First time w/ Daughter 4


"Hi, Punkin," I said to my daughter.
"Hi, Daddy," said my beautiful teenager.   "What's up?"
"Your mother just told me that she was going to have to go out of town on business again.   She'll leave tomorrow night, and be back on Sunday evening. "
"She sure seems to have a lot of trips to make lately," said Donna.   "But I wonder how we are going to spend the time?  Have any ideas, Daddy?"
"I might be able to come up with something, maybe even something new, too.   It will be the perfect "private" birthday gift. "  Yes, she was about to turn 14, and this seemed the perfect occasion for this gift.  But that was all the hint I was going to provide her.   She was going to have to guess for a couple of days.
When her mother left town, Donna was almost beside herself.   "What is the gift you were talking about, Daddy?  Can I have it now?"
I decided to tease her.   "I don't remember where I put it now, Punkin.   We may just have to search for it. "
"Daddy, come on.   I've been good at keeping our secret, so don't start keeping secrets from me.

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  "  Even though she was in the middle of complaining, she followed me to my bedroom, thinking her gift was there.
"Let's see, where could I have put it?"  Donna started looking in my dresser, under the bed, on the closet floor, then the shelf, but couldn't find anything.   Getting more and more frustrated, she finally looked in my nightstand drawer, and withdrew a package.
"Is this it?  Is this my present, Daddy?" she squealed.
"Yes, I guess you can open it now," I replied.
And with that, she pulled the wrapping paper off faster than she's ever done before.   When she saw it, a blank look came over her face, and she asked, "Daddy, what is it?"
I sometimes forget her youth and lack of experience, and this was one of those times.   "Punkin, let me introduce you to your first vibrator.   Some call it a dildo, but it is used to help you when Daddy can't be with you to make you come. "
"How does it work, Daddy?"
"You can either rub it along your pussy, or rub it right on your clit, or even stick it up into your pussy.   Most do a combination of all three for the best sensation. "
"O-o-o-h, that sounds like fun, Daddy," she said.   "Can you show me how to do it?"
"I'd love to be the first to do that with you, Punkin," I replied.   And with that, Donna began tearing off her clothes.   "How about leaving your shirt on for now, and your panties.

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    Just take your bra off. "  And she did as I asked.   I couldn't help but notice a wet spot had already formed on her nearly transparent thong panties.   "Now, lie down on your back and spread your legs for me. "  Ever the obedient one, Donna did just as I asked.   "Get ready for some intense action. "
And then, I turned the vibrator on to low speed, and began massaging her beautiful size 30A tits through her shirt.   Her nipples quickly became hard, and her breathing started becoming faster.   "That feels s-o-o-o good, Daddy.   I think I'm getting wet. "
I took that as a sign, and began moving the vibrator slowly down her slim body, past her tummy, past her Mound of Venus, and over her pussy lips.   I could easily see the wet spot had gotten quite large, and she started to pull her knees up as her excitement grew.   I rubbed the dildo over her pussy lips, and after a couple of turns there, her panties were completely soaked.   I then pulled her panties to one side, and slipped the dildo in her pussy, a little at a time.   It was only 5" long, so it would easily fit in her pussy.

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   Her juices began dripping out of her pussy now, and I knew it was only a matter of time before she achieved orgasm.
Then I moved the dildo up to her clit, and increased the speed of the dildo.   Her ass almost immediately came off the bed, and with a shrill scream, she shot her juices all over my face and chest.   I kept the stimulation up, and after several more seconds, shot another load, though this one was a bit less than before.
"Oh, GOD, DADDY, this feels SO GOOD.   I don't know if I can take any more. "
And then, I pulled the dildo away from her pussy.   She slowly lowered her ass onto the wet bed, and when her breathing slowed down, said, "How can I thank you for this?"
I answered her by taking her shirt and soaked panties off her, then putting my already engorged dick at her pussy entrance, and shoving it in.   She began moving in tandem with my strokes, and began her moaning once again.   "God, Daddy, that feels so good.   Put your dick in all the way, please, PLEASE!! Make me come again, OK, Daddy?"
I increased the depth of my strokes, so that I was hitting her clit with every inward movement.   Then suddenly, she lifted her ass off the bed again, and even with my cock in her, sprayed her juices all over my belly and legs.   I began coming myself then, and pulled out to shoot all over her tits, stomach, and pussy.
"God, that was intense," I said.   "I love you, Punkin.

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"I love you, too, Daddy.   And I know just how to repay you for all this.   I'll tell you about it later. "
Isn't that just like my Donna?  Always thinking about me. . .

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