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Topic: Missing the familySo, it was another summer in England, having just returned from a holiday i came home to a rainy grey misserable UK. There was one thing however that cheered me up,
whilst away i had failed to pull any girls at all having been clubbing and on the dance floor most of the time, during the day i would often feel the need to mastrurbate 1 to 2 times a day and having left my porn at home and any mag's that may have helped on the plane i found myself returning to a taboo state of mind and wanking off on my bed, purely thinking of my younger sister who i had often used to think off in a very sexual way due to her fantastic body shape, she was only 15 and i was 17.
I found myself enjoying these sessons so much that i decided one i got home i would gauge her reactions to any moves i may make, i would never think of forcing myself on her, if anything was ever going to happen it would just be pure fun for both of us.
 So. . I returned home to an empty house (or so i thought) suitcase thrown on the landing and i jumped onto my bed, opened my laptop and went straight to some holiday snaps from last year where i knew my sister had several pictures lying around in her bikini and dressed up for the evening in short skirts and tight tops, it didnt take me long to knock one out and i decided to make some breakfast.
 As i opened my door i heared my sisters door slam shut, i was unaware that she was even home as i thought school split up later that week for the summer. I knocked on her door to whcih i heared a rather efforted "DONT COME IN" and lots of scrambling around. As i pondered what my sister may have been up to whilst i was wanking, the thought hit me that she may have known what i was doing and found it sexy, hell it even popped into my head that she may have been joining in, outside my door.
As i put the kettle on downstairs in the kitchen, my sster came down wearing her school uniform which consisted of an extreemely tight blowse (white) which made it easy to see her bra, which from my last checks doing the washing was 38C, no tie, a black very tight skirt which today was looking even shorter than usual and that was it. She wore her hair very blonde, just over sholder length, which today looked like she'd just got up, which may have been true as it was only 10am. I asked her why she wasnt n school to which she replied
"Mum said i should stay home to make sure you get home alright and to ring her when you do" she said with a look of glee on her face. " You fancy some breakfast?" she asked. . I looked at her with a strange face wondering why she wanted to make me breakfast, even that combined with the earlier incident was making today a bit strange, as my sis usually spends her time in her room on the computer.

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  . yeh, go on then, cheers" I said as she turned arund and bent down still in her tight skirt to get the frying pan out. She proceded to make breakfast and ask me questions about my holiday. . mostly the usual stuff about the weather etc. . then she asked something i didnt expect.
"Bet you got some action over there" she giggled a bit after asking this, i was shocked but i reminded myself that i fancied the hell out of her and this could turn into some good old dirty talk.
"Not much" i replied smiling at her as she finsihed putting breakfast on the plates, still waiting for her to burt out laughing or go straight back upstairs and not to see me again for another day, instead she gave me the plate and said, "there's some decent tv on downstairs if you fancy it" which i did!
 We went into the living room and watched tv together, she was sat next to me and i couldnt resist looking at her legs in that skirt, my eyes would just roll over to the right of me where she had her legs just about touching mine, i heard her laugh and as there was nothing funy happening on tv i asked . . "what?
she stayed quiet for aout 30 seconds before saying "you'd better eat up" . . now i'm quite an optamist when it comes to girls showing me any affection and again it hit me, i thought. . .

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  my sister is hot and im sure she's trying it on with me. I found this thought unreal, it couldnt happen, my sister coming on to me. . i must be mad.
 We finished breakfast and she said right. . you're washing up. . . BANG. . back down to earth for me there, she must have just been in a good mood before, and now im going to have to go and wash up whilst she dissapears upstairs aand i wont get a chance t see her body again for a while.
To my suprise she follwed this up by saying, i'll dry. Happy days i thought
As i finished filling up the sink she came into the kitchen and brushed up right behind me and leant right over me, i cold feel her breasts rub against me, turned round and she was trying to reach the drying towel. As she grabed it he turned around and came and stood right next to me, before making the at the tie, the most alarming statement i've ever heard my sister say.

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"I managed to get onto your laptop whilst you were away. . . (at which point i froze is i knew i still had my internet history which contained several dirty websites, many of which were searched for in an attempt to  find something that remnds me of her) . . "anything to say for yourself?" she said whilst smiling. .
Still froze and probably very red in the face i managed to get myself to say something. . . "a boys gotta have some fun sis" oh my god, what the hell am i doing, i thought, im getting way too close to talking about masturbation with my 15yr old sister who is stood right next to me looking so hot, a situation which could result in me getting a hard-on right there.
She laughed and said "so's a girl. . .

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  . infact your laptop's a bit of a haven for having a good time isn't it,and she grabed my sholder and laughed.
I stopped everything and thought. . . . . right this is it, you promised yourself you would do this, no matter how nervous you are. . if she's into it, go for it.
I stopped, looked at her and she looked at me and before i could say anything,
"This is going to sound so fucking wierd. . but, i know you fancy me, and im so bored and horny at the moment i say we just have . . .

