First time w/ Daughter 11


First time w/ Daughter 11
I awoke in the morning to the sweet smell of three girls surrounding me on my bed. I was trying to get up quietly enough that I didn’t awaken them, but there was too much bouncing as I tried to crawl over those nubile bodies.
“Hi, Daddy!” said Elizabeth. Even though she had just awakened, she was still the most beautiful 13-year-old I had ever seen, with the possible exception of Donna. “Are you feeling OK this morning?”
I reached out and stroked her boobs lightly, and replied “I think I’m feeling things quite well, thank you. ”
“D-a-a-a-a-d, that’s not what I meant. ”
“I know, sweetie. But any excuse will do, no?”
“I guess, Daddy. What are we going to do today?”
Donna spoke up then. “Plan. ”
“Plan? For what, Punkin?”
“Lynn’s birthday party, silly. I was hoping for next weekend, starting Friday night, and running through whenever. ”
“What will her mother say, with Lynn being out of the house that long?”
Then Lynn’s sleepy voice and eyes came into the conversation. “I think she’ll be cool, especially since she'll be one of the guests.  But I also think that we’ll have to plan this carefully. She’s not used to being naked with others, and we’ll have to work her into this slowly.

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   I mean, despite ‘house rules’, we’ll all have to at least start out clothed. Then later…”
“Well, I’ll leave the details to you three girls. Just let me know the time, etc. ”
By Friday, I had almost forgotten the plans they were concocting. But Donna reminded me after I got home from work. “Daddy, do you remember that Lynn’s birthday party is tonight?”
“I do now. Is her mother coming too?”
“Yep, Lynn talked her into it this week. And we have a plan for introducing her to our lifestyle. It won’t involve anything with you directly. Just let us girls handle everything, OK?”
“That’s enough to make me worry right there” I joked. “But OK, I’ll trust your judgment, Donna. Just make sure things don’t go too far, or our little fun will be spoiled, perhaps forever. ”
“I understand, Daddy. We’re going to provide the food, cake, and ice cream, but I need you to go to the store and get some ice, wine coolers and soft drinks. And hurry, ‘cause they’ll be arriving in about an hour.

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With that, I set off for the store. I bought different wine cooler flavors, along with the requested soft drinks, making sure I had enough for a long party. I arrived back home with only a couple of minutes to spare. Donna informed me that this was to be very casual, so I needed to change out of my work clothes. By the time I had completed this task, Lynn and her mother were pulling into the driveway. Elizabeth was cooking hot dogs on the grill in the back yard, and chairs and the picnic table were already set up. I noticed an ice chest, and I put the drinks and ice in immediately.
By this time, Lynn and her mother were already in the house. “Mr. Light,” she said with a wink, “…meet my mother Claire. Mom, this is Bob Light. ”
“Please, call me Bob. Lynn may call me Bob also, if you don’t have any problem with that, Claire. ”
“No, Bob, I can’t stand the Mr. or Mrs.

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   thing, so first names are fine with me. So what do you do, Bob?” And our conversation was begun. Claire was easy to talk with, and she seemed very intelligent and personable. But just as importantly, Claire was a knockout. 36B-24-36 figure, dark brown shoulder-length hair, and beautiful dark brown eyes. She was a professional in her own right. I wondered how her first husband could let her go, but was thankful that he did. And boy, did she love wine coolers. The girls were having a good time too, with music cranked up, plenty of food, and occasional sips of wine coolers when they thought no one was looking.
As Claire and I continued our non-stop talking and drinking, the girls disappeared into the house without either of us noticing. The combination of the music and wine played equal parts there. A few minutes later, all three came outside, arm in arm, wearing nothing but their shorts. Claire seemed a little taken aback, but since I was the only male here, quickly relaxed again. They got out the hose then, and a major water battle ensued. Naturally, they managed to get Claire and I involved, and soon, all of us were completely soaked.

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   Claire’s boobs were easily seen through her white T-shirt, once the girls had completely sprayed her down. And to my delight, she was wearing no bra. The girls then managed to get into a wrestling match, and soon their gym shorts were off, revealing that they had no undies on. Their next victim was me, and with 3 against one odds, I had no chance, and was down to my birthday suit quickly (though with little fight from me). Then all three went after a somewhat drunk Claire, and with little effort on their part had her clothes off as well.
“Claire” I said. “Welcome to the way of life at the Light’s. I hope it doesn’t offend you. ”
“Well, at first, I didn’t know what to think, with all three girls coming out of the house semi-nude, but when they stripped each other, I knew I’d been set up. Not that I’m complaining, mind you…”
“I must say that you have the most beautiful body here” I quickly said. “There’s something to be said for maturity, I think. ” I noticed that she had freckles in various places on her body, and her cunt hair perfectly matched the hair on her head. “Do you work out?”
“I mostly just run, but it keeps the fat off. ”
“It certainly does” I echoed. “But now for the big question.

