Farmed Out


Farmed Out - Part 1
Summer time was here, at last a break from school and a chance to relax, unwind and have fun. . . . or so i thought.
Following my problems in my last year at school, constant trouble with teachers, lack of homework and general disregard for authority, i had all but flunked my exams. My parents were none too impressed and had scupppered by plans for a fun filled summer break. Instead i was to be shipped off to my grandfather's farm out in the middle of nowhere, to work my way into some kind of career. The words fucked off did not really do the situation enough justice.
I hadn't seen my grandfather for a while, he and I never really saw eye to eye, he was never impressed with my lack of disicpline and what he called a lack of respect.
The train journey down to the farm was problay about the most pleasent thing that was going happen over the next few months, each stop I looked up and waited for the sign to say "welcome to hell".
Eventually it did, and there was my grandfather at the station, with a big eveil grin on his face. It was like being confined to Miltary School!.
As i got off, very little was said, apart from the occasional
"well my boy, welcome to a sweat busting, two months of hard work. . and belive me son, it will be hard!"
My Grandfather was in his late 60's but resonably fit, problay due to the work on the farm.

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   His wife had left him some years ago, problay unable to put up with his controlling manner. He had a couple of farm hands to help him out but even they came and went faster than staff at a fast food resturant.
The farm had become only a small produce now, and really over served to keep him going, it was something that he had never wanted to give up, and had intended for my father to carry it on, but that had never happened. Clearly I was next in line.
We reached the farm and i was shown my room, it was a poxy little room, big enough for the bed a small wardrobe and of course an alarm clock for those early morning wake ups.
My grandfather told me to unpack, wash up and get down stairs for tea and he would go through my jobs at dinner.
I went upstairs, and looked out the window across the barren land that was to be my new home for the next few months. Depression had set in already.
"Dinners ready" I heard him call and I went downstairs to the kitchen. On the table was a plate of liver and onions. . . my least favourite meal. What a great start.
We sat down, hardly a word had been muttered, as i unwillingly tucked into tea.

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   Once it was over he began to speak.
"So boy, you've been sent here to be taught a trade, i am so glad about that, I've watched you for a while son, you've gone off the rails and your're going nowhere, that's why i offered to have you down here, I'm gonna teach you what hard work is all about, and belive me boy, you are going to do as I say"
I mumbeled a defiant "i don't think so" under my breath, unforntunatly her was not quite as deaf as I would have liked.
"Think you can defy me son, well we'll see about that, I was going to break you in gently, but i can see that we are gonna have to get right down to business with you"
"I want you to wash those plates up now and then get your arse in the longue, I'll be waiting, you've got ten minutes".
I had never been able to talk back to my grandfather, he was a strict disiplinarin, and yes he scared me.
He got up and went into the next room, while i cleared the dishes and washed up.
I went into the room, in no particular rush.
"You're late"
"I was washing up"
"I dont care, i told you 10 minutes, it's been 15, it's about time you learned your place in this house"
"Get over here and bend over"
"what?" I was shocked at what he was attempting
"I dont think so, I'm a bit to old for getting a spanking"
"You're never too old, and I think we need to establish some rules here!, Now get over here now and bend over that chair, before I toss you out to sleep with the fucking pigs for the night"
This was a much stronger side to my grandfather than i had ever seen, I went over to the armchair and bent myself over the arm.
He came over to me and shoved my head into the cushion, next thing i knew he had slapped by arse with something that felt like a wrapped up magazine.
Fortunalty my jeans had taken most of the impact and I stayed quiet as he slapped my 3 times.
"Doesn't sound like that got through boy, did you feel that"
"Yes, i did, it hurt"
"Bollocks. . . you never even moved, Stand up, lets do this properly"
I did as told
"Now get them jeans off, you'll see that i mean business"
I really had little choice, undoing the buttons, i let my jeans drop to the floor.
"Now bend over again and count em out"
"one. .

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  . . . two. . . . " i counted as each slap landed, I was trying to be strong and pretend it was not hurting, that turned out to be a mistake.
"too fucking easy boy, i think you need 5 more of the best".
Again he held my head down and i could hear his other hand fumbling with his trousers. . . shit it was going to be his belt.
"now count 'em again"
"onnnnneeeee, twooooo, shit, threeeee ahhh fuck it hurts, stop pleaseeeee, fouurrrrr, no please no more, please granddad pleaseee"
"ah so now you listen ehh, begging me to stop are you"
"yes please i'll do as i'm told"
"will you now, everything as I tell you yes"
"Yes, i promise"
"yes, what?"
"yes granddaddy,"
"i prefer sir, or you can call me daddy"
I was a bit surprised but was in no position to argue
"Yes daddy, i'll do exaclty as you tell me from now on"
"good boy, then one more for luck" and he thrashed my arse with his leather belt one more time, harder than before"
"arghhhh, that hurt daddy, please stop pleasse"
"good boy, now you are getting there," he stopped
"That arse looks mighty raw boy, bet you've never been given a lesson like that before"
"no daddy"
"now i'll just rub it better for you son to show no hard feelings"
He started to caress my red raw cheeks, you've come a long way my boy since I last saw you, you got a nice round arse there
I was shocked at what he was doing, but embrassingly i had started to get a stir in my pants, and he could see it.
"what's this boy, i said no hard feelings, looks like I am wrong"
"no daddy, no hard feelings i promise"
"you enjoyed that did'nt you son"
"No daddy, i didn't"
"Something tells me otherwise boy"
He started to massage my arse more,
" I think i need to take a closer look, dont you"
"no daddy, it's fine" But it wasn't, in fact it was starting to make me feel a bit kinky and I was now getting a little concearned as to where this was going,
"I said i need to take a closer look, don't i"
It was the kind of voice that was non optional
"Yes daddy, you do"
"Good boy, let Granddaddy look at your arse then"
He took his hand from my head and began to open my arse cheeks.

