Helping out younger brother part 1


Tim was in the privacy of his bedroom, looking at pictures of his last family vacation on his compiter. He particularly likes the picture of his older sister, Kim in her bikini that she let him take. She at the time had no idea where her 14 year old younger brother was pointing his dslr camera. Kim is 17, stood at 5'5. Brunette, hot petite body. 30D cup and hazel eyes. She has a perfect tight ass that any guy would be lucky to grab. "Ohh man Kim is hot. Look at her. She's so fucking sexy. Look at her big titties swaying in the air. Man look at that ass!!" Tim hornily thought to himself while stroking his semi erect dick through his shorts. Tim at the time had his ears plugged with ear phones. "Mmmmmmm. . .

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  . . Just one time I wish Kim would give me some of her pussy. . and those tits. . , God I'd love to fuck her tight pussy and titty fuck those big tits. " As Tim was dreaming away, his sister opened his door and walked towards him unnoticed. "What's Tim looking at?" Kim thought to herself. Her eyes widened as she saw the pictures. She pulled the ear phones of her little brother's ear. Tim immediately jumped in shock. "Holy shit Kim. . .

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  !!! How long have you been there???" Tim angrily questioned. "Probably long enough. You want to talk to me about something there?" Kim innocently said. "Please don't tell on me" Kim's little brother begged. Kim just stood there in her usual home short skirt and a tight white tank top that showed through her cleavage. She finally said "These pictures of me. . . have you showed them to anyone else?""No. . " Tim quietly answered. Tim knew he was in big trouble. Tim went and sat on his bed as his sister when to inspect the pictures. She bent down and had a look while revealing her pink thong under her skirt. "Look at that tight pussy!" Tim thought to himself.

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   He was rock hard. "Wow, these pictures you took of me are like soft porn. You've been a naughty boy Tim. " Big sister Kim said as she sat down on the bed next to her little brother. Like a trapped rat, Tim didn't know what to do. Kim said with a sigh "I guess you are pretty embarrassed. I'm sorry but I had no idea you felt that "way" about me. Are we going to talk about it?"Kim placed her right arms on Tim's shoulder and leaned her head next to him. "Timothy. . . Come on. . Talk to me. I'm not going to tell mum and dad on you.

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  Kim had a soft spot for her cute little brother. This was the first time she saw him as a man. Tim pushes her older sister away and with a sad but rough tone he said"You don't know what it's like to be your brother. Guys at school, everyday they ask, are you sister's tits real? Have you screwed her before? I can't take it! You have no idea how they tease me about being your brother. They keep asking and asking, does she fuck herself with a dildo? Have you got nude pictures of her? Sometimes I'm sorry that my sister is the finest girl in the whole school. It's not my fault!For the first time, Kim could see the torment Ken went through just because they were siblings. As popular as she was in school with all the boys, she was sure that Tim was telling her the truth. "I'm not going to let anyone make fun of my little brother. It's time that you and me got to know one another likebrothers and sisters should. Feel these Tim. " Kim said. As Tim was pushing away his older sister, Kim quickly took hold of Tim's hands pushed it against her big tits. "Oh my God, it's really happening. They feel so fucking good" Tim thought to himself. "Are you serious Kim??" Tim excitedly asked.

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  "Yes, baby brother. They're real okay. " Kim replied with a smile. Ken began to squeeze and fondle his older sister's boobs. He couldn't get enough. His heart began to race as his dreams came true. His sister was his first girl to do this with. "You can pull my tits out" Kim sexily said. Tim without hesitation pulled down Kim's with tank top. "Ohhh maaaann" Tim thought to himself. Kim's perfect set of tits was out for his pleasure. She herself was feeling aroused. Tim bent forward and began licking and sucking Kim's heavy breasts like a pro. "Ohh Tiiim, mmmmm. .

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   It feels good" Kim moaned with pleasure. "Am I doing it okay Kim?" Tim nervously asked. Her brother's fondling was working. Kim was starting to get hot. . wanting it more and more. "You are doing fine babe" she said with satisfaction. She saw the bulge in Tim's shorts and went for it. "You're hard!!" Kim blurted. "How about a titty fuck? I'll let you if you want" Kim offered and offer Tim was sure that he can't refuse. "Um sure sis" Tim nervously and excitedly replied. Kim knelt before Tim and unbuttoned his pants. She pulled them down and stroked her hands over Tim's boxer shorts. "Whoaa. .

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  " Kim exclaimed while staring at her little brother's BIG bulge. "Tim, you're. . . huge. " she said with awe. "Really? I thought of myself as an average" Tim surprisingly replied. Kim without hesitation pulled down his boxers and his dick flung out. "Are you kidding me Tim? It's long and thick. It's gotta be around 7 inches and you're only 14! Damn Tim, it's still gonna grow. "Kim spit on her brother's dick as he rubbed it in between her tits. She looked up with her beautiful hazel eyes, looking at me and asked "Well? Do you like it? You can start fucking them"Tim quickly slid his dick up and down his sister's big tits as she squeezes them over his big dick. Tim felt drunk with his lust for his sister. "Fuuck it feels too good Kim!" Tim groaned. Kim coached her brother on how to properly fuck her titties.

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   Tim started to moan in pleasure as he picked up the pace fucking his sitster's boobs. "God this feeels good" he thought to himself. "Ohh yes Tim. Your dick is so big. Come on babe. Just fuck my big titties. " Kim commanded him with pleasure. "Ohhh fuck Kim! This feels so fucking good" he cried as slid his cock up and down. Tim's face was looking intensed. His eyes were closed while his head tilted up. "Ahh yess. . Ahh" he moaned. "I love you so much for doing this Kim!""Ohhh fuuck Kim, it's too good. I'm gonna cum!!" Tim cried.

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  "Go ahead Tim! Cum over me! I want your cum badly!" Kim begged with ecstasy. She moved up and down faster pressuring him to cum quickly. Tim pushed his sister onto his bed and got on top of her with his dick still in between her big titties. "Here it comes sis!!" Tim yelled. Kim opened her mouth "Give it to me Tim!""Oooohhhhh fuuuuuccckkk. It feels so fucking gooood. " He yelled as his big dick twitched and shot a huge load over his sister. "There's so much cum! This feel so hot Tim!!" Kim cried as cum splattered all over her face. "That felt so good Kim. " Tim happily said. "Would you like a blow job from your sister" Kim sexily asked. "Definitely Kim. " He quickly replied. Tim watched in awe as his sister licked up and down his worn down hard dick, licking his cum and swallowing it. "So what does my little brother think now?" Kim asked.


  "Umm can I fuck your pussy?" Tim nervously asked. "I think we better not go too far Tim. Okay?"Tim gave a slide nod. To be continued. . . . . Hope you like it =).

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