I Tricked My Sister 2


I can still hardly believe what happened last night! I wake up in the morning and get ready for school. Still half asleep she didn’t look up or say anything. My eyes followed her as she walked into her room and closed the door. We go to different schools because she is still in middle school. It crossed my mind for a second how hot it would be to sneak off with my sister during class and get a blowjob in an empty classroom somewhere. Thinking about that now has my dick throbbing.

I take a quick shower and thank god I have enough time to relieve myself. I was tempted for a second to sneak into my sister’s room and hit her up for a quick suck before school. Probably wouldn’t be the best idea since mom and dad were awake. The last thing I want to do is get caught already!

I didn’t do a thing at school all day. I sat in class replaying last night over and over in my head. Thinking about her wrapping her soft wet lips around my dick for the first time and how good it felt. Even rehashing my deceitful scheme was turning me on. The fact that I had to manipulate her into fooling around was really exciting. My dick was throbbing and needed some attention. All I could do was try to cover my erection under the desk and keep my fingers crossed that she enjoyed herself as much as I did and would be back tonight.

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It was 2:45 and finally time to head home for the day. I managed to keep myself distracted enough that I wasn’t bulging through the front of my pants all day long. I got home first as usual. My bus drops me off about 30 minutes before my younger brother and sister get home. I was hoping to use this time to unload some of the pressure that has been building all day. I walk in the garage door of the house and the phone rings. My mom is called to ask me to do her a favor. It was suppose to rain tonight and the new cushions were left out on the patio furniture. She asked me to pack everything away in the shed before it started to rain. It was already getting cloudy out so I tried to hurry through it. Once everything was locked up in the shed I ran back inside and went into the living room. I put in a porno and pulled out my dick. I just started going and working up good steady stroke when I heard the door open. “I can’t believe they are home already!” I quickly shut off the VCR and cover myself with a blanket.
My brother headed off to the bathroom and my sister cane to sit down on living room couch next to me.

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   She plops down close next to me and leans over on my shoulder. I try to act normal as my dick is throbbing underneath the thin throw blanket. I wanted to make a move on her so badly, but I wasn’t sure if she was still cool with what we did last night. I’m guessing she is rather comfortable by how she is resting up against me but I hold off anyway. She asks me something. I was too preoccupied by the situation in my pants to pay attention.
“George!” she says loudly to get my attention.

“Huh” I reply back from space.

She glances down and notices the outline of my dick through the blanket. It must have jumped when she startled me making it pretty obvious what was going on down there.

She just giggled and walked away.

I was so disappointed she didn’t reach under the blanket and give me what I needed. Although still relieved that she didn’t get upset. I spent the rest of the evening watching hanging out alone watching TV.

I headed upstairs and started to get ready for bed.

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   I changed out of my clothes and was just wearing my boxers and an undershirt as I usually do for bed. This suspense was killing me. On one hand I was so horny if I didn’t cum soon my resulting orgasm would drown a small village. On the other I didn’t want to end up jerking off and shooting my load just to have her walk in minutes later. I would have been hard and ready to go if she did but the first nut is always the best, and I didn’t want to waste it.

Just before I gave up hope and turned out my light my door creeks open and she walks in and hops up on my bed. Clearly she is much calmer about it that last night.

“You want to do something” she asked with a sly smile.
“Yea!” I exclaimed.
“Last night was fun” she said asking “do you want to do that”

I just nodded my head eagerly and pulled my dick through the front of my boxers.
I sat on the corner of the bed and she knelt down on the floor in front of me. I could feel my dick beginning to get hard. She reached out and grabbed my dick with her right hand and held it firmly. Seconds later I could feel her warm moist mouth around my dick.

“Oh yea!” I moaned as my dick sprang up.

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She gripped my shaft firmly and started to stroke it up and down as she sucked me in and out of her mouth. After the day’s long build up I was ready to explode. I could feel my precum leaking from my dick adding to her saliva. Her soft lips slid up and down my shaft contouring to the head of my dick as she worked it in and out of her wet mouth. The pressure was really building up deep in my balls so I told her to stop and pulled her up on the bed next to me.
“Is everything ok” she asked.

