knickers down and pumped


from The caravanPeter my half brother, had asked me to meet him in the village after school where I lived, as I said in my last story I was very young but getting older and, it would seem, forming nicely! Meeting up with Peter usually meant that he and my cousin Jack would offer me sweets to let them fiddle with me, which I enjoyed, and so did they but this day would turn out to be very different.I had not long been going to secondary school, the trip to school was on a bus with other kids from the village, my cousin Jack had left school and was working on the farm, Peter was about to leave that year so used to come back to the village before the walk to the farm, he never sat with me, he sat with his school boy mates and got up to the usual pranks boys did while travelling from school, when we got off the bus Peter said; would I meet him at the old pigsty?  The pigsty was a little way from the village, we all used to use it as a bit of a den, we had swept part of it and put an old chair and couch in there so it was a good den, and I agreed to meet him there after taking my bag home first.When I arrived Peter was waiting for me, he had a big grin so I knew what he wanted! But there was no Jack this time, they had always fiddled with me together so I was surprised not to see him there with Peter, I asked where he was and Peter said that he would be along soon but had milking to do first, Ok I said, what do you want to do then? And smiled as I said it as I knew the reply!We moved in to the den, Peter sat on the old couch and told me to lift my skirt up, I was wearing my uniform, I should have changed before I came out but I had become quit exited at the thought of the little games we would all play so I had dumped my bag and came right out to the den! I had really started to grow now and I was developing a bust and was quit tall, I had been getting wolf whistles as I walked to school from passing work men and I liked the attention, I particularly enjoyed Peter and Jacks little games, although I was not to sure about Jack, and he was quit a bit older than me, never the less I recognised the stirring in my knickers as my pussy got a little wet walking to the den.I had been fondling my pussy for quit a while now and I could bring myself to orgasm by rubbing my little pink clit hard as I imagined Peter and Jack making me do naughty things for them! I had also had orgasms while riding my pony bare back, but that is another story!My pussy was tingling as I pulled up my skirt for Peter, his eyes were on storks, I loved it, I could see his cock was bulging in his pants, I wanted to see it so I asked him to show me it? Peter could not wait to un do his pants and pull them down, he sat there with his very large (I thought) cock sticking up Ok he said pull your knickers down! I did, they had a damp patch in them, hell I thought, Peter had noticed but said don’t worry about that, it’s a good thing! Peter was pulling his fore skin back over his cock as he watched me pull my knickers down, that made me wetter, I could feel the warm juice running from me! Peter reached up with one hand as he stroked his cock with the other, then gently parted my pussy with his finger’s, this I liked, then slid one in there, this I loved, both Peter and Jack had fingered me before many times in my pussy  and Jack ones in my bottom, I didn’t really like that but Jack did, I remember when he made me bend over and as I felt his big rough hands and fingers in me he would pull his fore skin back, this one time though he pushed his finger in my bum hole hard and when I said; no it hurts, his cock spurted all over my bum.Peter was about to do the same as he rubbed and fingered my wet pussy, and I wanted to see it, I had made both of them pull there cocks and cum as I sat with my legs open and no knickers on once and it felt good to see them exited! Just as I thought Peter was going to spurt his cum out, the door opened and in came Jack, he made us both jump and he laughed, great he said! Have you made her kiss your cock yet? No Peter replied, well go on then, make her kiss it! I could see that they had been talking about what they would do to me, and I never really liked Jack that much, Cindy Peter wants you to kiss his cock! OK I said, I had often thought about doing some thing like that as I played with myself. Peter stood up from the couch, I bent down and kissed his eager cock, I liked the taste of it, and I wanted it to spurt cum as I kissed it more! Peter asked me to lick the end as well so I obliged, Jack could not wait to get behind me, he lifted my skirt and I could feel his tong lapping at my pussy, it was different though, he licked and sucked and moaned and I could see he was taking his pants down, I liked the feeling though, it was nice, Peter was telling me to keep kissing the end of his cock so I did, Jacks finger was right in my pussy, he had big hands and his finger felt big in there, he was wanking hard now as he slid in and out, then he moved to my bum hole and before I could say NO, he had rammed it in, I yelped and as I did Peter grabbed my head and held it tight! He had always been gentle but this time there was a change, they were both so exited I was a little scared.Jacks finger was hurting my bum! Stop I said! It hurts, Jack just told me to keep kissing and licking Peters cock and he carried on sliding his finger in and out of my bum! OK I will stop if you open your legs wider, he pulled his finger from my bum, and I parted my legs for him! I felt him get very close, and I could feel the end of his cock touching my pussy lips, and then the pain! I squealed out, Jack had put his cock in my pussy, he was pounding me like the farm dogs did and it hurt, Peter was no help, he to had grabbed my head and was pushing his cock in my mouth, come on Cind, its OK! For who I tried to say as he thrust his cock into my mouth, the funny thing was, that I sort of liked it, Jacks cock was huge and hurt, but it felt good to, and Peter ramming his cock into my eager mouth and seeing them both so exited made me feel like I had peed myself!Jack had pumped into me about 8 or 9 times then I felt him pull his cock out and then the wet cum on my bottom, as he moved away, Peter stood up grabbed my waist and was into me the same as Jack had dome, Jack held on to me encase I objected, his hands in my bra now and squeezing my little tits hard! It was too late by then! And I liked it to much also, Peter banged into me hard, I could feel him thrusting and banging off my bum, he was moaning and Jack was telling him to give her a good fucking! They were fucking me, and even though they were rough, I enjoyed it, Peter pulled out his cock and wanked it over my bum, I felt his sticky cum mixed with Jacks! I had been fucked now, had proper sex! It all changed from that day! They both smiled and Jack rubbed the cum into my bum, sliding his big fingers around my bum hole again, they asked if I had liked it? They could tell I had, even though I said no.If you enjoy my stories, feel free to email, I have more to tell, I will post here also but I love to tell men what I used to get up to in my youth J and Hubby likes it also.