Jason and his sister Abby part III


The next morning after I spent the night depositing my seed into my little sister’s womb hoping against hope that they wouldn’t take, I was still wondering why she didn’t want any protection.   She must be on the pill I finally concluded.  But how did she get those?  Does Mom know that she is on them?


Well, those are the questions, Abby, my little sister, was amusing herself with keeping those answers to herself.   But there were more important things to take care of now.  I had a morning hard on which I usually jerked off on and went on my way; but today, Abby wanted me to meet her in the shower.   Mom and Dad both left for work about half hour before we had to go to school, so we had little time for play.  


I went to the bathroom and heard the shower going.   I opened the door and I saw Abby bent over through the frosted glass shower door.   So I gently knocked on the door and opened it.   She had her leg up on the shower seat and was shaving her leg.  Like I said, I already had a full hard on, but the sight of my sister making her legs so smooth really got my juices flowing.  


“Almost done,” she said.   “I already made my pussy nice and silky for you.   I know you like it that way,” as she winked at me.   A few more strokes up and down her lean firm leg and she was done.   She quickly rinsed off and I ran my hands over her glistening legs and up to her slit.

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“You did a great job, Sis.   I’m so fucking horny,” I muttered and pulled her close so my erection was touching to her smooth labia lips.  I started kissing her but she gently pushed me away.


She must have seen my very sad look, and said, “In a minute big brother.   I want to show you something first.  Get down on your knees and look up to me. ”


If it made me getting into my little sister faster, I would do anything; so I knelt down in front of her.   She took her first two fingers and spread her pussy lips apart and a stream of golden nectar erupted out of her tiny piss hole.   I had never gotten a golden shower and had only heard about them, but to my surprise, I liked it!  She first just aimed at my chest but I got into it quickly and moved my face into her stream to get her fresh hot piss all over me.   Her little bladder emptied pretty quickly and wished it could have lasted longer but loved every second of it.


“Wow!  You really liked that huh?  I didn’t know if you would or not” she said to me.


“Fuck yes!   You’re so fucking hot Sis!” and I gave her a deep kiss.   She tongued me back and I started feeling and squeezing her slippery tits.   Next, I grabbed my cock and rubbed it between her sweet labia lips, pushed a little and entered my sister.   My wet cock along with her natural internal pussy juices made my penetration easy.

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    We kissed more deeply as I thrust inside her.   I knew I could last longer inside her now that my nerves were a little less this time.   I felt her have an orgasm in her tiny body and I knew I was just about to blow my load.   In just a minute or so, my cock exploded deep inside her small love tunnel.   I shot burst after burst in my sister’s cervix and she had another orgasm with me.   We fondled for a few more minutes then I pulled my half hard cock out of her and saw my white cum spew out of my little sisters pussy lips.   She again managed to finger herself and treat herself to some hot love protein.


“I love this kind of breakfast,” she said.


We both dried off and she said, “Now don’t go jerking off somewhere before you come home from school today, I’ve got a surprise for you. ”


I didn’t even question this one.   Every ‘surprise’ of hers seemed to be better than the last, so I knew I was in for a treat.   I kissed her and we both went off to school.


After school, I drove a couple of my buddies’ to their houses, so I knew Abby was already home and probably waiting for me.   I must admit that I was a little excited about her next surprise my half hard (and hardening more) cock proved it.   I rushed upstairs and saw her bedroom door closed which was not unusual and went in without knocking.

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    To my surprise, I saw two girls on my sister’s bed.   One was Abby, but the other was her best friend Ashley, whom I only barely knew.   She was the same age of fourteen as Abby and was a little smaller with long blonde hair tied up in a ponytail which went down to the center of her back.   She must have been a late bloomer because she seemed quite flat chested as I was looking at her.   Ashley didn’t even bother by wearing a bra either.


“You know Ashley, don’t you Jason?” Abby questioned.


“A little, I guess.   Hi, Ashley. ” I responded.


“Hi,” Ashley said to me.   I swear she was looking at my hardening boner, but maybe I was imagining things.


“What are you girls up to?” I said.


“Just talking about boys,” Abby started.   “How it feels when a boy is inside you and stuff like that.   She’s a virgin you know?”


“I didn’t but … umm… ,“ I really was caught off guard by such a frank discussion but Abby continued bluntly.

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“She was just going to show me her hymen before you showed up.   Have you ever seen one Jason?” Abby probed.


“Uhh … yeah…”, I mumbled.   I had, in fact, seen one when I was her age of fourteen on one of my first girlfriends.   I never fucked her so I unfortunately didn’t break it.


“Go on Ashley.   I still want to see it. ” Abby prompted.


“Yeah, but your brother is here now,” Ashley weakly protested.


“Just ignore him.   He has already seen one on another girl he said.   I haven’t. ” Abby said.   “Don’t be shy. ”


“OK,” Ashley said, “but don’t laugh.

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“Nobody is going to laugh.   Right Jason!?!”  Abby commanded.


“Not me,” I responded.