“That was great!” I said, “Just didn’t want to cum already.
I reached down to her knee and slowly slid my hand up her inner thigh lifting up her nightgown. She helped me pull it over her head revealing her young, firm, developing tits. They were perfect little mounds with small dark pink nipples.
I leaned in and kissed her neck. I slowly moved down her neck, then down her chest until I had her nipple pinched between my lips. I flicked my tongue back and forth cross one nipple while I gently pinched the other with my fingers. Her breathing got heaver and she grabbed my head as I bit down on her nipple giving it a tug. I worked my way across to lick her other nipple.

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   I took my free hand and slid it down between her thighs. My hand is met with a full carpet of hair. It was just like the videos I would take from my dad’s dresser to watch. I slid my hand over her pubic mound and cupped her pussy with my hand. I slowly pulled m y hand back slipping a finger between the lips of her pussy. She trembled as my finger slid between her lips and across her clit. My finger was soaked in her warm pussy juice. I moved back up to suck on her neck and worked a second finger into her steaming pussy. I massaged her clit back and forth using both fingers to apply pressure. I nibbled on her earlobe as I fingered her faster. She was really breathing heavily now and starting to moan as I rubbed her harder and faster. Her pussy is wet! I can feel her juices leaking out of her and running down the inside of her thigh. She began to moan and thrust her hips into my hand. I rubbed her twat franticly and sucked on her neck. Her moaning got louder and her face went flush red.

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   I bet she is coming and doesn’t even know it I thought to myself.

I pushed a finger from my other hand into her virgin hole while I continued to rub her clit. Not even a moment later her whole body started to shake. She cried out loudly “Oh yes Oh yes! That feels so good!” I kept working my fingers in her pussy until the convulsions subsided and she collapsed into my arms.
That was the hottest thing I have ever seen! My sister had her first orgasm right in front of me. It looked extremely intense. I felt her pussy tighten up and almost swallow the finger I slid into her. All I wintered now was to feel that on my dick.

She sat up a few minutes later and we kissed deeply. I reached my hand around behind her and squeezed her firm round ass tightly. She reached for my dick. She wrapped her hand around my already hard shaft and could feel it throbbing. She let out a low moan and bit her bottom lip with my dick still throbbing in her hand. I could tell she wanted to know what it would feel like in her pussy. Before I could say anything she had her lips around my shaft running her tongue around the head of my dick.

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  She took me all the way into her mouth. The tip if my cock pushed down the back of her throat and held it snugly. I pushed my hips up into her face burying my dick deeper in her throat. Still squeezing her ass in my hand I could feel a big warm wet spot underneath her on the bed. Thinking about how hard I made her little pussy cum pushed me over the edge. “I’m gonna cum!” I grunted. She sucked harder and faster squeezing my rod tighter as she stroked.

“Fuck yea I’m gonna fill your mouth with cum” I moaned. Her mouth and had were so tight around my dick she could feel every pulse as I began to pump load after load of fresh hot cum into her mouth and down her throat. When my dick pumped out the forth stream of cum it completely filled her mouth. My thick jizz started to leak out the corner of her mouth and fell down between her tits. She tried to swallow and made room as I pumped out 3 more wads into her.

Even with her mouth filled with thick cum she continued to work her hand up and down my shaft and sucking my dick until I slowly lost my hard=on. She opened her mouth and let my dick fall from her lips. A nice sized wad of cum leaked again from her mouth and rand down her neck and across her tits.

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   Looking at her soft lips and tits glisten with my load was an incredible turn on.

She grabbed a towel from the floor wiped off the sticky mess on her tits. Before getting up to leave she leaned and kissed me leaving behind some of my own cum on my lips. Without even thinking about it I licked the cum from my lip. “That’s actually pretty sweet” I said. She turned and winked at before she walked into the hall way closing my bedroom door behind her.

I wanted to fuck her pussy so bad! It was getting late and she drained my dick so well it was already asleep. After how hard I made her little pussy cum tonight she will be begging for it soon. There was nothing to do now but rest and let my build up for next time. It was 11pm and I was fast asleep. Never before have I wanted the next day to come so badly. I was going to get my little sisters sweet pussy.