Little Brother


It really was a coincidence that I happened to pass by Robbie's room that Saturday morning. Our parents had gone to yard sales and I'd gone to pee and get something to drink when I passed his door. It was about 8:30 and I really had planned on getting a drink and going back to bed. But. . . . . his door was slightly cracked and I heard noises so I peeked in. The first thing I saw was his PC monitor and there were two girls on the screen rubbing their crotches together and moaning. I guess I stared. Anyway, then I saw Robbie lying on his back, his face watching the screen. He hadn't noticed me. I'm two years older than him and we usually fight and don't get along. Since I'll be a sophomore in HS and he'll be in 8th grade we don't have a lot in common, friends or anything. But when I saw him, I felt kind of funny.

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   I mean he's my brother and all but I'd never even thought of him in any way other than a brat. Well, I knew I should leave but something made me stay. The door was cracked just enough for me to see him and if he got up I could get away without him seeing me, I figured. Well, the girls on his screen were really going at it and all of a sudden Robbie flung the sheets off of him and whoa!! I'd not seen him naked in like 5 years or so when my mom used to make me make sure he'd took a bath and all I remember from that was his little shriveled peeter, but now. . . . . my little brother had grown up! He had light brown hair around his groin area, the same color as mine. I really felt weird watching this but I couldn't stop. His peter was standing straight up and even though I've seen lots of pics of them on the Internet, seeing my first one in person, even from outside the room was wild. His thing was real skinny and pink and when I squinted, I could see it was leaking from the tip of it. I kept watching him and he kept watching the screen and then he started stroking it! I had to bite my lip. He sat up and was really jacking himself so hard, it was almost comical. I have to admit that as I watched, I felt turned on even if it was my little brother.

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   I could feel my vagina getting moist and I couldn't help but use my muscles down there and squeeze. Robbie kept stroking for about a minute then all of a sudden he sort of slumped over and grunted. Then, as I watched, with my mouth open I'm sure, he started shooting like ropes of his sperm. The first one flew a few feet out in front of him, then two or three more spurted out and landed on his legs and his fist. He sighed loudly and slowly collapsed back on his bed. I slowly backed away from the door and crept to my room. I locked the door and even though it's embarrassing to admit it, I leaned against my door and fingered myself until I climaxed as I replayed what I'd just seen. And that's my story. :-).