Me and My sister Part 2


Me and my sister were still fucking regularly but we were trying to figure out how to get my brother involved. We knew he was gonna be home in 20 minutes from school. We decided to strip down to our birthday suits and start 69 in the living room til he got home. He would see what was going on and immediately want in. That was the plan.

In case you are just joining the story my name is Joseph. My sister is Sara and My brother is Cameron. I am 15 '5 '9" athletic build, 8 inch cock. My sister is 6' 2"17 with 36 cc tits and an ass to die for. My brother is very athletic always plays sports has a six pack and is roughly 5' 11" he is 16. This is a true story but the names have been changed to protect identities.

Me and my sister were in the living room striping when the door opened. My brother walked in and saw me and my sister nude and asked "What the hell is going on?" My sister replied with " Don't ask questions just take off your pants" My brother didn't need to be told twice. When he striped off his underwear both my sisters jaw and my own dropped. He had a 10" snake between his legs. My sister immediately fell to her knees and started to suck him off.

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   I of course stood behind my sister and worked her pussy over with my mouth. She couldn't handle his cock. She could barely get her fingers around it but that didn't stop her from trying to fit as much of him in her mouth as possible. I myself am bi so when my sister had finished cumming i went over to help her with that big cock. My brother didn't care who was sucking his dick all that mattered was that it was getting sucked. His Precum was salty.

We sucked him til he was rock hard then my sister said she wanted both of us in her at the same time. I was already hard and me and my brother debated which hole we wanted. I got her beautiful pussy. I laid down on the floor and lowered my sister onto my cock. My brother then lubed up my sister's asshole with his spit doing the same to his cock. My sister was ready for his big meat. He slowly entered the beast in inch by inch. til he was balls deep. Me and my brother were now humping at the same time in rhythm.

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   My sister screaming her head off. We were surprised no one called the cops. My brother was the first to cum and it was a huge load. He blew the load in her ass and pulled out and just watched it ooze out. I was still going but coming to an end. My sister must have came 9 times by now. I was pumping harder and harder then she jumped off me and quickly inserted my throbbing cock into her mouth. She finished me off and i blew my load all over her gorgeous tits. We cleaned up and licked the cum from my sister's ass. We took showers and knew this would be the beginning of something wonderful.

I may post more but it depends on the response i get. You can email me at josbaca95@gmail. com. I am willing to trade pics and what not. Feel free to just send your feedback in a comment or email,.

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