Me and my Aunty 2


So lets start with the descriptions.

Me: Am 15 years old and i have a dick 6-inch and very fat.

My Aunty: Brunette with white skin. Medium Breasts with fat nipples and little pubic hairs around the pussy. Her size is good and she keeps fit.
She is 5. 5 meters long and her ass is very round and very sexy. Basically my aunty is fucking sexy!!!!!

Well when am on holiday i go to my uncle and aunt place to spend my holiday. My uncle is a cameraman and he works for long hours. But me basically i go there only for my sexy aunty.

My mum and dad left me their for three weeks. At  that time we were not having sex actually we did not even discussed about sex. So me I was just like when I was taking my shower i would just see in the basket where she would keep all her dirty clothes. I would take her panties and would just like sit in the bathroom and smell it for hours and lick it for hours. And then i would just masturbate thinking of her nude body.

One day i was watching television and she was surfing on the net.


   Then we started to talk about sex, girlfriends, pornography, etc…….
She asked if i had any girlfriend and i said obviously said no. Then questions went on with if i have ever watched a pornographic movie. I was a bit hesitated but i said 'YES' and she said 'oh my god really' and she asked if watched it often and then i said no. She then told me "So you have already seen the body of a woman. " I said yes.

Then after sometime she asked me if i have ever had sex. And my answer was no. She told me would you like to have sex. I started thinking if i wasn't dreaming and it was reality. Back to the conversation. I said yes if i could. She then proposed me something.

My aunty: Look am gonna tell you something

Me: Ok

My aunty: I really want to have sex and your uncle doesn't even have time for me!

Me: Uhmmm so……

My aunty: Lets make a deal, we have sex just for fun and pleasure. Nothing goes to your uncle

Me: Ok no problem

She came to sit near me and put my left hand on her breasts and the other one on her legs near her pussy.

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I started squeezing it and she started moaning and i took off her tank and her bra. I started to suck her nipples and then slowly i went to her pussy and i took off her panties and started to lick her pussy which was very wet.

Then she grabbed my cock and squeezed it and started to suck it. She was a pro. At a moment i realized that we were completely nude. After sometime of sucking i fucked her in her wet and hot pussy which was tight. After 30 mins i came inside her pussy and she said thanks son meet me tonight at 10 o'clock sharp.