Little Brother, Part II


After the first time I watched Robbie, I felt really guilty. But I couldn't stop thinking about it and replaying it in my imagination. I'd never really masturbated a lot, but after seeing Robbie, I found myself doing it more and more. And I know people use fantasies when they do that, and most of my friends would talk about their fave fantasies; guys like Zach Efron or those Vampire guys or rappers. My friend Ali goes all gooshy over Brad Paisley, but I guess everyone's different. But me. . . . . when I really got into it, all I could think of was my freakin' 13 year old brother! I knew it was wrong and probably perverted but I couldn't help it. I found myself looking at him around the house and especially his crotch, which I had to be careful about, for obvious reasons. A couple of times we'd be watching TV or something and when a babe was on the screen I'd sneak a glance at him and sometimes I could just tell he was getting hard. I could even see the "tent" his hardon would make and I'd usually have to go to my room just thinking of my little brother's penis getting stiff.

I'd find myself planning ways to see him naked. I'd "accidentally" barge into the bathroom or find an excuse to be "just walking by" when he'd come out of the bathroom in hopes of seeing his skinny pink penis.

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   I got lucky a few times and always managed to laugh it off with him when he'd yell at me. And then I'd go to my room, lock the door and rub my soaked vagina until I climaxed, then feel guilty, but knowing I'd do it again.

Once I just happened to be walking back home from Ali's one evening when I saw the downstairs bathroom light come on as I approached our backyard. It had just gotten dark and the bathroom window was behind a row of shrubs. Curious (and yes I admit I hoped it was Robbie) I neared the window, making sure no one was watching and I could see if anyone came near. I peeked in and sure enough it was Robbie. He was pulling his pants off and getting ready to shower. My heart pounded and I tried to control my excitement. I watched as he stepped into the shower, not able to see anything but his butt. He closed the shower door and I had to decide if I wanted to wait. After considering it for maybe 15 seconds I decided to wait him out. (I'm bad, I know) I again checked to make sure no one could see me and tried to be patient. After what seemed forever, I heard the pipes squeak as he turned the shower off. I got into position and held my breath. Within moments, he stepped out and I could see his shrunken penis, surrounded by a little bit of hair which looked darker because it was wet.

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   Robbie grabbed a towel and began drying himself off. I couldn't take my eyes off of his penis, which bobbed and swayed when he moved. He started drying around his crotch and it was hot to see him rubbing himself. He finished drying and tossed the towel into the hamper. I figured I had seen all I was going to see, when he sat down on the toilet seat and to my delight, started tugging at his penis. Within seconds, it got longer and turned real red. I wanted to stick my hand between my legs but I waited. Robbie stroked a little more then all of a sudden he stood up. I nearly sobbed out loud when I saw his penis stand out and away from his tummy. It pointed nearly straight up and was throbbing. I thought that was the hottest thing I'd ever seen and unable to stop myself, my right hand slid under the waist of my shorts and into my panties. The hair around my vagina was all matted and messy and I moaned real low as my index finger slid easily inside. I never took my eyes off Robbie and his beautiful pink-red penis standing straight up. He had found some lotion and as I watched, he squirted some onto the tip of his throbbing penis. He then spread the lotion up and down the shaft of his long.

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   skinny penis. I was nearly ready to climax by now as he started seriously jacking off. He bent his knees and his arm was nearly a blur. I don't know how much time passed but it couldn't have been long before he started stroking really hard and bent his knees even more and all of a sudden he threw his head back and I could hear him grunt even through the window. Then I saw his sperm explode from his balls and hit the shower door, followed by three smaller squirts which landed on the floor in front of him. I watched his hand as it squeezed the lotion and his sperm on his penis and then I spasmed on my finger and nearly lost my balance. After a few moments I recovered enough to walk as naturally as I could into the backdoor. I went upstairs without anyone seeing me and took a shower cause I could smell my vagina. .

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