to buy an old Grand Wagoneer, and everyone in town knew whose it was.

To say the lease, he was also infamous for what supposedly went on in the back seat.


   As I reached the door myself, and realized that Allison, not her brother, was driving, I wondered if perhaps we were going to add to the mystery and legend of that particular car.


“Hop in!” Allison said, and smiled at me with the same greedy look that Jennifer had been lately. I climbed in the back as well, and looked over to realize that I had been wrong about my sister having nothing on. In fact, it looked like she had snuck behind my parent’s backs and made her own clothing purchase. She was wearing a thong I had never seen before, and one that was obviously just a little small. Her mound protruded, almost lewdly, and after catching a good eyeful I looked to the front of the car and realized that Allison had been staring at me while I had been staring at my sister. As soon as we made eye contact, she averted her eyes, and turned the ignition. With a quiet growl, the old car sprang to life, and we were off.


What happened next, to me, is what makes the story the most unbelievable. Some of those who read this may have guessed, others might have been as blindsided as I was that night, but at some point my innocent young sister had decided it was time to let Allison in on our secret. She hadn’t told her, or at least I think she hadn’t when the car started, but the trip would change all of our lives.


   Jennifer had hinted before that she had done things with Allison, though never really suggested what, or how much, or just how close they were. What I know for certain, what I haven’t ever questioned, was that Jennifer would not have exposed our relationship to Allison without complete trust, from both parties. I would say, in this situation, though, that I was coerced… and maybe even under duress!


We weren’t even a mile from the house when I looked over and saw Jennifer slowly sliding her fingertip up and down the taught material covering her sex. I realized while studying the motions of her fingers that at some point after the session with the bat, Jennifer had shaved herself completely bald. I could easily see all of her features through the thin material now, and even more easily realize she was slowly teasing her clitoris through the fabric, lifting it up and down, sliding and applying pressure. I could feel my erection pushing harder and harder against my already wet jeans, and it didn’t go unnoticed by the other occupants in the car, either. I reached over, and squeezed her soft mound, trapping her finger under my palm and pushing it into her, forcing her to pleasure herself directly.


“How far are we going?” I asked, trying to sound innocent, but secretly asking if I had time to play with Jennifer in the back seat while Allison was busy driving. It was just dark enough, we might be safe to play around a bit, and I already was slipping a finger into the band of her thong, destined quickly to slip inside her velvety slit.


“We’re just going to the school,” Allison replied, looking back at me momentarily. I watched as her eyes dropped to the bulge in my pants, then to my arm resting somewhere behind her where she knew Jennifer was sitting. I was careful to make a point, and pulled my hand back to cover my erection with my forearm, and Allison returned to watching the road. “There’s a party at the pool for some of the football players that are graduating. ”


I was struck by a very odd sensation at her words; I had never been to a party at the school, let alone one for the “cool kids”. I didn’t have much time to focus, though, because right around the same time that Allison looked forward, Jennifer snaked her hand from her own crotch, and reached for the zipper on my jeans.


“You know”, she said, and unzipped my fly. She reached her other hand though the zipper, and I almost gasped as her fingers enveloped me. “I really shouldn’t have told you to put pants on. This would be a lot easier without them. ”


To this day, I don’t know what prompted my sister, or maybe she and Allison had planned this all along, but when Jennifer simultaneously leaned over, and pulled my erection free of the denim prison, it took all my strength to avoid many thoughts at once. First, that I had never had a blowjob before… and second, that my sister was about to give me my first blowjob, ever. The second thought outweighed the first, and it also drowned out the alarm bell that went off when Allison looked back again, and saw brother and sister about to do something that nature never intended. At first I was hesitant, but Allison just grinned, and looked forward again. I have no idea how Jennifer knew it would be okay, but as her friend shifted gears, Jennifer licked the tip of my erect penis, starting just under the side of the head, before putting her lips in a tight circle around the tip of my erection and plunging her head down as she sucked air in. It felt astoundingly good, and as she began to encircle the head of my member with her tongue, slowly trailing it all around me as she bobbed her head up and down, I began to wonder how best to return the favor.


