Leslie My Daughter


My daughter Leslie was 15 years old , had just turned as a mater of fact . Her mother passed away when she was 13 in a car accident so she has had some rough times in life . Now that she is 15 shes begun to look alot like her mother . 5'6 blonde hair, green eyes ,slim with a cute little ass and firm 34 c breasts . Allthough I had just began to look at her in that light . I had to go to work on a saturday morning I got called they were underhanded . Fred my co-worker decided to just not show up. Mind you this wasent the first time . Wouldent be the last either I would assume . So I woke up showered dressed and had some breakfast . Leslie was up in her Pj's and a tight top that showed those lovely breasts . I hugged her and headed off to work . Well what I hadent known was that Leslie had been sneaking into my room when I was away, stealing a porn and watching it . We had spoken somewhat about sex, it was always touchy. Me being her dad , she felt uncomfortable of course. And frankly I was as well.

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   I got home and the house was silent , I called out "Leslie Im home " I heard somthing and went down the hall to investigate . Her door was slightly open and I peeked in , was I in for a shock ! Here she was with a dildo in her and her tits out rubbing them as she sat fucking herself ! I could feel my cock rise as I watched but this was my daughter ! I crept inside and she was oblivious to me there . On the screen was a porn scene a girl was sucking a cock and getting it from behind . I stood amazed literally . I cleared my throat and she looked up and jumped in shock . Her sweet tits bounced all firm and succulent I licked my lips , she began to stammer trying to cover her self up I sat on her bed. . . "Leslie sweety I guess this is as good of time as any to explain to you about sex. . "She nodded sorta confused . . . "Yes daddy I . I am sorry " She looked down and I reached over and rubed her shoulder she sank into me shirtless and all.

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  . I rubbed her back and smiled. . . . "Now what you were doing is natural . . If you like I can show you a few things " Bold I know it slipped out . I thought that was it over with done . But she said ok , now I was a bit scared . She let go and layed back dildo in hand watching me . I reached over letting my hand slide up her leg, slowly then ran over her soft tuft of hair she shivered . . "Daddy wh. .

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  what are you going to do?" I smiled . . "Baby just relax daddy is going to make you feel real good " I said as I slid a finger into her she whimpered and reached out to play with her nipples with the dildo . I absentmindly had my other hand rubbing my aching cock she saw. "daddy can I see you play with that?" I nodded "you can even help if you like " She sucked in a breatch and sat aside the didlo . I hauled out my 9' inch cock and she gasped . Its soo big daddy can I rub it ? Please ? She asked I nodded as she reached out and her soft hand wrapped around the shaft and stroked I went to fingering her and leaned in to suck her breasts . She protested a lil at first then gave in then looked up. "Can I put it in my mouth daddy like the girls on tv? " I smiled and said yes baby suck daddys cock" She took me down her throat and I began to slowly fuck her gullet. After about 15 minutes or so I came all over her tits . This was our first encounter . . depending on the results of this one ill add more. . .

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