Making Daddy Feel Good


Making Daddy Feel Good
This is not a real story
My name is Cora and I’m 14 years old, my dad and I have always been close to each other. I always felt like doing something good for my dad and being 14 I had a great idea; all men have a weakness for hot young teenage girls and I was going to use it. The next day my mom left to visit her friend for a couple of days. I went to take a shower and while my dad was watching a football game, I decided to give my dad a taste of what’s to come, so I started to walk around the house in my bra and my pink cotton panties. As I walk up to him I jumped onto his lap and started to talk about what movies we can watch while mom was gone. My pussy was starting to get wet and I felt really horny and then that’s when I felt my dad’s cock growing until I felt it rubbing through my cotton panties. I knew dad cock was about to explode so I asked innocently “dad can you rock back and forth like you did when I was younger”. So he started without hesitation, I started moving back and forth trying to create as much friction on his cock as possible. I could tell he was feeling good because he was breathing extremely hard we did that for another 30 second until he was ready to cum, then right before he came I got up and thanked him for reminding me of some good times. As I left, I pretending to drop my earring so I could bend over in front of my dad and wave my heart shaped 14 year old ass at him.
About 20 minutes later I went inside to my room to surf the internet that’s when I heard some sound, I went to down stairs to see what it was. The door to the living room was shut so I walked up to it and opened it slowly, when I saw my dad’s huge cock. He was jacking off to a part of the video where we went to the beach and I was bending over and showing the camera my ass. He was breathing hard and crying “Cora, Cora, you’re ass is so prefect, he was pumping his 7 inch cock for another minute before shooting a stream of hot cum everywhere. My plan was working perfectly; I went up stairs to change from my cotton panties to a red thong, as we were eating dinner I went down to pick up a fork that I dropped and purposely showing dad my thong. After dinner we went to watch American Pie, and while we were watching it I slid my hand down my dad’s pants and started to touch his cock.

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   My dad jerked up and asked “honey what are you doing”? I replied “I saw you jacking off to the video of me at the beach in my bikini and shooting your load and now I want to make you feel even better”. My dad stunned for a moment then unzipped his pant and whipped out his cock which was now hard and ready for a 14 year old to make love to. He got a condom from his room and put it on, and I told my dad “just lay back and enjoy the pleasure, and let’s see how long you can hold from your 14 year old daughter sucking, fucking, and riding you. I first started to suck his balls, and work my way to the head and sucked it for about 5 minutes, then I undid my bra showing him my perky tits and pulled off my thong. I kissed dad and we suck each others tongue for a little while, and let dad suck on my hard nipples too before getting on top of him. Dad inserted his cock in my pussy and began to pump it slowly back and forth, it started to feel good as the pace got faster, and before I knew it I was riding my dads cock. I wanted to say dirty things to get my father to cum faster so I said “Daddy you’re fucking a 14 year old!!! My friends from school who are 13 and 15 want to fuck you sooo badly too daddy” and “you’re about to cum in an underage girl”. After doing that and my pussy squeezing and releasing  over and over again, my dad couldn’t take it anymore and when he came he yelled out “Cora, Cora, I’m about to cum keep riding my cock no matter what”, so I did. As he came I continued to ride his cock, but even harder and faster until he shot load after load and it started dripping out of his condom and I didn’t stop there I kept squeezing his cock and saying “ keep cumming daddy, don’t stop because I’m going to keep on riding you”. Even after he shot his load 3 or 4 times I still slowly fucked him for another 2 or 3 minutes. As I got off of his cock, cum was everywhere, so I started to lick cum off of his cock and even squeeze all the cum out of the condom and swallowed it all. I jerked my dads cock again and 5 minutes later it started to get hard again. I wanted to call my friend Lacy who was 13 and a cheerleader over to help me get my dad to cum again so I did call her; she was coming over in an hour.
I gave my dad the best 20 minutes a man could ever dream of.
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