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  you know. . a bit of fun.
I was still just staring at her when she stroke past me, making sure her arse touched my crotch, which by this time was already very busy down there, as she did, she let out a bit of a groan. My sister slowly waled up the stairs whilst bending over so i could almost see completely up her school skirt, she shouted, "hahah, you fancy a bit of fun then or what" at which point i cautiously moved to follow her, she ran upstairs and jumped on her bed, she then started to look a bit more nervous, i could see that her confidence before was a bit of an act, she looked at me as if to say . . you make the next move.
I walked over to her and sat next to her on the side of the bed. . placed my hand on her thigh and turned to kiss her, she moved her breats closer to me as we snogged and i could feel her nipples begin to stand to attention, they wernt the only ones, my cock had now grown to its full potention within my pants and my sister reached over and grabbed it, she stroked the shaft whilst my pants were still on as i fell back onto the bed and she stayed ontop of me, she slowly moved down my body, i took my top off and watched her continue down to my pants, where she let out a moan for my satisfaction, before she lifted the elastic up and ripped my pants down to the ankles, whislt she still lay on top of me, by now my throbbing member was touching her body and she moved up and down my body still groaing and licking my face, she jumped off the ben, onto her knees, inbetween my legs and took my boxers off, to reveal my fully erect 7 inch cock bending slightly towards me.
This was the first time she had ever seen my cock and she looked pleased to see it. She grabbed my penis with her right hand and slowly moved it up and down whilst now slowly licking and sack, she was still letting out loud groans, so loud infact that i was worried the neighbours might hear, but that only made it better, we could get caught.
She then placed her tonge over the tip of my member before slowly licking up and down, and then FINALY she managed to fit it all into her mouth and proceded to suck me wonderfuly, this was the best ever blowjob, i was looking down and saw my sister in her tight school uniform sucking me off and moaning so loud, i thought i was going to cum straight away right into her mouth, so i sat up, and somehow managed to grab her, throw her on the bed and forced her to bend down in the doggy stye. i spanked her arse and lifted up her skirt, before spanking her bare arse so hard she moved, and yet again groaned so loud, she would have woke anyone still up on the street,
Then, with my cock still hard as ever, i moved her head right down to the bed and got to work with her pussy, licking it all over before i decided i could'nt wait anymore and shoved my cock right into her beautiful pussy, she moaned even louder than before and realised it, so she brought her arm round and just bit into it.
I countinued to pummel my little sister so hard, i was amazed that i hadn't cum all inside her already, i noticed she started to shake and her pussy wasnow so wet that i could hardly feel anything muy moisture on my cock, i decided i would use this situation the max and continued to go in and out of my little sister so hard that she we were rocking the bed and she was gasping for air after trying to hold in her intence moaning, then she collaped onto the bed and turned herself over, took her top off, revealing her awesome beautiful 38C tits wrappd up in a saucy red bra, that to be honest, barley contained them, she laid there and laughed as well as moaned, as i grabbed her legs, lay down again and insterted my cock right back in there before going at it again, this time looking at her face as was litteraly nearly going crosseyed and now moaning my name.


  . so loud. . .
"Give it to your lottle sis" she cried and smiled before then almost looking angry with the pleasure, i realised she was about to orgasm, and so was i, i pulled out and stood up, and nealt down just over her tits, i had to grab them, i didnt care if she liked it or not, i grabbed them, i may never get the chance to go at my sisters tits again, suddenly she wiggled left, then right. and moaned YEEEEEEEHHHSSSS OHHHHH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! CUM ON MY FACE BRO! she had cum, and she was still shaking, i realised i was about to cum all over my sisters cute facewhilst i was feeling her tits, the best tits i have ever seen.
Just the thought of this made me cum, i barely had time to aim, luckily she had realised
and had brought her mouth up to my cock and took all my load into her mouth. . exept for the bits that got away around her lips and even on her eye, she was still moaning my name and calling me brother even when i was completely dry, she then laughed, caught her breath as she fell back on the bed still with my cock over her face, i had to have one last grab of those tits, and so i did!
"You fucking love my tits bro. . i fucking love your cock". . we both laughed as she had only managed to gargle the words out as her mouth was still filled with cum!
She swallowed it so well and even got her finger and continued to stroke my cock over her face, even wiping it all over her face to make sure i was completely dry.
I eventually laid beside her and all of a sudden felt this huge feeling of guilt. She turned to me and said and knew how i was feeling, she grabbed my hand.

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"I loved it bro. . dont feel guilty. . i want to do this a lot over the summer. . . . now, i need a shower (she laughed) join.