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   Claire, do you want this to be just a nude party, or would you like to take things farther?” I asked this as I reached out and stroked her nipples.
“But what about the girls?”
“So you’re open to something more?”
Claire responded “I haven’t had sex since my ass of a husband left me several years ago. So yes, I’m open to trying something tonight. But again, what about the girls?”
Then Lynn jumped into this. “What about us, Mom? Would you be mad if we were participants?”
Claire thought about this for a moment. “But you’re all so young. Is it a good thing for teenagers to be having sex so early? And what about pregnancy and disease and…”
“Mom, Mom, stop! Here’s the story. We’ve been doing it with each other for a while now, all the girls are on the pill, except Elizabeth, who hasn’t started her periods yet. And we all just have fun with each other, and wanted you to be involved too. ”
“But it doesn’t seem fair that the man has the partners, but not the girls. ”
“Mom, everyone does it with everyone else. We don’t need anybody else to be involved. Besides, if too many are involved, people would talk, and you know what kind of trouble that would cause. We are happy with just our small group. Whoever wants to have sex at that moment is welcome, and if you don’t want to, you don’t have to.

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   There’s no pressure to do anything. Just stop worrying and start doing. ”
“Except for one thing” chimed in Elizabeth. “Claire, you have probably noticed that you’re the only one here who still has all her pussy hair. I think we need to do something about that before anything else gets started. Anybody with me on this?”
When everybody else voiced their support for Elizabeth’s position, Claire gave in. “All right, I guess it’s only fair. But I want Bob to do the honors. ” Elizabeth ran in and got the scissors and razor from the house, and told Claire to sit on the table, with her legs spread wide. I then began cutting away her straight dark brown pussy hair.
“How far do you want me to go, Claire? Just on the lips, or everywhere?”
She replied “Since the girls are all bald, I might as well join them. Bald it is!”
I went to work on her pussy with the scissors again, then used some soap and water to help out when I used the razor. Soon, all her pussy hair was gone, and she looked just like the girls. It was a beautiful sight to behold.
I started stroking Claire’s nipples then, and kissed her behind her ears, and any resistance began to melt.

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   She seemed to be most interested in me at the moment, so the three girls just watched us for a while, fingers playing in their cunts and on their nipples. For my part, I just kissed Claire’s neck and ears, and she continued melting in my arms. I worked my way down her back, while my fingers found both nipples and began pinching and stroking them. I worked my kissed down to her beautiful butt, then turned her around and looked her beautiful body up and down, taking in every luscious curve and cute little freckle, until finally landing on her pussy. I began kissing then sucking her dark brown areolas and nipples, which brought a long moan from her luscious lips. I then moved down her body, stopping to kiss every square inch of her tummy, before moving past her navel and down to her cunt.
I kissed and licked that beautiful bald skin, and began smelling her womanly scent. I moved down to her knees and kissed up her left inner thigh, then licked her pussy lips on both sides before moving down to her right knee and repeating the same treatment. This time, I parted her pussy lips with my tongue, tasting her exquisite juices, before pulling her pussy lips further apart. Her inner lips were swollen and wet, as her excitement built.
We laid down on the blanket in the back yard, and got into a 69 position. Claire was on the bottom, and was still rather passive. I continued licking her soaking her wet insides, thrusting my tongue in and out of her pussy, but not yet nearing her clit. Her juices were beginning a free-flow out of her cunt, and I knew she was nearing climax.
Then I felt her hand on my 6” cock.

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   Since she was an adult, she had more experience at how to treat a man sexually than the girls did initially. And treat me is exactly what she did. She began to suck just the head at first, then started taking more and more of my cock into her mouth, until I felt her lips against my body at the base of my cock. Then she began long slow movements up and down my cock with her lips slipping just off the head, then going back down the shaft again. I continued licking and sucking on her pussy lips, then I moved in on her clit. With the first pass on her clit, she began shuddering; with the second pass, she said “OH MY GOD!!!” and her cum began flowing all over my face. She then began increasing the speed on my cock, and my cum spurted out. She swallowed the first few shots, then pulled my cock out of her mouth and let it spurt all over her face and boobs.
With that, all three girls (whom I had forgotten about) came over and began cleaning my cum off of Claire, and cleaning her cum off of my face. I rolled off of Claire, and Donna got on top of me in a 69. Since she and the other girls had been diddling themselves, Donna was ready for action. I sucked on her clit immediately, and we heard “EEEEEEEE” just when she shot a huge load of her female spray all over my face and upper body. I sucked her clit into my mouth again, and again her “EEEEEEEEE” was heard by all, and another gusher occurred. Donna collapsed on top of me, and we watched the others please each other.
Claire was still on her back, but now, Elizabeth was in the 69, while Lynn sat on her mother’s face.