Reluctantly, Ashley unzipped her blue jeans and pulled them down revealing her long slender legs.   They looked as smooth as Abby’s and just as soft.   She had on a pink laced thong.   Odd, I thought; such a provocative panty for a virgin, but who was I to judge.   Maybe she didn’t like panty lines?  With one hesitant look at Abby, then at me, she pulled down her thong to her knees, paused, and then took them off altogether.   Ashley wasn’t completely shaved; she had a thin air strip of short blonde pubic hair from the top of her slit to the top of her bikini line - otherwise, immaculately smooth.   At least I knew that she was a true blonde!  She spread her legs toward Abby, but I moved so I could get a better look.   Then she took a finger from both hands and spread her soft hairless labia lips open for us, revealing her glistening pink insides.  


“Open up just a little more,” Abby said and Ashley pulled her pussy lips further apart showing the insides of her hole and revealing her lovely hymen.   It was beautiful and perfectly intact.   “You gonna keep that forever or what Ash?” Abby chided.


“I don’t know,” Ashley said.

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“Well, you gotta do something before you’re over the hill you know.   We got to fix you up before you’re in high school and that’s less than a year away!  You can’t be the only fifteen year old who’s still a virgin.   I’m your friend and I’m going to help you.   What do you think Jason?” Abby asked me.


“About what Ab’s?”  I asked.   I didn’t know where this was going.


“About Ashley and how she has too lose it before she turns fifteen. ”


“I guess it’s up to her,” I said.


“Don’t you want to help her Jason?  I’m sure she doesn’t want to be the only virgin when we go into ninth grade next year, do you Ash?” Abby questioned.


“No, not really,” Ashley answered.


“OK.   It’s settled.   Jason, you are going to help us aren’t you sweet brother?”


“Alright Sis; let’s do it.

” I said.



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    First, we all got to get naked,” Abby said as she pulled off her shirt, bra, shorts and panties in no time.   Ashley only had to remove her shirt because she was braless.   She had some cute small nubs and knew she would grow in time.   “Come on Jason, your fucking zipper is about to bust anyways with that bone in your pants,” she teased me.   So we were all naked now and my little sister prodded me on.


“Come on big brother, get her ready” Abby said to me and winked.


I spread Ashley’s leg wide.   She was very limber and I could have spread her slim legs out flat if I wanted to.   As I suspected, her thighs were soft and so smooth – like silk.   I went to her shut slit and opened it up with my fingers.   I started licking her clitoris and she started moaning.   Then I saw Abby start to kiss her and I found that so erotic that I stopped licking Ashley for a moment.


“We practice kissing all the time,” Abby said when she saw me staring at them.   No wonder she is so good at it I thought.   But now I went back to licking Ashley’s lovely clit and her inner pink labia lips.

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    She tasted so fresh and good; a true virgin.  


My cock was aching to get inside Ashley and I looked up to my little sister and she gave me a silent nod.   It was time for Ashley, whether she was ready or not.   I moved up so my cock was near Ashley’s beautiful chaste pussy.   I rubbed the pre-cum from my cock head all around her smooth labia lips.   Then I wiggled my cock up and down her slit, parting her labia lips.   Soon I would be in her.   The tip of my head was at the bottom of her slit and I pushed in slowly.   My cock head disappeared in her and knew I was close to her hymen.   I couldn’t believe I was seconds away from popping Ashley’s cherry.   My lust went into overdrive and I kept pushing in her slowly.   Then I ran into some resistance – her hymen.   This was a first for me too; I had never had a virgin but had heard that you had to give your cock a good thrust to pop her cherry, so I did.  


“OWWWW!” Ashley cried out and Abby tried to soothe her.   I stopped pushing in for a few seconds and then when I saw Ashley was a little calmer, I thrust in more.

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“Maybe you should get out of me?” Ashley said.


“No, Ash, No.   He has to finish.   Jason being inside you is actually soothing your insides.   It’ll be alright. ” Abby told Ashley and she looked at me.   Our eyes met and never did I love my little sister more than that moment.   There was no way that I was going to stop fucking cute little Ashley and Abby just made that happen.   I looked down and saw half my shaft in Ashley’s petite body.   I pushed more and I was fully in and then I started moving halfway in and out of her.


I almost thought I was dreaming again.   A little over an hour ago, I barely knew Ashley’s name and now my cock was fully inside her very tight vagina and I had just ripped her hymen to shreds.   This was the first time her love tunnel was stretched by a dick and it was mine!  She was mine.   I started pumping her warm wet vagina faster and faster.   I knew she probably wouldn’t have any orgasms but I certainly would; right inside her tiny fourteen year old body.

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    I wanted to fuck her for hours if I could but physically I couldn’t; my cock had other plans.   I finally couldn’t control myself any longer and with a big final thrust, I shot my first burst of semen deep inside Ashley’s cervix onto its way to her uterus.   I ejaculated over and over again inside her and I felt euphoric.   I had popped my first, and hopefully more in the future, cherry.  


I pulled my cock out after a minute and along with my usual cum cam some of her blood.   She looked down and I thought she was about to cry but didn’t.


“You did great Ash,” Abby told her.   “You were a lot braver than I was. ”


“Yes, Ashley.   You were fantastic,” I told her as I kissed her gently.


“It’s going to hurt for a while, and then you know what?  You’ll want to do it again.   But the next time it won’t hurt, believe me,” Abby told Ashley with a smile.   “Now let’s go to the shower and clean up. ”


I said to Abby, “You amaze me Sis. ”


Abby leaned over and whispered in my ear, “And I still have some surprises left for you dear brother.




I can’t imagine what she has in store for me next!


======   PART IV UPCOMING ======


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