Grandfather Truly Loves Me


But as i opened the door to the bathroom i saw my grandfather there with his huge cock in his hand and jerking off. It was shocking to see a guy this old still have alot of cum inside of him and god how i wanted to taste it. Two thoughts entered my mind, one, it wasnt the greatest thing to do as we were all brought up on the fact that incest was wrong and that we shouldnt do it. But there was something about seeing my grandfather jerking off and aimming his cum at the bathroom wall that was intoxic ating and i just had to have that cum inside of me. But the other thought that passed though my mind was that he was a happily married man and had been for the past 50 years. My grandmother and him were so happy that i knew that if i even knew she knew of my thoughts about her husband, my grandfather, she would be appaled and totally disgusted in me and i didnt even want to think of what my mother would do if she ever found out that i was thinking these things about her father. I looked at him once more before leaving the bathroom and as i saw him finish spraying his cum agaienst the wall i closed the door silently hoping that he didnt know i was watching him at the time. I went to bed to think about what i doing but all that came to mind was my grandfather and his cock and tasty cum. I knew that it would be wrong to act upon these thoughts but i couldnt help it, i just couldnt help but start to play with myself while thinking about him jerking off into my hot and waiting mouth before kissing me to taste his own cum. God i was wanting to think of anything else but this but i couldnt. So as i come to an earth shattering orgasim while thinking about my grandfather i head a click of the door next to mine and realised that my grandfather had just gone to bed which meant that he would of finished up in the bathroom. I got up and went to the bathroom where a faint aroma of some bathroom spray was in the air and i just realised that he had left a tiny bit of cum on the wall. He cleaned off alot of it but there was a tiny bit left that he forgot to remove from the wall. I walked over to it and started playing with myself again whilst i licked the cum off the wall and savored the taste. It was heavenly, it tasted so great that i cam once again and to muffle out the noise i had to shove a towel in my mouth as to not be heard my grandfather. Then i knew right then that i wanted more and i didnt care about how wrong it was i just knew that i needed my grandfathers cum flowing down my throat before the night was out.

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  I decided to do the only thing that i could do, and that was to get into the most sexiest nightie that i owned. It was practically see through, i wasnt going to wear any bra or panties under it and i would walk into my grandfathers bedroom and just lay on his bed, if he asked why i was there i would reply "because i felt scared". . . well that was the plan anyway and i just hoped to god it worked. I got into the nightie and walked into my grandfaters bedroom which was still lit by the bedside lamp but he was slightly starting to doze off so i crwaled onto his bed and lay on my side with my hard nipples poking at the nightie and wanting to be removed from the material case that they were traped behind. I woke him up and he looked at my nipples but realised that he was looking to far below my face and quickly diverted his eyes to mine and asked why i was there. I just replied that i was feeling scared and lonely and asked if i could sleep with him for the night. He said sure and so i started to get under the sheets and started to snuggle down with him. It wasnt long till i felt him put his arm around me and slightly move his hand over one of my breasts which made me wet abit. I looked up at him and he said sorry but that wasnt going to help me much after i do what i have planed for him. I looked in his eyes and said thanks for letting me stay with him and then he bent down and kissed me on the lips. I stared at him in shock after he pulled away suddenly and he replied once again with "im sorry". I told him not to be and then kissed him once more with my tounge in his mouth and made sure he knew what was happening. I started to take off his night shirt as he started to pull my nightie up over my head.

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   I kissed his chest and started to suck one of his nipples while he started to pinch and caress my nipples and breasts. He then made me lay on my back and he started to suck one of my hard erect nipples, god how it felt so good that i couldnt help but start playing with my clit that was on fire, i was so wet that it wasnt funny. He then kissed down my chest to my tummy and then finally to my clit where he moved my fingures and started to give my clit a good once over with his tounge. Oh my fuckin god did it feel so great. I could do nothing but lay there clutching the bed sheets and letting him torture, in a loving way of course, my hot clit. I was starting to maon loudly and he did nothing but lick it faster. "im about to come" i screamed but he told me to wait and though i knew that he wanted to taste my juices in his mouth and on his face i knew that i couldnt hold it off much longer. . . . "oh god fuck me, please just fuck me i need to come so badly" i didnt know what else to say, i mean it was hard to hold off not cumming but as he moved onto my cunt and placed two fingures in my hot and dripping wet snatch i could tell he was more then happy as he finally pulled his cock out of his underpants and started to move it up and down a tiny bit on my cunt to get some of my juices on it. I got up on my elbows to have a look at what was going on, and fuck what a site. His cock was about 9 inches long and as stiff as a board. How i wanted him to just stick it in my but he was finguroing my cunt while jerking off a tiny bit. A little bit of pre-cum appeared and i wanted to taste it so much but i knew that i had to cum very, very soon or else i would just explode.