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   Claire seemed to be really into Elizabeth’s oral ministrations, and seemed to reward Lynn for all that was going on. Claire put two fingers into her daughter’s pussy, and was pumping them in and out to Lynn’s delighted squirms. At the other end, Elizabeth was sucking on Claire’s pussy, taking in all she could, before moving to her clit. Claire again let out an “OH MY GOD!!!!” before coming once again. Elizabeth licked up all she could, then Lynn let loose with her “MMMMMMMM” before letting out her pussy juices all over her mother’s face. Claire did her best to take it all in, but it was just too much to handle. Donna joined the other girls to lick up the remains, then all collapsed in a heap of legs, arms, pussies, and tits.
After we all had a chance to catch our breath, I fondled Claire’s tits again and said “Well, Claire, what do you think about our little club?”
“Assuming I don’t have a heart attack from all the excitement, I think this is GREAT! I just wish I knew about it sooner.
“Now in the interest of fairness and honesty, there is one thing you should know. Donna and Lynn have recently become lovers. Though in this group, there are few bounds, they have formed a special bond between each other. Are you cool with that?”
Claire just beamed, saying “If they want a relationship with each other, who am I to stand in their way? I will be the first to say that they have the right to be with other in any way they wish, so long as it’s consenting. But if that takes time away from this group, I might protest then. ”
“No chance of that, Mom” said Lynn, with a sexy grin, and she ran to her mother and gave her the biggest hug. “I love you, Mom.

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   Thank you for the freedom you give me. ” It was so very sexy, seeing those tits mash against each other.
Elizabeth seemed to feel left out, so I retrieved the hose, and gave her a good squirt. This started the five of us up again in another heated water battle, and soon we were all in a tangle of arms, legs, cock, pussies, and tits. This time, I had Elizabeth on my cock, and Claire on my face, with me on the bottom. Donna and Lynn were busy occupying each other with fingers inside each other’s pussy, while Donna sat in Lynn’s lap. Claire soon began cumming, and her wonderful-tasting pussy juice began flowing into my mouth. Elizabeth’s cum was right behind Claire’s, and her juices flowed all over my cock and the few hairs I still had left. Donna’s typical “EEEEEEEEEE” was soon heard by all, and she squirted all over Lynn’s hand, arm, and torso, while Lynn’s cum was soon evident on Donna’s hand. Donna then switched to Claire, and they were quickly in a 69 of their own. As excited as they were already, both ladies were coming again in just a short time. Claire experienced her first cum spray, courtesy of Donna, and Donna experienced lesbian sex with an experienced lady. It was a night of firsts all around.
We all decided that it was time to head inside, and since the five of us couldn’t very well fit into my bath, Claire and I let the girls go first. Soon, I heard a cacophony of giggles and splashing, and looked at Claire.


   “Now that the girls are occupied, tell me what you really thought of today’s ‘party. ’”
“As you might expect, I was shocked at first. But it’s been so long since I’ve had any sex at all, that I really, honestly took to it right away. And by the way, I wasn’t at all disappointed with the only male here, either in terms of looks or performance. I know that a lot of moms would be calling the police right about now, but I really think this was a lot of fun tonight. ” Her sincerity showed through in her beautiful smile, and I just had to believe her every word.
“I couldn’t believe that you let me shave you today. I figured that you would let one of the girls do it possibly, but why me?”
Claire just smiled. “I just figured it was an interesting way to get to know, I mean really know, each other quickly, and to show that I trust you. I can’t wait until I have a chance to shave you. ”
“Well, that time will probably come soon. I’m starting to show a little stubble” I grinned. “And you’ll probably have to fight Elizabeth for that privilege. She can be rather territorial. ” I continued “As for you, Claire, you have captivated my spirit.

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   I am hoping that we can see each other more often now, and see if our relationship has a chance to grow beyond just the sex. ”
“…though the sex is great” added Claire. “And if you hadn’t said that just now, I think I would have been crushed. This could be the start of a wonderful relationship!”
Then Elizabeth, wandered into the room and said “What about me? I don’t want to be left out here!”
“Don’t worry, sweetie” I reassured her. “You will only become more and more important to me. But you have to realize that grown ups need grown up relationships too. I’m just hoping that you'll see Claire as an addition to both of our lives, not a substitute for you. And don’t forget, Donna and Lynn are still going to be here, too. Do you understand?”
“Yes, I guess so. Growing up is hard sometimes. ” Her wisdom is often beyond her years.
I looked Elizabeth straight in the eyes now. “I will never forget the girl I pulled out of the woods a few months ago. Promise!”
Shortly after that night, Lynn and Claire moved into our house, and we indeed became a very happy family. Soon after, Claire and I were married in a simple civil ceremony.

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   When Elizabeth’s adoption was finalized, both Claire and I were the parents, and I adopted Lynn at the same ceremony. Donna and Lynn kept their relationship going, as did the entire family. Elizabeth had her share of boyfriends, but never revealed our family secrets. All the girls eventually went to college and became professionals in their own right, but all moved right back in with Claire and me. And forever, our “clothes are not an option” household lived on, only becoming stronger with the passage of time.

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