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"ohhh, it's very nice in there son, you do keep it clean don't you"
"Yes Daddy"
"hmmm, thats nice in there son, let me look a bit further, spread your legs for me son"
I did as asked and he streched my anus futher, suddenly I felt his finger near my hole, trying to find a way in
"hmmm, looks quite tight there boy, have you ever had it opened up before"
"no granddaddy, never"
"would you like Granddaddy to see if he can open it up for you, it's very tight, so i might need to loosen it up for you ok?"
"yes daddy, whatever you have to do"
With that i heard and felt him spit on my arse and his finger began to rub his saliva into my ring, then i felt his finger open my hole"
"shit that hurts daddy"
"Does it son, don't worry, you'll soon like it as you get used to it"
He began to probe my arse with his finger, slowly entering more and more and opening me wider. I was feeling strange inside, i could not work out if i was enjoying it or not
He spat again and let the wetness lubricate my arse more as he began to push further and further up my anal passage.
"does it feel good there son"
"yes daddy, it hurts but yes it does feel nice"
"what feels nice boy"
"Your finger up my arse daddy, i thhhinkkk, i think i like it daddy"
"Thats good son, cause Granddadddy wants to finger you harder and deeper in your virgin arse, would you like that"
"Ohh yes, daddy, if it is want grandaddy wants, I do"
"well why dont you tell me how much you'ld like it then"
"yesss daddy, please push you finger inside me, it feels so nice, please"
He did as i as wanted pushing deeper and then harder and faster, moving his finger in and out of my tight hole, god it felt good, and I was now beinging to love it, i felt his full finger go inside me and then he started to spit again to lubricate it as it slipped in and out. Shit it was fucking good
"ohhhh dadddy yesss, ummmm, ahhh, it feels so nice, please daddddy finger fuck my arse, donnt stoppp i love it"
He was pleased with the way I was reacting and too be honest I was too, i began to realise that this farm job might not be so bad after all.
"Shall i see if i can get two fingers in that tight virgin arse for you now son"
I was being driven to ectasty now, and my cock had become very stiff in my pants.
"ohh yes dadddy, fuck me with two fingers, please fuck me hard with as many as you like, just pleassee fuck me"
He was loving it and he spat again as i felt a second finger probing inside past my tight opening. I breathed faster as he started to vigouressly finger fuck my arse,
"ohhh goooood yessss, ohhh dadddydy fuck,it's so hot, its makinggn me horney. . . . i'mmmm gooing to. . . . .

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  cummmmm, daddddy harder yessss, deeepper"
"thats it boy, cum for granddadddy, let yourself go as I play with your shit hole"
He fucked faster and harder, and it was only seconds before I came inside my pants
"ohhhh yesyes arghh yes,oh goddd that good daddy,"
As i came so my arse sucked his fingers in deeper and i had the best orgasm i had ever had. I had always wanked my cock off before. . . . but this, this was something quite special.
I flopped over the chair exhausted and he slowly pulled his fingers out of my aching arse.
"that was nice boy, you see it does pay to be a good boy doesn't it"
"yes dadddy, it does, thank you, i will be a good boy for daddy now i promise"
He took his fingers away and the next thing i knew they were in front of my face.
"now son, you must learn to clean up after yourself, so come on, lick granddaddys fingers, clean those toys that gave you so much pleasure"
I was not so sure, the smell was quite over powering, and i knew it was the smell of my arse, i looked down and could see that the tips of his finger where stained slightly brown. I knew he was asking me to lick my own shit!.
I tried to object,
"come on son, you have to complete the job now" he grabbed my nose with his other hand and that suddenly forced me to open my mouth and he was in
"thats it fuck face, like 'em clean, taste that juicey arse of yours"
I didn't have much choice and in bizarre fashion i licked his fingers clean and actually started to enjoy the taste of his spit, my anal sweat and shit
"good boy, you liked that didn't you in the end"
"yes dadddy, if daddy likes me to do it, then i will like it to"
"ohh daddy does boy. . . and i think you and I are going to get along very well this summer"
I had to agree to myself that maybe this was not going to be as bad as i though. .

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  . . . .

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