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   So i started to lay back and just let out a loud moan again and he went down and stuck his tounge deep into my cunt as far as it could go while rubbing my clit. I just couldnt hold off anymore, i just HAD to cum and so within a few minutes i was scareming at the top of my lungs and calling my grandfather a "fuckin male slut" as my juices just entered his mouth and all over his face. It was great, i came two times and then i got up and kissed my grandfather on the lips wanting to taste my own juices. I then just sat there and hugged him for a few seconds before telling him that it was now my turn to please him. I pushed him back onto the bed and just looked at his cock and before getting it in my hands and started to wank it a bit. More pre-cum came out of his cock which i was more then pleased to lick up before i started to suck him off. I started to gradually suck his cock and massage his balls. He let out a tiny moan and i then just went for it, i couldnt tease him anymore. I started to move my hand down his long shaft while i started to suck and tease his cock. The more i did it the louder his moans got which i then knew that it wasnt long till he was going to come. He was an old man who needed relefe once again. So i jerked faster and faster which then had him gripping the bed and shooting his hot cum deep down my throat. I swollowed each and every drop, he kept comming and i kept swolloing and after he had finished cumming i bent over and kissed him, making sure he could taste his own cum in my mouth. Though he hated the taste at first and pulled away i forced him to kiss me again which only led him to say how he wanted more of his own cum. I had never seen my grandfather so inticed by something so salty yet so intoxicating before, it was a major turn on which just made me wetter.

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   So as i started to suck him off again he grabed me by the arms and pushed me forcefully onto the bed and parted my legs. He placed two fingers into my cunt and started to make me drip with juice again before placing his hard cock deep into my cunt. My cunt was more then ready to take it all which then made me grip the bed as he punded my cunt with his cock, in and out and in and out he went which made me call him a "fuckin male slut" yet again, it just made him go faster which made me moan louder. Before he came though he pulled out of me and told me to rub my clit which i was more then welcome to as he came all over my breasts and tits and in my mouth and on my face and god how i just cum after that, i just had to let it all flow out of me. He finished off spraying his cum over me and started to lick me dry. Then started to clean up his own mess. He licked up the first bit of cum on my tummy and moved up to my cheast before settling down on my tits and nipples. He caressed my breast whilst licking off his cum and savoring the taste before moving onto the nipple and sucking it for a bit and then licking up the next bit of cum he came to and savoring that bit. After 10 minutes he had finished cleaning up most of the cum. There was just one more bit on my check which he wiped off with his finger and placed it into my mouth and i sucked it off. He then kissed me fully on the lips and for a while as he savored what he could of his cum. I wanted his cock inside of me again but i knew that i wouldnt cum anymore, but i just wanted it deep in me. So i made him place it in me and we lay in bed holding each other in our arms and kissing each other and nudging each other every now and again. But soon we drifted off to sleep and woke still in each others arms in the morning, his now limp cock taken out of me and back to it's original place between his legs. As i moved out of bed trying not to wake my sweet and loving grandfather it wasnt any use as he woke up and wished me a very merry christmas.

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   I kissed him again and then looked at him he told me not to worry about hat happend between us last night and that it would be our little secret. I straddled him and started sucking his cock again which was hard in seconds and then as i made him cum one more time i sucked off the cum and kissed him. He took the cum from my mouth to his and swollowed it and then carried on kissing me. We parted and then got up to get dressed. I looked over at him and saw him massaging his semi hard cock before looking over at me. "I love you so much granddad" and "i love you too sweetheart". I knew that something like thins wouldnt happen again in a very long time, but i knew that i would try and MAKE it happen alot sooner. We left the house to meet the rest of the family for christmas with very big grins on our faces. I knew i would never look at my grandfather the same way again, but i am glad that i could taste his sweet cum that was a christmas wish i am forever glad had come true for me this christmas. .

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