Me and My Sister Experiment


This is my first story and I not that great at writing but here goes.

This story begins when I was 17 and my sister Carol was 14. We were the typical brother and sister we were either good friends or at each other’s throats. There were two and half years between us and I would say we shared the closest bond out of the six children in our family, we even shared a bunk bed together. We used to take baths together when were very young and had seen her naked many times but back then didn’t think anything of it as I was oblivious to girls then. Throughout our younger years we used to hang around with all the neighbourhood kids playing games like hide and seek. This made our bond slightly like that of children friends but I still never found her sexual attractive even in the earlier teen years.

One day would change that though. That day started like any other day I got up and got ready for school. After school I would normally watch TV or play computer games. Later on in the day I went to get a snack. The snacks were kept in my parent’s room so no one could get them after they went to sleep. Also it made it easier for my mother to hide special sweets she uses as decoration for the cakes she would bake. When I got to the room and took the snack I wanted I felt I little tired so decided to lay down on my parent’s bed for a few minutes. Then I hear Carol come in the room I didn’t do anything I was just staring at the ceiling. All our older siblings had moved out years ago, our father was still at work and our mother was at our grandmothers to take of her for a few hours a day after her stroke.

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   It was just the two of us alone. That is when she climbed up on the bed, mounted me like horse and started grinding her young pussy mound into my cock.

“What are you doing?” I asked her, confused about the situation that she had created.

Carol looked at me smiled then giggled a little.

She is quite a bit smaller than I am and I could have tossed her off me but the thought never crossed my mind, a part of me clearly didn’t want this to end. My mind was trying to make sense of the situation as she continued to bounce on my cock that was slowly getting harder in my pants. My body was clearly enjoying what was going on, I wonder if Carol had noticed this yet. To get her off I decided to try and confuse her about the situation.

“I actually like this, it feels so good. ” I said to her.

I said this thinking that this situation was a prank she pulling to annoy me or get me in trouble with our parents but deep down I truly meant it. She didn’t even seem fazed by this and lent into me so our faces were about a foot apart and slid up and down my cock. I think she was getting off on this as much as I was. I just lay back on the bed, staring as her petite body work her magic on me. She continued for another few minutes before stopping to sit next to me.

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   As she sat there she stared at my crotch smiling satisfied by how aroused she had made me, her own brother. I was wearing jogging trousers and loose boxers so my cock had nothing really holding it down, it looked like a small tent someone had pitched because of what Carol had done. Satisfied with her work she jumped off the bed and went through to our room. I didn’t know then but this wasn’t the last of our experiments with each other.

We didn’t discuss what we had done. It was not until one Wednesday we would continue incestuous experiments with each other. Wednesday was the day Carol normally went to her gymnastic lessons but she decided that she was quitting because it was progressing so slowly that she wasn’t interested anymore. This annoyed our mother but she said Carol could do what she wanted. Then our parents left to go shopping like they normally would after dropping Carol off at gymnastics. This left the two of us alone for some fun for a few hours. I was sitting in me and Carol’s room when she came in. She was wearing her gymnastic uniform, this consisted of a plain white t-shirt and orange gym shorts that hugged her ass and pussy so tight that was making me hard from the very sight of it. I was playing my ps2 when she said to me.

“I’m bored. ”

I put down my controller and replied.


   “What do you want do then?”

She shook her head. “I don’t know. ”

I looked at her in her uniform and said “Do you want to hump again?” with a slight laugh.

She looked at me then agreed getting off her chair and into my lap. I put hands on her ass as we thrust into each other for the next few minutes. Then she said something that I didn’t think she would say in million years.
“Can I see your cock?”

“OK. ” I agreed as we both stood up.

I pulled down my trousers and boxers to unveil my cock to my eager little sister. She knelt down in front of it staring at it with awe. She was only 14 coming up for 15 soon, so I presumed she had not seen many cocks but mine was roughly 8 inches so a girl of her age would be amazed by such a sight. She put her hand on it and started stroking my cock a little. The feeling of her touch was amazing, I wasn’t that lucky with girls so I had only got as far as kissing. After she stopped I pulled my boxers and trousers up. I had an idea that I decided to share with Carol.

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“Do you want to record ourselves doing some of this naughty stuff?”

“How?” she asked me.

I went to fetch the PlayStation eye toy . “With This” I replied.

She agreed to it. While I set it up and waited for it to load I decided to chance my luck and asked her.

“Would you suck my cock?”

“No” she replied slightly annoyed.

“Why Not?” I questioned her.

“Just cause. ” she said.

I pleaded with her to change her mind but she would not listen and continued to refuse my request. I did however get her to agree to make it look like she was giving me a blowjob on the cam with her head bobbing up and down to the side of my cock, it was fun to watch back but I wished I had gotten a real one. After that we went back to humping in the position we started in with Carol on my lap and me squeezing her little ass as we humped. The limit on the eye toy was 60 seconds so we went at it as much as we could then watched our played back our performance. There were some other positions we done as well we switched positions so Carol was sitting on the chair and I stood up and thrust into her as hard as I could. I humped her doggy style once while she was bent over the chair then she went on all fours where I spanked her couple of time on her soft ass, which I was surprised she was not that bothered by.

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   It felt different to the first two positions, pushing into her ass with her skin tight shorts on was amazing. We returned back to the first position again one more this time I asked her if she could talk dirty to me.

“How will I do that?” She asked.

“I don’t know just stuff like ‘fuck me harder’ and could you pretend to moan like if we really were having sex with each other. ” I suggested to her.

“OK. ” She said as we started again.

“Fuck me hard, Kyle. ” She said awkwardly still unsure about the talk.

“Mm mm, ah, ah,” she moaned like I told her.

Her cute little voice making such noises was so arousing to me I felt I was going to explode. After a few more minutes thrusting with Carol I let loose and shot a load in my boxers. Luckily she didn’t notice what I had done. That was the last hump we did for the night.

Before our parents arrived back we decided to finish off with some kissing.

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   We started with just simple on the lip kisses with me caressing Carols body while our lips were locked. We moved on to open mouth kissing. I have a big tongue that stretches down to my chin, while we kissed I thrust my big tongue into her warm mouth. I explored for a few minutes twirling my tongue round edges of my sisters mouth and wrestling with her tongue as she pushed into my mouth. This was cut short by the sound of our parents coming back.

“Crap. ” we said shuffling about as we tried to act like nothing had happened.

Our parents never found out about what happened that night and I continued to do things with Carol a few more times even getting her friend involved one time. We never had proper sex though as Carol seemed scared by the consequences of taking things too far, like if I got her pregnant. I still loved the times like these we shared together as I never felt closer to Carol in my whole life during our experiments. I still hold out hope that she will let me make love to her even if it is just a one time deal.