Jennifer had leaned very far forward so that she could bring me the pleasures she was with her tongue. As it was my first, all I knew is that her mouth was wet, warm, and she could do absolutely amazing things with the muscles attached to her tongue. I would learn later in life that my sister doesn’t actually give the best oral pleasures, but in my mind at that moment it didn’t matter even one bit. Even when her teeth would scrape me slightly (especially as the Jeep bumped along on the back roads), I felt only pleasure. I struggled with the idea of placing my hand on her head, or in her hair, more out of encouragement than pleasure, but decided against it when I began to think that Jennifer deserved the same voyeuristic pleasure she was giving me. From time to time, I would catch Allison’s eyes in the rear-view mirror, she was watching my face as my sister took my sex into her mouth.

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   It was one of the most arousing moments of my life.


As Allison kept driving and stealing glances, Jennifer kept me on the verge or orgasm. I saw my opportunity and rubbed my hand along her jersey, down along the small of her back, and began to caress her bottom. Jennifer didn’t make a sound, but moved even closer to me, and like always I found my fingers exploring her body, and all the soft folds that hid her most-precious treasure. I slid my fingers inside the waistband of her thong, and as my hand slid down I was rewarded first with the small indentation of her anus, and as I slid my fingers even further I found her awaiting slit. Whether it was the arousal, or the games we had played earlier in the day, the best term I could ever use to describe my sister’s sex at that moment would be “gaping open”. I could feel the same intense heat that had climbed on my lap earlier in the day.


I slipped first one, then two fingers into her while squeezing my palm tight against her bottom and anus, and I felt as her rhythm changed ever so slightly as she adjusted to the new sensations, and then her tongue fell back into its constant pattern over the head of my member, and I began to saw my ring and middle fingers against the thin skin between her opening, and her anus, starting near her rectum and sliding forward until my fingers were curled and buried in her folds, just slightly penetrating her womanhood.


I would love to say that we orgasmed together, or even better yet that I brought about another full-bodied exultation from my sister as I had earlier in the day, but to do so might be to sell my sister’s tongue short on its abilities.

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   I had barely started to push further in my penetrations when Jennifer dived deeper than she had previously, and I felt my member push into her throat slightly. It was so restrictive, so warm, and so very, very taboo still in my book that I couldn’t help, my body reacted without me, and I began to release into my sister’s awaiting mouth. I groaned, and squeezed my fingers tight into her sex. Jennifer pulled back slightly, but did not remove her mouth from my member as I released wave after wave of pleasure into her mouth and onto her tongue. I felt like I couldn’t stop, I felt as though she would kill me with the pleasure. I had no idea that oral pleasure could be that intense, but it was made all the more intense when I looked forward, and saw we were at a red light, and Allison had turned around, and was grinning as my sister swallowed the results of my orgasm. Without so much as a blush showing on her cheeks, my sister sat up, looked at her friend with a big smile on her face, then turned to me, and said “There, now we’re even!” The light turned green, and once again Allison got the car moving towards the school. We would be there soon, and I still had the same thoughts rolling through my head that I had started the day with, but now… it seemed I had even more thoughts and questions to go with them.


I love having sex with my sister… I have had sex with my sister… she likes the baseball bat… she just swallowed my cum… Allison knows… what are we doing at this party… Allison knows… I want to have sex with my sister while Allison watches… Jennifer is touching herself again… Allison knows, and doesn’t care…


The rest of the car trip, I watched almost torturously as my sister slipped her fingers absentmindedly over her clitoris. I’m not sure if I had helped her, or made her worse when I had touched her, but it seemed since we had gotten in the car, we had reversed roles. I was hard again, to say the least, but Jennifer’s mouth and tongue had gone a long way towards satiation, and now I could tell that Jennifer was in need.

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   I wanted to help her, and at the same time… I didn’t want to help her. I wondered what would come of the party if Jennifer were to be completely worked up when we got there with little release in sight. I shouldn’t have worried, though; it had been her plan all along.


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