It was fireworks again, part 2


It was Fireworks. . . Again Part 2
A young girl longs for the real thing and learns her lesson, again.
After my Daddy caught me and my boyfriend in bed and then taught me a lesson, I laid in bed. The boyfriend had fled after being kicked in the ass by Daddy while he was fucking me, then Daddy made me explode and then he left me, too. I just rolled on my side, my groin still throbbing from all the activity. I pulled a sheet over me, thinking of what had just happened. How would I ever face Mom? Or Daddy? Or myself? I was scared to get up and wash my face and clean up but I finally did. Mom wasn't home yet and I heard Dad out in the garage.
That night, we sat around the table and I had nothing to say. "My, you're the quiet one," said Mom. "Big test tomorrow," I said. The answer seemed to satisfy my folks and we finished our meal in virtual silence. That night, Daddy came to my room. I knew it was late because I was in a deep sleep.

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   "I wanted to kiss you good night, honey," he said and reached down to kiss me on the forehead. "What happened is just between us. Don't worry," he said and I nodded and looked up at his face. The room was dark and he was a shadow. Then he sat on my bed and I could feel him moving under the covers, holding my sex which was all calm and cool and nice. His hand was hot and his fingers moving over my smooth skin. I parted my legs so he could feel me better and he did. Moving his fingers over my slit and soon I was wetting them and he slipped inside. It felt good and I lifted my knees for more. "I'll be home a little early tomorrow," he said and then he was gone. I played with myself and went to sleep, wondering about the new day.
Getting through that next day at school, waiting for it to end, was tough. My boyfriend Ferris wasn't in class and I didn't have to look him in the eyes, thank goodness! I mean, what could I say after we had gotten caught in the act. In the early afternoon I was already home. I took a shower and put on one of my party dresses.

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   I wanted to look nice for Daddy, didn't I. It was a short dress that showed off my legs. Then I heard our front door open. "Daddy, I. . . " He put his hand against my mouth, saying, "Honey, I was wrong. I shouldn't have done that to you. You're my daughter and I love you. " I was surprised by this, suspecting he was going to fuck me again. He walked out of the room and I was standing there, dumbstruck. I followed him to the garage. "Daddy," I said and he turned around, "I won't tell anyone. Besides, I liked it. .

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  . really. " I put my arms around him and rested my head on his shoulder. He was very quiet and let me hold him. "I want to do it again," I said, and reached down to his waist, unfastening his belt. The garage door was closed and we were alone. I reached inside his pants and felt his penis which quickly hardened. I held him in my hand and he was soon all over me, under my dress. He was stiff and hot, especially when he felt my body. I was naked beneath my dress and he squeezed my ass, pulling my cheeks apart and slipping in between.
He was unzipping me and we parted so he could whip off my dress. I had on a bra. Nothing else. "Let's go to your room," he whispered and we were soon on my bed, hot, wet, licking and kissing. "It was so good.

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   You made me cry," I said. "You hurt my ear when you bit on it," he said. I smiled and bit on his ear again, not drawing blood this time. "You know you are a dirty girl," he said. "Please punish me," I said and he turned me on my stomach. I felt a hard smack on my ass. It scared me and I cried out, "Don't. " Another whack, this time harder and then he pet my smooth young ass and whacked again. It sent thrills through me. His slapping hurt me and made me hot, all at once. Pleasure mixed with the pain and my cunt was aching for his penis, I reached back and grabbed for him but could catch hold. "SO!" was all he said. Then he turned me over. "I have to teach you another lesson, don't I," he said. I just looked up at him, his fingers all over my wet cunt.

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   He lightly slapped my cunt, again and again and then he kissed me and I felt his stiff penis along my slit. I was sore there and he was soothing me with the tip of him. I opened my legs and was desperate for him to plunge into me. I waited, legs open, knees up and he took hold of me and spread me some more, all the time his penis playing with my opening, teasing and making me hungry. "Are you ready for another lesson, you little slut?" he said. I just looked at him, pleading for him to fuck me, afraid we might have taken too long and that Mom would be home soon and then what would I do to cool down.
"Please, Daddy," I said and he spread me some more. I reached for his penis and got it this time. I was taking control. "Fuck me Daddy," I said, pulling his penis into me, thinking he might quit. He held off, resisting my pulling of him, taking my hand away. I didn't know what to do I wanted it so bad. Then he lifted me and put the tip on my lips. We were suspended and then he entered me a little. It felt so good to have my cunt lips opened and to feel his cock begin to enter me.

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   I sighed in relief. "I'm going to teach you your lesson you hot little slut," he said. Then he pushed deeper, withdrew and pushed into me again. This time he was thrusting and I felt his balls against my ass. This was the best part and he got violent with me, thrashing and pounding against my tender little wet cunt. He spread me and fucked me and I began to shudder as my whole body was on fire, again, just like yesterday and he was breathing in my ears and kissing my mouth and saying how good I felt. I flexed my cunt to hold him and he shot into me. We were both slippery with out come and out of breath. I was at that point again. Just then the front door opened and closed. Our eyes opened. Damn! We knew Mom was home. He didn't stop though. In our moment of fright and surprise he punished my cunt a few more strokes, I was on fire and couldn't stop either as I lifted and squeezed him and held my breath, bit my hand to keep from crying out. It was fireworks, again.

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   Then he left the room and I lay there on the bed, a sheet pulled over me, wondering when we would get another chance. Hoping it would be soon.

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